Friday, May 2, 2014


The Citizens Conservation Corps in the United States under President Franklin D. Roosevelt saved the nation through socialism. Even the wealthy were limited in how much butter, meat, sugar and gas they could use.

Dear Ones,

The war, like all aggression, needed these items to feed the armed forces and fuel war machines, a gargantuan chore.  War is the grossest gas guzzler that produces the most carbon in the atmosphere, what is melting polar ice, along with outmoded radioactive submarines  dumped in  Davy Jone's     Locker, just as seven H-bombs were recklessly dropped into oceans bottoms that are heating daily.

F.D.R. was wise in forming the C.C.C. to take care of  U.S. needs with equality. He created employment for thousands of youths out of work.  Today if any government needs to experience increased employment, ceasing of toxic, illicit aggression could fund jobs with people receiving lucrative wages. War economies only increase the coffers of the wealthy and cause massive  poverty. that increases even more crime.than that of war.

Youths doing labor were encouraged through outdoor labor.  It was healthy exercise that resulted in many civic domestic improvements such as roads, bridges, buildings and other domestic needs. This action also kept youths and young men with nothing to do off city streets.  Today many of this architecture is still being used, all built by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

At that time my childhood friends and I gathered kitchen fat saved in reused containers, newspapers, tin cans, rags and milkweeds–the latter used for stuffing in life preservers. In later years we learned much of this was propaganda for teamwork to unite the nation in winning the war–psychological brain-washing  for supporting the warfare. For volunteer work we received Junior Commando badges with blue eagles on them, our rewards. When I was a child I thought like a child, I understood as a child, but I later found out war is the all consuming monster left over from dinosaur mentality of a planned war economy–the irony of mixed emotions.

Each family was also encouraged to raise a victory garden in back yards for the same purpose, which helped out with fresh vegetables and fruits. This was good and wise for today's world, especially with unwanted genetically modified foods that have negative side effects.  Even animals choose natural grains over these manipulated corporate seeds. 

Today F.D.R.'s innovations would greatly increase employment and the revived C.C.C. could rebuild United States' worn-out, broken-down inner structure.  The same can be said about all nations needing to solve such problems.  Bring back a paid Civilian Conservation Corps, what could take the place of fighting men killing one another and deforming babies with lethal munitions internationally.

During WWII U.S. citizens were under a state of democratic socialism, influenced by the American and French revolutions. This economic system and political philosophy embraced a strong nation with everyone working to the best of their ability. It was not the type of welfare that left First Nations in poverty, even though they were living happy lives through natural foods and nature before foreign Colombian cross-sailed attack and occupation brought confusingly-written Bibles. This was a sinister attempt to take over their land with Crusader churches, foreign to the original people, a holocaust in itself. 

In the third century of the Roman Empire, Diocletian, promoted democratic socialism  for the benefit of all.  Today Senator Bernie Sanders independently advocates this system for equality and well-being of all Americans in trying to eliminate poverty.

According to international report the world's most happiest nations are those in Northern Europe where Nordic, Scandinavians live in peace and prosperity under democratic  socialism.  I returned several years ago with my eldest daughter to Sweden where my grandmother and grandfather lived.   We also found the nation to be quite clean, with it's natural beauty unspoiled (except for copper mines)–unlike industrial war economies of today.

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