Saturday, April 30, 2016


Friday April 29 at 8:30 a.m. residents living along route 819  and intersection of US 22 of Westmoreland County 29 miles from Pittsburgh described the horrible scene when a 30-36 inch natural gas pipeline blew up making the sky look like what was described as "looking into hell." State and federal investigations have begun to learn the cause of the huge fireball reaching hundreds of feet in the air. One man described a piece of metal as large as a SUBARU car blew 500 feet away.  Fortunately there were no fatalities but one man badly burned was hospitalized, a newly wed who had surgery before the massive fire of shale gas burned him. Area residents in the area are collecting funds for him, after a motorist saw him running and rescued him. The conflagration lit up the sky and was felt or heard as far away as 38 miles. In this area Marcellus shale fracturing of Earth is active. Fracting wells on map of PA Department Environmental Protection authority show these clusters near the Beaver Run Reservoir where the transmission pipeline gets its water.

The location is near Murrysville where a gas well blew up in the late 1800s which could be seen in Pittsburgh until it was finally capped about a year and half later. Soon carbon for ink was made at the well site devoid of vegetation and birds.  The wellspring was longest lasting gas well in America until about fifteen or so years ago.  People/s Natural Gas Company documents this history as well as drama, Wellspring of Power by Smith & Swetnam.

There is a debate as to whether shale gas should be left in the ground since its drilling causes earthquakes and a drive is made to pursue renewable energy instead.  Perhaps a move to this thinking must entail more thinking and less talk.

Helene, certified historian, World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)


On 310 Cherry St. in Macon, GA is an outstanding institution well worth the trip. The interesting,  exquisite architecture lends good viewing in a first floor rotunda of American African art from the region.  The second floor provides a history of Harriet Tubman and displays large photos of wonderful historical contributions of local and national American Africans.

The gift store itself is spacious and contains beautiful clothing, jewelry and other fascinating cultural items.  The books on Harriet Tubman are plentiful, such as Aramenta , America's Most Unsung Civil War General, the name John Brown gave her, with the title reflecting her original name.

The museum just presented the International Cherry Festival on the museum grounds, well attended and enjoyed by everyone, especially the sweet potato pies.  One of the items for sale were purple T shirts with a picture of The Prince whose tragic death happened a few days before the festival opened. The words to Purple Rain are written on these collector item shirts.

The cherry trees are gloriously in bloom in Macon in March. Mark your calendar for next year's festival. Meanwhile be sure to visit this wonderful museum and art center.

Helene, World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Thursday, April 28, 2016


History of the world records inhumane abuses.  If only all nations, even developing ones such as the most recent country in the Persian Gulf at the end of the Arab Peninsula, would come together and celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  This newest nation founded in 1971 (UAE) has a population of over a million people. It has a typical Muslim record that emphasizes commendable scholarly education, health care and freedom of religion by not proselytizing, some of the most important assets on Earth.

Unfortunately for the world extremist Muslims, against the wishes of moderate Muslims, have begun to copycat the Pauline New Testament ruling called The Great Commission to take over Earth with only one biased religion that has a history of the bloody Crusades (meaning cross-bearing) and the torturous Inquisition that stretched human beings to death or burned then alive at the stake if they didn't believe the Catholic faith.  Now uneducated Muslims and other forlorn recruited youths have joined al Quada and ISIS chopping off heads to create Inquisitional fear in mimicry as did the old outdated vicious Crusaders who burned people at the stake.  Now the new vicious youths of the world are these two extremist uneducated groups  taking advantage of other youths who are desperate, without jobs and feel hopeless,

Oh, if only all three branches of the Semite related religion would follow the good teachings of Prophet Jesus the great peacemaker of the world. Jews, too, take advantage of others, such as Palestinians who have to climb through or over over walls built by Hebrews to go to school, to work and to market, as many of them remain in refugee camps.  What would Jesus, the great master who would never commit a war or draw blood, say if he really did return to Earth?

Now if only the three branches of the Semitic religion–Jew, Christian and Muslim in order of their founding–could come together for the great cause of humanity with the music of the Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copeland, in the background inspiring what all the good gods teach–blessed are the peacemakers, such as Jesus the great prophet of the world who said the greatest thing is love of one another.

Helene World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Thia outstanding woman assisted Present Obama who also appointed her for other positions.  She joined the Democratic Party when the GOP party split and one half became entangled in the evangelical ultra-conservative Tea Party. She in her youth was a champion of debate.  Same as Hillary Clinton, she became a lawyer. However, she taught law as well and graduated from outstanding schools. As did Bernie Sanders she worked hard for the middle class and supported youths. She encouraged students to get the same interest loans as bankers. She said, "America's Middle class is getting hammered and Washington is rigged" to favor large corporate money as other sources buy elections, stolen from the people's choices.

Senator Warren believes President Obama must appoint a replacement for Chief Justice Antonin Scalia, what is allowed in the line of presidents' duties.  But the present Congress like a pack of wild dogs shackled the president's hands with racism running rampant–left with the only choice–his executive decisions. Elizabeth shares other issues that coincide with those of Senator Sanders. He as president and Senator Warren as vice president would work so well with one another.  And often a vice-president runs at a later date for presidency. She also would fullfill the wishes of the nation with the first United States distaff president.

Helene, World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This former first lady, like Eleanor Roosevelt, helped women and their children. Due to their prominent positions they could travel freely and meet countless thousands of people. Such advantages over other candidates can't be ignored.

As an author who has 50 published books based on history and the arts, I respect Hillary's unique good fortune to talk with people all over the world, especially when I was invited to go to the Pittsburgh Urban League to Ghana because I was instrumental in ending the blackballing of American Indians, American Africans, Italians, Jews and Muslims from membership in so-called "white" elitist conclave clubs of the United States. During this journey I researched the birth place of Harriet Tubman for one of my books now in the new fabulous Harriet Tubman Museum in Macon, GA.

Bernie Sanders is very presidential but has not had the power of Hillary's position.  However, he has set a record in catching up to her and surpassing her through getting young people to vote, since they can win in education and health with Bernie.

Helene, certified historian, founder of World Enlightened News

Monday, April 25, 2016


United States founding fathers invented presidential delegates since they didn't trust its own people.  They wanted control at the polls against Fascists and uneducated people. But now with television,  advanced pony express, free schools for all and television, everyone knows if a candidate is a member of ISIS or the KKK. We even know what size underwear each candidate wears, if curiosity is that ignorant.

So it is overtime for honest non-establishment voting–ONE PERSON ONE VOTE.  Vicarious voting of candidates through delegates doesn't assure us–we the people–of a good president that doesn't get us into futile youth killing religious wars. Delegates waste time and money. One person one vote enables candidates to focus on quintessential issues. If we haven't learned this truth through the 2016 election shame on us.

World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Friday, April 22, 2016


Amy is the most heroic journalist I have ever met. Read her biography. The answer to ingrained terrorism is found in a question. Would the United States tolerate drones from the Middle East killing our citizens?  This violence in endless religions wars is witnessed in blowing up land as I write, ever since explosives were invented for wars of conquest. Until America wakes up from short sighted disability and short-time memory, the eons-old terrorism will not stop.  Bombs just keep the circle of fire stoked in continuous revenge.  Ideology of religion will never stop until fundamentalists know their own history that is constantly in denial.

Pauline records document the worst inhumane terrorism of all, even with the pious clergy still raping boys  Extremist Muslims chopping off heads of infidels, non-believers, is horrible enough.  But what about all the historic landmarks in Europe where infidels of the second oldest blood feud Semite religion were murdered. I've taken photos of some of these sites. The worshipers of Jesus, a Jew, the great peace maker who also was killed, often takes second place to man-made dogma. These sinister vicious sights of execution are still marked where the church burned alive thousands of innocent people at the stake for not believing–etion of  John Calvin, founder of Presbyterianism, for not believing everything the church told him. He was trained by the Catholic Priesthood.

Unfortunately most of the conditioned programmed authoritarians didn't allow their members to read their own savage history.  Sadly it still goes on by a censoring hierarchy in the "holy" office wearing white robes and high pointed hats.  Thank goodness Pope Francis is making revolutionary progress at last.

Certified historian
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Thursday, April 21, 2016


The colorful doors of Dublin are worth seeing for thensleves,  The conference will present digital marketing as weii as writing crafts,

Helene, World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)


What a choice!  As the G.W. Bush Administration was threatening war with Iraq after September 11, 2003 I was desperately calling senators and representatives to see why.  One man in Senator Rick Santorum's Pittsburgh office said in amazement, "You mean it wasn't Iraq who caused the 9-ll atrocity?"

It was then I knew the United States was doomed by lies of George Bush like a herd of sheep.  And when I found out Hillary Clinton voted for the holocaust spreading to Afghanistan and Syria, that intensified ISIS, I was so upset, I can't even look at either of them on TV still to this day.  They are irresponsible and should be accountable for untold amounts of lives of soldiers and non-combatants.

How can anyone vote for such poor judgment that led to an illegal war according to International Law and Court and other inhumane inforeign affairs? The Middle East is still flaming by three related rival extremist political persuasions that have been slaughtering one another for centuries.

This is no laughing matter by anyone hiding behind Cheshire cat grins that amounts to the worst American war since Vietnam and Agent Orange deforming babies of combat soldiers with so-called depleted uranium weaponry.  

Helene Smith
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Reagan, because he closed down mental hospitals and departments with deranged patients thrown out on the streets of America, these poor homeless bewildered people often became savvy enough to obtain guns illegally or through theft. They had to survive somehow, but they without their regular medicine and had to depend on their mentally ill minds. When street murderers plea insanity in court, they are often correct in doing so. But prison is the worst place to sentence people where they get no treatment or care for mental illness. Some might say murderers should be executed or severely punished, but America is a humane society. And when the cause of mental patients discarded as street people, understanding of harsh, reckless politics  brings more compassion and kindness to all those concerned.

Clinton, through his bill to incarcerate young people for smoking marijuana, multiplied a plethora of disfranchised prisoners across the nation kept in cells , even though the natural plant cannabis has medicinal benefits. If only President Carter's wisdom had been maintained, but often new presidents decide to end all the good that former men in the Oral Office. When that happens it's no wonder America goes down the sliding board run by mentally retarded "born again" minds that lack good judgment.

Both presidents said they regretted what they did. But that doesn't bring back the dead sacrificed by minds controlled by Bible pounders

Reckless, thoughtless officials using power carelessly have made America the most gun slinging mass murderers with incarcerations swelling prisons tenfold. And on top of that President George W. Bush and cronies lacking even less good judgment plunged America against its wishes into complete chaos in the Middle East where the three Abraham's oriental religions began and continue to slaughter one another as vicious rivals!

Helene Smith,
World Enlightened News (W.E.N,)

Monday, April 18, 2016


President Ronald Reagan got rid of psychiatric hospitals and departments as mental patients were thrown out on the streets of America! And now we are reaping the harvest of the tainted fruit. This satire ironically started when President Carter before Ronald Reagan promised to increase mental health care and made plans to prevent future psychological problems. But Ronald Reagan had an obsession against mental hospitals thinking that psychiatry was another form of communism. As soon as he was inaugurated he stopped all the good work and ideas of President Jimmie Carter, the worst thing Reagan did–besides holding up the Iranian hostages after 444 days so that their release was on his time when he entered the Oval Office, even though it was Carter who had done all the work leading up to the hostages freedom, with an overwhelming movie made about them.

Now we know why there are so many gun totting mad men killing and attacking schools and killing students, making America burdened with the most cases of gun murders on Earth.

See my blog on creative solutions to the incessant mass gun shootings and overcrowded prisons of mentally ill men shooting Americans, especially students in their school environment. There's been too many Sandy Hook's documented that now remain sad history in the archives of world grief.

Helene Smith,
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Saturday, April 16, 2016


The main thrust of the problem is for all state across the nation to transform their corrective institutions as they now stand into positive, contributing working farms. Fortunately U.S. Federal decree eliminated antiquated debtor's prisons in 1833. Today's prisons also operate on ridiculous schemes. Debtors in prison can never earn a living to pay their debts, just as modern prisons waste could space where inmates contribute nothing other than license plates and chain gangs that once cleaned up rubbish along roads.

Creatively this dilemma can be reversed into a grand plan.  Transformed U.S. prisons having new purposes and goals would have a new name for a new beginning in America. These institutions with the title MURDERERS WHO SERVE (M.W.S) would get deranged mental ill gun killers off the streets if the nation and at the same time do worth while things to serve others for their crimes. Right now criminals who are incarcerated ironically are given everything free as they are the served instead of being the servers. This illogical arrangement is absolutely backwards, a shameful sham and satire. Prisoners must work for their stay.

When a person takes a life the punishment must be more than a locked community. In the 1970s George H. Walker Bush, director of the CIA. had American Indians, Puerto Ricans and other dark complexioned people sterilized every time they entered a hospital.  American Indian Senator James Abourezk exposed this disgrace through Congress. This was involuntary genocide against cultures where so called "white" supremacists wanted to control population. However, if the same action were done to murderers it would keep the bad gene pool down and also solve other problems. And there would be no forlorn babies caused by rape.

Serious murder requires serious means of punitive action. Meanwhile the prison bar doors could be removed and used for grape arbors throughout the land where the people would make wine and grape juice under professional supervision. This would happen after the new system would be safe to allow the cells to be their permanant rooms.  This idea was used years ago by Old Economy near Butler, PA.  The celebate group was later moved to New Economy in Indiana.  The original site is now a historic landmark of great interest. As a clan working for self survival they brought great wealth to the community.

Returning to the bar doors, the rest of the bars would remain in place as the inmate would have privacy in a corner of the room covered on half wall for dressing in the bedrooms. These walls would be make from recycled cartons in which the inmates could draw with crayons pictures their own design. The entrance doors would be made of wood with locks on the inside for safety from oe another. This would happen as the institution became an open gun-and automobile free society.  Any one disobeying the law and order would be further punished, by not by obsolete  straight jackets and locked in solitary confinement. Anyone cruelly and inhumanely treated would go crazy under such situations if they weren't deranged already,.

There would be a library, as most prisoners have. These books would be furnished by the surrounding communities. Unless states that believed in execution for murders, these inmates would be incarcerated for life of serving others through their labor and own creativity, such as crayon pictures and murals sold to the public.

The product the inmates produce, besides vegetable, fruits from  dwarf fruit trees would bring money for supporting all the buildings already constructed and having all necessariy facilities in place. These institutions would also be recycling centers where the people make things from broken furniture and other items trucked in to the locations..  None of the residents would have cars or own trucks.  A visitors parking lot would be outside the premises.  The products and produce they make would be shipped out to nearby locations with special labels on them reminding people that criminals are now working to make Earth a better place.

They would make their own musical instruments, as do the residents of Paraguay who have their own band with instruments made from their island built on a garbage dump.  Or musical instruments  could  donated for their own band and orchestra. Those talented in singing could be members of their own choir.  Men and women with humor could be commedians. An entrepreneur group could write a script for their own movie, which could be viewed nation wide, with their own director and inmate characters  playing the parts. Each one could teach one another, an idea that originally came from Africa. The education would keep them preoccupied when they weren't working to pay for their crimes.  Of course in no way will the families of their victims get relief from murderers, but at least they would know the criminals would not be idlem living off state governments. 

There's no end to the creativity that would be created for good purposes.  Since no one would be allowed to have guns, they could learn and teach each other jujitsu, etc. for safety from one another. Since these properties already are secure with walls and fences, there would be less people on the highways for dangerous police chases that threaten the lives of all travelers.

Gun lobbyists would wither with no state government funds to support them and no powerful lobbyists.  Guns do not kill. Ammunition kills. Legislative government laws would make military ammo illegal.

The above plan would be in its fail-safe solutions to especially eliminate those who cowardly attack little children in schools and those enrolled in higher education.  And as for the general public changing legislation positively against lethal guns, positive measures would  makes more sense than  negative law suites.

Tough measures must come under tough law and order because violence and terrorism of taking a life is the worst possible crime to victims' families that grieve the rest of their lives.

Helene Smith,
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Friday, April 15, 2016


There's no doubt that Hillary Clinton is part of the establishment. She may be good at social reform but Bernie Sanders excels in government reform.  Eleanor Roosevelt was a great sociall reformer but that qualification would not have made her a good president.  There are other women in America who could be a good president and wouldn't carry all the war-torn baggage that Hillary carries.

Helene Smith,
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Thursday, April 14, 2016


What a lovely family, with two sweet little girls, so enjoyable to watch.  However, Ted Cruz as president would not be so delightful, even though his wife Heidi is such a nice person who influences the family in every Southern Baptist fundamental way. Husband and wife both worked for born-again Christian George W. Bush who blamed "God who told him to attack Iraq" that caused a Middle East holocaust of millions of deaths that in turn led to Afghanistan and Syria, erupting into untold numbers of displaced refugees with young desperate men out of jobs and targeted as recruits for fanatical terrorist jihadism worldwide. Ted Cruz didn't even know the original Jews,  Christians and Muslims were all Semites from one related fighting family.  Jesus was a Jew who threw out the money changers from the temple. 

Some time ago when I heard the senator divulge that he and his wife's family come from zealot missionary proselytizing fundamentalism, I knew this combination would cause a dangerous presidency.  Then when he stomped out of a speech he was making that fueled great boohooing, I was even more convinced that he is not presidential and wears his pseudo-religion on his sheave.  He accused the dissenters of hatred of Jews in Israel when he mentioned anti-Semitism. When he brought up Israel as a U.S Ally, he wasn't even aware of foreign affairs in which Israels is threatening Palestinians with nuclear bombs stored on top and under ground to use on this Muslim nation that has no way to protect itself other than their own armies and military groups.  Israel also makes life miserable with illegal house construction and walls where Palestinians have to make holes through to crawl to go to work, school and market.

Then on TV during the Cruz family interview Ted Cruz spilled the beans.  He said that when his father heard he was going to campaign for the presidency, his parent said "Now this will be your new mission!"–to proselytize Earth and unite the church and state again as the Catholic Church continue to wag the world, as it did during the bloody Crusades and torturous Inquisition that burned infidels (unbelievers) alive at the stake. What else would a missionary's mission be.The reason why Christians defend Israel instead of Palestine is because the Pauline church uses the same Bible as the Jews, even though the Jews objected to the New Testament being tacked on to the original ancient Hebrew Bible.

This of course backward change would never happen in the present world because the people would rise up in mass.  But today fundamental extremist Muslims who never proselyted before are now copycatting the Catholic Inquisition by chopping off heads of heathen infidels. Cruz mission is also to have the government pay for biased Christian schools and their religious needs. These schools, disguised as "charter," defy and violate the Constitution that aims to keep church and state separate since history has proven drastically how lethal such a faith union has already been.

American Indians especially were brutally persecuted through the New Testament missionary Great Commission to dominate the entire world with churches on every street.  On reservations, last of their original lands, fundamentalists took over the indigenous students lives, even cutting off their braids since mission mission didn't believe in the first American culture.

There would be rioting in America if Ted Cruz was elected president, Dangerous religion must never raise its ugly head again!

Helene Smith,
World Enlightened News

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


This open letter is to Anderson Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt to thank them very much for the profound documentation regarding their close endearing relationship with one another–such candor that is so natural and truthful. It is magnanimous for you both to share and remind us all of your family's outstanding contributions to American history, starting with grandfather Cornelius, the pioneer in shipping and railway industrial progress. I still have my grandfather's brass name on his railroad hat. He was chief wrecker for a branch of the New York Central Railroad. Memories of his clean up stories still haunt me. Along with your history you also included the down sides of life, that we all have but often don't admit what life does to us emotionally.

You and your mother's careers are spectacular and so interesting to hear.  Often when I see you on TV I wondered if you would tell America about your fascinating family some day. And now you have accomplished it so well. And then I immediately saw you on TV jn action interviewing Donald Trump and his family.

I, too. was close to my mother who was a creative artist. what was passed down to me and my five children. I can relate to your mother since I'm also a designer of hats, an actor who portrayed Nellie Bly in monologues, writer of history and an investigative.journalist.

My life too has been bitter sweet as I wept with you both while watching your show.  Sadly my sons have all died tragic deaths also, as did your brother.  I admire you and your mother for speaking freely about your own tragedies. You are strong as eagles. Your family story will help others get through their deep grief and great sadness, too. 

Helene Smith,

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Jesus, the great peacemaker, believed in justice, equality and human rights for everyone. Making an election issue short, here are suggestions in a nutshell about voting rules changed 8 months ago:

Don't sell American voters short, we're smarter than what campaign managers think.
Prohibit corrupt politicians from buying elections, a game of convoluted money.
Let the popular vote win without all the infiltration of delegates wagging the dog.
No more black, secretive fund raisers which will also eliminate foreign political influence.
Stop funds from campaigns entirely, they end up as phony money, a game of monopoly.
The media already does an admirable job in producing debates, so increase their funds.
Have state representatives, who are already paid, present each candidates' attributions.
Broadcast their platforms and let the voters decide which way to vote through debates.
Make voters think they count in instead of present way with super delegates more important.
Give candidates a break! a rest instead of constant flying around the nation, what exhausts them.
Constant travel wastes energy and wears out candidates with their voices hoarse, a toll on health.
2016 campaign has turned Republican candidates to gang up on their own members like bullies.
Right now as I write candidates and delegates are scrambling as they fixate on stealing votes from one another. Shorten the campaign time so vital news gets more attention.
The idea of having families be interviewed with the candidates gives vision and insight into the real lives of those running for presidency.
Stop gerrymandering of districts disfranchising certain voters, as Jeb did in Florida stopping certain districts of Amerkcan Africans from voting to get his brother, G.W. Bush, elected.
America's founding fathers invented the addition of delegates out of fear that a fascist would win an election. But communication today erases that fear making it a moot, obsolete point since we have ways of knowing the history of each candidate and their biographies broadcast through the air and cyber space. Change voter rules. It's not fair to any sincere candidate who believes in reform and the need to start a revolution among people who really want to make a change in the retarded political sway of manipulated, twisted elections.

I voted for Bernie Sanders because governmental reform has been his dedicated career for decades, as I followed him for years when he was a frequent guest on the Thom Hartmann and Amy Goodman Shows, the latter, Democracy Now! But Donald Trump has made Americans think, too.  The present way we the people vote is "corrupt, rigged and undemocratic." Our votes are overpowered by super candidates and influenced by rich super packs. Donald as an excellent business man has showed us money needs to be taken out of the voting equation, as Bernie has done likewise.  We all are frustrated and dismayed by present deceptive voting rules at the polls and in our homes as we listen to the screwed up politics. Mr. Trump also believes that anything that is illegal must have enforcement, and even reform, to make law and order work. Illegal means there is law breaking. There must be enforcement that requires a victim and a villain. Donald Trump believes in women's rights to their own bodies. He is a thinking person and serious decisions are quite complex. They need to be dealt with in fairness to everyone involved. It's not a yes and no answer.

Both candidates have opened America's eyes to the stress and insidious chicanery of corrupt politics.  Every good business man knows that telling a lie even in "sand baggers" cheating in golf, will make any untruthful deal fail because in business there's no room for political bureaucratic lies.

Sadly, Bernie and Donald can't run together. In 1801 as voter laws were handled during the time of America's founding fathers, the president and the vice-president ran on the same ticket, with the vice-president having the lesser vote.  But when Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr were in the race for the presidency there was a tie and the House had to vote to break the tie. It took the 12th Constitutional Amendment to change voting ruling. So none of us have to suffer voter stress, the democratic policy of America is to be willing to change for the sanity of everyone.

Helene Smith
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.) The Return of Aaron Burr

Monday, April 11, 2016


ISIS is the term Islamic terrorists use after al Qaeda joined them with an attempted caliphate state of jihadists Muslims, not to be confused with the Islamic Republic.

ISIL means Islamic State of Levant in Middle East. Levant refers to the East Mediterranean, now loosely reflecting jihadist terrorism of brutal ethnic cleansing of radical, fanatic armies of black clothed warriors who cover their faces mirroring the KKK racist cross-bearing fanatics in America.

Throughout world history leaders self-proclaimed to be divinely called masters of world domination, have arisen as did President George W. Bush who heard a voice telling him "God told me to attack Iraq. Secretary Hillary Clinton also recklessly voted for the illegal war crime as history is repeated.

For centuries leaders, such as Genghis Khan, born around 1168 CE (common era) have raised their ugly heads in an attempt take over the world.  Khan and his army of misled men murdered 40 million people, at that time 11 percent of world population during the largest empire–a shamanist Mongol taking over China to start with.  He and his warriors raped so many women that many of us can trace our ancestry back to these cruel brutal leaders to increase their warrior seed in offspring throughout the world.

However, Genghis Khan was unique. He never proselytized but instead became known as the great master of free religion,  Whomever he conquered he let them have free will to believe what the wanted.  This was different from the Catholic Church's bloody Crusades (meaning cross) and the torturous Inquisition that burned people alive at the stake.  But this is now ancient history since there is separation of the church and state at least in America, Although the Vatican has lost its power by its members revolting, it now only rules through psychologically manipulating its dogma, although many women use birth control to prevent abortions against the teaching of the clergy.

Today is way overdue for mainstream Muslims, who are globally known for their scholarship and education,  to revolt against radical extremist jihadists. However, the world's people do not have the patience or willingness to wait centuries for this revolution to take place.  Besides Earth itself is war-torn from eons of toxic chemical radioactive ammo and atomic bombs that accumulate in nuclear waste dumped in waterways and on American Indian Reservations, the last of their lands, as poisonous emissions continue to cause deformities in infants of combat parents handling toxic weaponry.

It is now rush hour for people of the entire Earth to wake up from amnesia to save Earth and its people.

Helene Smith,
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Sunday, April 10, 2016


All paper companies would be nationalized having "In God we trust!" printed on household items, including paper products and merchandise such as clothing  labels.

The halls leading to the Rotunda would display pictures and descriptions of the stations of the Cross
on them

The president's desk would be replaced with an altar having "In God with Trust" on the national seal and for symbolically sacrificing lives of soldiers.

Extremist patriotism would be displayed with all those entering the office of the president to genuflect with great piety, since genuflecting  began with kings and queens requiring royal obedience.

The normal steps in folding the American flag will be announced through the halls of the capital for everyone to remember, every other fold referring to Christian symbols and dogma, as it already is stating in the rules of U.S. flag folding instructions.

A new office of missions would be formed, completely supported by taxpayers sending biased missionaries around the globe.

Helene Smith,
World Enlightened News

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Former Vice-President Al Gore lost the presidential vote due to chicanery of Governor Jeb Bush of Florida. Is it true that his brother, George W. Bush, became president through trickery to reduce the Gore vote by deception?  This insidious plan requiring American Africans to present two documents of identification instead of one and state troopers stopping them before they arrived at the polls resulted in time lost for voting. And the vice-president lost by a minor amount, just enough to make the difference.

This significant difference resulted in a world catastrophe in the Middle East, the oil was of Iraq and Afghanistan, nations that are sill suffering as the world gasps for breath out of fear from terrrorism from radical Muslims of ISOL taking over war-torn nations of instability.

Now Secretary Hillary who listened to the lies of George Bush when thinking America cried out NO! wants to be first distaff president. The United States must not implicate its citizens any more in civil religious wars continuing for centuries among three rival original branches of the Semitic persuasion-Jew, Christian and Muslim.

Due to Clinton/s poor judgment she is not fit to be president.  On the other hand, as First Lady, she successfully was involved  in socialism.  That she became an excellent social reformer there is no doubt.  But her major foreign affairs have been historically documented as failures. 

Hillary has had a great advantage in traveling around the world and meeting people funded by other people's big money. But her congeniality doesn't cut the mustard. This is the main reason along with her hawkish bent why she should not be elected president of the United States.

Helene Smith,
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Friday, April 8, 2016


Well the G.W. Bush and his oil cronies did it. And it now looks like we own it, at least the clean up part requiring millions to rebuild, what Humpty  Dumpty ignorantly destroyed including precious historic buildings and artifacts   We are still attempting to put it back together again after two Pyrrhic wars not world their cost in human lives and infnat deformities from war-torn chemicals and radioactive missiles.

Although Hillary Clinton heard the general's warning she too ignored the common sense not to get mixed up in sectarian fighting in the Middle East.

Americans must have smelling salts to arouse our consciences. Hillary Clinton voted for a war in the Middle East, knowing that the three branches of the Semite blood feuding family would inflame the world. Her career has been one of socialism.  Secretary Clinton is a social worker, a reformer much like Eleanor Roosevelt. She is not fit to be president.

Earth and its people are tired and sick of toxic contaminating wars.  We all need to have medical help.
Helene Smith,
World Enlightened News

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Hillary already with negative baggage brought up the awful tragedy of gunning down little children at Sandy Hook, what Bernie had no control over. But she forgot her decision to aid and abet the G.W. Bush Administration that not only killed and maimed for life millions of young people but also caused combat soldiers on both sides of the Iraq-Afghanistan wars to bear children of gross deformities. Where was her so-called compassion in unneeded wars that disabled much of the Middle East? Did she not research the cost of lives before making her decision to vote for Pyrrhic wars not worth their price. Fighting terrorism is different than controlling the world for its oil,

This generational genocide caused by illegally carpet bombing urban zones blasted these nations to smithereens, a coined world from the radioactive modern age of nuclear missiles. The women in Fallujah, Iraq are still bearing deformed babies as our American and allied combat soldiers' women also do. But the women in the Middle East have to bury their own children since the women's husbands are dead from futile religious wars of thoughtless politicians–who like to euphemise war words as "ideologies." But we all know they are from three Semitic branches of the same religion, a related blood feud of killing one another for centuries–why their members close their ears. I used to be one of them, but I'm a recovering Christian and my feelings run with high compassion for war victims.

The reason why U.S. soldiers have the atrocious tragedy of children suffering through these war-torn malformations their entire lives is from their parents handling and fighting in the toxic environment of these deadly devices of war.

Did Hillary Clinton forget the Vietnam War and Agent Orange toxic herbicide causing horrible deformities in soldiers' infants?  Maybe she didn't know about these facts because the Pentagon doesn't want the public to be aware of the genetic hazardous outcomes of modern poisonous wars in which nations export their gene deforming chemicals and biological warfare.

But the victims whose children, if they survive, are born with missing legs arms, two heads, cyclops eyes and organs hanging outside their tiny bodies, know all about the suffering. Few people think about all the deformed animals that are pets as well, from international lethal  wars.

Helene Smith,
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Both presidential candidates supported the most atrocious wars in modern times starting with invasion, carpet bombing attack and occupying Iraq, Afghanistan what in turn spread to Syria. The conniving  politicians were fooled themselves by G.W. Bush, Halliburton Dick Cheney and other crony's lust for Middle Eastern "Oil on the Brain"–an industrial corporate song. Meanwhile millions of suffering refugees, the result of futile religious wars, affect young people in their midst feeling hopeless, jobless and destitute making them ready targeted ecruits for ISIS terrorism through suicide bombers taking their own lives.

Cruz being an evangelical favored Bush's illegal war in 2003, especially since that president was a born-again Christian that fitted right into the running politician's mindset.  And we all know fundamentalists who rely on the Hebrew Bible for direction and research are known for being unwilling to change. When Bush said "God told me to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan" a chill went through the hearts and minds of peace-loving Americans.  He was letting his religion wag his dogma, that is unconstitutional.  Beware of religionists hearing voices telling them what to do.

Hillary bought the Bush war lock, stock and barrel, too. At that time much of America was listening to talk shows such as Rush Limbaugh who criticized General Colon Powell and Fox News, far, far right with drums beating for war and patriotic bunting hanging on church doors.

But many of us heard Thom Hartman U.S. most popular talk host host on radio and later on TV,  together with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!,  a knowledgeable, courageous war correspondent for foreign affairs. Both thinking people are among America's leading scholars who are well-informed in reliable research. As a result there was much unrest and reluctance for committing a war in the Middle East that led to ISIS terrorism since Iraq's army was fired with the occupation, resulting in the new army of ISIS and splintered al Qaeda. All this violence is recorded in published books and articles now preserved in historical archives,

However, Bush Administration records reflect fraud, lies, negativism and lethal documentations that resulted in his bad decision amounting to war crimes but not enforced.  Colon Powell warned Bush over his zeal to attack Iraq and Afghanistan, as this popular thinking general of 35 years of military experience said "If you break it, you will own it."  That was when Bush fired him. Well, Bush carpet bombed Iraq and the U.S. is still trying to put together Humpty Dumpty's mindless plan of contaminating two nations with toxic child-deforming chemicals and radioactive ammo–countries that never attacked America, by a drunk who when attending an Ivy League school hung from an expensive chandelier and broke it.

Because of this poor judgment, lack of common sense and  biased religion interfering with government affairs,  how can anyone award either one of these candidates the highest office in America?  They are dangerous insider established politicians who are prone toward harming America and the world at large through ideology and militant hawk mentality.  We all are caught in the ongoing crossfire.

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News (W.E.N,)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The United States under President Harry Truman caused inhumane genocidal conditions when the government bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now Japan wants to be nuclear free after the Fukushima disaster of a nuclear meltdown and tidal wave disaster. How much does one nation have to suffer, even though it was ready to surrender during WWII? African nations too have been the victims of abject terrorism.

No wonder the people of Japan. who have endured devastation one disaster one after another in a holocaust are now having to retreat to fossil fuel even though they don't want to.  This of course pertains to the economy.

However, regarding power nations that threaten with nuclear power by storing radioactive weapons and not allowing the same capability for smaller nations only causes resentment and more violence. How can any country call this just and fair since it unjustly using weapons of mass destruction as a threat that would only cause mutual devastation.

No nation should be permitted such reckless action for revenge of anything. Israel has this powerit but not the Palestinians that had to resort to Hamas, etc. for protective security, The cost of lives in a nuclear war is beyond all imagination. According to International Law and its criminal Court if a lunatic leader decides to light a green light for zzsuch a global atrocity the entire administration would be libel for war crimes that need to have punitive action by order of law.  But by then it would be to late for the entire world in nuclear chaos. 

Even Los Alamos nuclear physicist inventors of atomic bombs said they would not advocate using nuclear bombs at all, not even as a threat because if you have them they can be set off.  Without having  them no one can set them off,  leaving more time and energy for keeping plutonium and uranium out of the hands of ISIS and other radical religious groups.

The problem of enforcing retribution for such a world crime is the responsibility of the United Nations and other international groups to never allow these evils to occur again,

Now ISIS is threatening the world with terrorism and violence ever since it was empowered as G.W. Bush and cronies attacked Iraq in 2003 and fired that nation's army that now is part of the ISIS army along with al Qaeda splinter groups. And that administration was never prosecuted in a court of international law and order.

Perhaps the major dilemma is enforcement with punitive action. Saying "We're sorry" for global disablement and millions of deaths in the Middle East is for sandbox children.

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.) 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Bernie Sanders has a vision for a better world including working middle class but Hillary Cinton has a mission to be the first woman president.

Bernie as an independent candidate has dedicated his life career for helping youths as well as the working middle class. He also believes in equality, higher free tuition education and equality, a  desperate cry of the people whom he supports.

Hillary as an elitist member of the establishment is determined to be the first president no matter how high her voice gets.  She has spent her career in socialism helping women and children. She would make a good manager for social reform. America doesn't another warrior president.

But her foreign affairs experience that she runs on shows a negative record of poor judgment and as a war hawk is dangerous.  Proof of the pudding, she helped and abetted G. W. Bush in invading, attacking and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, what led to the Syrian crisis, all destabilizing these nations as ISIL took advantage and swept in for the kill of Christians that is affecting the entire globe.

One advantage of America is that the U.S. is not a Christian nation, despite what Hillary thinks.  Those who think it is biased Christian are targeting innocent people to die, what the same religion did for centuries in its deadly Inquisition and "holy" office still censoring any history of its own persuasion. The hierarchy used to burn alive at the stake anyone called a heretic, an unbeliever.

Now Jihadists are repeating such evil history of one of the three branches of the same faith. And the so-called infidels weren't only those against Catholicism but Protestants, too. Don't forget Michael Servetus, a doctor and scientist studying the pulmonary system who died a horrible death at the demand of John Calvin, founder of Presbyterianism–because he did not accept man-made dogmas.

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News (W.E,N.)

Sunday, April 3, 2016


The fact that Hillary recklessly voted for the Iraq War that led to the Afghanistan and Syria wars that also produced ISIL terrorism in the Levant from Egypt to Palestine and  other neighboring nations in between.

Dear Friends,\

By her infatuation with G.W. Bush lies about Iraq she aided and abetted war crimes against International Law. And this illegal behavior was passed off as "boys will be boys.  This lack of punitive action against what erupted in global violence and chaos in the Middle East can't be underestimated.

Who knows what else she will pull out of her baggage of tricks? Hillary Clinton's champing at the bit is all wrapped up in her top bucket list that she sees behind her Alice in the Mirror Cheshire grin, what's fueling her madness to be first distaff president.  Elizabeth Warner never gave this impression.

Helene Smith 

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Did Clinton forget how toxic Agent Orange chemicals caused gross atrocious deformities of babies born of combat soldiers on both sides of inhumane wars?  How G.W. Bush twisted her mind and even admitted he made an international mistake that caused an uproar in the Middle East in turn flaming instability and terrorism from Iraq, Afghanistan to Syria. Other members of Congress also voted for the Bush war, but they at large are not running for chief commander position in the U.S. government.

King Pyrhus of Greece knew the cost of war was not worth the price of human lives and all the terrorism and violence contained in Pandora's Box of archaic Pyrrhic wars.

Helene Smith (Mame),

Friday, April 1, 2016


A treaty is the highest law of the land.  For centuries Muslims were killed by Crusader Crusades, the the root word derived from cross. Yet people today misuse "crusade" for a goal or an agenda which is a false term. For centuries  bloody European religious Crusades conquered and killed Muslims whom Anglos labelled as "Musselmen."

In America the first foreign battle was the War of 1812. This involved the Barbary Powers that Americans pegged as"Barbary Pirates"  who were capturing U.S.sailors. The members came from Tunis (Tunisia), Algiers, Morocco, Tripoli (Libya) and Turkey.  In revenge of the Christian nations targeting Muslim countries, which America was included, the Muslims have a long memory of the Inquisition and Crusades that lasted for centuries.

The bottom line was hatred of Muslims by European nations who also were sending out missionaries all over Earth as this persuasion continues to do so today.  Pharisee Paul from Turkey influenced  and wrote most of the  New Testament that includes the Great Commission to take over the world with one religion–Christianit. Ironically Paul didn't even know Jesus who died before Paul's time.

We have to know what went on before our time to understand what's happening today and on into the future. As Plato wrote, "Those who don't know history remain children all their lives." Unfortunately it's no longer taught in schools."

In a nutshell this is the fuel that still invokes Muslims to kill Christians today.  Therefore, it must be known that the U.S. government is not Christian, although the members of this faith often fraudulently claim America is a Christian nation. The first emigrants risked their lives in small boats at sea were trying to get free from Inquisitional dogma that was making them burn alive at the stake, now historic sites of fear and violence. Faith terrorism still reigns throughout the world by jihadists who even kill their own moderate members. Ireland was plagued by Catholics and Protestant protester's slaughtering one another for eons.

Helene Smith (Mame),