Friday, October 31, 2014


A friend recently told me she only heard of one person who voted for President Barack Obama. I was the only one who said, "Well, now you know two."  As an investigative journalist, I am used to doing research on political controversy. Obviously she does not read both sides of issues and listens only to one political party's propaganda.   Besides, it took more than two votes to win a presidency.  Sometimes people limit themselves to their own opinions as they don't get out very often.

Dear Ones,

When  President George W. Bush vowed vociferously he was going to "get Osama bin Laden," it was President Obama who found him without having to carpet bomb two nations to get him as the previous administration did, as the president was at the same time attempting to clean up the mess of invading, attacking and occupying  Iraq and Afghanistan with thousands of deaths on both sides.  How soon we forget.

Our president said he was not in favor of war and wants instead an international coalition to solve the problems in Syria and Iraq.  The United States need not carry a billy club to reform misfits and extremist terrorists full of themselves and their religio-political missions in complex civil wars.

He, for good reason, does not want American boots on the ground.  Even war lords know what would happen, although they chomp at the bit to get soldiers feet and bodies shot up. One veteran in Congress, tortured in battle, wants revenge to bring the same slaughter on other soldiers.  You can find his picture at the top of Mark Twain's War Prayer.

It is the Pentagon and a turkey hawk Congress that are forcing more Tomahawk Missiles costing half a million a piece, and little results for all the tax payers money.  Have any collateral damage statistics been announced by such devastation?  It's the War Department that's dragging its feet when it comes to world peace.  There's no defense in war that only gathers hatred and avenge.

Ever since the beginning of a paternalistic Earth, man has only tried the force of weaponry and explosions to attempt solving international problems.  It's no longer a world in which Genghis Khan stood before 30,000 Selkirk Muslims and proudly announced the slaughter, all in "God's name."

It's extremely difficult when man has been conditioned and programmed for war and tries to reform the world that we  know into international peace through negotiation and diplomacy.  Only through a coalition of nations working as a team can man harness terrorism together instead of one country trying the impossible dream in solving centuries of incessant tribal civil wars with opposing members slaughtering each other.

We must not forget that President Obama is the first American African to win the chief position in any administration.  That alone is a hurdle to get over in a race-related nation. But in addition to restoring the smoking ruins and environmental devastation of his predecessors he also has to daily fight insidious bigotry that caused the entire US Civil War.  Now he and his beautiful family are the targets of this ongoing venom.

Already our president has done more for helping the US and the rest of the world than any other president as he tries to keep us out of war.  In foreign affairs and diplomacy he has talked and negotiated with Israel's Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu more times than any other president.  But at the same time he will not give in to that nation's persecution of Muslims, possibly Semitic descendants of Canaanites of Palestine.

Already the accomplishments of President Obama are stacking up as overpowering factions of control deny his success.  Gasoline is at a four-year record low as the economy is gaining better results day by day–the envy of Europe.  If that happened during any other presidency, the there would be joyful shouting and dancing in the streets throughout the land.

Let's give credit were credit is due.


Thursday, October 30, 2014


Ancient paternalistic men had it in for women from the beginning of humanity. This archaic text states babies were born in sin (evil) from the moment of conception!  "You are born in iniquity from your mother who conceived you!" Wait a minute–this means we're all screwed from the moment that the first man impregnated a woman! Even though modern Bible scholars have tried to interpret this bogus statement as meaning "born into a sinful world," the Judeo-Christian fundamentalist religion still teaches all  people are born in sin.

Dear Ones,

Centuries of this insidious dogma pushed down innocent children's throats and the mothers who give them birth has caused psychological problems of life-times of guilt.  Some men even feel subliminal hatred and guilt toward their mothers and aren't aware of it, as the text never involves the father.

How gullible we are to accept such man-invented doctrines that can affect us until our dying day.

So, no more inherent sin for anyone.  "The son will not be punished for his father's corruption" is another male chauvinistic pattern.  No wonder the Judeo-Christian Bible is so very confusing.  Actually the Hebrew Bible (before the New Testament–Christian smaller book–was attached to it against the wishes of the Hebrew people) is a collection of books selected by 70 men, each one arguing over which ancient texts should be chosen. They ended up in a huge book of contradictions, along with the good sayings of prophet Jesus.

One of the ones selected was Song of Solomon.  Perhaps this book was unanimously agreed upon since it is a love story of the king and a beautiful, voluptuous African woman.  The words describe her lovely breasts and admire her entire body with adoration.  At that time Hebrew men over 40 were not permitted to read it.

Meanwhile, the men rejected the book, The Wisdom of Solomon, that contains metaphors likening women to wisdom.  I guess the men didn't want any part of giving credit for women's intuition from the very beginning.  No wonder women have suffered for centuries!

This obsession that men have had for eons of time explains why they object to common women giving birth to gods and kings.  Thus males scorned natural birth and made up stories that royal women who brought important men into the world had to be virgins–a mythological miracle since lords in high places were led to believe sex was an evil necessity of life. 



Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The book, The Birth of a Nation, proved how men in high government places approved of injustice and persecution of humanity.  Within the movie are thousands of white figured immigrant Protestants wearing red crosses on their bellies as they marched to have license to torture and kill American Africans, American Indians, Jews, Catholics and Latinos, all with more protective pigment than was in heir own skin.  The tactic of burning crosses was started by Scottish clans as they stumbled into battle with one another. Horrible deaths resulted from the tainted belief meaning "my opinion is better than yours."

Dear Ones,

This contrast of complexion resulted when our ancestors lived close to the equator and were conditioned by centuries of living in direct sunlight.  When humanity moved north after glaciers melted, they had less melanin in their skin.  As a result all dark-complected people have "white" feet and "white"palms that seldom were radiated.

After the Civil War when people–originally held in bondage–were liberated, they migrated north for employment.  The loss of jobs was an excuse for "pale faces–as indigenous people called European newcomers–to object to freed men,  Was it just a coincidence that over the years KKK members target human beings having dark skin?

Human race, the term invented in the 1700s by a German, is as bogus as religious men disguised in dunce caps and white sheets. Unfortunately out of ignorance of science and history, their beliefs became warped and ooze into hatred still rampant in America.  According to medical statistics,  people who despise others have more health problems than those who love their neighbors.  It's your smile that makes you beautiful.

It's so sad when misdirected adults teach children their own sick prejudices. The Klan especially disliked the United States Constitution that all men are created equal. These misfits twisted this fact to mean their own "white supremacy."

When men in seats of power ignore inherent human rights, hatred ooze out of them with poison fueling more hatred and bigotry until the young people at last will get wise to the harm it is causing within their very souls.

As Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi believed, "Non-violence is the greatest force of mankind."


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The Hebrew Bible copied some of the proverbs that Aesop, a slave from Ethiopia, wrote down after collecting them for decades.  They were spoken thousands of years ago and handed down orally to him.  Papyrus scrolls were found in Egypt with these same peace-loving sayings preserved on them.  These written words are dated long before the eighth century BCE.  Today the world still quotes the wisdom in Aesop's familiar phrases.

Dear Ones,

If the nations of the world would read and abide by these profound morals, there would be peace on Earth.  Here is one of these parables:

One day the wind said to the sun, see that man on the road below?  "I bet I can make him remove his coat by blowing it off.  Ah, said the sun.  I can accomplish it quicker and with more ease. " With both agreeing on the deal, the wind blew and blew and blew but could not make the man take his coat off.  The traveler just clutched it close to hint with more vigor.  So the sun smiled and beamed brightly.  Immediately the man took his coat off.

Politically, it's not bombs and terrorism that solves international problems.  Instead, it is making friends of nations through diplomacy and serious negotiation. When countries are friends with one another, there are no enemies and no wars.


Monday, October 27, 2014


Ever since the Bush Administration made a deal to establish a Palestinian state it ended up in blindly supporting Israel with racist separation through an inhumane wall in the Gaza Strip.  The  same US political group was warned that "America would have something horrible happen if it did not remove its unwanted, contaminating military bases" threatening their holy sites in the Saudi Arabia region.  At that time there was no talking with 0sama bin Laden considered an enemy.  Since no one talked or negotiated, 911 happened, a catastrophe of the worst kind.

Dear Ones,

Today the US still occupies oil rich Iraq and Afghanistan that is Muslim. The Islamic world is still vigilant, as are other nations trapped in cross-fire in the Middle East.  Enough with idle talk over extremist terrorists.  History has proven that the three most dangerous religions, all originally related to one another as semitical fellows–following Babylonian and Sumerian times–have been trying to kill one another off in the false "name of God."

Nothing has changed in this respect, other than increasing gun power and nuclear nose-cone missiles. Let's face the facts, each branch of the fighting triangle has been tainted by violence against another from the beginning of religion.  It's an old, outmoded stale theme song.

Military answers are futile.  The best way to solve hatred is to to substitute it with love and respect for others, politically and religiously.  Obviously, the old way of man's inhumanity didn't work before and never will work after thousands of experimental years doing the same thing over and over again.

When people don't learn from their past mistakes they spin their wheels of fortunes into ruts that keep getting deeper with more mud slinging.

Jews, Christiana and Muslims all want justice and to be liberated from the vicious malice of one another. But their law persuasive leaders won't let them.  Ingrained minds have been programmed and conditioned to bloody murder for eons of time.  Within their own cocoons they keep preaching the same killer rhetoric that will never metamorphose into positive progress.   Instead of listening to and  heeding the wisdom of their beloved prophets, their subjects only hear the abomination of fanatical, ignorant and rogue leaders.

Everyone wants mutual interest and human rights that are inherited but squelched by corrupt politics.  The present rhetoric sounds like Islam is the enemy of the West.  The West forgets or never knew in the first place how scholarly Islam has always been, with women treated fairly. Muslims never prohibited other religions from functioning.  It's only the radicals who abuse women and the children in war.  Over the centuries misfits have picked up on the same tactics and strategies as the proselytizing Pauline Inquisition.


Sunday, October 26, 2014


It's difficult to imagine life without the written word.  But with charcoal from their wood fires and crude tools human aborigines were very creative.  These archaic primitives carved pictographs on stone with characters depicted as half beasts with horns and bug-eyed monsters.  They have been puzzling man for for centuries and on up to the present times–especially when the carvings are in what looks like space machines.

Dear Ones,

Our ancestors without written books were preoccupied by fear of nature's calamities–earthquakes,  tsunamies, floods, draughts, tornadoes and thunder storms. But this mystery did not stop them in the process of evolution of the mind.

However, not finding answers to their conundrums, they imagined humans called gods in the cosmos were causing their grievances.  They soon began to name their invented sky heroes and villains with names of weeks and months, what we still use in our everyday life carried over to modern times.

These superstitions eventually developed into religious fear with men making up mythology to explain these contrived  stories. 

When there were numerous man-made deities of gods and goddesses, there was no friction because the people who make up these characters knew they were fiction as everyone loves a good story or parable.  But today we just carry over their impossible legends and "miracles"  without a wink or a blink of the eyes. 

Fast forward to the present.  Now we have rival, competitive religions with each member believing their god is the best and only one, an ongoing misconception.  These fake ideologies are rocks that keep killing, as ammo developed into massive toxic weapons of total destruction.

Even though Earth is at its most devastating condition, the military mind continues with its mass weapons that boomerang back to the people and all life threatened with total annihilation.

Man is at last making strides in discovering where we came from and the people who built gigantic stone structures and geometric designs seen from space, created before our times, as well as pyramids that may give insight into the world power that early man  had.

But present man,  may never find the real truth as all life that may be blown away in a fog of man-made emissions.  Earth and all life, along with its legends and mythology, are victims as religious politics  hold back progress since man is still slaughtering one another in "God's name.".


Thursday, October 23, 2014


In the Americas thank goodness for courageous national guards who defend and protect freedom from the bondage of oppression, in particularly brave vigilant watch guards from United States and Canada.  Decades ago our ancestors in the Western world liberated themselves from colonialism, as nations in South America are now on the democracy band wagon as well.

But it's not in the long run that bombs and mass weaponry will provide international  security.  If this was the case, the US would never have been attacked in 2001.  This is because surprise attack, by any means, can never be stopped.  Surprise is what it is.  It catches people and nations  off guard.  General Patton during WWII said, "As soon as you think you're safe, someone comes up from behind and hits you with a bag of shit!"

Religiously oriented governments that corporately manufacture, horde and export gross supplies of ammunition will always be targets that fuel anxiety for boomerang counter attack against the engines of aggression.  With constant fear of being attacked, happiness for the excessively paranoid also goes out the window of liberty.  In  Canada's recent attack the motive seems to be drug related as well as radical religious ignorance that often is at the root of extremist terrorism.

Dear Ones.

Toxic chemical ammunition and radio-active missiles are illegal according to the jurisdiction of International Law and its Criminal Court.  Combat used to be fought, for the most part, on battlefields.  But now rockets go off on urban streets where children play and adults conduct businesses–those involving government buildings as well, with plenty of collateral damage.

It's not military arms that keeps us safe. It's war's black powder that fuels hatred giving off deadly emissions–he bane of the world. At least secular power keeps fanatical faiths down to a roar.  It's misfitted lost souls using guns to ambush and shoot up the world's capitals and embassies out of revenge.and ignorance.  It's demented minds from drugs and warped by religious politics that lead the parade of madness.

The culprits are not lone wolves. This name is too good for them. Wolves developed into our devoted dogs.  Instead, the religious extremists are lone snakes full of venom,

Mame,     helenesmith@(macdonaldsward)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


The Great Commission to go into the world and preach the words of unknown authors, later called the Gospels–Matthew, Mark, Luke and John–since no one knew who they were, are falsely attributed to Jesus of Nazareth who wrote nothing that is documented.  The texts were composed after his death when no one could  identify their sources. Unknown authors of New Testament books also sent people to a fake hell for control over their minds as their words threatened them to be sheep following their commands.

Dear Ones,

Always consider the source of any material for authenticity. This invented Great Commission is the foundation of evangelicalism and its corresponding belief.  The contents of these books came from the early Christian community and a rumor that Jesus, nailed to a cross, was seen alive by a few of his apostles, after he was placed in a cave.

For centuries this command to coerce people of different religions to convert was carried out by Paul, the first missionary. This demand reflects rivalry among other religions that fueled wars for centuries.  Today, in counter attack, radical extremist terrorists are copying this historical concoction and forcing Christians and others to convert to their beliefs out of historical revenge, an endless crisis.

Inquisitional murdering to convert is directly causing missionaries to be kidnapped since their foreign messages are still threatening and unwanted.  Secular governments are now resorting to ransoms and are transporting these missionaries to their native countries at the expense of taxpayers of diverse religions.  Isn't it up to church institutions to fund their own missionaries safely out of the country since they funded their expenses in getting there in the first place?


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Wars provoked by religion  are complex.  Today we witness the blazing aftermath of three armies of descendants of Abraham killing one another over land and its resources.  We witness this ongoing conflict every day when we turn on TV for the news of the day–billowing clouds of black smoke as Jews, Christians and Muslims continue their battles over religious aggression in a triangle of revenge.

Dear Ones,

This fighting all started during archaic Biblical times.  The story starts out with Abraham,  the father of Isaac, about to kill his son Isaac as a burnt offering to the gods when the conscience within his mind said "Stop, in the name of God!"  Coming to his mental senses, he ceased from burning alive his beloved son by rescuing him from the power of superstition, man's first religion.  He then began to offer up the lives of animals instead.

Previously Abraham had another son, Ishmael, through Hagar, a hand maid. Abraham's wife, Sarah, said no son of her husband through Hagar would ever inherit his land.  Unusual for the times, people of the Hebrew religion obeyed a jealous woman's voice since it supported claim to Jewish land.

Eons later another grandson in the genealogical line of Hebrew heredity was Paul of Tarsus in Turkey (originally Asia Minor) who broke away from his Jewish roots and started a new religion.  Since the Hebrews rejected his foreign persuasion, Paul's followers were among the Gentiles and they became Christians at his first church in Antioch, Turkey.

Today older men train young soldiers to uphold these faiths in combat  over  cherished lands and its  oil in the Middle East–Jews, Christians and Muslims.  The United States is a secular democracy according to constitutional rule, but to most of the nation it comes across as Judeo-Christian.  And to the Muslims, US bombs come from this joint-rival religion.  (connected since Jesus was a Jew in the Hebrew Bible, that Paul carried over into Christianity.

Youths from this triangle of fire carry on the dissention that began in archaic times between two mothers whose Jewish faith split off into a Muslim faith.  And the rest of the world is threatened by toxic munitions in their hands and those of radical religious extremists through chemical and radio-active nuclear weaponry.

Right now the world has even more lethal worries such as nature's radical weather from accumulative industrial war emmissions and contagious diseases such as ebola.  We can't win over nature, but we can spend tazpayers money for health instead of religious deaths.

Young people in the United States have a choice of being recruited in armed forces or working as civilians.  If they join the military, they have a choice of working for peaceful defense instead of non-combative defense as objectors of killing other youths.  Perhaps the war department could metamorpholize into a Peace Department  for check and balance between life and death.

Mame,        helenesmith@(macdonaldsward)


Monday, October 20, 2014


O savage wars of mankind aren't kind in any way,
Cast out all bombs and enter in fresh peace for each new day,
We hear the loving angels, the great glad tidings tell.
Abide with us, instill in us non-violent citadels.

Dear Ones,

I shall always write on behalf of Earth's harmony that is the love song of Earth.

Mame,                               helenesmith1@(macdonaldsward)

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Human beings have the inherent right to speak and write whatever they desire, as did Adolph Hitler.  But it is up to the reader and listener to use good judgment and intellect in accepting or rejecting evil taught by those in positions of power.

Dear Ones,

Niccolo Machiavelli, 1469-1527, a Florentine historian, humanitarian and father of modern politics, exposed princes of his day invoking endless wars.  In so doing those in power influenced many naive military men down through the ages to use their ego, bully power and control to gain high authority.

This Italian reflected  in his writing  overpowering royalty through the popular phrase that is quoted even today–"The end justifies the means."  This directive led to unscrupulous leaders taking advantage of their inherited positions no matter the evil and the malice that incurred. This diabolical directional turned out to be the most treacherous and injurious advice of powerful world leaders.

The end result keeps on churning out immoral leaders whose main interest is in establishing their own militant authority that is not glorious.

Without indicating any names, the president who led the United States into invading, attacking and occupying Iraq in an illegal war, was previously reading a primary book to children in school when America was attacked September 11, 2001.  The only other book publicized about he read was another short book called The Prince.  It is my opinion that this militant book influenced the former president and his administration into plunging America into another Gulf Coast war for oil, what opened up endless bedlam, deaths and growing crises even today. (Some people believe, like the prince, that this is good for population control!–as long as they aren't part of the mortal count.)  Instead of using the laws of the land the reckless "prince" choice to use bully force.

These are some of the words of Machiavelli as he described the capricious princes au jour:

"It is not necessary, then, for a prince really to have virtues [compassionate, trustworthy, honest, etc]. . . but at least seems to have them . . . and can change to the opposite side and do it skillfully. . . It is therefore necessary that he has a mind capable in turning in whatever direction the winds of Fortune and the variations of affairs require, and . . .  that he should not depart from what is morally right, if he can observe it, but should know how to adopt what is bad, when he is obliged to. . . In the actions of all men, and especially those of princes, where there is no court to which to appeal, people think of the outcome.  A prince needs only to conquer and to maintain his position.  The means he has used will always be judged honorable and will be praised by everybody, because the crowd is always caught by appearance and by the outcome of events, and the crowd is all there is in the world; there is no place for the few when the many have room enough.  A certain prince of the present day [1400s], whom it is not good to name, preaches nothing else than peace and faith, and is well opposed to both of them, and both of them–if he had observed them–would many times have taken from him either his reputation or his throne."

The fear of loss of  imperial position is a political motive to day.  The  crowds of the few soon gain  strength and protest totalitarianism as the brave are doing today to gain their freedom and respect.

Mame,                                                                 helenesmith@(macdonaldsward)

Saturday, October 18, 2014


The anguish of such grief lasts until the person dies  Some people suffer alone in the shadows of their minds, while others grieve while keeping as busy as possible, such as writing or competing in sports and politics.

It has been said that circus clowns who laugh and make audiences happy, often hide sorrow within their souls over the death of a child–Red Skeleton immediately comes to mind.  Mark Twain wept in in silence over the deaths of his children, and how about the Kennedy family,

Dear Ones,

You know what I mean.  For many people observing the bereaved notice how eventually they regain their former light spirits–if they had them in the first place.  But the shock through death of a child is often covered up to face survival.  On the outside those affected for life seem to be jolly or at least happy.  But deep down within those whose loses pulse with each heart beat, there are additional chambers within the heart that never forgets.

Faces of the bereaved sometimes reflect the cheeriest smiles.  But this is often a defense mechanism and a way of people subconsciously whispering, "I don't want to be asked how I feel, for those who have not lost a child have not seen the chained gates in dark caverns of hell where's there's no retreat."

Robin Williams was the lead in a profound movie about where have all the dreams gone.  The character he played lost two youths in an accident.  Williams captured on film the very essence of emotion and passion of love, children and death.

Some people take on new hobbies or dedicate themselves to helping others.  In this respect I think of doctors without borders, many who have lost a child, trying to save the lives of other children. Think of the world's youths who are recruited to kill other youths, while these doctors are trained to save young people and keep their families from the tragedy of their early deaths.

Think of all the parents who have lost their children, sacrificed as in the days of yore for "war what for"–a 1910 title of a book condemning combat.  War economies depend upon the lives of youths who often die or commit suicide, as its ammunition and bombs cause genocidal, generational child deformities. Chemical ammo causing forced abortions among citizens rain down upon mothers with little children nuked and pregnant women.  Through lethal droppings of aggression from the sky, parents are the only ones who hear the cries of their afflicted babies forever blown in the wind. The vulture of war pecks upon the carrian of the young.

Think of masters of war proudly proclaiming in public prayer, "We're thankful for all the soldiers who have sacrificed their youths and their lives for us." There's a certain blasphemy in uttering such a statement. The  high brass who have never witnessed combat or the death of a child, are clueless.

They come and go speaking of Michelangelo and wastelands of corpses strewn out on rural fields and urban war zones–blood and guts.  T. S. Eliot wrote poetry with masked thoughts still true to this day.

Oh. how proud the glory and patriotism of war, never having to look into the face of tears, strife and no return.  Not all Johnnys come marching home, 

Mame,    helenesmith@(macdonaldsward)

Thursday, October 16, 2014


By now–through former Vice President, Al Gore–we know carbon dioxide keeps accumulating and increasing nature's carbon with an overload of each industrial war that keeps polluting Earth.  This world contamination fuels a crisis causing  radical weather that in turn triggers tsunamis, earthquakes  with explosive world disasters.  Again, we must stress that war is the largest carbon monster in the world with its toxic industrial emissions pumping out continuous amounts of chemicals on land, sea and in the air.

Dear Ones,

There's even more underlying causes of war that is also the largest gas guzzler in the world.
The Bush Administration wanted control over Middle Eastern oil.  Around the same time they made plans for a US pipeline in Afghanistan.  The scheme was also to attack, invade and occupy Iraq, the area of Mesopotamia, called the Cradle of Civilization.

The pipe dream was making its way through this region in the shadows of uncivilized war and gun smoke. The September11, 2001 attack on the United States clenched the deal to take over, while at the same plans were made to assassination one man–the leader who threatened that something horrible would happen to America if it's military bases weren't removed from Saudi Arabia.  Instead of negotiating, an all out premeditated oil war was committed that opened up Pandora's Box of devastation continuing today in civil wars among rival Muslim sects.

General Colin Powell, Secretary of War, warned that if the US invaded Iraq we bought it.  Well, the present administration has inherited this oil catastrophe lock, stock and barrel.  The ongoing aftermath of this Gulf War is still provoking world problems in civil wars and radical extremists causing violence and terrorism.  We are now reaping the tail winds of this futile combat.
Now we must act quickly and turn to alternative, renewable energy instead of being obsesses with dinosaur fueles,  While I write, wind farms and solar energy are already gaining strength and the price is coming down.  As this clean energy keeps making encouraging strides the entire Earth is already benefiting with less carbon in the atmosphere and environment.

The United States can regain its good reputation with the rest of the world by taking a lead in helping to eliminate green house gas emissions and set a good example to lessen the burden of carbon dioxide.  The real global warming is also a global warning.

Mame,   helenesmith@(macdonaldsward)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Could ionizers that filter out toxic air-borne material–bacteria and microorganisms such as viruses–keep passengers from getting diseases?  Ionizing is a system of alternating ion charges between positive and negative ions. Hospitals already use ionizing washing machines to sanitize sheets and pillow cases. They don't need soap so this is also a saving for health institutions.

Dear Ones,

Wouldn't it be great if people could travel by air and not fear the air in all senses of the word! 



Right now worldwide extremist men freely get away with murder in the name of their religion.  But what if they were incarcerated?  What if international prisons were converted to improved institutions where employment is 100%?  What if all the inmates made hazmet suits for ebola hospital units and for workers cleaning up chemicals and oils spills on land and sea?  Why couldn't they also make hospital masks and foot ware to prevent ebola?  Why can't prison officials be creative.

Dear Ones,

Reformed prisons would compel criminals to work for the benefit of health for all forms of life and the betterment of Earth's environment.  A shot of female hormones would also help counteract over-active testosterone, too.

America has its own problems housing more prisoners than any other nation.  Besides manufacturing hazmet suits,  etc, inmates could be productive in making items for building shelters for the homeless. These people are often mental patients from drug abuse and other reasons, abandoned for the most part on the streets. The mentally ill are capable in most ways and occupational therapy, while helping them,  can also be productive for society.

Prisoners in the United States have made license plates for vehicles for years.  Now prisons could add quintessential  products to their lists.  In the present world hazmat suits are the order of the day to combat man-made dilemmas.  Put prisoners to work as the rest of the world works.  Why should convicts get free bread & board and medical care without having to labor like everyone else?


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


What if North America would have been bombed and droned in its hey day of violence by good intentions to rid others of fanatical totalitarian cults?  Each nation must take care of its own religious problems.  Fortunately for the United States its founding fathers made laws about keeping state and church separate.

Dear Ones,

Although the  the US has since then transgressed from this good wisdom, at least the church is no longer torturing people during bloody Crusades and the deadly Inquisition as well as its militant tribunal.  Church preachers still proselytize to get new members, but a least they no longer kill people for not believing in its absolutist dogma.

The church has reformed ever more so than the Reformation that separated the protestors of the Roman Catholic Church from the original cult–defined as a religion that worships one mortal man as a god.  In aftermath centuries  of such an inhumane institution, other rival Abrahimic cults are copying this past archaic gruesome cruel history.

However, Muslim extremists are now mimicking the outmoded original church by killing those who denounce their newly contrived  dogmas (contrary to Muhammad's  good, moral teaching through Islam) with terrorism fueling criminal minds.   Civilization must be controlled through civil law and order to stop this growing menace on Earth.  It is not up to other nations to take care of foreign black sheep. 

Unfortunately former ulterior motives for invading, attacking and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan historically lurk under so-called altruism.  Please see next post for the control of world oil, an atrocity of the former administration carried over to the present time.

Besides, rival religions–such as any Judeo-Christian zealous War Department–attempting to stop this ancient circle of bigoted fire with more fire continue to foam and threaten Earth and all life.

Repeating myself from a former post–for emphasis–only when world religious authoritarians stop preaching that their persuasions are the best and only ones will this slaughter cease.  Free speech does not include false statements such as "Fire!"to clear a building for ominous means.

It took a Civil War to stop bigoted racism in North America, but law and order is now controlling the Ku Klux Klan and Anglo Nazi cults in the US.  But if they again raise their ugly heads, I hope no nation decides to drone us to get rid of our own problem. Collateral damage is always a grim side affect of any such extermination.

Since the founding fathers put a wall between church and state, the democratic government of the United States has an obligation to not permit radical extremists from carrying out violence. Legitimate prisons and penal laws are built for such criminal terrorists that decapitate for power and control.  Think secular law and order instead of sectarian counter terrorism that is counter productive.

When men make up their own ideological doctrines and satanic rituals carried out from the dark past,  with biased government enforcing these invented laws, chaos reigns throughout the land.

     "Bayonet and sword must first retreat . . . and lastly, will be transferred to the museum of the curious as poisoning and torture are at this day."

                                                                                                                            –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mame,   helenesmith@(macdonaldsward)

Sunday, October 12, 2014


                      "There's No Safetty in War"–Virgil born in 70 BCE

The French have a word for spoils of war–butin de guerra.  Illegal munitions that spoil Earth to gain power, natural resources and control through religion amount to genetic genocide.  Deformed babies silenced in the munition abortion of war result when men fail to negotiate and communicate with diplomacy.  This futility of combat is only the top of the volcano that needs to be expunged from Earth.  The spoils of war in ill-gotten aggression erupt in human atrocities and climate chaos.

Dear Ones,

Bob Dyan wrote heart-wrenching lyrics in his song Masters of War addressing world war departments and radical extremist religionists:

"You throw the worst fear that can ever be hurled, fear to bring children into the world, fear threatening my unborn and unnamed. You ain't worth the blood that runs in your veins."

Albert Einstein was even more demonstrative:

"How vile and despicable war seems to me.  I would rather be hacked to pieces than take part in such an abominable business . . . . Nothing will stop wars until the people themselves refuse to go to war."

Instead of war, the United States needs to put its money where its most quintessential concern is–ebola and other domestic responsibilities.  Religion radicals must be squelched with law and order in and near their own homelands.

The radical Christian KKK and other supremacists cowardly covering their faces in the US once roamed the land free-willingly at a time when bigotry was allowed in  lynching American Africans and American Indians–because those in political power and control were of the same ilk! 

Today racism, although still rampant as wild horses in the US, is not condoned and is seen as a deadly blight on civilization.  No foreign nation came over and dropped bombs on North America to kill these ruthless killers wearing white sheets having big red crosses  painted on their fronts. Instead

I immediately think of dear Bobbie Burns who said, "O, if ithers" could only see us doing the same thing we hate in others.

All wars of aggression open Pandora's Box of evil thoughts and evil actions.

Mame,  helenesmith@(macdonaldsward)

Saturday, October 11, 2014


My parents purchased a set of encyclopedias for the family when I was a child.  Years ago salesmen selling these books by the volumes used to go door to door. For me I valued these research archives very highly and passed them on to my children.  Part of the gig was that for a vew extra dollars each year a now volume of the latest information would be sent to you.

Dear Ones,

Recently a local library bulletin board posted a sign for people donating books: "No encyclopedias  older than five years are accepted."  I'm sure in this high-tech age many libraries declare this statement for their book sales.  So what should the public do with outdated books of knowledge and dictionaries, too?

With modern conveniences, including "Google," there's no longer a need for such information for most of the population.  Many  of us are spoiled with all methods of communication.  But what about the impoverished in America?  Not all families have money to purchase computers, I-pads and the latest technology?  Often children don't know what an encyclopedia is.  Kids can't drive themselves to libraries.

Many youths have never read books written by the ancient and modern world's great authors.  How can young people distinguish trash from  inspiring literature?   TV provides instant graphic delights for children, especially in cartoons.  But the words of a well-written book children and adults remember for a lifetime–adventure, nostalgia of the past and projection into the world of the future.

Encyclopedias recycled for paper or burned become knowledge gone up in smoke.  These same books can be donated to the poor or to institutions not providing computers and other technology.  Even the first volume of an encyclopedia is better than none.  Kids receiving it may not get a whole picture of the world, but  at least they have the potential of learning the meaning of words all that begin with the letter "A."

Within various pools of genes on Earth, children have the potential of being smarter than their parents.  Many of them thirst for knowledge.  So way should they become parched when they can drink from the fountains of what makes the world become so very worth while?



Friday, October 10, 2014


Two contrary laws stand today opposed; one law of blood and death which, inventing daily new means of combat, obliges the nations to be ever prepared for battle; the other a law of peace, of labor, of salvation, which strives to deliver man from the scourges which assail him;

One looks only to violent conquest; the other for the relief of suffering humanity.  The one would sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives to the ambitions of a single individual.  The other places a single human life above all victories.

The law of which we are the instruments essays even in the midst of carnage to heal the wounds caused by the law of war.

Dear Ones,

The above words are not mine but instead those of Louis Pasteur, at the opening of Pasteur Insitute.


Thursday, October 9, 2014


The term "race" was first used in the Hebrew Bible meaning a rival race, such as those competing on chariot horse tracks in Roman Coliseums. Today the word means political race as well as physical profiling. 

Dear Ones,

What a dichotomy!–speaking out of one side of the mouth condemning racial profiling while at the same time pegging others as blacks or whites–started in the late 1700s when a radical German religionist  decided to divide humanity into different colors–completely unnecessary. 

Racial profiling to separate us one from another caused nothing but trouble in a hierarchy with white–made up of all prismatic colors– top banana  Even though all our palms and soles are the same human tone of complexion, we have a fixation on calling each other colors, like the Blues and the Grays.. How ludicrous when the sun  is is our real savior, life everlasting.

Nevertheless, religious, racial wars rage on.  Earth is parched and scorched while War Departments keep committing aggression and have not a clue.

         Boom Boomerang!  Boom  Boomerang!  Boon Boomerang !
         As vengeance keeps exploding and exploding and exploding

Black clouds of carbon smoke filtered through TV appear daily.  We drink our coffee through myopic eyes not able to see through to the distant future of more lethal destruction by our own hands and those of extremists of all kinds.

Mame.  helenesmith@(macdonaldsward)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Women and children, disproportionately American Africans, make up most of these unfortunate residents of Jacksonville, with many victims of drug abuse out of disparity.  Duval County alone has skyrocketed to more than 8,000 people having no homes. Without going into to the details of this national dilemma, the drama, Where Eagles Fly, has been written and involves Jacksonville's homeless inhabitants.

This script is also a love story and mystery with a surprise ending.  The main characters are homeless veterans, including an ex-circus clown and acrobat for comic relief.  The protagonist, Cherokee McKee, comes up with a unique idea to overcome this problem facing humanity. His constant companions are two large stray dogs who followed him from a park one day.  He calls them 'Search" and "Destroy."

The main character comes up with an ingenious idea of creating a recycled community–"Terraconcord Gardens" in which the homeless live as they conduct their own village government and take care of their own needs and those of their friends agonizing from addictions.  His fantasy comes to fruition, as he struggles through making it happen, even suffering from an attack by a gang of thieves.

Much of the dialogue reflects how combat wars have ruined the play's characters as these former soldiers are desperately trying to get their lives back. The theme, although negative, turns out quite positive and lighthearted.  The entire manuscript, novel and play, is enlightened by the characters enthusiasm and need for a joyous life after having come through the tragedies and atrocities of war.  It is a producer and director's dream because it involves the pathos of humanity trying to survive–the facts of life with a happy ending.

This novel-drama, a new literary form, is ready to be performed on stages across the nation.  The manuscript is also written as a movie script. It is now being released for the first time to those interested in having encouraging words become alive on the stage. The playwright is willing to donate her royalties to the cause of United States poverty–human beings who have lost their homes, especially after sacrificing their lives to warfare, with many of the soldiers committing suiricde.

Mame, who has had all her plays produced and read in theaters for more than one performance–included Fission, Fusion, Fission–the making of the H-bomb, at the request of Bill Beyer–nuclear physicist from Los Alamos, New Mexico.    helenesmith@(macdonaldsward)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Religious institutions should be respected for their humane teaching.  But when mortal leaders twist archaic words into death for not converting to foreign doctrines, they become evil even unto their own gods.  Sadly throughout history this has been a long record of abuse that has never changed and is rising in the present time by radical extremists.  Calling people heretics and killing them if they don't comply to their belief systems is bluntly religious murder, as in the bloody crusades.  In the meantime, such ideologies that become corrupt against humanity are overlooked as their institutions get a pass when it comes to income property taxes.

Dear Ones,

The first US income tax was associated with aggression.  It was levied during the Civil War to help pay for all it's destruction and ammunition to boot–an unnecessary ongoing burden of combat added to necessary internal domestic upkeep.  It sure taxes one's brain that blind faith institutions are exempt from federal property taxes.  This is outright taxation without representation.

Many secular institutions are charitable but pay property taxes. Just what do churches do that keep government out of their pocket?  Weddings and funerals are able to keep going without any aid from churches–especially since they are new innovations compared to other matters in the life of Earth–what really matters. Young people today often choose the locations for these joyous and sad events along beaches, in boats and at remote exotic places not in sight of a church–and with them composing their own vows and choosing their own music, mostly non-organ and non-organic.

It's exasperating that no national churches are represented in sharing federal income property taxes! How interesting it would be to calculate the amount of free territory US churches own.  In colonial days missionaries cruelly took over First American lands by merely building foreign churches on them–forced upon indigenous people as priests burned the natives' cultural art and even forbade the original people from braiding their hair!

It looks like religion–although supposed to be separate from the state–is still wagging the dogma tail into a frenzy.  Tax payers are in a fury enough by having to pay extra hard-earned money to compensate for the loss of revenue through the pulpit of imbecilic fairy tales.  Churches represent the largest lucrative business in the Americas by taxing their own members in all senses of the word.

Without a sense of history, most young people think the Inquisition is a a new position.  The Christian Inquisition and Militant Tribunal meant religious punishment for being a heretic–stretching people in death and torturing them with demonic brutality.  There's even a term called "church militant," the blazing truths!  When I was a young girl I was given the impression that the words heathen and heretic meant sinner.  But when I got over my naivete' I realized it meant nothing more than a dissenter of Roman Catholic doctrine and Protestants–the protesters as well.

The Inquisition was founded by a priest by the name of Dominic in the 12th century. This violence and terrorism lasted until the 20th century, with people of European descent still vibrating from it in their DNA.  Why else would priests and other Christians still tremble from fear to say they no longer believe in tom foolery–which has nothing to do with morals and the conscience.  Today, young people, oblivious to church atrocities, leave in a heartbeat.  In the United States the Inquisition caused  people to be burned alive or hanged as witches and wizards and for other religious reasons as recent as 1930.  What a record of corruption.  This fact does not refer to good Christians who only believe in the loving teaching of Jesus of Nazareth,

In reality the Inquisition is lasting up to the present through a "Holy Office" now euphemized as a word beyond recognition–as if no one would know what it meant.  And don't forget Michael Servetus who did research on pulmonary science, was burned at the stake under the influence of John Calvin, a Protestant–the founder of the sect Calvinism.  Servetus was accused of not adhering to one of Calvin's new church doctrines–the reason for thousands of rival Protestant churches as members breaking away and inventing their own dogma.

So much for that.  Back to the inequality of income tax on property, funds that churches should have paid that must amount to zillions.  Just think what good could be done with this delinquent money!

Mame      helenesmith@macdonaldsward  Helene Jingleheimer Smith (for a little levity)

Monday, October 6, 2014


Dawn breaking news!  This morning with the first appearance of the Morning Star in the eastern sky the Sun Goddess, "Appola," spoke to me from the cosmos about global peace. (WARNING: This is all made up.) But unlike warnings on pharmaceutical bottles about side affects, warnings are quintessential regarding militant so-called solutions since violence confrontation effects all forms of life.  This proposition is presented to the law making United States Senate and the support of the House of Representatives for an amendment to federal laws.  We're talking about the greatest good for Earth's peoples.

If the most holy of the holies can declare that God spoke to them, then one of the most unholy of the unholies who doesn't attend church can likewise say she heard a voice from Paradise telling her a solution for  international peace.  In other words, two can play the same game staged on Earth's theater of the macabre–meaning youth-killing wars.

The utmost candor is needed to guide the world into peace versus wars–what the world wants now.   But law religions keep wars foaming with rival absolute dogma decreed that each is the only true religion.  Folks, this is an impossible miracle.  Any  competitive law religion having top power and priority would collapses in an upside down political pyramid.  Even Mount Rushmore would topple with as many carved rock heads as there are of sectarian persuasions.

Besides, goddesses are all powerful.  Not only are they nurturing but they can perform miracles like virgin births!–what people have believed for centuries without batting an eye.  Isis was known in the Greco-Roman world as the Queen of Life and paradoxically as the Crone of Death.

This ancient mythological virgin god of Egypt was called the creator of life,  too, since she gave birth to Horus on December 25, the first magical son of god.  Such a familiar ancient story copied by numerous religions was told by James Fraser in his book The Golden Bough–what  sheds light on many of our human mysteries–a must read.

Dear Ones,

I am excited emotionally over the enlightenment I have gleaned from decades of research into archives, long before Google appeared on the horizon.  So I want to share this with you.  A man once wrote that if you are not emotionally motivated in writing with feeling, you might as well forget the effort.  In other words, your words are as limp as un-starched stuffed shirts without the vigor of enthusiasm.

Now, here is the proposal.  Since religious people are always praying and since they get breaks by not having to pay their share of federal property taxes in their institutions, why doesn't Congress pass a rule to require all religious possessing land to help carry the burden–as the rest of the nation does. Let religionists put their prayers to work where there mouths are.

Members of religious institutions have been praying for universal harmony for centuries but with no success.  Now, with money the bottom line, it will work!–with the help of positive psychcology–so America is respected once again, this time with even greater esteem and power of love driving world peace.

Just think if the multitude of big and small churches throughout the United States–especially the mega ones–were required to pay property taxes.  The zillions of dollars that would come into the federal coffers would be overwhelming,  It would be enough to form a Peace Defense Department as check and balance for the present War Department that is defenseless.

Employers in a Department of Defense for Peace would have an abundance of funds to pay their employees with the same amount the War Department doles out, with special perks, too.  But what is more, workers for peace would not have to sacrifice their lives in war zones.

And wild turkey hawkish prayers would not be made by the militant praising soldiers for their bloody sacrifices.  Besides, War Department employees could always switch over to the Peace Department and their families and friends would not have to mourn their deaths or being crippled for a life-time from combat.  No more battle stress or suicides from war nightmares of terrorism. Neither would they risk having deformed babies from lethal toxic munitions.  Be peace strong!

Imagine a church built on nearly every corner and between buildings on streets of America now contributing to the nation's tax structure.  Just think of the tax impact collected!  These brand new funds together with constant prayer for peace would be powerful enough to make it happen,  It would be a certain foolproof method for world harmony.  It would be enough to stop pious guilt of shirking national duty.

I hope this proposal reaches the eyes of Congress.  If only it would happen.  Can anyone out there somewhere in the world make it happen!? I don't have any clout.  But I know there are feeling authorities who do have influence in high places. Thank you for reading my blog and listening to  words of reason that most of the world share about international peace,

Love to all, big and small,

Mame, parallel female name for Mark Twain     helenesmith@(macdonaldsward) 

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Again, lethal mutations resulting from endless poisonous emissions are especially prominent among combatant soldiers handling chemical and radioactive nuclear weaponry.  Animals are dangerously increasing as extinct from the same mutations and birth malformations that warfare cause. Toxic fumes from corporate industrial war–in the air, on the land and under the seas–are killing all forms of life and continuing on into the future–if wars do not cease.

Dear Ones,

After years of accumulative war munitions Earth continues to suffer and eventually will  extinguish us all if militant weaponry does stop being manufactured with greenhouse gases contaminating the world.

When nature becomes unbalanced its super power affects man and animals alike with babies born having two heads as in Fallujah, Iraq that was carpet bombed during the Bush
Administration war.  Even frogs are being hatched, smothered in war pollution.

I'm glad Bill Maher had the candor on his recent show to emphasize this universal fear.

Mame      helenesmith@(macdonaldsward)

Friday, October 3, 2014


Cleaning up government needs to be a priority in the United States.  Anglo laws have always favored Anglo-Saxons. Decapitation among foreign radical terrorists is no different than hanging minority members in mob lynchings by American vigilantes.  These abnormal actions all involve the human head.  Creative, progressive minds are needed more than ever before to squelch our own ingrained  prejudices.

Dear Ones,

Those who do not know or forget the racial history in the Americas are oblivious to the facts of organized domestic terrorism and violence.  Ever since the 1700 antebellum period and the aftermath of the US Civil War, lynchings by Caucasians against American Africans have been rampant.

Dear Ones,

Call it diabolical, demonic or satanic–call it what you may. But the honest truth is obvious. We have more terrorists in this nation than any of us realize–even Nazi "white" supremacy. Look up the large state wanting to secede from the US for a totalitarian government so it can proselytize and force its twisted ideologies onto converts without any intervention,

The US is still physical profiling  people of African decent.  Although we got over calling Asians yellow and American Indians red, we are obsessed with labeling humans the most rival non-colors of all. This fixation is causing a cultural lag that keeps Americans down as we humiliate one another.

In 1933 and 1940 anti-lynching laws were introduced on Capitol Hill, but the Senate hierarchy rejected them.  The most recent  execution of what people say "a white against a black" was in 1997. This was the first time, ever since 1913, that a Caucasian was given a death penalty for lynching an American African.

Lynching is a form of punishment without legality that dysfunctional men commit against people having more protective pigment than themselves.  This fear via terrorism is still manifesting itself in modern times by ignorant, barbaric madmen who lack self-esteem and carry out missions to terrify and "keep people in their place"–now an outmoded expression of bigotry.

Lynchings increase during social and economical stress.  For years an American African woman, Ida B. Wells, fought hard to eliminate lynchings.  Later the NAACP took over to keep lynchings down to a roar.

The main culprit was the US organized Ku Klux Klan.  For centuries lynchings have hanged the innocent. Even though this crime is now a felony the court system is lax in enforcing punitive measures.  In 1964 The Civil Rights Act was passed, which has helped.  Even though lynching is now past history, it still erupts in an age of progress where wild frontier mentality smolders underground.

Gun-happy killers and reckless bombs destroy innocent people by mistake. There's no such thing as a smart bomb.  Collateral damage is slaughtering civilians without criminal records. These  unintentional deaths reflect a tentacle of any military assassination drone.

Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad all upheld the ancient universal golden rule, "Don't do to others what you don't want done to you."  Let each nation control its own terrorists with law and order.  Responsible leaders must train their own forces not to kill but instead enforce diplomacy and negotiation as they practice civility through legal channels.

Should  other nations form a coalition and drone US organized criminals whose institutions have been terrorists for decades?  The answer is obviously "no." But let us think before doing something to others that we don't want done to us.

Mame    Helene Smith@(macdonaldsward)

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Spoons are good for many things.  But what hap-hap-hap-happened to them?  It makes you want to stutter like Porky Pig in Looney Tune comics.  I haven't been abroad for years so I don't know about foreign spoons. But in my recent travels from New York, Pennsylvania and all the way down to Florida I observed that restaurant spoons are missing from tables, underneath tables and all around the dining rooms.

Dear Ones,

In all our wildest imaginations, I can only conjecture what has happened to the missing spoons. Perhaps it's like Pete Seeger's song, "Where have all the flowers gone . . . and soldiers graves, in long time passing, gone to flowers everyone, O, when will they ever learn . . . ?"

Perhaps a government recall has collected them from restauranteurs to be melted into metal, as in colonial days when pewter spoons were abundant.  Could the feds have converted them into silver and gold weaponry, as visioned by taxpayers, some of which have not enough funds to even put food on the table, let alone spoons.

Moving right along with reasons for the conundrum, I am puzzled enough to come up a number of fanciful reasons.  Perhaps little children are stealing them for sand boxes.  They make useful tools for digging on beaches, too.  This reminds me of a Civil War re-enactor who told me about his recent purchase.  During the War Between the North and the South, a general had enough of savage combat.  He thrust his sword into the sand.  There it remained until a beachcomber spotted a bright object on a remote island.  He dug around it and pulled up a treasure prize worth a pirates ransom.

Getting back to the puzzle of spoons, you wonder if restauranteurs are hording them.  But this would only take up valuable space.  You could always ask for a spoon.  But that would be like requesting a menu. We are conditioned to seeing spoons on tables when we go out to eat.

On the other hand, maybe customers are taking the spoons to make jewelry out of them, such as bracelets and pendants.  Or maybe they are using them for kitchen cupboard handles. I used to bend antique spoons for this novel purpose.

When ordering soup, everyone is presented with a spoon.  Maybe we all should order soup or ice cream dessert before lunches or dinners.  At any rate, spoons are good for scooping up sauces, gravy and savory goodies left on the plate.

You can't even get a spoon to stir your coffee or tea these days.  Yet in high end restaurants you are presented with three different knives, two forks and not a spoon in sight.  Fast food places serve spoons even though they are plastic, and likened to plastic bags, are thrown out to clog up oceans and streams that harm the environment.

Even though you are lucky enough to get a spoon with a bowl of soup, it's usually a table spoon. So what's going on with the nation's tableware?  Maybe the restaurant owners themselves just want to conserve water without having to wash so much utensils.

But what has happened to all the spoons they once used but are now storing?  Maybe the proprietors   are shipping them to the Far East for money to help run their US establishments.  What if Chinese and Japanese are molding them into little ornamental  spoons for  collectors to hang on small shelves displaying novelties having international names of countries on them–to be sold back to the Americas.

In terms of metaphoric fairy tales, perhaps heaven is low on spoons, as people often say, "He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth."

Mame      (MacDonald Sward)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Law religions must completely be separate from governments. Rising voices of the people want their nations to be secular–no religious-binding ties–for good reason.  Sectarian ideological laws are lethal to humanity since they have demonic weaknesses.  Such governments become killers in the hands of those in power who are programmed to kill and torture those who don't obey man-made laws.  Non-separated law religious faiths invent laws and their governments enforce them by exterminating non-believers.

Dear Ones,

Early founding fathers of America made sure religion was kept out of satanic hands of religionists who are ignorant and fixate on changing their own persuasions to warrior faiths.  George Washington, Thomas Paine, John Adams and James Madison personally insisted that a wall separates blind faith from visionary law and order that is quintessential for human survival.

All these original founders had come through the vicious Catholic Inquisition spilled over into Protestant mentality as well.  They fled Europe as they risked their lives in rickety wooden boats to cross the sea to escape claws of suppression and oppression by religious masters, 

But now this same warped thinking is being forced among radical terrorist extremists committing violence toward their fellow men.  Originally churches, in coalition with government law, burned  unbelievers alive at the stake.  Today religiosity has poisoned male minds into decapitating those who refuse to become religious convert.  Man-made paradise is pie in the sky when you die.  Men who are copy-cats are oblivious to world history.

In  other words–what conditioned men say "ain't so"–because cruel imperialists make up stories regarding the afterlife since we all are ignorant about it and therefore ignorant people unaware of the good teaching of their leaders can get away with murder by slaughtering those having rival beliefs!

Among the most cowardly movements in the world are the following misconceptions:

1. The Great Commission to convert the entire world to one bigoted religion;  2. Manifest Destiny to take lands from original inhabitants of the Americas and Christianize them;  3. Nazi Final Decision to exterminate Hebrew people and 4. totalitarians building walls to keep other related people out.  The United States has no walls among its states that stay united in harmony still exists among the people in the land of freedom and democracy.

Mame    certified historian  (MacDonald Sward)