Saturday, July 4, 2015


Throughout the inhumane American Indian, American African and Jewish holocausts two men have been mostly guilty of what is still badly affecting the world, especially in the United States.

Dear Ones,

The earliest provoker of militant dissension has been Paul of Tarsus (of Asia Minor now Turkey).  He was a Jew of the Dispersion after the Babylonian captivity  of the Hebrew people who then lived in communities outside of Palestine.  Summing up his life,  his words stoked futile wars with his untiring faith in missionary  "Great Commission" work and his letters  that he said were inspired "by God." 

Dear Ones,

The scary thing is that anyone in an authoritative powerful position can call their own words inspired "by God" and people believe them–just as President George H. Bush said God told him to invade, attack and occupy Iraq.  Now even he said it was wrong.  Meanwhile hundreds of thousands people died and are maimed for life as their families still mourn their loss.

Paul the Pharisee who was an accomplice in the death of the first Christian martyre, Stephen, also persecuted the great peacemaker, Jesus of Nazareth.  Paul (Jewish name Saul) was paranoid over so-called original sin and the crucifixion of Jesus.  Religious militants continue to invoke endless wars among the three Abrahamic persuasions, ever since Paul died.  Michael Grant in his book, Saint Paul wrote: "Scarcely anyone has ever changed the course of history more than Paul."
The New Testament (that includes his letters) was mostly written by him as he also influenced his doctor friend Luke who wrote the book of  Acts. 

Throughout this Testament he constantly accuses his fellow Jews for the death of Jesus of Nazareth and for not accepting his new religion. Ironically, as a Jew, he condemned his fellow Jews, what started aggression against dark skinned Hebrew people–when he started the first church in Antioch.  The Romans hanged him for creating dissension in the government.

Johann Friedrich  Blumenbach, the Father of Race,  has made another powerful change in the world, a divisive system  that lasts as a cultural lag in his classification that divided humanity into rival, fighting colors – with white on top, red and yellow in the middle and black (code for slave) on the bottom of the hierarchy.  He was a supremacist who thought the Aryan nationality was the most beautiful and the one chosen "by God" to be the best.  How arrogant and ignorant can some people be in a world of thousands of religions, even in the present world!

How have these two men influenced our modern society?

In today's world American Indians, American Africans, Jews, Italians, Mexicans, Peurto Ricans and other people having dark compleions, have been banned from country club membership, because they have more protective pigment than those acting as  bigots–why certain people still call people "blacks" instead of identification through inherited nationality.

By the way, people from the islands as well as Africa were brought there on slave ships.  Today these descendants all originated in the beautiful continent of Africa.  And now we realize African is the true site of original human evolution.

Both of the above men fueled the horrific holocausts of the Americas and Hitler's Nazi Germany (the Jewish Shoah)

Helene  Smith (Mame) founder of Enlightening World News (W.E.N.) and author of Erase Race!