Friday, June 19, 2015


Cast your bread upon the water and the good you do will come back to you.

Dear Ones,

Sadly the most deadly problem in the United States is racism mixed with mind-changing chemical drugs manipulating youths to lose their power to think and function sanely.   This in turn often leads to violence, terrorism and racist madness along with their own short lives and those of their victims. 

Quintessential for educational institutions are professional psychologists who teach classes for children and youths, not only in human values, ethics, mental health and justice for all, but also the power of love and for respect of all life.

World princes of peace of all ages are imbued in the strength of human love instead of hatred that poisons the very fiber of the soul and leaves the hateful weak and left behind in the dust.

Helene Smith–Mame

Thursday, June 18, 2015


One biased German invented race in the 1700s.  He who stoked Nazi Germany's holocaust believed his Anglo "white" ethnic heritage is supreme as he color-coded a hierarchy  of  physical profiling with "white" as top hat. A great percentage of the world follows his bigotry–four man-made races that are bogus and have an impact on an unjust system that has plagued the United States ever since the founding fathers approved slavery, racist classification in both the North and the South. We got over reds and yellows, now how about rival blacks and whites?

Dear Ones,

The United States needs to have our own soldiers in our own homeland to help control racist terrorism that involves chaos, panic and fear. But after attacking two nations in the Middle East in 2003 and escalating the already bombed territories, we have enough problems of our own that increases hatred and insecurity added to our own racist mindset entrenched on calling human beings "black people"–code for slavery.

U.S. schools must immediately conduct classes in human morals, ethics, principles, values and mental and physical health to children at the earliest age to save America from shooting it's self in it's own foot.

By the way, from the constant religious rhetoric about terrorism coming from not believing in a god, we must search our own souls and mindsets.  Ironically, just as I am writing this, a woman on C-SPAN said in ignorance, "We must have more Christian values"

No one religion has priority or superiority over good or right behavior  But we do need to have human values to be part of the everyday educational curriculum in primary schools and secondary school systems that includes respect for animals and their rights too

Helene Smitn, ounder of World Enlightening News (W.E.N.), blog essays  Helene Jingleheimer Smith also used for identity.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


The lyrics to John Denver's song conjures up a number of thoughts.  The sun that supports life on Earth is for better or for worse.  But most of all, it enlightens the world.

Dear Ones,

Immediately I think of the most positive thinking, such as the sun shining on ocean waves along warm sunny beaches. And sunshine in flower gardens, water fountains and on birds in flight.

 Picasso once said, "Anything cast in the light of the sun, even a dead rat, is beautiful."

Then there are sunshine laws that are transparent in disclosing clandestine behavior.  What brings about the secretive HAARP militant organization in Alaska.  Is it still using electro-magnetism in manipulating climate change and causing the sun to be overcast with rain and thunder clouds altering nature's seasons?

Also, a known fact is whenever Earth in its orbit gets closest to the sun, earthquakes and volcano activity increase. Earth, for centuries in endless hot explosive wars increasing in power through more lethal weapons and ammunition makes Earth close-up hotter. This in turn causes radical weather and global heat that provokes earthquakes, tsunomies and volcano eruptions.

Man's industrial corporate military violence and terrorism through nations threatening with stockpiles of nuclear weapons (meaning they'll use them against humanity) and testing over the years adds up.   This accumulation multiplies nature's disasters causing  Earth to even change its position on its axis.

Google           helene smith mame historian-poet of 50 published books

Founder of World Enlightening News (W.E.N.) blog of essays

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


We all have to leave our belongings and our faith at the pearly gate. So far there's never been a hearse built with roof racks for baggage.

Dear Ones,

There's reason why this premise is true.  We get our religion from our parents or guardians who determine the persuasion we follow.  At birth we accept this inheritance.  But later we often, through free thought, change to another religion or decide to never subscribe to any law religion at all. Democracies especially work best in this regard.

Nonetheless whatever religion we're born into people consider it the best.  But in reality, no matter which one, most of us would follow the peculiar dogma we are programmed to and conditioned to.

Helene Smith Mame
founder of  World Enlightening News (W.E.N.) blogger of essays; author of 50 published books based on history and the arts


The media and the public do not know the history of race.  As Racial said, it is very complex.  Carlos Linnaeus  classified human beings in categories.  Also in the 1700s the father of race invented racism by dividing it into four primary colors, a mistake that fueled Nazi Germany to call dark complexioned people black, such as Hebrews, Indians, American Indians, Italians and even the black Irish have been stigmatized–the most negative tone of skin.  As a result of Johan Friedrich Blummenbach, this German believed the color white was supreme and dominant, with black the lowest rank on the hierarchy. Black physical profiling means code for slave.

Dear Ones,

As a champion of Rachel it is my opinion that she shouldn't have resigned from the National Association of America Colored People.   And it was wrong to tell her she must say she is sorry. I will tell you why in my twitters. By being raised with American Africans, she chose a career that has helped this ethnic group, as thoughtless people scorn her out of their own ignorance.

Google     helene  smith mame historian-poet of 50 books

author of ERASE RACE!  and founder of WORLD ENLIGHTENED NEWS, blog of essays

certified historian authority on history of racism, for over 50 years

Monday, June 15, 2015


There's an old saying about cleaning up your own porch before you clean up the porches of others. It  is futile and impossible to bomb away any radical extremist religion or idea. And any religion that seeks world domination through proselytizing other faiths is radical extremism.

Dear Ones,

I remember the horrible Vietnam War that sadly killed and maimed so many young soldiers sacrificed as burnt offerings on battlefields. It was all about exterminating Communism,  MacCarthyism and ideology.  Even the Ho Chi Minh trail through Laos was bombed to smithereens by dangerously manifulating weather so the monsoon season would last longer to keep the Viet Cong from getting supplies through to them.

And by the way the military HAARP in Alaska secretly kept or is keeping this imperial perilous weather control still affecting the world environment with out-of-control climate changes.

The Vietnam War finally stopped, but Communism is still prevalant and we no longer try to exterminate what some people believe.  Democracy is wonderful, but it's not the only type of government on Earth.  And the world has a long way to go before justice and freedom ring throughout the land.

Google             helene smith mame historian-poet of 50 books

founder of World Enlightened News (W.E.N.) blog of essays

Sunday, June 14, 2015


This NAACP  leader Rachel Dolezal, born to an non-American African family speaks out about human identity.  By now we all should know color-coded race was invented by a German supremist in the late 1700s, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach.  His bigotry supported Hitler's warped opinion that Anglo nationality reigns at the top of the color hierarchy to separate and divide.

Dear Ones,

Only the enlightened know that human race is a false concept.  This 37-year-old human rights activist and artist is now being harassed during a recent "hellabaloo" by people ignorant about the history of race, a comlex compexion problem.  She checked a racial box on an application form as being "black"!

Why did she have to profile herself in this modern world in the first place?  And don't people know by now "black" is code for slave–subliminally why people like to physical profile American Africans.

Rachel teaches African ethnic studies to college students, as the NAACP believes in "commitment to securing political, educational and economic justice for all people."  Then why does this institution have the word "colored-people" in the title–that is essentially physical profiling? 

All our ancestors were born and lived for millions of years near the equator and near the hottest areas of sunshine radiation.  Dark skin, a dominant trait in genetics, is now in our DNA, just as light skin is in also in the DNA of migrants who lived in northern regions for eons of time.

All our soles and palms are one tone of brown, from evoltion of human beings once walking on all fours–where the sun seldom shines.

Google        helene smith mame historian of 50 books

founder of WORLD ENLIGHTENED NEWS (W.E.N.) blog of essays

also identified by word Jingleheimer Smith



We like to think memories are good feelings.  But to infantry soldiers they are endless nightmares with fear of combat reminders.  This often comes from more than one tour, a strange name for violence and terrorism called war and its lingering aftermath that lasts a lifetime.

Dear Ones,

For most victims of combat, family and friends in bewilderment try to help with exclamations like: "Just forget it," Move on with your life" or "Get over it."  Non-combatants have no conception of the trauma, the mental strain, loss of sleep and torture through nightmares night after night.

Post-traumatic  stress disorder is just another military euphemism to lessen the blow of fear and guilt of killing another human beings. This is especially true when their parents and moral teaching command,"Thou shall not kill!"  But militant training ingrains the mind with the opposite. For some men it leads to more killing in civilian life, with minds gone berserk.

All combat soldiers who experience active duty in war zones suffer some kind of disorder in the aftermath of war, an extension of aggression within themselves, many times subliminal, from being programmed for bloody battlefield duty.  Often they withdraw from social activity, become silent with anger held within their souls from disabilities that make them feel different about themselves.

The hell of machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades make them paranoid, even throwing themselves on the ground, an automatic reaction when hearing a loud noise or explosion–even fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Infantry soldiers blame themselves for failure and the deaths of their buddies as they constantly are hyper-vigilant and  emotionally numb. They often avoid situations  reminding them of  trauma they live through in a hell called war that causes diseases and brain damage.

Google             helene smith mame historian of 50 books

founder of World Enlightened News (W.E.N.) blog of essays sometimes under Jingleheimer Smith

Saturday, June 13, 2015


The former administration after invading, attacking and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003  made another egregious mistake.  The U.S. government spent billions of dollars delivering  tricycles for tots in Iraq after it was carpet bombed to smithereens, a word coined during our modern nuclear age.

Dear Ones,

The children who received these gifts couldn't use them without getting their feet cut up and suffering tetanus from rusty metals.  As a result, their fathers' took the wheels off these bikes and used them for making little wheelchairs as a result of their children's amputated limbs–wounded war-torn kids.

They are the ones who need combat boots on the ground!

Google         helene smith mame historian of 50 published books

  founder of  World Enlightened News (W.E.N) blog of essays

Friday, June 12, 2015


Any one who prohibits a so-called "white woman" from joining the N.A.A.C. P. " acts like a bigoted racist.  All human beings are "people of color" (accept those with albino skin lacking pigment).  We all are related to one another with the earliest people born close to the sun and near the equator.

We all have various amounts of brown pigment in our complexion.  Over the centuries, depending on who and where people migrated to colder climates, our skin tones changed according to geography–dark, medium and light.

I remember in Pittsburgh whan a production of Little Women was performed on the stage, one prominent American African family had to endure a controversial issue when their little girl was banned from the play because her ancestors came from the beautiful continent of Africa.

Man, short for human, began life close t. sandy white beaches along the hottest parts of planet Earth, Still to this day  people gather to bask in the sun and get tanned.

Look at our own skin.  Look at the freckles  Look at the brown spots,  all tell-tale evidence of our early beginnings.

And grow up.
Google         helene smith mame historian of 50 books

author of ERASE RACE!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


It's the tail wagging the dog.  Each war wastes domestic funds for bloody battle zones instead of using taxpayers money for education, transportation and domestic infrastructure.  Washington war mongers freely and greedily spend  these allocated dwindling funds  (added to the amount reserved for the military treasury) in futile aggression in the Middle East now ablaze.

President George W. Bush acting like a bellicose bully sanctioned the Iraq and Afghanistan attack that triggered one of the three worst wrongful world 's disgraces of the last 70 years.  He now goes down in history with Nazi Germany's holocaust against Jews and President Harry S. Truman's atrocities in dropping atomic bombs on Japan when he knew that nation was in the midst of surrendering.  All this adds up to untold millions of human beings killed and wounded for life.

One prominent general admitted the WWII attack was to justify all the billions spent on these demonic weapons, what set off a cold war of nuclear proliferation and an excuse to test radioactive radiation  on live people.  Germany was prosecuted but Truman, Bush and cronies got away with murder.

There are those who brush away political reckless behavior as "boys will by boys."   Bush wasn't  clairvoyant to see what would happen in the future caused by his thoughtless, reckless decision.  But  thousands of astute  Americans and nations around the world were horrified by his behavior because they knew what would happen by attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, with the Middle East already consumed by civil and proxy wars.

Dear Ones,

Each of the following war categories represent three trillion or more dollars.

1.  the cost of war

2.  the cost of rehabilitation of wounded warriors, especially with greatly increased brain injuries 

3. the aftermath cost of war, rebuilding what we bombed in Iraq and Afghanistan–what the former administration passed on down to the American public that now owns the buildings we bombed into ruins and polluted waste water, what former Defense Secretary, Gen. Colin Powell, warned against.

4. the cost of thousands of worldwide military bases

The most grievous offenders are turkey vulture senators and war lobbyists putting no ceilings on the cost of corporate government weapons and ammunition–spoils of war with profits going to industrial war vendors.  The biased media is also tied into and supported by corporate industrial spending, why they never mention heart breaking deaths of babies born with gross world deformities to parent soldiers who have to deal with war miscarriages and children handicapped for lifetimes.

No one talks about war babies because if they were shown on TV naive populations would be freaked out and that would hamper "patriotism" in any war front.  The sacrifice of soldiers is mentioned every day in prayer with aggressive politicians who never experienced wars wrapping themselves and their churches in bunting proud of burnt offerings of young lives instead of their own boots on the ground.

"Those who live by the sword die by the sword," an ancient truism

Google     heleme smith mame historian of 50 books

   founder of WORLD ENLIGHTENING NEWS (W.E.N.)  a blog of essays


This reckless irresponsible president committed an International Law crime by invading, attacking and blowing to smithereens two sovereign nations–Iraq (now a failed unstable state) and Afghanistan.  Who is the evil axis?

Iran has a rich history of ancient Persian and Muslim history.  During the bloody Crusades (meaning cross)  Persians and Muslims allowed religious freedom and did not stifle any other persuasions no matter what territory or country they were.

Dear Ones,

The people in these particular nations promoted education and scholarly study.  Women were permitted to enroll in colleges and universities.  When religion becomes biased and restrictive it takes on extremism that often leads to violence and terrorism of war.

It's time for religious authoritarians claiming their faith is the only true faith, to call off their dogs.

Google      helene smith mame historian of 50 books

 founder of World Enlightening News (W.E.N.) essay blog

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


India can be proud of its largest world Democracy, spelled with a capital "D"–an excellent power with conviction to become a forward moving forefront among nations, thanks to President Modi who comes from humble roots of poverty now focused on hope and optimism.

Dear Ones,

This passionate, devout leader said, "The diversity of India, or our civilization, is actually a thing of beauty." He has become a global shining star, the second-most popular political leader, with President Barack Obama being first.

His energetic economic reforms include strong growth, found in his campaign slogan, "Sabka saath, sabka vikas"–Together with all, progress for all."  India has more than sixth of the world's population.

India has offered more than  two billion to Afghanistan for reconstruction and development when the U.S. pulls out of its wrong attack causing untold numbers of  refugees as all wars do.

When President Obama visited India at the first of the year, he said:

"India will succeed so long as it is not splintered along the lines of religious faith–so long as it is not splintered along any lines–and is unified as one nation."

Now, if only India in its industrial economic growth will prevent  as much as possible airborne toxic emissions and greenhouse plants from emitting deadly fumes and wastes–what the U.S. is also up agaist.   It is self evident that security precausions must override careless human error that chokes nature and all life.

With all the sunshine and heat produced naturally in India, it would behove young entrepreneurs to capitalize in forming companies using all this renewable free energy of sunshine. Today solar energy is progressing faster than once realized. The cost is steadily coming down with solar panels added to  roofs and places unthinkable before this quintessential necessity became apparent.

Auspiciously, young leaders of democracies are India's watchguards scrutinziing its economic growth enthusiasm without jeapordizing or totally ruining the environment.

Google     helene smith mame historian of 50  books

  founder of WORLD ENLIGHTENING NEWS (W.E.N.) blog of essays


President Barack Obama inherited hell from the G. W. Bush administration, an egregious mistake in invading, attacking and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan.  Subsequently the United States now owns this broken fierce circle of fire as parents of soldiers grieve with broken hearts the rest of the their lives.  King Pyrhus of Greece wept when realizing the cost of war wasn't worth it in his Pyrrhic victories

Dear Ones,

The wisdom of Aristotle required those who fixated on wars must put combat boots on and fight in them.  Unfortunately when any nation fuels a war economy, it's the young people who are sacrificed in archaic burnt offerings on Earth–man's only sustenance–spelled with a capital "E" for respect.

Not only does America end up rebuilding the smoking carbon ruins it carpet bombed and caused the most gross deformities in Fallujah's babies and soldier parents handling  toxic chemicals and radioactive weapons, but it now feels responsibility for training the army that George Bush fired, now the Isis leaders of Isil.

Google      helene smith mame historian of 50 books

 founder of WORLD ENLIGHTENING NEWS (W.E.N.) blog of essays

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


To be cursed with the bigotry of anti-Semitism is like shooting oneself in the foot. Don't pray in general for peace.  Make it all inclusive,  Pray for abolition of religious hatred and ignorance.

Dear Ones,

We all have a long way to go when it comes to world faith relations.  Look under the curtain and see what is still keeping Earth in a ring of fire.

And look even closer and you'll see the inequality in handling aggression among this trio of Semitic persuasions.  What must be done is for equality and justice for all.

Iran is true to its word when it comes to nuclear proliferation.  It wants nuclear energy for domestic fuel,  what other nations are free to have. That nation is willing to talk and make it known that the true Muslim religion  prohibits genocide–nuclear bombs used and threatened against humanity.  To go against the Islam God would be a gross violation of its members.

Now, what about Israel, a nation that has suffered the horrible Shoah, the worst holocaust since that of the indigenous people of all the Americas.

The voices of the biased want Iran nuclear free regarding aggression.  But why aren't there restrictions against Israel and its wall as well as its refugee camps against Palestinians.

Why doesn't Israel have inspections on its vast nuclear supply? And why don't international restrictions make that nation get rid of its vast supply of nuclear bombs?

Google     helene smith mame historian of 50 book

  founder of WORLD ENLIGHTENED NEWS  (W.E.N.) essay blog

Monday, June 8, 2015


The obvious and most logical political problems are often avoided during international discussions. Lethal genocidal ammunition exchanged among countries are as often as pigeons poop on buildings. Internatioal Law and Criminal Court also prohibit aggression conducted in urban war zones where people work and children play.

Dear Ones,

When a law isn't enforced with punitive methods, it is worthless.  Besides, military so-called solutions  have never stopped endless religious wars and never will.  They just keep rolling along in their own mud slides with the  centuries.

Mame,   founder of WORLD ENLIGHTENING NEWS, (W.E.N.) a blog of essays

Sunday, June 7, 2015


 It's not the length of life that is quintessential.  It's the devotion of life between parent and child,


We at birth reject our new lives very much so
With tiny voices we cry out loud,
But then at life's end,  "We don't want to go."

From out of our mothers' wombs so patient and warm,
So sudden and foreign we stare with eyes open wide.
"Where am I and whose loving arms hold me now that I'm born."

Then little by little Earth  becomes a wonder land.
A babe's eyes behold its beauty as exciting sounds fill their ears,
Joy, shrieks of laughter and delight, all in one, a new  journey at hand.

And at the end of a young life, sorrow descends over all,
They say the worst loss to a parent is a child,
What they say is true, when youths die, a curtain call.

Grief overwhelming my heart broken within me.
I sob before an iron door that will never open again,
Not even with a golden key.

I shower myself in tears until they stop their flow.
Perhaps they've  dried up by now,
But they are always ready, brimming over wherever I go.

The ocean, the surf,  the waves used to give me so many joys,
Walking  barefoot along sandy beaches.
But now to my ears they remind me of my boys.

The sorrow of all ages, a giant sea of tears
Seems to crash over my head in endless cries of woe,
As I weep and try to sleep at night throughout the years.

The pain in my heart is real, it stabs me like a knife.
I get no relief, from dusk to dawn.
The crowds they came in masses and hugged me so tight.

But now the lines of condolences are gone and in the chambers of my mind
I couldn't believe my smiles and laughter would ever came back like a song,
As all the  yesterday have slipped away with the passing of time.

The faces of my sons are ever before my eyes
As I embrace them forever and a day.
Each morning getting out of bed becomes another sigh.

I thought the sun would no longer shine for me.
My sons have gone, no longer here.
But then Beau Biden's funeral bought me again to my knee.

I weep with his grieving family recalling my own,
As a vision of my sons' memories flashed before my eyes
A  blur of human faces, awkward looking for words–I am not alone. 

And then a man, I do not know, whispered into my ear,
With human compassion the most powerful sense,
"This too will pass with the passing of each year."

Maybe he was right, what can I say?
But the memories of my sons
Will never pass away.

Music and lyrics of Danny Boy I cannot hear
My entire  soul weeps, my eyes hardly able to see.
To this day without shedding a bittersweet tear.

And then suddenly after years of remembering,
With my sons' always on my mind embracing me, the roaring ocean,
Once so dark and profound, now brings joy and makes me sing.

Whenever I see a butterfly I see my sons' eyes as, beautiful as can be.
A future of  concern, worries and Earth's problems now gone
As they are now free from grief and tragedy.

They embrace us, as strong as eagles fly
Loving nature, life and happiness,
Wrapped in the warmth of our family, their spirits never die,

Their memory witi my husband and me, over sixty three years, wherever we go,
Spirits in the wind, the rainbow in the sky, the sweet songs of birds on wing,
We are together, our beloved daughters and all, to the end of our lives–of this I know!

June 8, 2015  Helene Smith


Since the world is ablaze in retalitorial religious fighting rooted centuries ago, is religion more political and militant than it is benevolent?  Is religion the most divisive problem on Earth, our only sustenance?

Dear Ones,

When people the world over pray to their gods for peace, why has it never happened?

Can we predict when world peace will come?

Mame,  founder of WORLD ENLIGHTENING NEWS, (W.E.N.) blog of essays

Saturday, June 6, 2015


When religious rites become violent and cause terrorism, they are not religion but instead satanic demons drudged up from the macabre past.  Unfortunately, there is no murder, no crime, no massacre that can't be justified in the mind of man by some sinister dogma in "God's name." 

Dear Ones,

As fundamentalists put the blame on a deity, that mythological god becomes a scapegoat for pious terrorism.  And why are Jews blamed for their own holocaust or Shoa'h?–because in the religious Nazi mindset  the innocents killed their God Jesus, never to be forgiven until they accept him as their savior– "the will of  God" for punishment.

We can believe anything we want, but extermination of an entire culture is the worst crime, evilly  warped human minds that have come unconscionable atrocities,  same as the First America holocaust that annihilated millions of lives during the duration of bigotry against humanity.
The Pauline New Testament provoked all denominations  to turn the world against Hebrews who also have Semite roots, as do Muslims.  This entire premise goes against logic and reasoning power, what Aristotle taught in ancient Greece.

In later years during the Vietnam War the targets were radical Communists with senators such as George McCarthy wanting to masses of U.S. Atheist. Today Communism still exists.  In more recent years Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham want to continue the Bush War by  sending 10,000 troops in combat boots as sacrifices against radical Islam..

The complex Middle East of war-torn civil and proxy wars needs to sort out its own problems. Foreign nations have overwhelming domestic infrastructure to maintain and rebuild.   Charity never causes war and no bomb have ever brought peace. Religious revenge is the bugaboo of  war.

As evil as some ideologies are, you can't shoot down ideas.

Mame,  founder  of WORLD ENLIGHTENED NEWS (W.E.N. ), a blog of essays

Friday, June 5, 2015


When one related Abrahamic faith claims three different gods all rivals of one another, there's trouble right here in river city, so to speak.  And there's no Music Man to lead them, except in disharmony.  By now our eyes are open.  Each of these  three fighting religions are never in our lifetimes going to renege on what their divisive authoritarians have been preaching for years–"We're the top dogs."

Dear Ones,

In the heat of this George W. Bush war in the Middle East there is no chance of the hierarchies  going to give up their world military dominance.  Religious men will shoot and knife religious rivals until nature takes our only home, Earth, away from us, as it dies from explosive toxic industrial military fumes as we all gasp from greenhouse gases and Nazi nerve gases, now many made into deadly pesticides.

In the meantime, we all must learn about the Abrahamic faiths and how they were founded with similar ideology. There's always an angel or a saint, like Gabriel, or a god speaking to Paul or Moses with the head leader in a trance or dream or from a mountain top of each of these persuasions–typical ancient religions based on fear and superstition.

We all dream but very few of us take these mysteries seriously.  An unknown hundred year old John,  was banished to the Greek Island of Patmas where he had dreams and wrote them down–for instance, red devils chasing people and imaginative dragons that children like to hear about.

However, John's first statement is, "This is my revelation"the coming of the end of Earth. But since this book is published worldwide and given out freely in motel and hotel rooms,  people have made it their revelation, a blind-sighted brain washing.

After the first thousands years people still look forward to the apocalypse and even killed their pets at the end of the first millennium. But with the new year the pious awoke the next day and had to bury their beloved animals. And the end of the life on this planet keeps getting new dates of its demise.

Meanwhile radical religionists look forward to a Messiah or their prophet to return to Earth and its destruction.  And these same people put words in mouths of their deities that the wars they commit are the "will of God."

Every nation has its wars, corruption and hatred of neighbors.  One example is the division of the Israel and Judah kingdom, formerly Palestine under the kings, all rival politics. Just reading the following words of The Popular Educator Library, Vol. 7, p. 3064 gives the reader a clue:

"Throughout the 9th and the greater part of the 8th centuries B.C.[E] Damascus was an unquiet neighbor to Israel and Judah.  The policies of the time exhibit every possible combination in the relation of the three states to one another.  We see Damascus and Judah united against Israel; Damascus and Israel against Assyria . . . Damascus against Assyria with Israel standing aloof. " Damascus was an adversary to Israel all the days of Solomon."

Israel's early secession  was to substitute for one considerable state two subordinate principalities–Israel and Judah, neither of which were strong enough to subsist, the division of the Hebrew Kingdom, as told in the Hebrew Bible.

Today Israel has built a wall to keep  Palestinians  out as it also persecutes the disfranchised citizens treated as refugees.  With this archaic trouble still fuming and foaming with hatred, why is the United States involved in this futile long-lived retaliation?  Help the people in need of food and water, but more Earth quaking munitions only get stolen and boomerang or keep the killing fields running in blood.

Why doesn't the Middle East solve its own ongoing extremist religious problems that existed in archaic history before the United States of America became a reality?  This unique nation has kept its 50 states in harmony with one another through a constitutional democracy, now trying even harder for equality for all people.

But there's one last chance to save Earth from its own people. We must all open our history books and learn about the facts of these religions trapped in a ceaseless circle of fire with the rest of the world caught in its crossfire. We must join hands and talk about our grievances, especially what caused non-stop revenge continuing from one generation to another, with young people recruited as soldiers in the dark about the causes of these archaic faith wars.  Some people are already forming study groups to do this in synagogues, churches, mosques,  clubs and social groups.

To save the world's young people fighting over parents ancestral wars, they must be taught what is behind the carbon smokescreen of endless war.



This born-again war is not an American aggression  The majority of people banned carpet bombing (especially Fallujah where war babies are still born with gross deformities from toxic weaponry) a nation attacked with nuclear missiles that never invaded the United States and wasn't about to.

Dear Ones,

Iraq is now not only unstable but its government dead with hundreds of thousands of suffering people with no will to fight for the same annihilation of humanity–now that the Bush mentality fired the entire well-trained  officers and army of Iraq after it was invaded, attacked and occupied illegally.

When a reckless administration commits the most egregious mistake and not prosecuted for breaking International Law and Criminal Court, the president who inherits this Pandora's Box of combustion has an impossible job to eradicate, what is already ignited in a circle of three related faiths on fire.

This is not America's war.  It needs to be dealt with by the Middle East with all its complex ingrained fighting among hateful clans and rival sectarian (religious) warriors.  The best way for the U.S. to help stop the suffering of humanity is through creative, strategic non-military methods.

Aristotle (b. 384 B.C.E.), the Greek philosopher from Macedonia, was a pupil of Plato.  Aristotle, tutor of Alexandria the Great, founded his own Lyceum school of logic and reasoning power. He  taught that those who want to wage war must fight in the wars of their own commitment.

Translated into modern times, the war vultures who suggest sending 10,000 more ground troops into Iraq, in stage three of the Persian Gulf War, must themselves put boots on with the young soldiers sacrificed in another battlefield altar of burnt offerings.

All the massive weapons of massive devastation cannot solve an endless religious-based war that has been foaming in madness ever since the Inquisition and its torturous tribunal court of death.

What we need desperately are young dedicated historians in authoritarian positions in Washington to keep us up to date since America has a very short memory problem of world history.

Mame,  founder of WORLD ENLIGHTENING NEWS BLOG and author of ERASE RACE! essay, as well as 50 published books based on history and the arts


Thursday, June 4, 2015


There's something screwy here in America in its judicial system. The United States is touted as a Christian nation, but this is bogus.  First of all, it is not the place of any government to regulate religion since today there are thousands of different religions. So what is the purpose of using only one religion that upsets the apple cart of diplomacy and equality?

Dear Ones,

Considering that the torturous Christian Inquisition was enforced by the Catholic Church, many people are still afraid of confessing they no longer believe in this persuasion.  This is energized by 1.  fear of god-revenge from historic violent and terrorist ideology of the past, 2. dominated decision by a spouse or  3 not wanting to disappoint traditionalist parents.  Christian statistics can never be reliable.  There are a multitude of recovering religionists who don't want their identity known.  Some people call them hypocrites lying about their faith on survey forms.

Meanwhile, many thoughtful people both in the United States and the United Kingdom are questioning why in the court of law people can still swear on a Hebrew Bible.  The book of  Matthew 5: 32-37 states "Jesus instructed against taking holy oaths."

It was only in modern times that the words "in God's name" were added to money, the Pledge  of Allegiance, thr national motto and Congressional prayers.  However, in the 1960s a person was no longer enforced to swear on the Bible.

But religion is still rooted in traditional habits. And the U.S. Constitution states no religion can be established in the state.  Inserting "in God's name" has established swearing on the Bible, now an option.

But not swearing on "holy words" after centuries of fear through sheep following sheep, anyone watching even the president swear on a Bible conclude that a person has to carry on an outdated archaic custom.

Many voices today want to eliminate government swearing of pious biased thoughts (hand on Bible) with the statement–"I swear that if I lie or commit libel, I am liable for imprisonment."   The present swearing has no adverse consequence other than imagined archaic dogma of a law religion.

It is precisely because eighteenth century Americans were a religious people divided into many fighting sects that we were given the constitutional mandate to  keep church and state completely separate.

–Justice Hugo L. Black, dissent 343 U.S. 318, 319

Mame,  founder of WORLD ENLIGHTENING NEWS BLOG and author of ERASE RACE ! essay and 50 published books  based on history and the arts

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Why can some authoritarians in high places break world law and get away with thousands of murders and not be prosecuted, even though other guilty governments are enforced to abide by law and order through justice and equality! When favoritism rules by imperialism and bias the revenge is endless and violent, especially in the name of "God" and "oil."

Some people think American founding fathers believed all men are created equal.  When the word "man" is a shortened form of human, this is true. But all men and no women were  not given their inherited rights.  There are good and bad politicians.

Dear Ones,

The inherent endowment of American Indians and American Africans was prohibited from their natural birth,  the human right of being born free.  Its was the will of man to ignore these people  captured for slavery and deny them equality and justice for centuries.

Even after the Civil War between the North and the South, these nationalities were persecuted in the aftermath by "Jim Crow" laws made up to intimidate them and keep  human beings from voting so slavery would make elitists prosper and enjoy luxuries from the free labor of others. By calling dark complexioned people black, code for slave, is blatant racial profiling.  Remember, Italians and Jews were called blacks and until recent years not allowed to join private country clubs.

Lexicons describe the word "elite" as–people who are the best, good, chosen and superior. But whose judgmental eyes decide who the  chosen ones are if "all men are created equal"?  History records that all primitive peoples thought they were "chosen by the gods" because they only knew about their own tribal cultures that had no property boundaries.

Bewares of any nation or group thinking they are the kings of Earth, one step behind gods.  The vast Roman and Holy Empires were disillusioned by this falsehood. And in its lust to rule the world by conquering through endless wars, imperial power and greed fell with a hard blow and never recovered, other than the fallable Vatican of imperialism.

No one owns Earth.  Earth owns us in world fields where poppies grow, beneath the crosses row upon row.

helenesmith1.blogspot,com  investigative journalist and founder of ENLIGHTENING WORLD NEWS blog, author of essay ERASE RACE! etc. and 50 published books based on history and the arts. 

One was presented and financed by the author as a complementary 250 page, 11X 8 illustrated  book for  all members of Congress, president and vice president in the Dirksen Senate Building–to help establish First American rights taken from them by the corrupt unelected regulatory agency in the Department of the Interior,  the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

This is the SECOND CENTURY OF DISHONOR following Helen Hunt Jackson's 1881 book, THE FIRST CENTURY OF DISHONOR concerning America  Indians, also presented to all members of Congress.

Monday, June 1, 2015


The United States continues to be plagued by racial violence from bigotry in thinking American Indians and America  Africans are inferior from having dark protective pigment in their complexion,  a warped mindset  with a false premise that sets up the Anglo nationality as supreme.

Dear Ones,

The following reasons explain the motives behind racism:

 The Judeo-Christian  Bible includes verses that support slavery.

Prisoners of wars were originally killed, but later captured for inhumane slavery to have free labor.

Greeks of ancient Athens, such as philosophers Plato and his student Aristotle believed in human bondage as a "natural" entity.

In the late 1700s German Johann Friedrich Blumenbach invented color-coded race that fueled Hitler's Nazi holocaust.

The world's first free democracy that did not enforce slavery was that of the indigenous people of America. The ancient Greek democracy included slavery.

When we understand who and what started human bondage–why, where and when–we shed light on how this insidious evil began and is the worst and longest cultural lag in global society.



The old  Eugene J.Butler Middle School is called "bad" and known as being a failure with a poor reputation, uncontrolled violence, poor performance, disruptive bullying and intolerable behavior with police called to enforce discipline on a regular basis.

Dear Ones,

When any school  drops so low it becomes shock and awe in a neighborhood or  community, change must happen.  But it takes constant dedication and creativity to break away from what is dragging it down.  Today this school, mostly American African, has undergone a miraculous change,  transformed into an outstanding school showing great success. When children run up to their teachers and hug them you know something is working with incredible improvement–in contrast from the past of arguing with them or giving them a hard time.

First of all, students in one school are separating under two different academies because they are of different  genders.  Girls on the first floor are enrolled in the Young Women's Leadership Academy (Y.W.L.A), with boys on the second floor in the Young Men's Leadership Academy (Y.M.LA) Each section has a new progressive principal and hires teachers of top quality.

Under strict discipline all students wear uniforms, boys with blue blazers, white shirts, ties and Khaki pants. Girls wear white blouses and plaid skirts–all with brown or black shoes. The children proudly wear them with the school crest, in Latin–Invenvite  Factum, Discover your Destiny, what the school district supplies. But the students must earn these special outfits.  It was reported that one boy received his when he showed up for  classes three times in a row!       

In the girl's academy great historical women are on display, including Nobel Peace Laureate 17-year-old Malala Vousaafzai, the youngest person to have won such a prize.  In the classrooms the girls hear music that they favor in an atmosphere of  pleasant flower fragrances.  There is no bullying from the boys who used to tease then for having different interests than the opposite gender.

The boys learn through games and sport competition for answering questions correctly.  There are not distractions from the girls.  They learn what brotherhood is all about, with much activity and what interests boys.

After school activities include boys and girls bold discussions about school problems.  There are also college age mentors to help students on a one-to-one basis.

This type of education early in life often avoids problems in high school, college or trade schools and all through life, especially with resultant well-paid jobs.

Mame,  founder of ENLIGHTENING WORLD NEWS; author of  ERASE RACE! and also 50  published books based on history and the arts