Thursday, May 8, 2014


During the Vietnam War when Cambodia and Laos were also unmercifully bombed, the U.S. artificially lengthened the monsoon season so supplies couldn't get through to opposition lines.  God only knows what the military is doing now.

Dear Ones

Other nations are also tampering with global weather to jump on the dangerous band wagon of manipulation of nature to keep wars on the front lines.  Does secretive Alaskan HAARP weather experimentation to advance warfare have something to do with global out of control weather? 

Since news headlines say "Climate change must be addressed," why isn't military climate warfare ever mentioned, just as child-deforming munitions are taboo?

The American Association for the Advancement of Science says evidence is shocking and warns, "Levels of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere are rising.  Temperatures are going up. . . Ice sheets are melting."  Sea level is rising and flooding beaches as oceans are acidifying, while heat waves are extreme and ozone holes are ongoing as are endless wars.

All  this indicates radical weather from acid rain that causes cancer.  But we already know this, since chemical, radioactive war explosions are accumulate over centuries of time in an industrial war atmosphere–what Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against.  Over a thousand scientists and 194 governments say immediate attention in time can save us, if we act now.

The world's armed forces are the worst gas guzzlers giving off the most CO2 through dinosaur fuels leaving black boot marks.  Sadly for the world at large, when a president wants to reduce genocidal weaponry, the wolves come out of their caves and howl over such progress being a weakness.  Peace takes more strength than warfare that always ends up in catastrophy for all those involved and others caught in the crossfire.

U.S. untold numbers of military bases leak oil products, nuclear waste and Agent Orange dumped on First Nation reservations and along foreign shores. Anything positive in reducing CO2 through carbon taxes and eliminating fuel subsidies would also reduce energy needs.

By weaning global wars off the planet, peace economics through  international peace departments would also raise employment instead of oceans. 

Meanwhile "nay sayers" chomp for  unneeded catastrophic devastation on Earth, our only source of sustenance.

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