Friday, September 29, 2017


After years of observation we realize what can't be seen is believed, yet what we see with 20/20 vision we become skeptic of belief. This irony is the epitome of paradox thinking. No one knows why all the goddesses of yore are stored in human memory. But in a man's world only God remains. Meanwhile I pray every day. Even when I see a road accident-to help those that hurt. Now I am one of the multitude of Americans who is passionately praying for those in Las Vegas–the injured, families of the dead and dying and those traumatized by this heartbreaking tragedy by satanic madness.  Where is God?  God only knows!

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Author of Mark Twain and Me, two parallel lives of both writers with scores of works reflecting the futility and fatality of war along with the Inquisition that lasted for centuries of torture. Now more madness of a haywire brain. Is this God's intention or is it man's?  What triggers the human mind into senseless horrific bloody massacres?

Thursday, September 28, 2017


In a man's World since from the beginning of human beings, the distaff side has gotten the shaft. Females Worldwide still struggle against the burden of injustice and inequality when it comes to the female gender.  Nowhere in the history of Earth and man-made laws does it convey that women should suffer. What good god would send such a foolish message.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


The heated controversy over the Star Spangled Banner inspired thought. The lyrics of My Country 'Tis of Thee are by Samuel Francis Smith (in England the tune is God Save the Queen.) The last verse of the American song is biased and neglects respect for the separation between church and state.  But its other verses are perfect, music that John Stafford Smith wrote for an old English bar song that was turned into the battle poem of Francis Scott Key.  In fact there are other songs that would also would be better than the lyrics of Francis Scott Key, a slave owner who was bigoted even in the words that became the national anthem. We are proud of our nation's beauty and majesty. Americans already know the tune of My Country 'Tis of Thee.. The world has become weary of futile wars celebrated by more fireworks in the sky on the Forth of July. Revengeful futile wars are endless with toxic chemical emissions forever circling Earth with child-deforming and cancer-causing diseases.  President Hoover endorsed the Star-Spangled Banner Anthem in 193l because one man had introduced it for a bill presented to the House. Meanwhile lawyer Key was quite contradictory. With hatred he opposed the abolition of slavery, but defended a 1783 law supporting African Americans. At the same time Key wanted to send them back to Africa to a land that became Liberia. He had slaves and desired slavery to continue. He believed that Africans were "intellectually and morally inferior to European constitutional rights." As a result his statue in Baltimore was defaced. Regarding football players refusing to stand for the national anthem, we must know our history.  The third verse lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner contains a vicious racist false claim about Africans. There is no law that requires a person to stand for such bigotry of which the United States has a history of cops killing those who have more pigment than the law does.  Remember Jonny Gammage who a gang of Pittsburgh cops smothered to death for no reason? The Star Spangled Banner has a history of racism. Meanwhile we honor our flag as we should by flying it, not shredding it by needless windy tyrannical laws that reminds us of stretching a hand out and saying "heil" in public.  That's not for America. Nationalism often is the next step to fascism.

The American flag does not celebrate the war of 1812 or the First World War that was supposed to end all wars. The United States flag celebrates peace,  justice and freedom, not that the material  from which it was made was tattered and withstood barbaric bombing of people whose leaders are deaf to negotiation and talking together through reasoning power.

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Helene Smith, writer, musician and artist

Monday, September 25, 2017


Why does any nation with atomic bombs up the guzu make the have-nots demand them too? Injustice and unfairness results in a World wanting to blow one another to smithereens, a nuclear coined word. Man can learn from history but political egotists and those defying justice often don't know World history. People of  Earth are now witnessing new satanic testing of nuclear bombs similarly to the former rivalry between the United States and Russia's cold war that could immediately burst into a hot World war with rockets bursting in red glare. Nations already have caused toxic chemical atmospheric emissions circling Earth in cancerous fallout.  Common sense says threatening with massive genocidal bombs can erupt in holocaustal wars through empowerment of hawk politicians who become rivals fixated on militant  solutions that never work since circular combat revenge is endless. American Indians still suffer the most from the burden of nuclear tests and toxic emissions. The government through chicanery took over sovereign reservations for disastrous under ground nuclear testing like in Nevada and else in the American West where indigenous land is dumped upon with radioactive nuclear waste and chronic human and animal diseases from this corrupt holocaust of massive genocide takes its. toll.  After WW II U.S. atlases were marked as "danger zones" that followed borders of Indian reservations. These were eventually eliminated since it was embarrassing to those responsible for  reckless nuclear testing on and near Indian territory, their last lands. Besides atmosphere warfare Earth is burdened with weaponizing water in the Himalayan region. China  withholds water from India, such as in Delhi. Meanwhile, the World must stop stale nuclear threats from stored nuclear bombs as well as the intimidated wanting them too. Cyber threats are even worse. There is a new monster on main street! No threats of nuking one another  do not cause genocidal wars. GENOCIDE IS ILLEGAL  INSTEAD COMMUNICATE. DON'T DEVASTATE.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017


However, reckless nations that refuse to obey this across the board rule are pariahs that boycott and abstain from World law and order. The people or not the war hawks. They are not war criminals  or religiosity extremism subject to personal jurisdiction . NO NUKES ONLY SECURITY FOR WORLD. Everyone mouths universal peace but throws away national funds for their industrial complex war economies.  Even the inventors of US atomic bombs and the H-bomb say they would never use these massive genocidal monstrosities on humanity and all forms of life.  Again, its the scorpions in a bottle that fill one another in mutual aggression.  Sincere diplomacy instead of toxic wars save the lives of youths sacrificed to old-man urban war zones, violations against International Law and its Court.

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Helene Smith, who Bill Beyer, Los Alamos nuclear physicist asked to write the history of the Hydrogen Bomb.  He was the friend and employee of Stanislaw Ulam, founder with Edward Teller of this diabolical bomb.  Bill Beyer has a special Reading Room in Los Alamos dedicated to him where documents and research papers are open to the public regarding nuclear threats gripping Earth and all its natural beauty and glory in great jeopardy.
 Blogger participated in the International March to ban nuclear genocidal weaponry years ago

Friday, September 22, 2017


Secret activity of HAARP in Alaska, Puerto Rico, Norway and Russia amounts to environmental warfare. These  powerful electro-magnification fields of heat and radio waves through multiple antenna transmitters  are forceful enough to disrupt nature. Courageous Edward Snowden has beeb banished in exile from exposing what Earth is now up against, besides the threat of -----satanic nuclear weaponry. Should anyone question secrecy that whistle-blowers historically have revealed–those such as Daniel Ellsberg regarding President Nixon. W. Mark Felt Deep Throat FBI official in Nixon Watergate scandal, Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assage, Karen Hudes who reported chicanery and dishonesty of World Bank, and (Chelsea) Bradley Manning who was imprisoned for exposing concern she witnessed on battlefields started in 2003 in Afghanistan-Iraqi G. W. Bush invasion, attack and occupation–civilian deaths, destruction and mayhem. Without those brave enough to expose secrets that the public should hear, government corruption rages on. Edward Snowden knows the truth about government manipulation of the weather such as history of Vietnam War in which a secret additional war in Laos and Cambodia lengthened the natural monsoon season so enemy supplies couldn't get through to foe lines. Clouds were seeded to cause a long flooding deluge.  Can HAARP in Alaska, now under auspices of the University, as well in in Puerto Rico, Norway and Russia, etc cause multiple lighting strikes, floods, droughts, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and even mind control.  Edward Snowden divulges much that the World should know. This brings Earth to a new type order–cold war involving changing Mother Nature to Father Disaster heating up the ionosphere that in turn warms the atmosphere, a device that can be used to conquer or annihilate rogue nations through climate change?  But who are the rogue nations?  Any county that stores genocidal nuclear bombs and radioactive missiles is a threat to others because leaders can go mad and berserk use their own reckless uncontrolled power to kill millions of innocent people.  In today/s World there is no nuclear militant solution.  Only sincere debate and rhetoric of common sense, intelligence and humanitarian means can solve World problems.  But beware, even conventional weaponry can start a nuclear war.  Don't do to others what you don't want done to you–prophets Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad.

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Helene, concerned World citizen for preservation of Earth and all forms of life 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Mexico has had three catastrophic earthquakes in a row recently.  Nothing like that has historically occurred in the Guf of Mexico before. Disasters that man causes through aggression and weaponry in an industrial war and nuclear age complex economy get sadder every day. Scientists agree the gas and oil drilling industry is causing United States hundreds of thousands of earthquakes. Seismologists warn shaking of Earth can dramatically cause deadly danger from swiftly increasing catastrophic quakes. Earth already has had enough disturbance from centuries of explosive three branches of one related religion, nuclear bomb testing destroying islands as space launches go from Earth's depths below to the cosmos. Oklahoma suffers from earthquakes every day from oil and gas drilling.  Even Texes and Ohio residents were victims of drilling earthquakes. Although petroleum industrialists say there is no correlation or link of their drilling to earthquakes, these tragedies are already taking a steady toll on humans and all life, wha increases swiftly. The evidence is there. Even the EPA warns about industrial drilling, multiplied by war drilling. Man-made quakes must be a concern for everyone living on planet Earth, our only common homeland. Instead of diversification in the industry with non-toxic alternates as tobacco manufacturers did by producing non-lethal products, the gas and oil industry fixates on poisoning Mother Earth with chemicals pumped into Earth to make shale and rocks fracture and break to get out the dirty dinosaur oil that never was a good mix with water.  British Oil in recent years caused a world catastrophic deep well explosion into the Gulf of Mexico with huge areas of its floor covered in barren oil. The company tried to fix it with toxic Corexit and made it even worse with decaying uranium and flesh-eating bacteria found in tar balls from deep oil and gas drilling in the Gulf. Just as oil and gas bring jobs and taxes, alternative renewable employment is even better since it does the same sans earthquakes. Energy from sun and rain makes people happy. Fund research for clean fuel and the boom in success makes everyone jump for joy instead of from things flying over head.  Do more research on electric vehicles. Hybrid electric buses are now on roads, too. There is incentive rhetoric that electric cars can follow these bus lines and even get free parking in cities, versus gasoline driven vehicles. Also, why does the government keep manipulating climate change as what happened in the Vietnam War when the U.S. seeded clouds to make the monsoon season last longer as Laos and Cambodia were carpet bombed to smithereens, another tragic outcome from that tacked-on secret war on the Ho Chi Ming trail.  Besides gas/oil caused earthquakes, who knows who and what is causing oceans to churn up such gigantic waves and satanic hurricanes and tornadoes?  Is HAARP  $250 million genocidal  project through  electromagnetism in Alaska zapping the sky, slicing the ionosphere that also affects the atmosphere through death and destruction. The desperate people in Puerto Rico comes to mind regarding unstable radio heat transformers. Victims of uncivilized government weather manipulation and monkeying with nature suffer excruciatingly from unconscionable, wanton barbarism. Is this secret militant manipulating and changing climate and weather also destablizing the human mental state all for unprecedented high-power death and destruction with new weaponry in the sky?  Those who strive for ourtawing wars,  nuclear threats of stored radioactive bombs and the newest militant weapon on the street–electro-magneticism causing unnatural disasters are aware that Earth is collapsing in abnormal disasters with the sky falling, too. Only the shadow of man knows! Nature can be disastrous enough. But there is hope after all is said and one–the voice and actions of the people who are victimized by wars of religiosity and barbaric weaponry in which youths are sacrificed on killing fields as burnt offerings to the gods.  G.W. Bush said that God told him to attack Iraq, still suffering from toxic chemical bombing with babies still being born with gross deformities.

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Helene, a concerned world citizen 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


  1. Under the United Nations Office For Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), this landmark treaty goal is to  promote cooperation for peaceful use of nuclear technology and to activate nuclear disarmament. This safeguard system is the responsibility of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA ). Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama strove for a nuclear weaponry free world. The most courageous world leader today would be bold enough to demand this non-proliferation treaty be enforced instead of centuries-old saber rattling and its endless revenge that keeps taking its toll on Earth. Radioactive toxic missile explosions add to nature's catastrophes from deadly emissions circling the globe, threatening Earth to die along with all forms of life as extreme weather also threatens the world with churned sea hurricanes.  Each nation must concentrate on alternative renewable energy instead of dirty oil piped out of seas in which the water is also radioactive from deep drilling that brings up decayed uranium causing all kinds of cancers and diseased.  The Gulf of Mexico is a dying ocean from British oil spills and poisonous devices to try to clean it up.  International nations must also stop climate change for political reasons. This is what happened during the Vietnam War.  Stopping enemy supplies from getting through the American line was carried out with climate change, seeded clouds with chemicals along the Ho Chi Ming Trail to lengthen the monsoon season? Laos and Cambodia were also carpet bombing, the worst in the world regarding small nations. Industrial war chemicals is included in the warning from President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Ironically, nations that store and nuclear bombs are threats to other nations. Since they made them and store them it is difficult to stop their their genocidal use. Meanwhile, leaders threaten one another in cold wars in which escalated bomb testing and radioactive missile manufacture deprives the people of happiness wrapped in fear as government funds go mostly to prepare for war. God help us all to heed the wisdom of the prophets!

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene Smith, certified historian


The the book of Deuteronomy 4:10 in the Hebrew Bible Torah of laws states, "Gather my [the Lord thy God] the people together, and I will make them hear my words, that they may learn to fear me all the days of their lives and that may teach the children [the same fear]. Now we know through research of Bible scholars these words attributed to Moses is highly contested since numerous lands tell of a their prophets coming down fro mountain top experience after talking to "God." These rules were used to keep civilized law and order.  This and many other tales of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament were plagierized from earlier cultures.   Just like the Red Sea parting is found in myths of many nations, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean.  Noah and his ark in a flood is a common worldwide theme since floods are frequent tragedies on Earth that is mostly made of water increased by nature's raging storms. In more recent years at least the remains of one ancient ark was found on Mount Arafat built for later-day people to visit in their homages to this area, a mythological ark to make them feel good.

So why should we fear any good god or goddess. And what happened to all these former global deities?

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Helene Smith, intrigued by ancient stories

Monday, September 18, 2017


Making a chimney of your nose and your lungs an ashy can, also affects those around you. Babies can't tell you why they cry, Often it's from smoke in their sensitive lungs. It's child abuse. A  large problem over good health is individual attention to one's own health, such as good nutrition versus junk food.  Will is hard to find.

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Helene Smith

Sunday, September 17, 2017


This republic's motto is "Unity, Liberty and Justice–Land of the Brave." Namibia's largest city, Windhoek, is also its capital of many ethnic groups. Parliament is its legislation.  This former German Empire earned its independence in 1990 with its own constitution. With negligent amount of good water, it would behoove its nation to industrialize the desalinization of sea water for its people, herding and agriculture.  Also, its recent collapse in the rule of law is not good for its tourism.  But as nations who know the wisdom of humane deals,  honest democracy beats any corrupt government, such as nuclear and petroleum issues..Don't do to others what you don't want done to you!–world rule.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene Smith, certified historian

Friday, September 15, 2017


During this ferocious hurricane of 20017 a man wading through knee-high water fell through a man hole on a curb near a sidewalk. The force of water had lifted its iron cover.  A woman witnessed what could have caused his death. She photographed his rescue. She then stood nearby to warn others before the police came to erect a barricade so that another unfortunate accident didn't happen.  This occurred in Kingsland, Georgia. My neighbor feared riding through the same rushing water, so another neighbor drove her car through the tormenting flood. People basically are humane and helpful.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N., Helene Smith

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Centuries of religious wars euphemized as ideology to avoid the truth, has an ugly history of endless revenge called Goddess Nemesus.  In America it began with "all men are created equal" that was written by plantation owners in the North and South to have free labor.  Men with more pigment didn't count.  It took a civil war to stop this human rights' abuse, although  the UK achieved equality through Parliament which didn't cost one life or the immense cost of viscous battlement.  Then Jim Crow laws took over to keep the newly freed people of dark complexion down.  In the meantime, we are now aware that inner peace can bring international peace.  Along with keeping people in bondage illegally, is the massive poverty that resulted when the haves didn't want the have-nots to have jobs other than labor, slaves who built the White House.

Along with poverty came drug abuse to get over the feeling of despair with downtrodden people subsequently resorting to  becoming drug dealers  We still are plagued by this problem of poor people today.  But when a person learns to start from the heart controlling the mind, that person can find inner peace and freedom more powerful than we realize through mind, body and soul. Those who have learned this truth are the winners. Many have been incarcerated, but correctional institutions that emphasize killing hatred and envy with inner peace have found the wisdom that they can transform  former lives with a new start.  When we look at one another and see the same features–noses, ears, eyes. mouths, and our clever hands, we see in others ourselves. We have miraculously become who we are through eons of evolution  And we realize how fortunate we are just to be alive, smell the flowers and create wonderful things with our hands,

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Helene Smith 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


The cold war was based on rivalry of who had the most radioactive nuclear bombs, started in the Truman administration to test and bomb, what resulted in genocidal deaths against humanity.  Industrial  war to stores these perilous devices intimidates and scare others with ones own massive devasting power.  This would be good and posiive if political leaders were honest and committed to never using them.

Now we are witness to the naked empieor rule, not a pretty sight, not meaning physical but instead ugly psychologiy that can lose stability at the whim of rogue leaders. Choosing to bully others is a form of blackmail. This is indeed a threat that has mushroomed into this situation with North Korea, whose history reveals there never was a peace treaty regarding the Korean War. Now the present unstable leader of North Korea continues to threaten with his own nuclear bombs. Nuclear testing once again threatens the environment and all forms of life with excessive nuclear radioactive fallout causing cancer and everything evil in Pandora's Box. Earth shattering testing of nuclear power once again threatens through polar ice melts warming and raising sea levels.

The nuclear physicists and inventors of the H- bomb didn't believe these devices should ever be used on humanity, even though a president  enforced themto produce such satanic weaponry.  Thee same scientists believed such weapons of massive devastation are compared to two  enclosed scorpions in a bottle that would bring deaths to both in mutual destruction.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
author of Fission Fusion Fission, co-authored by Helene Smith and Los Alamos physicist Bill Beyer (using a pen name), the close friend and employee of mathematician Stanislaw Ulam, co-founder with Edward Teller of the hydrogen bomb. Ulam wrote, "In unhappiness with events of this world, some immerse themselves in a kind of self-sufficiency in mathematics."  Less is more.

Friday, September 1, 2017


 The Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, NY recently published an article about American people in bondage for centuries.  Columnist Erica Bryant, noted that there ought to be a beautiful statue of Jermain Wesley Loguen on a horse, a much better hero than Robert E. Lee.  She also commented with tongue in cheek, you know, like the memorial for this general, whose removal saddened so many white supremacists and Nazis, and whose army killed 600,000 Americans to preserve one of the cruelest systems of oppression in human history. Jermain was born into slavery in Tennessee. He was proud of his mother who was strong and courageous.  It took two men to stop her from slave traders taking her young children away.  She fought them furiously and was beaten until the culprits realized they were killing one of their best workers. When her son was 21 she helped him steal a horse from his master as he escaped. He became an outstanding abolitionist leader as he risked his life by advertising his house was a stop on the Underground Railroad.  He and his mother stood up for freedom, not fearing even the Fugitive Slave Law demanding runaway people to be captured and returned back into bondage.  They believed in the rights of human lives. Djed Snead is a monologuist posing as the historic Jermain Loguen on YouTube where this hero's life story shows he was a great winner.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene Smith, author of Aramenta, America's Most Unsung Civil War General, Harriet Tubman, another abolitionist who freed many people in illegal bondage that defied human rights.