Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The vast Roman Empire fell when its military funds used most of the royal coffers for aggression, conquest, greed, control and power.  Can the world not learn from the ancient past?  Cicero said, "Those who don't know their history remain children all their lives." Virgil wrote, "There is no safety in war." We need to return history classes in our schools, what would also increase employment.

Dear Ones,

It's not the old foggys, but instead Earth's youths–programmed to be human sacrificial lambs–who are now rising up in power. They are sick of wars, especially on their own soil.  Combat soldiers and their families grieve and are stressed out from deaths, life-long physical and mental handicaps and abandonment of combatants in the aftermath of reckless irresponsible wars that are disgraceful, with overwhelming expenses.   Service forces will always be needed for natural mega-disasters that keep increasing from war explosions and activity.

War veterans know the  most regarding being used and then left standing in line for medical help with many dying in the waiting list.  Without war, there is international safety and defense.  You would think that evolving man, short for human, would have realized this by now, since anyone not in favor of world peace are left behind in the progress of human equality.

So how do youths combat such powerful authoritians without more blood shed that also causes poverty and a cantaminated Earth?  Here's the secret.  What do young people want?  It boils down to happiness, health, excitement, adventure, recognition, competition, security and employment–youth choice versus old people's choice in continuing archaic sacrifices on battlefield alters of burnt offerings to the gods.

My blog, ANGELS FOR PEACE–ZILLIONS OF WORLD VOICES, proves how much Earth is yearning for the end of failed solutions in wars.  The world yearns to give youths  choices instead of constant of endless killer wars, with some of the youths dying in the process of training.

The answer is–the Earth must have an alternative to combat.  This new vision is in sports.  In other words, those who do not want to be conditioned, programmed or trained to kill can choose exilerating sports instead.  But this would require international co-operation.  The periodic Olympics are wonderful, but annual competition among nations would bring value to all lives, parents as well as young people.

This would mean good paying salaries, from funds not used for aggression. An increase of employment through sports would be a tremendous asset, with young people staying home to raise their children instead of losing the best part of their lives on foreign military toxic soil.

The sports idea is just one alternative.  Those interested in the arts would also have a chance to succeed in their interests–music, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, writing and so much more versus obsolete bombs, toxic missiles and lethal chemical and radioactive munitions, all illegal regarding international law that is not enforced.

In drone and climate warfare the military tampers with global climate change that is turning into drastic disasters and devastation as nature rebels from greenhouse gas emissions as well.  International treasures could be used for the good things of life instead of death through torture machines, cyber war games and secret hacking to spy on other nations about their newest satanic war devices.

The endless circle of flame for centures has fueled religious wars, with youths serving as  scapegoats.  Combat soldiers are grieved by losing their best friends as their parents never get over the losses of their children. 

Thank goodness the present administration is showing signs of negotiation skills and cutting down the size of the military.  Remember, the most powerful nations in the world  struts like  peacocks on steroids, have enough  nuclear bombs and child-deforming ammo to blow up the entire Earth, but none of them could stop surprise attack such– as on September 11, 2001–unless the administration had listened to  the threatening warning over U.S. military bases on foreign lands that was ignored–now a historical recorded fact.

Plato wrote,

"Only the dead see the end of wars."
But it is the older generation that still doesn't get it.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


During the first largest holocaust Native Americans were targeted and died by the thousands of untold numbers.  Europeans came to America seeking freedom from religious suppression and oppression.  But once the newcomers experienced liberty of expression and worship, they  imposed the same hardship and cruelty on indigenous people in North, Central and South Americas. Missionaries set out to take their land and proselytize them against their will. American Africans got the same treatment in slave ships where they had buckets of water poured over them for baptism into a foreign cult–according to dictionary meaning.

Dear Ones,
As I wrote before, there is no word for religion in traditional First American vocabularies.  This ethnic group reflects the first spirituality in the United States.  Their members  never fought in the name of religion.  In later years their youths served in most American wars as citizens of the United States, as did American Africans.

American Indian spirituality is different from religion that has dogma as its foundation, meaning enforced religious man-made laws.  This fact became flamentory when those opposing the Pauline religion were tortured and abused. These indigenous people do not worship any deity.  Instead the original people respect nature and live close to  it  as they object to anything that would harm the environment, the sustenance of us all.

People no longer call European cultures tribes, as they once were.  There are more than 550 nations within the United States nation. These traditionalists speaking their own language and living on the last remnants of their sacred land, are now referred to as Native Nations out of respect for the original people.  As much as fundamentalists tried, no one could take from traditionalists their original belief system amd languages, what they are now teaching their offspring. They never accepted any foreign religion.

State and church historically worked in cahoots with one another, with intentional extermination through genocide.  Native Nations are  around  two percent in U.S. population surveys.  Regarding their wisdom and way of life, here is a passage from the book, Visions of Wisdom that I wrote with  sacred Sun Dance leader, Mickey Old Coyote of the Apsaalooka Nation–at his request.

"We are one with Earth. We belong to Earth, not the Earth to us.  Those who help Earth help themselves and others as well.  We comprehend a superior power who has no gender. Our down-to-Earth spirituality is neither mystical nor lofty.  It is practical.  We do not elude to grandeur or pretension. We see honest truth through observing nature.

We make peace with that powerful force  stronger than we are. It is the great voice in the thunder and the four sacred winds–First Maker. All these elements–Earth, fire, water and are–are life-giving.  We communicate with nature for inspiration and all our needs for survival, nourishment and hope. We proclaim no place called hell.  Neither is it devil-driven.  We are not born in sin, a concept that has no meaning in our culture–what "the Black Robes brought to our land. 

Traditionalists have no man-made cathedrals filled with stolen gold of the Americas.  We look up at the lodge-pole pines, a spiral to the sky.  We need no edifice other than the mountains and plains of our  sacred lands.   There is no date of the beginning of our spirituality.  It is timeless. Traditionalists make no claims or controversial dogma portrayed as false truths.

First Nations never had reason to break into factions.  Yet, a confused belief has been enforced on us who have no animosities among hundreds of First Nations. We base our culture on ancient philosophical beliefs, devoid of gods born of virgins and rising again, what defies nature. Mythology is not part of our ancestral history.  Our stories are teaching methods for our young to learn about life and how to deal amiably with others.

Our belief system adheres to  nature that progresses with the greatest regularity based on insight and ancient, enlightened knowledge.  Nature offers beauty, optimism and a good feeling toward a bright future. Nature guides us to life-sustaining methods of survival and nourishment that the unelected Bureau of Indian Affairs has tried to squelch  ever since its beginning.  By living intimately  close to nature we deplore man-made devastation of the only planet we know.

Our value system was ripped apart by B.I.A schools, what missionaries fought over as they used government take-over of our funds–stolen monies for foreign schools in the East, with some students running away on foot and returning to their homes on reservations, are last sacred lands.  Churches that are not taxed also took away our land for their buildings against our wishes, as students' braids were cut off along with other abuses they had to endure, such as not allowing them to speak in their own tongues to one another.  Some died from resisting religious bigotry with these early schools their secret burial grounds.

Traditionalists  inherently are conservationists, naturalists and ecologists deeply revering Earth and all its wonders, as many of the young people volunteer for fires on westerns lands and were builders of modern day skyscrapers.  If our culture had been free to follow our own value system, we would not have problems forced on us today, such as welfare, what we never needed until our rights were taken from us.  Indian spirituality that never died needs not be reborn.  It survives now stronger than ever."

In the voice of Chief Plenty Coups in 1912,

"Their wise ones said we might have their religion, but . . . we found there were too many kinds of religion among white men and scarcely any two agreed which was the right one to learn.  This bothered us a good deal [since they] did not take  religion any more seriously than [their] laws . . . [only taking advantage of them] when dealing with strangers.  These are not our ways. We have never been able to understand white man, who fools nobody but himself."

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Sunday, May 18, 2014


A professor at MIT said he regrets his work on drones that fuel hatred instead of protecting Americans.  "It is revolting that anyone could accept to do that, just kill people from a room somewhere as if they are non-human"–his own words about unmanned people  killers–assassination.  Ingrained militant global flying machines cause world havoc, an ongoing carbon boot step to an all out explosive robot war.

Dear Ones,

There needs to be an immediate  moratorium against 50 secret years of global world military terrorism–unmanned robots–what makes the killers have the same notoriety as those targeted.   The Bush-Cheney administration  provoked an increase in drone attacks as the  C.I.A., the Pentagon and drone supporters of Congress carried out demonic carnage increasing global violence.  These men also initiated legislature to bolster drone warfare and the controversial School of the Americas that trains recruits for torturous inhumane programming,

There is a strong animus against drone assassinations by angry young men who have lost family members from heartless drones, not to mention the irresponsible fundamentalist world populace. And this retaliation means inevitable counter attack.

Forceful warfare, the latest on the street, is difficult for the present administration to overcome, since militant clandestine powers still advocate the same illegal, insidious warfare that defies international law and court. The military wags the collie,  with certain militant wizards in brass armor and ribbons out of harm's way managing the recruitent of scapegoat sacrifices.

Surveys also disclose that fundamentalist Americans don't care!–with many mad ones looking forward to the end of Earth as we know it!  Mindless thinking ignores the fact that drone torture is lethal and instead of providing security is increasing threats of boomerang attacks on U.S. soil.  Getting even through these armed drones is just continuation of an everlasting circle of gun fire.  Besides nuclear, drones now fill our nightmares–with the three related mainstream religions triggering endless vengeance on one another and all others caught in the cross-fire.

Statistics record over 4,700 people killed worldwide in drone attacks, mostly collateral damage, a military term to lessen the shock of human bloodshed–including U.S. citizens–one a sixteen-year old.  These atrocities are a disgrace to Earth's indigenous people, traditionalists who avoided killing in a coup–what they mean as having courage to get close enough and touch one another.

First American traditionalists never waged murder in the name of religion, a word missing in their vocabularies. Their spirituality respects the harmony of nature, as reckless war mongers on steroids  bomb, devastate and contaminate Earth.

President Carer revealed, "We don't know how many hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed in drone attacks."  Indigenous people and Latin America are especially disturbed over drones, with Veterans for Peace, the ACLU and Code Pink vehemently protesting this immoral behavior to stop other immoral mentality–horror tales of massive woe.

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Friday, May 16, 2014


The U.S. and other top military governments have funds to commit wars but never enough to clean up their messes–with taxpayer's money that could instead by used for education and health–such as research evidence for the cause of cancer and other war diseases from pesticides made from WWII surplus nerve gases that kill.

World war departments recruit youths to be scapegoat sacrifices as these combat soldiers are proudly announced that they are sacrifices for god and county!–on battlefield alters carried over from the archaic past when children were  given up to gods as burnt offerings–in the name of a god, the generic name for deity. What good god would want such a satanic thing!

Does it never occur to the high brass that human sacrifices–with big generals that betray us out of harms way–are an insult to combat soldiers as they die and are wounded in battle, if they don't take their own lives first–a very sad, grievous fact.

Mark Twain was right, he wanted no part of war after experiencing it. He said his biggest aim was in making a bee-line to the nearest fence, jump over it and go home.  I mention this fact from time to time because I am thankful that he saved his life as the world forever enjoys his wonderful literature and humor.

This brings up another pet peeve.  After one war is over before going into the next endless one,  wounded combatants are brushed aside and often die from waiting in line to get treatment. We should not be surprised with the format of war–a bad habit of committing and abandoning those who were trained, programmed and conditioned into killing, as we wonder why minds are stressed out with trauma for the rest of the lives of armed combat forces.

When the Bush wars first attacked Iraq and Afghanistan I envisioned thousands of dead and dying soldiers on both sides, with the survirors coming home without legs and arms and shell-shocked minds.  None of us should be surprised over these war-torn youths.

Caskets are rarely seen in large numbers coming back from battles–out of sight, out of mind. All the therapy in the world cannot erase what combat armed forces have to endure.  Whatever helps to bring  relief is good–but the subconscious mind never forgets as nightmares attack in the middle of the night.

Besides physical and mental abuse of young people, military bases both domestic and foreign are built and stocked with toxic chemical and child-deforming, mentally retarding munitions such as Agent Orange herbal waste originally used against western First Nations in the U.S.  Nuclear waste also leaks in the oldest nuclear waste dumping site in Washington state at Hanford, now leaking and threatening the Columbia River.  This is just the top of the volcano in a dump and run world.

The U.S. with thousands of military bases, mostly unwanted–what caused September 11, 2001 tragedy–does not have funding to move all its industrial war equipment and clean up the pollution. This disgrace contaminates foreign lands looking like waste lands the likes of which T. S. Eliot never could have imagined.  To abandon military bases without reclamation is just one more atrocity of war.

Often these poisoned lands are those of indigenous peoples who who have no clout as they live on or beside poisonous petroleum soaked, atomic blasted soil and streams endangered by rusting war engines as the inhabitants, too, are contaminated by wars and their aftermaths–the last of First American inherent lands.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014


This astute international journalist represents a beautiful blend of the good from the Middle East and the good from the Western world.  As an extremely gifted war correspondent, she was born in London, and is fluent in Persian as well as English.  She graduated from the University of Rhode Island summa cum laude with a B. A. degree in journalism.

Dear Ones,

In Christiane Amanpour's own words, "I arrived at CNN with a suitcase, my bicycle and 100 dollars."
The rest of her life is sheer success after being hired in 1983 on the foreign CNN desk in Atlanta, Georgia.  Six year later she was transferred to Frankfort, Germany where she was emerged in the democratic revitalization encompassing Eastern Europe.  She is fearless, strong and confident in her career through giving a profound picture of what's going on in the world at large.

In 1990 she reported for the Persian Gulf War and afterwards the Bosnian war and other problem areas.  She is known for giving both sides to any conflict and covering it well with indepth  thought. Her compassion for humanity in general contributes to her strength. She is not afraid to report genocide when it is what it is, as she genuinely feels children's needs and exposes their abuses.

In covering just about all war zones and reporting  terrorist bombings she predicted that a Serbian general was guilty of setting off six shellings in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo, and a judge proved her to be right.  Some men chide her for being clarvoiant what many women possess.  But the whole picture reveals that she is observant, well-read and makes it her goal to be internationally informed about what is going on in the Middle East and elsewhere,  another one of her strong suits. She knows her cards and how to play them well with world-wide truths.

Christiane has met many diplomatic celebrities in her interviews and correspondence, such as Yasser Arafat and French President Jacque Chirac, whom I also have been honored through correspondence.  She is the first international correspondent to interview British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

From 1996 to 2005 Christine had a contract with 60 Minutes of news reports and interviews.  She is the reciepient of the Peabody Award and over 32 other awards and honors. 

In Amanpour's own words, "I really believe good journalism is good business."  And she gives it her all.  She also has appeared in journalistic films.  But personally, I see Christiane Amanpour, not only very talented in her field, but also as a lovely woman who reminds me of Rosland Russell who played the lead in Auntie Mame.  Christine is a of real value to the world as she informs us all.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


As founder of CNN you are one of Earth's greatest champions for international peace. Giving $1 billion  to the United Nations for harmony among all countries, you exemplify what you stand for.

I personally want to also thank you for your part in promoting alternative energy such as solar, wind and water instead of dirty dinosaur fuel.

As you know, many problems would be solved by leaving the dirty oil and coal in the ground so miners don't have to grind hours underground and die suddenly or from diseases, as wildlife is killed from oil spill tragedies as well.  Seas are also contaminated together with First Nation's where radioactive and chemical runoff of war waste is targeted for the last of their lands.

The increase of employment through renewable fuel would allow workers to stay above ground in the sunshine in a pleasant non-oily and dust-free atmosphere without the fear of death, same as in wars. 

Since wars are often fought from lust over other nation's natural resources, alternative energy is inevitable to help cease climate warfare and Earth's destroyed environment and survival. War is the product of greed, power and the failure to listen to legitimate complaints over inherent human rights.

And thank you, too, for the Turner Broadcasting System that offers classical movies on TV. It's good to be able to see films of bygone years–so enjoyable for entire families.

Now, in your own words,
"It's time to put war and conflict behind us and act like civilized, educated people.  My message has always been for peace.  I believe that we're programmed to love and help each other, not to kill or hurt each other.  I strongly support our troops and would never intentionally say anything to harm these men and women."

You went on to share sad facts, that combat soldiers are dying more from suicide than from fatal shots and explosions.  It's good that the public finally knows about this tragedy of youths by the thousands  taking their own lives from stress, trauma and brain damage of war. Maybe now voices for peace will cease wars.

About the disasters such as attack and invasion against Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, to mention a few atrocities of terrorism, you went on to say the military industrial complex–what President Eisenhower warned against–is so entrenched in war, that Congress won't address the problem.

Another sage wrote, "It is forbidden to kill.  Those who wage wars are murderers, what is punishable–unless the aggression is done in large numbers and to the sound of a trumpet."  You are aware of this, but most people aren't.  The author of the quote is historian and satirist, Voltaire who had to flee for his life from time to time between France and England. This was during the Christian Inquisition since he was working on a dictionary and encyclopedia–science and knowledge that defied the dogma of the hierarchy.

P.S. Just read about one of your constant letter writers on the Internet,  a fundamentalist preacher ranting about John in the New Testament. I did research on the unknown John and discovered he had been exiled to the Greek island of Patmos–a 100-year old man hallucinating about beasts and red devils–in solitude.  At least he told the truth that his "Revelation" (first sentence in his book) was his and his alone–figments of imagination  carried from one generation to another up to the present as gospel dogma, while Bible thumpers still scratch their heads wondering what in the world he was talking about.

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Samuel Clemens most poignant quotation is his war prayer that reveals the raw truth of war.  Google it. His other quotes adamantly reflect how strongly he felt against bloody battlefield aggression.  He had experienced more than one of these debaucheries.

Dear Ones,

Other war quotes express Mark Twain's passionate distrust of man-made wars.  His reasoning is enlightening and robust at the same time.

"To be a patriot, one had to say and keep saying, 'Our country right or wrong' and urge on the little war.  Have you not perceived that this phrase is an insult to the nation."  Nationalism is one step away from fascism.  

"Before I had a chance to another war, the desire to kill people to whom I had not been introduced had passed away."

"War is a waste of projectiles. There has never been a just war, never an honorable one . . . on the part of fighting a war, I can see a million years ahead."  Mark Twain goes on to remind us of the eternal war cry from the pulpit followed by cheering lies of statesmen, in the name of God, and grotesque self-deception.

"All wars must be just killing of strangers against whom you feel no personal animosity; strangers whom in other circumstances you would help if you found them in trouble and who would help you if you needed the same."

"If a cannon's mouth is loaded my immortal and inflexible purpose is to get over the fence and go home. " He also observed that only one third of the men who fought survived, what seemed to him to be quite "Napoleonic in its grandeur."

"Man is the only animal that  deals in the atrocity, War.  He is the only one that gathers his brothers about him and goes forth in cold blood and calm pulse to exterminate his kind.  He is the only animal that for sordid wages will march . . . and help slaughter strangers of his own species who have never done him harm and with whom he has no quarrel.  And in the interlude between  campaigns he washes the blood off his hands, and works for 'the universal brotherhood of man."

"An inglorious peace is better than an dishonorable war."

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


When weapons of massive devastation (WMD) and post dramatic distress trauma (PDT) are abbreviated the real impact looses its punch and becomes robotic within our minds. This psychological intention of the military results in made up names that sound innocuous to meserize the global populace against the real trauma of terrorism as the military trains, conditions and programs soldiers–with some even dying during the stressful process.

Dear Ones,

Ever since man concocted wars, combat soldiers have suffered trauma and brain disorders often ending up as suicides as non-combatant brains are dulled by military machismo.  And all this is often treated by drugs that cause addictions, another problem of war mongering. Fortunately for the world of literature Mark Twain had the sense to leave the bloody battlefield because what he was witnessing was the worst violence and terrorism possible.

War disasters cannot be minimalized turning them into acronyms and glorious descriptions that are the complete opposite.  We must take the "L" out of the fake glory of war. War glorification is for the historical naked emperor and his reigns of terror causing soldiers to fear losing body parts and functions.

Combat stress and trauma means losing your best buddy, too.  It is feeling guilt about killing and being killed in warfare. It means signing military papers that you won't talk about your negative feelings and then going to therapy class and being told to share over and over again with others the deep pain both physically and emotionally–all the horrible experiences from the satanic impact of war. Hopefully early therapy will help combat soldiers, but suicides keep increasing because of human emotions that are deep rooted.

Combat soldiers are also called warriors by army personnel to make them sound like Supepman. They in truth are super men, but they go through hell during war and its aftermath as well–why those who have experienced war–those who have seen the elephant–don't want to be reminded of it.  Although therapy helps, it's the nightmares at night after night keep you in a grip.  And no one can control subconscious nightmares from reocurring in one's dreams.

Rape by soldiers own comrades is also common in wars from the very beginning of conquest and combat. Besides the act of men seeing mostly men, for centuries rape was a way to get back at the so-called enemy–sowing their own cultural, inherent seeds into  opposing forces, the old Trojan Horse deceit.

With the military calling soldiers warriors for support keeps wars going, the results of which are  stashed away in Pandora's Box of war horrors.  If wars would end with serious diplomacy and negotiation in talking to those with differing opinions and complaints, trillions of dollars could be instead used for education that trumps war any time.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

SLAVE TRADERS ENSLAVE THEMSELVES WITH MINDS BARRED FROM FREEDM–burdened by their victims as they run from the law

Those who suppress, oppress, bully and enslave become slaves themselves, chained to their victims until they let them go.  Only then will they be relieved of the poisons that entrap them into breaking inherent human rights through corrupt politics, persuasion and violence called war. If religion is good, why are three related mainstream faiths still killing one another for centuries?

Dear Ones,

Unfortunately there are parents, often abused themselves, who become terrorists by following those who raise them in an adverse environment and mind set.  Until this chain is broken, the numbers of atrocities increase in untold numbers. This negative bond is often untouchable unless young people themselves are strong and powerful enough to break the chain reaction of evil, such as war and all its adversities.

Sadly when a child is born into a family or clan whose members are cowards and have to cover their faces and heads, such as wearing pointed hats and sheets or other ways of disguising themselves, the youths following these religious authoritarians know no other kind of life except terrorism.

Man first looked up to gods and goddesses. However,  this male dominated planet has been taken over by machismo men afraid to let women hold high offices as they also persecute them. These patriarchs have for centuries confined women and abused chilren for power and control.

One example is the black shrouded nun who has had her head shaved and covered as part part of a habitual ritual indicating marriage to Jesus of Nazareth, with any wages received from nursing people back to health and other good works dropped into the coffers of the church, just as secular women teachers had to give over their earnings to their fathers or brothers years ago.

Fortunately with the passing of time women are beginning to be see light in a blackened world that still kidnaps girls for bounty, ransom and trade for prisoner of political aggression. If wars, already outawed  because of child- deforming munitions and war zones on city streets, there would be no prisoners and therefore no need for ransom–children used as scapegoats.

Pope Francis–who once said "gay men were against God" and "a maneuver of the devil"–in recent years has become more mellow and flexible–a breath of fresh air.  But he is clamping down on inherent human rights of women, especially nuns.  He does not see them on an even keel with men, mentally or physically–even though they have held successful high positions in the secular world and have fought in all wars disguising themselves as men,  with popes insidiously blessing wars as "just" even when they're not, such as the "final decision" resulting in a holocaust during WWII.

If a woman wants to give up her life of freedom and become a nun it is her own choice, but when criticing other religions and cultures for their treatment of women and reasons for covering their heads and faces, we must recognize America's own religious rites that defy human rights.  Meanwhile, radical members of religions keep persecuting women and youths as slaves.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014


Julia Ward Howe wrote her proclamation in 1870 against the tragedy of war after visiting a Civil War prisoner camp.  She was shocked beyond awe.  Mother's Day originally did not concern moms.  It was all about inhumane slaughter of war.

Dear Ones,

These are the words of this human rights advocate standing her ground in defense of peace.

 "Arise all women who have hearts . . . Our  husbands shall not come to us, reeking with carnage, for caresses and applause.  Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.

"From the voice of a devastated Earth a voice goes up with our own.  It says Disarm! Disarm! The voice of murder is not the balance of justification.  Blood does not wipe out murder nor violence indicate posssession, as men have often forsaken the plow for the sword of murder at the summons of war."

Anna Jarvis from Webster, West Virgina also promoted the Mother's
Day movement for peace and education.  However, there are forces out there that do not want to promote this real meaning of the special day.

Another voice, even earlier than Howe and Jarvis wrote:

"In peace children inter their parents, but in war parents inter their children."

–Herodetus, born in in 484 BCE,  father of Greek history

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Saturday, May 10, 2014


Reviewed on Bill Maher's Real Time, it is quintessential to know that the CIA immediately reported to the White House the surprise attack in Libya was provoked against a video that angered Muslims enough to take action, which resulted in terrorism.

Dear Ones,

Meanwhile, my recap of the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States was not a surprise.  I saw the TV crawl that announced the threat against U.S. military bases in  Saudi Arabia.  The Bush administration was forewarned directly that something horrifying was going to happen to the most obvious cities–Washington, D.C. and New York–if these occupational bases were not moved ever since the Persian Gulf wars. when they were planted there–at first welcomed but now deplored.  The president ignored the serious warning saying he didn't talk to "the enemy" as he proclaimed God called him to war.

But September 11. 2012 attack against Benghazi was a surprise attack provoked by Muslims action against a video that ridiculed their religion, not only in Benghazi but in other places as well.

The difference in handling the two assaults was–in 2001  Muslims had warned the U.S. with over 4,000 people killed and no investigations.  But the 2012 attack with no warning killed four people  with endless amounts of investiagtion.

Instead of investigating the tragic deaths of Christopher Stevens and three others over and over again, where are the investigations against over 4,000 people tragically killed after the government was forewarned with a drastic threat that in turned caused two illegal, terrorist wars resulting in millions of deaths on both sides–plus deformed babies from chemical and radioactive munitions?

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Friday, May 9, 2014


Poverty can provoke theft by desperate people, as French Victor Hugo illustrated in his drama, Les Miserables about the French Revolution.  English social reformer, Charles Dickens, was a champion for the poor through his novels, plays  and short stories. He tried to heal the abuses and suffering of people, especially youths having to endure hard labor and long hours.

Dear Ones,

In England, the United States and elsewhere–starting with five year olds–youths worked in dark, damp rat-infested coal mines since they were small and could reach into low crevices.  Many died from slate falls and lung diseases along with their parents. Dickens wrote to correct this child abuse during the beginning of the industrial age.

Dickens exposed social wrongs and did more good than the preaching from pulpits in all of Chritsiandom and its church militant history. Though this playwright 's works he entertained millions of people from one century to another.  Instead of seeing the poor and middle class people as underclass victims, he recognized the needy not as a poor mass of humanity.  Instead he looked upon them as individuals. 

Daniel Webster said Dickens did "more to emeliorate the condition of the English poor than all the statemen Great Britain had sent into Parliament."  Dickens  did not see people as an impoverished guilt-ridden society.

Matthew Cooper in the Washington Monthly of 1988 wrote "America today is in at least one way like the England of the 1830s.  Most of us see the underclass as a seething abstract mob.  Of course, it's not just artists who have failed us. but our politicians, too.  It's too  much to expect all art to serve as social glue, binding each of us to the matters of the less fortunate.

Copper later wrote in the Utne Reader, "Today, when so much fiction is either mired in minimalist ennui or pantiing with the lifestyes of the rich and promiscuous, we need someone who can animate our social concerns.  We need a new Dickens."

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Thursday, May 8, 2014


During the Vietnam War when Cambodia and Laos were also unmercifully bombed, the U.S. artificially lengthened the monsoon season so supplies couldn't get through to opposition lines.  God only knows what the military is doing now.

Dear Ones

Other nations are also tampering with global weather to jump on the dangerous band wagon of manipulation of nature to keep wars on the front lines.  Does secretive Alaskan HAARP weather experimentation to advance warfare have something to do with global out of control weather? 

Since news headlines say "Climate change must be addressed," why isn't military climate warfare ever mentioned, just as child-deforming munitions are taboo?

The American Association for the Advancement of Science says evidence is shocking and warns, "Levels of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere are rising.  Temperatures are going up. . . Ice sheets are melting."  Sea level is rising and flooding beaches as oceans are acidifying, while heat waves are extreme and ozone holes are ongoing as are endless wars.

All  this indicates radical weather from acid rain that causes cancer.  But we already know this, since chemical, radioactive war explosions are accumulate over centuries of time in an industrial war atmosphere–what Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against.  Over a thousand scientists and 194 governments say immediate attention in time can save us, if we act now.

The world's armed forces are the worst gas guzzlers giving off the most CO2 through dinosaur fuels leaving black boot marks.  Sadly for the world at large, when a president wants to reduce genocidal weaponry, the wolves come out of their caves and howl over such progress being a weakness.  Peace takes more strength than warfare that always ends up in catastrophy for all those involved and others caught in the crossfire.

U.S. untold numbers of military bases leak oil products, nuclear waste and Agent Orange dumped on First Nation reservations and along foreign shores. Anything positive in reducing CO2 through carbon taxes and eliminating fuel subsidies would also reduce energy needs.

By weaning global wars off the planet, peace economics through  international peace departments would also raise employment instead of oceans. 

Meanwhile "nay sayers" chomp for  unneeded catastrophic devastation on Earth, our only source of sustenance.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The U.S. Army provoked a gun fight against First Americans by firing 500,000 rounds of ammunition into reservation  private family ranch where American Indian Movement (AIM) was located. This was the second Wounded Knee attack at Pine Ridge, South Dakota–in 1975 with Leonard Peltier imprisoned two years later.  First Americans fired back in self-defense at highly empowered SWAT teams and helicopters swarming overhead.  

Dear Ones,

Years of litigation took place over First Americans being attacked unjustly with hero Leonard Peltier going to prison to serve two life terms, where he still is a politial prisoner today, a scapegoat.

Peltier and AIM members through their expose' of "A Trail of Broken Treaties" objected to government that attacked innocent people with vicious force on steroids. The same Federal Government broke over 400 treaties, the highest law of the land.

Years later the same government finally conceded, "We do not know who specifically fired the killing shots of two [aggressive] FBI agents."  This insidious oppression and suppression took place during the unelected Bureau of Indian  Affairs (B.I.A.) reign of terror.

The victim wrote a book in prison that covered his entire case  of corruption–My Life is My Sun Dance–about war, poverty and racism. 

Peltier's words are, "The destruction of our people must stop! We are not statistics. We are people for whom you took this land by force and blood . . . you practice crimes against humanity at the same time you proudly speak to the rest of the world of human rights!  America, when will you live up to your principles?
Peltier has set up scholarships for First Native American children.  He was nominated for as a Nobel Peace Laureate in 2004 and was a candidate for the Peace & Freedom Party.  The story of the shameful FBI riot is recorded in Peter Mathieson's book, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse.

Leonard Peltier is still victimized by the U.S. Federal Government.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The book of Leviticus 25 in the Hebrew Bible contains laws and instructions written by mortal priests that promoted religious kidnapping for a later lucrative black market. In verses 25-26 the Jewish author proclaims words of the deity, "Both the bondsmen and the bondmaids, which you shall have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of these shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids.  Moreover, of the children of these strangers who sojourn among you, of them shall you buy, and of their families that are with you, which they beget in your land; and they shall be your possession–forever."

Dear Ones

This is scary in a modern world of progress, for Earth and all its forms of life. In this case heathen meant non-Jews. Stringent dogma that defies inherent human rights was later transferred to the Pauline persuasion in which the church attacked indigenous people–American Indians, and captured foreigners, later called American Africans. In the eyes of Christianity, all were heathens.

The book of Leviticus is said to have been written by Moses, who in the Bible story, climbed a mountain to its peak to speak to his lord.  And from out of the clouds he pulled out a tablet to bring down to his people waiting below with great expectation.  Many scholars and archaeologists claim that Moses is a myth.  One thing is certain, the authors of the Bible made up genealogies to correspond with their own fiction in an era of magic and miracles contrived to get support and loyalty of the people.

These commandments begin with a jealous god who said to have no other gods than him.  This of course mentally wiped out all the rest of ancient pagan gods and goddesses, as well as the untold number of deities that followed. In the process, all the goddesses were forever eliminated–thus the beginning of a patriarchal male-dominated world in which women are forever being abused and persecuted.

Presently this serial crime of kidnapping and slave trade is going on in Nigeria where a  leader of a group trained by Al Quada says. "We sell women.  We get much money for them"–meaning thousands of dollars for each youth, all in his deity's name.   Now thel  three Abrahamic Semite language groups attack each other as heathens in centuries of an ongoing circle of fire and the rest of the world caught in the cross-fire.

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Monday, May 5, 2014


International Law (Criminal Court) outlaws lethal chemical/radioactive ammo that genetically causes abortions and birth defects through DNA generation after generation–such as what still happens in Fallujah, Iraq, Afghanistan and to parents of combatants handling these toxic devices worldwide. Women caught in war zones are afraid of pregnancy, as a crippled-for-life world society is obvious.

Dear  Ones,

International Law and International Criminal Court must enforce their justice system laws for the preservation of Earth, what is quintessential for survival of all forms of life.  When  armed forces universally pick on embryos developing in wombs, this satanic warfare must cease and be replaced by diplomacy, serious rhetoric and negotiation through peace departments that bring more safety than war departments.  Fortunately the Obama administration is sincerely striving toward this goal regarding the Ukraine emergency and Russia.
Any nation making, storing, threatening, trading or using illicit weapons of massive devastation must be prosecuted.  Threatening and promising is just as unlawful as bomb attacks that also cause carbon contamination.  All these atrocities erupt in drastic, radical weather–together with secretive climate warfare in Alaska and polar ice melting dangerously a seas are swelling.

Humanity started out with cavemen clubbing one another–a death for a death, according to the law of King Hammurabi of Babylon with his reign ending in 2000 BCE–an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.  Someone once said, it this revenge keeps up all men will be blind and toothless.

Weapons from clubs and slingshots became even more malicious with the passing of time.  A so-called Cold War was fought over use of nuclear weapons including hydrogen bombs.  We are now in a robotic drone and cyber war era that is even more scary.

But what is worse, there is no way to make the world safe from human technology that is detrimental. Today's aggression amounts to  surprise attack in crowded places by suicde bombers.  And there's no way to prevent this action, by its very name.  Surprise!

Proof is in the pudding–September 11, 2001.  If nuclear bombs, the most potent of all, were a deterent against foreign attack, why were Washington, D.C. and New York City blown up with U.S. planes? Following the national tragedy there was no investigation.  And the same administration didn't remove much of it occupying army bases until 2003 and 2009after the horse was stolen from the barn.

The Bush Administration was warned of the threat in writing and a world-wide crawl that went across all TV sets threatening, "If the U.S. doesn't get its foreign military bases out of Saudi Arabia, something drastic will happen to its two main cities."  This was no surprise attack.

At first the military was invited (60,000 personnel and troops) in the Persian Gulf wars but it ended in permanent occupation–not welcome. Yet nothing was done about it. The negligent president said he refused to negotiate or even talk to "enemies." 

Would the U.S. allow such occupational forces, with military bases leaking everything from poisonous child-deforming Agent Orange in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and also dumped in Korea. Nuclear waste dumping is the sign of a run and dump age. In the U.S. the same nuclear waste has polluted First Nation reservations. Hypocritical nations get blow back.  The more powerful the weaponry, the more dangerous are the lives of the citizens.

Former U.S.S.R. top Russian Mikel Gorbachev in his book, A Time For Peace," wrote, "The world must rise above talk about enemies.  Just as the term "developing nations" has replaced the confusing expression "third-world countries." without anyone knowing what is first or second. 

Even Aesop in his ancient Fables proved that friendship is more powerful than foe, with the sun making a traveler walking along a road take his coat off immediately, as the wind blew and blew with the man clutching his coat even tighter.  And of course, the sun won the contest of might.

On September 11, 2012, the Benghazi American diplomat mission was attacked in Libya. This was surprise attack with no time to scramble air forces.  The U.S. Ambassador Christopher Steven and four other lives were lost–a diplomas and security personnel tragedy, with numerous ongoing investigations.

All of Earth–on land, in air and in seas–is over-burdened with chemical/radioactive missile explosive emissions and nuclear submarines discarded in oceans when replaced by now ones. Seas and rivers warm from industrial war residue as well as dropped H-bombs. Nuclear waste threatens wildlife and damage to humans in polluted  water and beaches, such as in Somalia, what triggered pirates to protect themselves from illegal foreign dumping that brings on disease and child-deformities.

In a war economy world, the change over of nations progressing through peace economies would save millions of lives as well as the suffering of untold grieving families.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Most people have never seen this fascinating insect that resembles a walking tree branch.
If you ever are fortunate to discover a live walking stick and it's in harm's way–such as human traffic–pick it up gently and place it under a tree.

Dear Ones,

Sometimes these sticks are green, but most of the one's I've seen are brown.  Nature, a most wonderful part of Earth, protects these tiny creatures with camouflage colors. Observation in life is very important.

Years ago I wrote a children's story called Walking Stick.  It's unique since it's written for adults to read to young people.  Although a child can not read it, a parent or teacher can read it to children–with all enjoying the experience. The pictures of Walking Stick turns the book into one that can be flipped to see the main character of the story walk.  This is fun for  kids of all ages.

There is special significance about this book, not only because it is one of a kind–the first children's book that children cannot read–but because an adult reading it out loud also gets the benefit of the contents.

This rarity brings a good relationship between youths and adults.  It also gives a refreshing break from constant watching of the TV–what also is good  relief for the eyes of everyone so used to bright flashing lights, especially during ads to keep one's attention.

Walking Stick  also concerns another insect, much tinier than a walking stick.  It's all about small, big and mighty mites.  They all live in a shag rug in the home of humans who never know they are there.  The creatures are herb mites that are harmless and like plants.

The setting of the story starts out on a rainy night when one of the members of the household opens the door to get in.  At that time walking stick makes his entrance, too.  But no one notices.

The plot involves walking stick discovering the village where the miles live within the shag rug.  In the process of meeting several of them, he finds out through conversation that there's going to be a great battle between two fighting factions within the town.  The adventure eventually turns into a battleground experience that no one wants to miss.

On last thing, "War is not healthy for children and other living things."  This was quoted by a woman artist and peace advocate in my essay blog titled Angels for Peace–Zillions of Voices.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Shock and awe cause mental and physical stress of barbaric war economies that program, condition and indoctrinate youths into the slippery, muddy slope of combat. Dirty war makes murderers of Congress and warmonger taxpayers who condone futile, needless aggression.

Dear Ones,

For centuries war has been described as hell.  The politicians who never experience the extreme stress and shock of war, mentally and physically, are Leo Tolstoy and Emile Zola have tried to get the injustice of aggression across to the public but bloody wars are stilled committed in hot blood.

Irwin Shaw who wrote the book The Young Lions describes how wars shoot off arms and legs, but do it all over again, for no reason.  Actors Marlon Brando, Dean Martin and Montgomery Cliff portray the real drama of wars, with youths caught up in the tragedy of political aggression,  Rhetoric in the movie version includes, "The only way to stop wars is to stop fighting."  A war-torn child is symbolically walking through a cloud of dark gun smoke, smoldering ruins and slaughter of the battlefield with bayonets  under his arms as crutches–mirroring the delusions, self-deception and  detachment from civil life that combat soldiers encounter.

All's Quiet on the Western Front by Erich M Remarque, a WWII German soldier, centers around centuries-old war that takes away the youth of its combatants.  This book and its sequel, The Road Back, were banned and burned in Nazi Germany.

"Breaking" Morant, a play by Kenneth G. Ross, who wrote the true story about Henry Morant who broke horses, is set in the second Anglo-Boar War of 1889 to 1904 in South Africa,  It centers around high brass making bush Cavalier soldiers talking the rap for shooting nine Dutch farmer Boars and a German Missionary under the policy of "take no prisoners."  After a court marshal on the battlefield, the soldiers who followed the orders  are convicted as scapegoats–one for life imprisonment and the other two shot by a British firing range.

Ernest Hemingway, Farewell to Arms, also shows the pathos of combat, described in my essay  Angels for Peace–Zillions of Voices.

The Red Badge of Courage about the Civil War by Stephen Crane reveals a soldier  fleeing from danger, a natural instinct from being caught in the reality of satanic battle–just as a squirrel scampers away before a shot gun ends his life. Those who sacrifice lives of combat soldiers seem to be proud of their action, by staying out of harm's wary.

Protagonist Mark Twain in real life fled when he was caught in cross-fire during America's Civil War.  Thanks to his courage to recognize the monster of war for what it i, the world has benefited from his genius in writing.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, while a general in WWII, supported war, but after having experienced its demonic weapons of massive holocaustal devastation, he had a change of mind and heart as he wrote, "I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity."

Albert Einstein, too, held reproach for war.  He wrote, "It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but the act of murder."  Who do we trust? These great men or the worlds' committers who wage reckless wars?

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Friday, May 2, 2014


The Citizens Conservation Corps in the United States under President Franklin D. Roosevelt saved the nation through socialism. Even the wealthy were limited in how much butter, meat, sugar and gas they could use.

Dear Ones,

The war, like all aggression, needed these items to feed the armed forces and fuel war machines, a gargantuan chore.  War is the grossest gas guzzler that produces the most carbon in the atmosphere, what is melting polar ice, along with outmoded radioactive submarines  dumped in  Davy Jone's     Locker, just as seven H-bombs were recklessly dropped into oceans bottoms that are heating daily.

F.D.R. was wise in forming the C.C.C. to take care of  U.S. needs with equality. He created employment for thousands of youths out of work.  Today if any government needs to experience increased employment, ceasing of toxic, illicit aggression could fund jobs with people receiving lucrative wages. War economies only increase the coffers of the wealthy and cause massive  poverty. that increases even more crime.than that of war.

Youths doing labor were encouraged through outdoor labor.  It was healthy exercise that resulted in many civic domestic improvements such as roads, bridges, buildings and other domestic needs. This action also kept youths and young men with nothing to do off city streets.  Today many of this architecture is still being used, all built by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

At that time my childhood friends and I gathered kitchen fat saved in reused containers, newspapers, tin cans, rags and milkweeds–the latter used for stuffing in life preservers. In later years we learned much of this was propaganda for teamwork to unite the nation in winning the war–psychological brain-washing  for supporting the warfare. For volunteer work we received Junior Commando badges with blue eagles on them, our rewards. When I was a child I thought like a child, I understood as a child, but I later found out war is the all consuming monster left over from dinosaur mentality of a planned war economy–the irony of mixed emotions.

Each family was also encouraged to raise a victory garden in back yards for the same purpose, which helped out with fresh vegetables and fruits. This was good and wise for today's world, especially with unwanted genetically modified foods that have negative side effects.  Even animals choose natural grains over these manipulated corporate seeds. 

Today F.D.R.'s innovations would greatly increase employment and the revived C.C.C. could rebuild United States' worn-out, broken-down inner structure.  The same can be said about all nations needing to solve such problems.  Bring back a paid Civilian Conservation Corps, what could take the place of fighting men killing one another and deforming babies with lethal munitions internationally.

During WWII U.S. citizens were under a state of democratic socialism, influenced by the American and French revolutions. This economic system and political philosophy embraced a strong nation with everyone working to the best of their ability. It was not the type of welfare that left First Nations in poverty, even though they were living happy lives through natural foods and nature before foreign Colombian cross-sailed attack and occupation brought confusingly-written Bibles. This was a sinister attempt to take over their land with Crusader churches, foreign to the original people, a holocaust in itself. 

In the third century of the Roman Empire, Diocletian, promoted democratic socialism  for the benefit of all.  Today Senator Bernie Sanders independently advocates this system for equality and well-being of all Americans in trying to eliminate poverty.

According to international report the world's most happiest nations are those in Northern Europe where Nordic, Scandinavians live in peace and prosperity under democratic  socialism.  I returned several years ago with my eldest daughter to Sweden where my grandmother and grandfather lived.   We also found the nation to be quite clean, with it's natural beauty unspoiled (except for copper mines)–unlike industrial war economies of today.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014


Calling people black or white is physically profiling. Black and white are adjectives not nouns. Identification through nationality was in use with no problem before 1755 when one man used the word "race" in place of nationality. At that moment humanity was enslaved by color-coding in a hierarchy of hate.

Dear Ones,

Do we really want to keep race running competitively by calling human beings slaves ever since bigoted founding fathers first put them in chains.  President John Adams and Tom Paine, the chief  writer of the Constitution, denounced slavery. Do we still want to vilify others while at the same time vilifying ourselves.

Yesterday people lynched American Indians and American Africans. Today the real villains are fined millions–disfranchised for good reason–just to rinse the atrocities out of our social system permanently.

Black and white are the most rival non-colors of the four contrived colors to label people. (white  contains all the colors with black devoid of color). Author Pearl Buck chided Americans for pegging Asians as yellow and the world no longer calls First Nations reds, except for Washington, D.C.'s Red Skin football team, business as usual. 

Racism is ingrained in some Americans who can't get over Cristian German Johann Friedrich Blumenbach who labeled people as race in 1755 for the first time.  Four years later he invented the hierarchy that placed "white" on top of the other three categories he color-coded. This action triggered Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party to carry out their atrocious Holocaust.

If only presidents from now on would not call people black.  It is only natural to use words of the administration,  But according to the University of Chicago Press word guide, "black" is no longer in.  And the Associated Press, that most of the world follows, doesn't always check it.  I called one of their journalists and asked him why certain writers still use the word black.  When  he realized this change in the handbook, he thanked me.

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