Monday, May 12, 2014

SLAVE TRADERS ENSLAVE THEMSELVES WITH MINDS BARRED FROM FREEDM–burdened by their victims as they run from the law

Those who suppress, oppress, bully and enslave become slaves themselves, chained to their victims until they let them go.  Only then will they be relieved of the poisons that entrap them into breaking inherent human rights through corrupt politics, persuasion and violence called war. If religion is good, why are three related mainstream faiths still killing one another for centuries?

Dear Ones,

Unfortunately there are parents, often abused themselves, who become terrorists by following those who raise them in an adverse environment and mind set.  Until this chain is broken, the numbers of atrocities increase in untold numbers. This negative bond is often untouchable unless young people themselves are strong and powerful enough to break the chain reaction of evil, such as war and all its adversities.

Sadly when a child is born into a family or clan whose members are cowards and have to cover their faces and heads, such as wearing pointed hats and sheets or other ways of disguising themselves, the youths following these religious authoritarians know no other kind of life except terrorism.

Man first looked up to gods and goddesses. However,  this male dominated planet has been taken over by machismo men afraid to let women hold high offices as they also persecute them. These patriarchs have for centuries confined women and abused chilren for power and control.

One example is the black shrouded nun who has had her head shaved and covered as part part of a habitual ritual indicating marriage to Jesus of Nazareth, with any wages received from nursing people back to health and other good works dropped into the coffers of the church, just as secular women teachers had to give over their earnings to their fathers or brothers years ago.

Fortunately with the passing of time women are beginning to be see light in a blackened world that still kidnaps girls for bounty, ransom and trade for prisoner of political aggression. If wars, already outawed  because of child- deforming munitions and war zones on city streets, there would be no prisoners and therefore no need for ransom–children used as scapegoats.

Pope Francis–who once said "gay men were against God" and "a maneuver of the devil"–in recent years has become more mellow and flexible–a breath of fresh air.  But he is clamping down on inherent human rights of women, especially nuns.  He does not see them on an even keel with men, mentally or physically–even though they have held successful high positions in the secular world and have fought in all wars disguising themselves as men,  with popes insidiously blessing wars as "just" even when they're not, such as the "final decision" resulting in a holocaust during WWII.

If a woman wants to give up her life of freedom and become a nun it is her own choice, but when criticing other religions and cultures for their treatment of women and reasons for covering their heads and faces, we must recognize America's own religious rites that defy human rights.  Meanwhile, radical members of religions keep persecuting women and youths as slaves.

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