Monday, June 18, 2018

A Spirited Documentary of Transmigration of the Human Soul
Earth’s Greatest Event
By Helene Smith

The narrator, a young American woman, born in India


In India, there is an ancient belief in transmigration in which the viable soul seeks out a person who can and will continue to carry on the work of the deceased whose goals are for peace. This endless quest for World harmony is what all people everywhere want to achieve.  Soul migration is more palatable to grip than archaic virgin births of the Egyptian gods, who were afraid of women and didn’t know how babies came to be. Ever since the dawn of humanity, it has been a man’s “world” that started in Neanderthal stone age cave days when men beat each other to death for whatever reason. Lost tempers fuel wars, especially religiously provoked ones still steaming through ancient continuous centuries. The great Greek philosopher,  Protagoras, was born around 485 BCE.  He wrote in honesty, “Regarding gods, there are no means in which I can know if there are any or not.”  This revelation holds true to this day.
      In modern times exhausting combat of the three rival Abrahamic related branches of the Semitic belief, in order of their founding - Jew, Christian and Muslim - (Jesus is a Jew) is still devastating young people just as biblical child Isaac was about to be sacrificed to appease the gods of war, an outdated ritual that still haunts Earth, capitalized for respect. This old custom goes on through excruciating war-torn battlefield altars that amount to mass murder and massive genocide, especially youths fighting old men‘s wars that could be solved through enlightening negotiation, diplomacy and, harsh rhetoric.  The black mark of war hangs on a skeleton of raping human beings and land, pillage, violence and terrorism, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, often disguised as national patriotism the next step being fascism.  Deformed babies born from combat parents handling toxic chemicals and nuclear missiles are susceptible to have their DNA changed to harmful mutations. Sadly armed forces’ infants often come into the World with missing arms and legs among other abnormalities.  Prevailing winds circle the only rock planet known to mankind. This means humanity isn’t always kind. How can man permit such atrocities against the rights of children and life itself?
     There are thousands upon thousands of different belief systems, the most dangerous rival ones being the three related mainstream ones trying to kill each other off by endless retaliation and aggression to get even.  All these rivals keep inventing more powerful weaponry that has been exploding Earth with accumulative toxic emissions from the military industrial complex making weather frantic with extreme climate change.  One of the worst weather warfare was waged in Laos and Cambodia during President Nixon’s secret war that extended the Vietnam War.  Clouds were seeded to prolong the monsoon season as foreign soil turned to mud that prevented enemy supplies from getting through to their front lines. Even Great Britain was tainted by weather-warfare when this unnatural aggression went haywire and caused that nation’s most devastating deluge, flooding lands resulting in untold amounts of deaths and war refugees displaced to other areas. Now in Alaska is militant HAARP, high-frequency Active Auroral Research Program that consists of a system of antennas studding the sky to change patterns of weather for more offensive aggression Worldwide. This violates inherent rights of man, short for a human. There are many global concerns over this manipulation and electromagnet warfare, especially in the EU.                         
       All the above history brings up the greatest event on Earth. The three related religions all esteem Jesus of Nazareth, the great peace-maker. 
There were many men named Jesus in ancient history. Pharisee Paul of Asia Minor (now Turkey) was an accomplice in the murder of the first church martyr Stephen. He made up his own rendition of Jesus and put his own words in the prophet’s mouth when he wrote and influenced the New Testament. Many years after Jesus was crucified on a wooden cross, Paul founded his own religion based on the beliefs of Jesus whom he never met. Paul also advised men never to marry women, what later brought on celibacy in World churches. The real Jesus of Nazareth wrote nothing, and as a result, there is nothing recorded about his ideology. In the same book, Paul blamed his fellow Hebrews for the death of Jesus.  During the Battle of Bulge in 1945, many Jews were killed in Germany besides those gassed in the Holocaust.  U.S. dog tags included the religion of soldiers, which unintentionally caused additional deaths of Jews and made them prisoners-of-war treated worse than animals.  In closed boxcars, 60 in each without food or water, they were taken to concentration camps.  In the meantime, America bombed the German trains, not realizing there were U.S. soldiers in the cars. Those who lived through the massacre were worked to death for German industrial war power.
     Demented minds can be delirious.  Disillusioned men will sometimes dress to mimic Jesus by wearing long white robes and Arab sandals, “Jesus shoes.”  But of course, no one believes that Jesus has returned to planet Earth through fake men prophets.
     Meanwhile, back to soul migration.  If ever the real prophet Jesus were to return to Earth through soul migration, he would choose a person who loved children and demonstrated this ardor and compassion throughout his lifetime. Mr. Rogers would be a natural candidate. When Fred Rogers was a young man, he came up with an idea for an innovative TV show for kids.  Mr. Rogers loved and respected children.  He stood before a committee of men as he unpretentiously spoke with candor from his heart. This remarkable speech was recorded and can be heard in a significant building dedicated to him.  His name is on the edifice at the Saint Vincent  College campus at Latrobe, Pennsylvania. When Mr. Rogers finished his talk, the committee which had taken notes during the entire presentation was so very inspired that they told him, “Fred, we don’t have to call for another meeting. You will definitely be funded for your children’s show.”
     Years later in reviewing his work, the committee reminisced about one incident involving a Pittsburgh gang of youths who stole a black Cadillac. When the police found the car note was attached to the steering wheel.  It read, “Dear Mr. Rogers if we knew it was your car, we wouldn’t have stolen it.”
     Always changing his sports jacket for a simple sweater at the beginning of each show, Mr. Rogers spoke to his young audience who held on to every word he said.  He taught them the value of peace within themselves and in the World, as it always was a great day in the neighborhood.  He educated the kids by story-telling instead of preaching.  Through soul transmigration, Jesus who loved children has already returned to Earth within the soul of Fred Rogers.  And no one can truthfully deny it.  It is like gravity, that can’t be seen or really understood. It is what it is.


Saturday, June 16, 2018


Ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras wrotr, "Regarding Gods, I have no means of knowing they exist or not,"  Today this is still true,  But since there are thousands of religions on Earth, thus us oriif enough that people are still searching. In the meantime they man creates his own persuasions in his own images as foreign politics are spooned into the pot of politics with church and state bringing to a boil the most complex dilemma the World has ever since as youths still art sacrifices on battlefield aters of slaughter.  God help us all!

World Enlighten News, W.E.N,
Helene C. Smith who when she was a child heard that Catholic priests that non-Catholis would "burn in Hell forever or be separated from God,"  But I didn't believe in foolery, (my computer will not back track without erasing all the time-very frustrating,)       

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


This deceitful behavior provokes contempt that in turn fuels wars.  War game training does not mean marching men.  War training is blasting more toxic emissions into the already polluted air–all with tax-payer money, what does not provide safety but instead the opposite.  Religious racial wars have been fuming for centuries ever since the Crusades that attacked Hebrews and Muslims, an ongoing blight on Earth and its peoples of thousands of varied persuasions.

World Enlighten News, W.E.N.
Helene C. Smith

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Peltier has been brutally incarcerated withe racism and illegal FBI imprisonment in cahoots with the  the Bureau of Indian Affair (BIA), that Congress investigated several times and found them guilty–the worst unelected federal agency in U.S. history.  The victim is a member of the American Indian Move (AIM). He received a prize from the international human rights organization for protecting his Lakota family whom the FBI cruelly tormented until a fist fight erupted followed by shooting from hot tempers as attacted First Americans were charged as murderers. If President Trump would pardon Leonard Peltier it would bring out the truth that the FBI was also illegal in invading Lakota property of First Americans and intentionally provoked a shoot-out in which many Indians died.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene C. Smith, who is a friend of a Caucasian journalist who witnessed the FBI crime and took photos of what he saw

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


 Anthony Benetto started to sing publicly at the age of ten,  In 1944 he was drafted in WW II, against his will and his early teaching "thous shall not kill,"
As a member of the 63rd Infantry Division his group filled in right after the Battle of the Bulge.  The next year he joined the front line. During the bitter winter in Germany after crossing the Rhine, he nearly lost his life in several battles. Following the war during U.S. occupation, he helped free American prisoners in a German concentration camp. He later became an entertainer for foreign troops, The trauma and slaughter of the battlefield made him and his son (who also experienced the futility and devastation) was sickened against killer wars that were not worth the cost of lives and tax ;payers hard-owned money.   The World yearns for international peace.  But hawk government leaders want war economies instead of peace economies. Nuclear power nations are the most deadly nations, why small developingY nations want to arm themselves against them.  The safest, wisest and happiness nation is Sweden. This nation had its fill of wars. They now are full of widom.

World Enlighten News, W.E.N.
Helene C. Smith


 Is name-calling humanity "fish" demeaning?  Do missions have ulterior goals?  Pope John Paul II wrote, "Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch."  Some religions claim they are the chosen ones. Religions that want to take over the World compete against one another and proselytize to have the most tax paying members to carry out their lust for control and power–why there are still vicious wars agaist one another,  Jesus of Nazareth was not a warrior.  He was proud of his peace-making. He never founded a religion,  Paul of Asia Minor, now Turkey, founded Catholicism and built the first church in Antioch.  He walked on the road to Damascus.

World Enlighten News, W.E.N.
Helene C. Smith

Monday, June 4, 2018


Gen. Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower nailed it on its head. Militant minds now manipulate Mother Nature by seeding Earth's clouds with weather warfare that affects our environment. Did we forget Pres. Richard Nixon's secret war extending Vietnam in Laos and Cambodia on the Ho Chi Ming Trail to extend the monsoon season, a crime against International Law and its Court? This affront against human rights reaches a new low. Britain as well as the United States wage weather warfare that affects the entire World.  With Britain the weather warfare went haywire and that nation experienced the worst flooding and deluge in its history. Are China and other nations also waging weather warfare?  All people now are at risk under the control of the military industrial complex. Can't we learn from the experience of Gen. Eisenhower?  When militant minds that know only aggression, what else can we expect in the future?

World Enlighten News, W.E.N.

Helene C. Smith