Saturday, August 30, 2014


This Nobel Peace and Pulitzer laureate who wrote THE GOOD EARTH was wise in what she said.  We finally grew up enough not to peg people as yellow or red–although the Washington Redskins football team still can't let go of a demeaning offense.  Some First Americans finally caved in on this derogatory skin "color."  When you can't beat them at the goal line sometimes people join the name-callers.

Dear Ones,

Why can't we be across the board in characterizing human beings?  I read a news article years ago about a shooting at a fast food restaurant.  It involved the deaths of an "Asian, a Latino and a black." 

Why did the African American have to be color-coded regarding the third death.  Why couldn't "black" at least be capitalized for the man whose nationality stemmed in Africa?

By the way why can't the term "American African"  be consistent with "American Indian?"  They're all Americans.  For peace and good will to all we must question all bigoted rhetoric having deep roots within our dark past.

Social reformer for human rights
against racial antagonism

Friday, August 29, 2014


Cattle remains found in Turkey have been dated to 6,500 BCE.  For years man has identified live stock according to the locations of their origin.  But for himself man physically profiles according to the amount of pigment in his skin.

Dear Ones,

What are men thinking!  Have we no pride in ourselves?  We respect live stock greater than ourselves.  Some of these cattle are named:

Dutch Belted
Australian Friestan Sahiwal
Gulf Coast Native
Santa Cruz

Instead of characterizing man according to the places of his ancestral birth, Indo-Europeans discriminates and separates his fellow man into a racist, prejudicial hierarchy of tones with white on top of the list and black on the bottom.  How arrogant and transparent can we be!

Another meaning of human race is nationality.  Why can't we be consistent and use ethnic names instead of demeaning color profiling?  Some people say they are not African American, but before islands were populated men enslaving one another, shipped the natives of Africa to these islands, so popular tourist locations. We are all natives of this planet.  We are all one, but not treated with equality even today. We are all one species of people. One German concocted the term "human race"  regarding different tones of human skin. Keep the word "race" on the horse track or political arena.

Advocate for inherited human rights

Thursday, August 28, 2014

AND JESUS WEPT–as the Middle East still weeps among endless ruins of smoldering religious angish

Until the original Abrahamic persuasions stop their continuous bloody revenge, the Earth and its radical warriors will froth at the mouth to annihilate one another in turmoil. Deadly corporate manufacture and export of deadly child-deforming munitions would  grieve the great peacemaker Jesus who once walked on the road to Damascus. 

Dear Ones,

Why would this great prophet want to come back to a devastated world fixated under a continuous black cloud of war economy?  His wouldn't be safe among bombs and drones killing civilians after he had already been crucified for religious rivalry.  There's cosmic universal infinity out there for him, probably why he never returned.

We ourselves must become great peacemakers to keep Earth and its people in a healthy and happy environment.  Look at the faces of terrorists, mouths drawn down in hatred as they cause terrorism to themselves and others.

We must ban the God of Greed.  He is with us still as he is causing the death of our planet. 

Mame spot. com

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


With rival race being bogus, why is the world still beating its head against the wall? Warrior men started the word "race" for competition.  So let's change our thinking and stop using such debilitating terms as black, red, white and yellow for humanity?  We got over the red and yellow, so why can't we get over the most rival colors of all–black and white?  Pegging people as blacks and whites is blatantly degrading.

The dictionary meaning for black regarding humanity is negative–black mail, black list, black comedy, black mark, etc. The definition of white when it comes to human beings is fearful coward.  First Americans called newcomer immigrants who attacked them–pale faces.

Dear Ones, 

Let's all grow up and forget physical profiling and childish name calling. We're are all one people living on planet Earth.  Yet we look into the heavens above and imagine a cosmos of little green men!  We are paranoid over color of skin.  This fixation is wearing us all down.

Dear ones,

We slaughter and behead one another since some people have more protective pigment than others, as well as different belief systems.  Ironically, those with less melanin flock to beaches in the summer–to make  our complexion look darker.  Is it due to jealousy over the proverbial "tall, dark and handsome" description?

The legend of Easter Island involves the "Long Ears" fighting against the "Short Ears."  Eventually the one sect won, with the other completely obliterated!  Why not have a black out or a white out?

The word "race" in the Judeo-Christian Bible regards a man running a race.  But its competitive term changed to man running against man politically when humanity was divided into a hierarchy–a pyramid of class or caste–with so-called white being the top dog.  Indo-Europeans wrote common rules that included The Great Commission and Manifest Destiny to take over the world with one faith, the only planet we know of having life.  Everyone makes up his own opinion about his self-serving belief–why there are thousands of different fighting religions.  Protestants (the protestors) were not permitted to marry one another and Jews couldn't marry outside of their tribes.  How things have changed!  Now we have one gender marrying another. 

This rivalry of humanity must stop.  We must let go of insidious rivalry causing bigoted aggression that amounts to arrogant greed.  Those not interested in the environment, what sustains us all, have ""Oil on the Brain," along with the other dinosaur fuels.  I included this song n the drama–WELL SPRING OF POWER–about the longest operating gas well in the United States until recent years in Murrysville, PA.   It no longer is active.

Now we must be active in a positive race for alternative energy.  Due to man-made drastic climate and weather change from greenhouse gas emissions, we are experiencing treacherous times from an overload of CO2, with international military munitions and weapons causing the most pollution.  The armed forces guzzle and waste more fossil fuel than any other  entity. But the media never mentions this fact.

Since the Sebate is abolishing hope in saving Earth–capitalized for respect–the United Nations is now leading the way to a safer, happy planet.  When a president and his administration is trying to  help  Earth and it's people, why would anyone want to squelch such hope of world progress?


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


In the 1700s two European mortal men divided humanity.  This triggered religious bigotry even more vicious than the earlier Crusades and the torturous Inquisition. By then endless warrior nations had gun powder that eventually climaxed into nuclear radioactive H-bombs and Edward Teller's backyard bomb that had enough power to wipe out the entire Earth. When corporate governments get high on thinking they are all powerful, we the people must raise our voices for survival of our very children and posterity in general.

Dear Ones,

For complete details of history of race please see my blogs:







Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Cluster bombs are internationally banned weapons that kill and cripple soldiers, farmers, children and anyone trapped in war zones.  Teams of women in Laos 40 years after the Vietnam War  are still detonating what started out as thousands of unexploded bomblets loaded with shrapnel from larger  bombs along the Ho Chi Mingh trail. The carpet bombing of Laos has been the longest period of munitions dropped on humanity and Earth in the history of the world.  Cambodia also suffered from additional weaponry.

Countries continuing to use deadly cluster bombs illegally include the United States, Israel, Syria, South Sudan, Ukraine, China and Russia. And where were most of these cluster bombs manufactured by corporate nations of war economies?

For decades these silent killers lie dormant in war zones and near urban streets.  Often they are found by children who die or lose arms and legs.  Youths have been victims of religious warrior vultures ever since faith-based fearful people built  alters  where scapegoat kids, both human and animal, were sacrificed as burnt offerings to imagined gods and superstition. The Inquisition and bloody Crusades (meaning cross-bearing) followed in succeeding centuries, as well as endless wars of futility.

Youths continue to be slaughtered on battlefield alters by leaders ordering them to do the dirty work out of lust for foreign land and natural resources.  Colorful ribbons and medals can never replace loved ones.

To many parents, families and friends of the victims the awards in the aftermath are not worth the Pyrrhic cost of lives.  We all grieve in anguish over decades of aggression in our own lifetimes–thousands of combat soldiers as we witness real reality TV–clouds of black smoke and toxic emissions of war.

I'll be back to my blog next week–"lord willing and if the creek don't rise"–as they say in western Pennsylvania.

Advocate for children and youths

Monday, August 18, 2014


During World War II the peoples of the United Nations were determined in a preamble of their charter:

To save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime had brought untold sorrow to mankind and to reaffirm [and] establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom and for these ends to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors, and to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security . . .  and to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples.

There are 196 countries in the world with 192 member states open to all peace-loving countries.  The United States, although abiding by International Law, has historically considered itself exceptional under self-virtuosity and supremicist power as it condones messianic campaigns. This force for its Christian belief in international manifest destiny is influenced by the Judeo-Christian Bible. Through different wars such as Vietnam it bends its legal rules to justify US policies.

The United States and Somalia are the only nations that have not ratified the Convention of the rights of children that unicef encourages. Could this rejection be influenced by religious groups not giving youths the right to choose their own persuasion?

Dear Ones,

In 2003 the attack and occupation of Iraq for oil and control was a violation of International Law that is enforced by its Criminal Court (ICC) founded in 2002. The Bush Administration refused this humane peace effort before attacking Iraq, even though Colon Powell said. "If we break it we will own it."

August 18, 2014 the United Nations declared that Israel also committed war crime by killing over 2000 Palestinians (mostly civilians) with Israel's death  65 soldiers and three civilians, totally disproportionate–mostly children and combative youths. 

After decades of Israel's  blockade against the people whose land was divided for their homeland, Gaza now lies in ruins with no economic security causing serious  environmental problems in a war zone where children play–toxic aerial and ground strikes–land now contaminated for decades without peace and devoid of good neighbors.

Israel bombed United Nations' safety locations where thousands of civilians sought refuge as well as schools, hospitals and clinics where many people died and were wounded.  Numerous homes in Palestine were destroyed, with one family losing 18 members.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations denounced Israel's deadly stries as "outrageous, unacceptable and unjustifiable."  For decades Israel has been subject to International Criminal Court for its inhuman treatment by blockading Palestine from receiving food, clothing and other essentials–the reason for digging the first tunnel into Egypt and elsewhere for access of survival needs. And how many refugees have been imprisoned on their own land with a wall built that also continues to make Palestine residents live in poverty?  This unending battle between two related nations started during biblical times. But youths and children in war zones suffer the longest periods of time in a flaming circle of gore and sanctions used against them.

Advocate for International Law

Sunday, August 17, 2014


"We must guard against the military industrial complex.  The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." General (President) Dwight D. Eisenhower

It's not guns that are the world''s grossest problem.  It's reckless men behind the guns. We are all cursed by poisonous gun powder and its power.  These endless accumulative toxic explosives trigger serious mutations in the unborn through genetics and genocide.

Dear Ones,

It's difficult to understand how mad men can put the export and import of deadly munitions ahead of the welfare of their children and their wives who give birth to their children.

"I'm fed up to my ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in." –Eisenhower

In any global war economy the military is over funded as domestic problems are ignored for lack of money from the coffers of most national treasuries.  The voices of war vultures scream for carnage that over shout civilians crying out for international peace. 

News from WWII in New Deli, India expressed President Eisenhower's campaign visit "to scrub the image of Uncle Sam among the brown-skinned millions of India appears to be a critical success." Frank Moraes, the local Indian news editor at that time respected for his steady judgments wrote of "Mr. Eisenhower's personal triumph" in these words:

"Hence forward, the picture of Uncle Sam as a gum-chewing, gun-toting, loud-voiced individual, a mixture of Babbitt and Diamond Jim Brady, sitting on his bags of gold, will be replaced by the image of a very human personality, with human qualities and quirks, fortunate in his country's wealth and power but willing to share the first and use the second, for the benefit of all Peoples including his own land."

Advocate for international harmony

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Brace yourself for shocking deformities from explosive chemical and radioactive munitions triggering genetic genocide among youths!  To cease fire against international brutal atrocities the global public has not witnessed results of child-deformities from bloody wars and their aftermaths–two-headed babies, missing arms and legs, internal organs hanging outside of little bodies.  It's excruciatingly difficult to watch but so is war as soldiers are trained to kill one another.

Dear Ones,

The women in Fallujah, Iraq following the illegal (according to International Law) 2003 invasion, attack and occupation are still giving birth to grossly malformed infants. The count is unknown since many of the fathers, sons and brothers have been killed in constant carpet bombing, with the mothers having to dig the graves and weep.

Graphics are quintessential to stop killing and maiming children, dirt swept under the cover of futile aggression. So far the media avoids the truth with TV warnings proclaiming "You may not want your children to see the following scenes."

But what comes in view is complete chaos revealing massive bloody footage of the aftermath of war with fleeing people shot–horror engraved on their faces in documented photos. But it's youths and children who get the brunt of war along with their parents, families and non-combatant civilians.  No one conceals the reality of young soldiers and children who die or are maimed for life.  Their grief is real.

International Law and Criminal Court outlaw urban war zones where children play and civilians shop.  Battlefield alters of burnt offerings to the gods no matter where they are staged in the horrific  theater of war sadly affect scapegoat youths.  Immediately prayers go out in patriotic gratitude for  youths suffering as sacrificed soldiers–as children and the unborn never get a chance for a full life free of being crippled physically and psychologically.

To be continued.  International Law and quintessential enforcement through its Criminal Court is the answer to the carnage of youth-killing wars. 

Advocate for international harmony


From Mark Twain to Christopher Hitchens it takes courage in a superstition world to admit feelings of passionate truth.

Dear ones,

It's difficult to believe that people were  punished, tortured and stretched on a rack until they died because they refused to subscribe to one of the three original related Semitic Abraham law persuasions.

Humanity hasn't changed much regarding zealots copy-catting, history's most gruesome revenge regarding extermination of other people who have different belief systems–in "God's name!"   Shades of Middle Eastern Isis (ISIS) today. The ancient past is still  with the world when some sects never progress but continue to march backwards.

Bravery is not in following the crowd with blazing torches and mouths foaming, ready to rush in for the kill over rivals of opposing beliefs. Among history's important American scientists and politicians who greatly improved the lives of all people are Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Stephen Hawking.  (I must learn more about other nation's great humanitarian leaders.)  Paine not only had a hand in writing the United States Constitution, but he also influenced the thinking of Jefferson–who wrote his own Bible using only the good teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.

Paine wrote,  "To do good is my religion. Tyranny is religion at its worst. A [faith] institution appears to me to be no other than human invention set up to terrify and enslave mankind and profit." (see law book in Hebrew Bible, "Leviticus" 25:44 about those in bondage kept as servants (slaves) taken from the heathen (heretics) meaning non-believers)

Edison remarked, "I am proud I never invented a weapon that kills people."

Hawking said, "Spontaneous creativity is why the universe is here."  He also wrote that theology is not necessary for a good life.  Amen!

At last atheists and agnostics are honored for their truthfulness.  Instead of being reviled they are now revered.

Mame spot, com

Friday, August 15, 2014


Even evolving humans must have hung their belongings and animal skin clothes on sticks stuck between uneven rock cave walls.  Indigenous people of the world had to have something to keep their garments from touching their dirt floors.

Dear Ones,

In colonial times people didn't have closets and hung their clothes on pegs.  In fact, it was a sign of wealth for those impressed by possessions.

Today clothes hangers come in various styles.  Some people like to mix them in closets, while others like only a certain, uniform kind–gold, bronze all mixed toether, with "neatniks" separating them by color.  Therefore domestic manufacturers please everyone.  Hangers may be wooden, wire or plastic. Dry cleaners have their own designs.  In departments stores the plastic is many times translucent with silver metal hooks.

Often men like robust hangers for their suits and bulky clothing.  Athletes of both genders like this style.  Women  creatively design their own hangers from wire ones.  They pad them in silk and satin for delicate clothing.  Those who crochet and knit cover hangers in different material,  colors and designs. There's no limit to what an artist can do with a hanger.

In today's world where space is essential in apartments and lofts, very thin plastic or paper derivatives make room for those with large ensembles.  Calder creatively nvented mobiles out of series of joined hangers with odds without ends hanging from them.

There is a hanger for everyone, even airplanes!  So hang in there.

Helene Jingleheimer Smith

Thursday, August 14, 2014


In reality prayer does not produce one iota of insurance.   It is a wish waiting to be filled.  It seems to be a whim of an unknown source whose choice is to listen to or reject pleas for relief from difficult times and pain, especially from the chaotic elements of nature alone.

Dear Ones,

Law sectarian and its idealism divides people into rival political foes.  Prayers increase by untold numbers brought on by supplications for peace from religious hostility.

No one knows how many prayers are answered and how many don't come true. Yet people have been praying ever since cave man first looked up in fear of what he called the "God of the sky."  This anxiety reflects a global mystery never solved to this day.

As a result men–not nurturing women–decided the only way to appease this great force over them was to offer up as burnt offering their own precious infants and youths  (kids) as scapegoats to appease what ever was out there in the cosmos causing them grief and anguish from nature's sources as well as man-made troubles.

Yet, through this early primitive supplication, human beings still get peace from their passion of anticipation.  Often times prayers give us relief from strife and stress.  Whether a person prays or not, hope is alive and well for all Earth's people. The English poet, Alexander Pope, wrote:
"Hope springs eternal in the human beast."


Wednesday, August 13, 2014


World governments and their military often use euphemisms to mask the real meaning of their strategy and tactics.  Blatant religious and ethnic slaughter (often related) is frequently masked as innocuous atrocities disguised as succulent sausage or glorified patriotism! 

Dear Ones,

The media over uses words generally meaning worldly opposed to biased persuasions. For the most part, secular is non-religious and sectarian is religious.  Our temporal planet has advanced scientifically with facts and knowledge such as universal agreement of mathematics.

The sectarian world is backward, the cause of why thousands of sects and partisans disagree with one other over deities, dogma and religious politics.  Centuries of rival strife are the cause of civil wars as well as international ones.  Man continues to annihilate one another up to the present through three mainstream law religions. 

When any contemptuous religion flexes powerful control over inherent human rights of all people, it is in need of reform and must be penalized.  If racial profiling is banned, how about religious abuse, especially to children who get the brunt of religious wars?  No one is above the law of nature that shows we are all one on beautiful Earth, capitalized for respect.

Meanwhile nurturing women, giving birth to sons and daughters who die from war and its aftermaths, rebel in anguish and broken hearts, as do the fathers and families.  But we all are affected when youths are trained to kill foreign youths whom they've never me–as the carnage goes on before our eyes that witness what makes combat soldiers in the midst of the blood commit suicide. This sorrow is a theme song on my post, "Song Birds for Peace."

Advocate for universal concord

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The first most insidious way to convert was through psychologically sending unbaptized men, women and infants to a man-made Hell, a deep-rooted fear still lurking in human DNA.  Any deceitful persuasion for power, control and lust of other peoples' land and resources, soon turns into demonic atrocities such as burning women alive on a stake driven into the ground, all based on "witches" in Europe and carried to the New World through archaic Puritan words made "holy" by ignorant  religious monks–the only ones writing anything prior to a wide knowledge of science.

Dear Ones,

To understand today's horror and terrorism we must turn back the stained pages of history.  Without doing so there's only darkness and gray ashes from ruins of radioactive missiles and toxic bombs.  My posts  titled "Angels for Peace" and "Song Birds of the World" reflect international voices for peace, as my first blog, "Cry For Peace," is a collection of ancient global quotes to the present.
"You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace."
–Michael Franti, Spearhead band leader  

Sequestered men first inscribed words on scrolls of parchment to fill them with bigoted law religion and commands in the the name of an unknown deity.   Soon inhuman slaughter became a manifest destiny.  Words considered sacrosanct turn into brutality–infants burned as sacrifices on alters or girls and young women thrown alive into a pit such as high "holy" mountain in Machu Picchu, Peru.

Today other religions such as Isis in the Middle East mimics the Great Commission–ongoing revenge through forced conversion at the threat of death, with the world now up in armpits of blood–between Israel and Palestine ever since Paul and Peter founded the first original proselytizing church in Antioh, Turkey (Asia Minor).

The United States was founded on freedom to pursue the religion of one's choice.  After fleeing from the clutches of the dogmatic law religious Anglican Church of England, the newcomers  tried to convert the New World into one biased bigoted faith of life, liberty and happiness for Caucasian men who were members of the Protestant Church that had centuries ago protested Catholicism.

However, to the indigenous people of the Americas, the invaders knowing nothing about their indigenous culture, desecrated out of disrespect their early landmarks and art. Out of ignorance the immigrants had no respect for their paradise.  Instead their ethnic cleansing was dirty and genocidal.

The United States became the leading nation not through religion but in spite of its bane.  Only through humanitarian reform in quelling endless bigotry will we gain respect in a world downing in bigotry. The outcry–"only giving up original religion" will you be saved–is the trigger that still savagely slaughters opposing faiths caused by superstition, what turned out to be a nightmare later called religion. From this primitive fixation of anxiety over disasters of nature from the cosmos, came the word "Heaven," in a planet of endless retaliation.   

We can keep our good place in history only when we set an example to reform religion by not tolerating the archaic mission to convert the world into one persuasion–violation of church and state.  International humanism doesn't include invading, bombing and occupying other peoples lands to build more churches that offend rival religions on foreign lands. United States influence of justice and democracy alone is strong enough to help others help themselves through diplomacy, democracy, communication and sincere negotiation.

helenesmith1, blog spot. com
Advocate for support of Indigenous People

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Enough said!

Advocate for indigenous people


Nutrition-wise–purslane is plump, fleshy, succulent, wild and sexy.  Unlike Marijuana–this wonder plant is free and legal throughout the world where it can be garnered for its high nutrition.  Mexicans call purslane Verdolagao or Malawi meaning "buttocks of a chief's wife."

Dear Ones,

One of the best plant sources for long life comes from a so-called weed known well for its many benefits in Europe and elsewhere.  With red stems its branches cling to the ground and spread out into a spiral of tiny round leaves often bearing yellow blossoms called portulaca with an array of colorful flowers. This vegetable is also called pig weed.

Purslane is a native of India, Persia (Iran) and the Middle East. For decades in the United States people considered it a weed and killed it with toxic chemical nerve gas pesticides, as with dandelions that are nutritious in all their parts.  US super markets now carry purslane for good reason. It is plentiful for eating and can be planted in wide mouth pots and every Earth garden. 

Hippocrates, father of medicine, recommended this plant as a health food.  Ancient Greeks proclaimed no kitchen or medicine cabinet should ever do without this magical plant.  Henry David Thoreau, who ate a simple diet for strength and good health, included purslane in his writing about the old gardens of Concord, Massachusetts.

This so-called "fatty weed" is an excellent source of omega 3 and the benefit of flax seeds. It contains vitamin D, E and some B vitamins as well as A, beta carrtene found in carrots. It contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, riboflavin, water-soluable folate; lithium  and niacin.  It produces melatonin for relaxing and sleeping like a happy baby. It even has more vitamin E than spinach.  Popeye was wise in eating can fulls of it, all though canned food contains salt with too much causing heart problems.

Purslane is an anti-depressant as well as an antioxidant.  But most of all it has safeguard quality against cancer.  The plant produces a generous amount of protein and does not cause cells to mutate. It fuels only15 calories per 1000 grams (three ounces).  Such a "weed" lowers blood pressure, a great benefit and is a slight diuretic.

This panacea wonder plant with a slight salty taste can be used in soups, salads, sauted, pickled and steamed.  In scrambled eggs it can add flavor as do capers. Added to food it a refreshing garnish.

Puslane grows in all types of soils with each plant seed providing nearly a quarter of a million seeds that are used for making health drinks.

Years ago I was on a panel where I met Euell Gibbon, the featured speaker, at Landis Valley Farm Museum in eastern Pennsylvania.  Stalking the Wild Asparagus was one of his books, with another that discusses the value of purslane as a dietary supplement.  I also included this plant in a dialogue in my drama-novel and movie script, Where Eagles Fly, a mystery and love story that involves homeless war veterans in Jacksonville, Florida.  The protagonist is an entrepreneur that creates a unique housing plan centered around a lovely  park in which all the characters cultivate and sell their own produce and flowers. The idea takes off and Terraconcord Gardens are started all over the United States.


Saturday, August 9, 2014


In a gun shill, it can't be stressed enough that forcing one's own faith on another is the cause of a flaming circle of non-stop retaliation. This is not freedom of religion. Such brutality and slaughter indicates police states.

Dear Ones,

Proselytized missions of zealot religion is the bane of the world through youths trapped in serial crimes.  No one living on planet Earth is free from this chronic plague. "Go ye into to all the world and conform everyone to one persuasion" is an obsolete Biblical command.  This Great Commission triggers global wars. After so many centuries of this human atrocity, some religions are now copy-catting the hostility in bloody revenge, a world gone mad.

Advocate for traditionalist First Nations within one nation

Friday, August 8, 2014


Hamas was founded in 1987 to ease hardships of refugees from Palestine controlled by Israel ever since 1948 when colonial British government gave Arab territory to Israel–the same land to both sides carved out of Palestine.  It is easy for any nation to break up other people's land and say they will support it.  But the Brits broke their promise as the Jews overwhelmed Palestine with a multitude of immigrants violating the documented Balfour Declaration.

Dear Ones,

Israel and Palestine are both Semitic nations in the region around Jerusalem. In Bible times Abraham became the father of Isaac and Jacob (representatives of Jewish religion) as he also became the father of  Ishmael (representative of Muslim religion). Israel claims "God said Hebrews were his chosen people" because their leaders put words into their deity's mouth back in the days when people thought every time there was an eclipse of the moon a monster was taking a bite out of it!

Besides primitive people other cultures throughout history have committed the same arrogant bigotry, as Aryan Nazi Germans said Caucasians were the chosen "master race." But no deity has ever spoken directly to men other than through their own delusions.

In regard to the 1917 Balfour Declaration named for British Foreign Secretary Arthur J. Balfour, the British created an Israeli "homeland" since Great Britain faced bankruptcy and needed to have Jewish support to defeat Kaiser William II during WWI in 1914-1918. This Declaration, leaning toward the Judeo-Christian and the Coptic Christian view in Egypt, assured displaced Jewish people of a place for them by taking land from Arab Palestinians.  This historical document, although favoring Jews, in essence was written to protect the rights of Palestinis whose land was soon occupied with an onslaught of  thousands of newcomers rushing in to take over the Arab land. In no way did this historic document mean that Israel would become a state.  This recorded declaration stated:

"That nothing shall be done to prejudice civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish residents in  Palestine," as Jewish synagogues and Christian churches became prevalent.  Religious freedom is not free when absolutist faiths claim their persuasion is the only true one, such as the three Abrahamic ring of fire. Once that happens, terrorism  reigns violence everywhere. Instead of ending fighting for revenge there must be religious reform through human values that bring civil rights, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all nations.

Meanwhile the newcomers immediately overpowered the present owners in 1917 and 1918 through  Zionist land-grabbing that Great Britain originally supported. In 1947 and 1948 during the Israel-Palestine  War, Arabs were defeated with 450,000 Palestinis becoming refugees. According to United Nations report by1950 the count reached 700.000 displaced people imprisoned in their own land by Israel who also with Egypt closed ports that made Palestine destitute, with limited or no fishing rights and an illegal blockade against essential needs imported to the Gaza Strip.

Prime Minister David Ben-Gurian of Israel declared independence in 1947 followed by the Israel-Palestine War in which  children especially suffered.  By then Israel had also captured the Golden Heights and the Old City of Jerusalem (1967) making the inhabitants Israeli citizens.

Thus, Palestine was forced into building tunnels into Egypt and Israel for smuggled material. When Hamas was intentionally being annihilated, the Palestinis for defense used these same tunnels to transport weapons into their people.  This strife that began when the Balfour Declaration was broken by zealot Jews ended up in both sides trying to kill off one another, most devastating to all youths involved in futile religious revenge that has no end.

Today Gaza is smoldering in gray ashen ruins by religious hostility in which Israelis killed nearly 2000 people, mostly civilians of Palestine, with about 65 Israeli soldiers disportionately dying.  Although a ceasefire has been called on both sides, the stench of death from schools, hospitals, clinics and United Nations so-called safe refuges, still lingers in the air.  Palestinis suffered the most grief and anquish, what the UN calls a war crime in need of prosecuting–the nation having an overabundance of nuclear missiles and other weaponry overpowering their foe. As a penalty how about Israel cleaning up the environment and rebuilding ruins  that  contaminate and cause aftermath devastation deforming generations of   yi=ouths for decades with toxic radiation and lethal chemicals.

Advocate for international peace

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Translucent vapors and shrouds of world mythology cannot hide the grief and anguish especially felt by nurturing mothers and young people trapped in man-made aggression.  The endless religious circle of religious revenge still explodes with lethal bombs on Earth.  It's not a god who wages wars but instead a devil who gets its glee in the serial crime of youths sacrificed as scapegoats on burnt alters called war.

Dear Ones,

For my children's and grand children's families and anyone in interested in 60-years of searching for international peace, this is my personal condemnation against damning nations still childishly waging ethnic wars.  In a civilized world intellectual negotiating, communicating with foreign leaders using diplomacy and hiring professional researchers to squelch political differences is quintessential. In essence International Law has outlawed toxic munitions  contaminating Earth.  Besides,  war zones are urban and ammo causes genetic child-deformities all over the world.

It is dangerous to not know the history, persuasions and mores of any culture before some political administration decides to invade, attack and occupy for the lust of its oil and land.  In  2003 when the United States and its allies broke and found out they owned the ruins of a war torn country and its  polluted environment, incriminating nations must now borrow enough funds to put it back together again, other than with unwanted foreign churches paid for by their members.

Youths  suffer the most from political aggression and sanctions. Political leaders never go hungry. It is youth's bright red blood that soaks Earth's soil and runs in rivers flooding over and reaching great depths into the bowels of Earth.  It is not the crimson blood from non-combatant veins of men that flows freely.  It is the illegal chemical and radioactive ammo that poops out bullets killing children and youths who suffer the longest time if they survive the onslaught of obsolete war.  It is the shit of contaminating accumulative long-lasting aftermath ammunition and war machines that cause radical climate change through war's excessive carbon and CO2 emissions increasing nature's destructive catastrophes.  It was Oscar Wilde who wrote that until blind men wake up and see war for its vulgarity, a total world-wide ceasefire will never happen.  How can young combatants in training and in war erase brutality and beastly, gruesome nightmares engraved upon their mind?.

World's global governments  export illegal weaponry according to International Law that outlaws urban war zones where children play and civilians shop.  It is corporate manufacturers and war economies that are the only ones who profit from industrial warfare paid for taxpayers mostly against child-deforming wars.  It is parents of malformed babies that genetically brutalizes one generation to the next.  It is they who handle toxic munitions causing two-headed infants also having missing arms and legs with parts of their innards hanging outside their bodies, still witnessed in Fallujah, Iraq.

King Pyyrus of Greece, the general who defeated the Romans, must continually turn over in his grave like a rolling pin on steroids.  His Pyrrhic victory was not worth the cost of all the lives of his nation's youths.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Personally each post keeps me thinking. In writing as a blogger I learn something new each day, besides observing nature and human nature alike.  I am an eternal student.  However surtout, above all on yesterday's post my research taught me that Roger Williams purchased property from First Americans. 

 Dear Ones

My intuition tells me as a historian that Williams was magnanimous and followed his conscience–a word that infers science instead of superstition.  But in my leisure I must research this colonial lust and disrespect for other people's property in more depth. This founder of Rhode Island had an open mind and believed in inherent human rights.  He must have been an exception since a tiger does not change its stripes.

I am thankful that my mother was creative and my father was honest, something that my children's  grandparents on both sides passed on down to them. I hope my husband and I had at least a wee part in doing that.

Advocate for equality among traditionalist First Americans

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


European invaders and occupiers stole land from America's original people for their biased absolutist churches.  But an honest soul insisted on buying property from the indigenous people.  This man was Roger Williams, who the Puritan Massachusetts Bay Company banned from its colony for not playing by its rules.  But he formed his own colony, Rhode Island, to bring about reform and non-conformity.

But stealing land and gold from the original people was just a drop in the bucket of murky water. The First American holocaust was a silent killer of the original inhabitants of the New World. This violation of human inherent rights was criminal genocide included in another one of my posts but for some reason not listed.  Therefore, this corrupt history has merit in being repeated.

Dear Ones,

From the first invasion of indigenous people in the Americas, the New World committed intentional extermination of the original long-term inhabitants.  Ever since Christopher Columbus's Christian conversion of the first people in America as his ships sailed the Atlantic with sails displaying red crosses,  the original inhabitants have been abused, putting it lightly.  King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain could not get enough gold stolen from the American Indians, a misnomer from the start.  They harassed Columbus so much that he and his men killed for the lust of gold, as they also started the first scalping, a vulgar war tactic originated around the Black Sea in Europe.

Then the federal colonial government endorsed the killing of the 'buffalo"–the mainstay of the original people.  These human beings depended on the American bison for sustenance and all their Earthly needs. This wholesale  decimation ended up in a near extermination of these animals as it nearly did with the original people.

Along with imported diseases from the Europeans, the population of indigenous people eventually dropped to what it is now, a little over 1 percent of traditionalists living on the last of their inherent lands. The Federal Government labeled  these territories as "reservations"–what First Americans began to call  prisoner of war camps controlled by the unelected Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Department of the Interior–BIA, nicknamed "bad Indian Affairs." 

Then came the final historical blow to the same First Nations.  Every time a member of the over 500 Nations within a Nation was admitted to a hospital for what ever reason, that person was sterilized.  This amounted to another form of genocide!  It took Senator James Abourezk to finally stop this crime in Congress during the 1970s.

Advocate of First Nations within One Nation


Nazi Germany committed the most savage Shoah against the Hebrew people, but decades later Jewish people are turned against Palestine in a new holocaust developing before the eyes of the world.  Already Germany and a great part of Europe are proclaiming  "No more!"  More and more people are horrified by Israeli  human rights abuse in the Gaza Strip.  The United Nations is is now identifying Palestine citizens as victims of a Jewish war crime campaign with the United States calling the action disgraceful.

Dear Ones,

The United States also condemns firing missiles on schools, hospitals, clinics, safety zones and refugees in Gaza having no defense from Israeli bombardment of United Nation shelters with mortars. At least seven of these safety houses were barbarically bombed as thousands of Israeli troops occupied Palestine and took over Gaza. Israeli-controlled refugee camps dominate Muslim citizens, especially children trapped behind open fields of barbed wire. Nine members of one grieving Palestine family were brought to their knees in the anguish of ongoing war.  Reporting the truth without passion is sterile journalism, now diminishing in outrage.
We now know before Hamas was founded and became unauthorized safe guards against land and air assault and deadly shrapnel, Israel was shelling Gaza's noncombatant civilians.  This still is the mission of Israel's Prime Minister to kill off Hamas and any other group protecting Palestine members from centuries of religious persecution with now over nearly 2000 civilians killed and over 9,000 wounded Gazans as Israel lost around 65 soldiers. Street sense reveals such gross inequality of violence and terrorism.  Mr. Netanyahu's honesty is now being questioned.  If Israel closed off the last Palestine tunnel, would Israel close the blockade that triggered the tunnels in the first place–economic loss of vital necessities for survival?  And what about a permanent truce?

Temporary relief from interfaith vulgar slaughter of one another in futile war revives other horrors of Nazi war gas poisons now used for pesticides that bring on nerve symptoms such as Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig diseases.  These memories also include national and community cemeteries all displaying crosses no matter what the belief system of the deceased is under the grass–grave graves of bigotry.  Women of the past are also brought to light in an all-empowering aggression in which men glorify war, with their partners stand helpless along the side lines.  Fortunately, through the Internet, deceit and corruption  no longer hide government dark secrets from the public as women are making strides in fair play.

If countries continue their affront against one another with war committed to solve problems instead of negotiation, communication and diplomacy, the latest style of clothing for us all will be hazmat suits and helmets to protect ourselves from aggressive contamination of Earth's environment and its people through illegal munitions that defy International Law and Criminal Court.

Anti-religious war advocate.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


For centuries Christians have persecuted atheists, agnostics and the rest of the world not subscribing to the dogma that Pharisee Paul and Peter started at the first church in Antioch Asia Minor (now Turkey) where their followers were first called Christian in derision.  Paul also was an accomplice in the stoning to death of biblical Stephen, the first Christian martyr.

Dear Ones,

Since Jesus of Nazareth left no documentation or any written word, Paul's followers have been ingrained with dogma of the New Testament (mostly influenced by Paul) later tacked on to the Hebrew Bible against the will of the Jewish people.  But now through TV there is a channel that will reveal even more disillusions about ongoing man-made radicalism.

Today, as stated in The New York Times, a new television channel premieres through the Internet.  With high tech communication people the world over no longer tolerate bigotry. David Silverman, president of American Atheists, is an entrepreneur in evolutionary thinking to save the world from  extinction caused by archaic religious warfare still entrenching our planet–our only sustenance. Earth is  now contaminated by accumulative toxic child-deforming munitions, more carbon and CO2 than any other industrial polluter. War is also the world's largest gas guzzler that keeps the price of petroleum high.

Dear Ones,

This new TV communication challenge will provide everything from politics to science and even comedy to bring the world to freedom from dark, Dark Ages of the torturous Christian Inquisition and the bloody Crusades, a word that historically stems from "cross."

American Atheists founded in1963 advocates the quintessential separation of church and state. Progressive trend-setters are looking forward to the freedom of speaking the truth–facts and reasoning power–with criticism that has been retarded for decades on end.  Many people are still afraid to admit their real spiritual feelings or anti-religious thoughts.  First American nations do not worship nature or any superficially-made deity. Instead dedicated traditionalists respect nature and all its beauty–Mother of all nations, Earth.

Since religion is big business, there also must be amends to tax-free church property that has made the Pauline religion the richest in the world, with First Americans still witnessing their inherent gold from the New World embellishing European cathedrals–stolen goods that violates one of the Ten Commandments.

Fresh enlightenment will help the world understand why the circle of fire among the original Abrahamic Semitic religions–Hebrew, Christian and Muslim–still kill one another ever since Paul started his own persuasion in which the Catholic Church still threatens all with eternal burning "in Hell."  The ancient protesters–Protestants–on the other hand are less brutal. They now say  non-Christians are," Heretics forever separated from their God."  Either condemnation is deadly to the faithful.

Why should children who are converted to absolutism live in daily fear from adult bombs and illegal munitions?  Neil Genzlinger of Critic's Note Book notes, "Dogs had their own channel before atheists did."  Mr. Silver announced, "Atheist TV is live and going to stay live until the sun burns out."

Christians will gain strength through his new program that does not bash the human spirit after centuries of psychological abuse. No arrogant faith that proselytizes can run roughshod over the rest of the world regardless of all empowering Popes and sectarian preachers on television daily mesmerizing their flocks with out-of-date, obsolete superstition, the drug that terrorizes with violence.  Destructive fairy tales that deceive and confuse children have to go. Any belief system that trains and causes young people to kill and hate is an insidious, church militant belief system.  Basta! Basta!

To help the cause of freedom of international worship no religion should continue to proselytize, the dagger that still provokes one faith against another.  In order to counteract proselytizing started by Paul who was hanged for his radical ideas of absolute religion, this menace must must be headed off at the pass–in words of the old Western movies.  The church later sainted him for promoting the Great Commission to go throughout the world and usurp other people of their beliefs.

This movement along with the divine" thrust to move newcomer settlers into indigenous lands for intentional extermination (genocide from Manifest Destiny) and the Final Solution of the Hebrew people are three of the most destructive evils in the course of world history.

Tithing church members still pay missionaries to invade other nations and threaten them with hellish, devilish ideas. However,  these same messengers are bringing back dangerous diseases similar to  the times of the great plagues also caused by the early Great Commission.  Fortunately, these epidemics are now curable through vaccines.

Unfortunately other faiths are fighting back with their own proselytizing.  But now some foreign nations are starting to tax the intruders for shirking their national property taxes that support fair share in funding their communities.

Advocate for supporting traditionalist First Americans

Saturday, August 2, 2014


In the United States, as it is in Palestine and Israel and other nations, young soldiers have always been the brunt of abuse, especially during war time and other blood sacrifices of the ancient world now on battlefields, endorsed by "God's name."

Dear Ones,

The age of coal mining has been particularly hard on youths who were paid a pittance or nothing at all to crawl into rat-infested mines due to their small stature before the days of child-labor laws and wars being the worst gas guzzlers   But many men cheer on wars with their children, as usual, regarded as less important than the masters of violence and terrorism, what aggression is all about. Today tunnels and walls by both Semitic political parties are just another torture for the young to endure as they in turn are blown to smithereens, a word coined during the nuclear radioactive atomic age.

Advocate for traditional First Nations

Friday, August 1, 2014


Israel ever since 1948 has been harassing Palestine on the West Bank and in Gaza where Semitic Gazans have lived ever since Jewish Bible days, with similar ancient tunnels built in this region.  Israel for decades has prevented food, fuel, gas, construction material, machinery, clothing and rebars from getting through to Palestine as they also illegally build on land belonging to Palestine.

Dear Ones,

An ongoing Israeli Naval blockade keeps this siege going with quintessential urgent needs of consumer goods impossible to reach Palestine which is a prison camp of refugees (80 percent of the inhabitants!)  controlled by bordering Israel. Egypt, that closed ports to Gaza. Egypt later regretted its drastic decision. Since countries are fickle and frequently change political sides, Egypt is now on both sides since its truce is attempting to bring a halt to this mutual slaughter.

From 2000 to 2004 occupying Israelis have demolished 1,700 homes of Palestine. For defense of their people and their land, Hamas was formed to protect their land against Israeli aggression and bombs and to preserve themselves from outnumbered, unfair corruption and contamination that will last for decades, if not longer.
Now the Palestini defense system  must unite with the Palestine government for strength.  It must no longer struggle on its own for defense of its people and their land daily decimated by a religious foe, as Palestine does likewise to Israel in revenge. Not only Israel, but Palestine too has inherent human right to defend its self.  Both political groups have armies that are terrorist and violent.  But this ongoing archaic war on both sides is killing off their children all related through Abraham–religious genocide–a sin against young people as  each party worships a deity that protects children–blatant  irony.

This genocide and violation against International Law also outlaws battles in urban war zones one generation after another, especially where children are killed and die by the thousands in the aftermath of war. A million people live and suffer in a tiny area of Gaza.

Palestine still has refugees under the border control of Israel that has killed more than 1,900 (mostly civilians) and around 65 Israeli soldiers. Nazi Germany brings to mind the Jewish holocaust of Aryans thinking they are the  "Master Race"–a holocaust against another nation that calls itself "God's chosen people" as authoritarians who knew what was going on sat in their pews and preached at the alter did nothing to stop the killing."

In short, due to an inhumane blockade, Palestine built a tunnel to Egypt with others later constructed to Israel for economic relief to supply Gaza with all that has been denied by Israel. Meanwhile the Pentagon is mainly supplying Israel with illegal weapons as the US and over 80 other nations refuse to give up corporations profiting from bombing other countries with child-deforming toxicants.

In all this turmoil, Laos  became the longest bombed nation in the history of the world, as Fallujah in Iraq is also plagued by a gross increase of deformed babies–some with two heads and others missing vital parts and organs formed outside of their little bodies.

As a reminder, today, 40 years after the Vietnam War  teams of women are still detonating these so-called dud bombs along the Ho Chi Mingh Trail that continues to kill children and their mothers, with the nation's major industry–metal recycling of US bombs. The United States is a good nation, but the military wags the tail of the pit bull dog.