Saturday, January 31, 2015


When planes carpet bomb nations only the combat soldiers suffer as kids do, with very little care or notice. The military mainly takes note of how many soldiers die. But who's counting the other  carnage–killed children, their beloved dogs and cats and other innocent lives?

Dear Ones,

In 2003 the US bombed secular Iraq illegally with toxic chemical ammunition and genetic deforming genocidal weapons outlawed in urban war zones by International Law.  The only bit of help for children came from government tricycles sent to a nation in smoldering ruins, jagged glass, slivered wood, rusty nails and chunks of blasted concrete in a mishmash of contaminated water.
It was impossible for bombed out children to ride over such ugly debris without being killed or getting tetanus.  So what became of these toys?  Resourceful Iraq men took the wheels off and made wheel chairs for their crippled children. So at least the millions of tax payer money did some good in helping war-torn children.

Mame, author of ERASE RACE!  abolitionist against bogus religious race that causes endless wars–a 50-year goal and counting

Friday, January 30, 2015


The Roman Catholic Inquisition under monk Dominic at the order of Pope Innocent III lasted from 1233 until the 1900s.  It is still operating under a euphemistic term for "Holy" Office of censorship.  1n 1814 Napoleon banned French religionist thugs punishing unbelievers and stealing their property for the church, as it also did to confiscate gold from First Native Americans. But a few years later the Inquisition was active again.

 Dear Ones,

The Roman Catholic Church imprisoned so many people who would not confirm to church dogmas that there was not enough room to incarcerate them.  So the church and state working in cahoots with one another burned over 2000 innocent people alive!  Anyone not aware of world history has no clue about the danger of rapid religion. The present Tea Party is reverting back to medieval mindsets and poses new threats of breaking constitutional rule of an iron wall between church and state.  Once the camel gets its nose into the tent, it's  in like Flynn.

Besides the bloody Crusades and the cross-bearing Inquisition the absolutist, proselytizing church for nine centuries actively forced terrorism on innocent people. This punishment included stretching to death heretics, what meant unbelievers, as well as  burning them alive at the stake.  Even Michael Servetus died this way, a scientist and scholar who improved pulmonary medical advances.  This subhuman evil was committed at the order of John Calvin, a Protestant protestor against the radical extremist Catholic Church

When Catholic Spain got into the business of ruthless brutality the king and queen threw out all Jews from their nation. At this time when they sent Christopher Columbus around the world for a new trade route, the Inquisition became even more sinister by exterminating Hebrew people as they also banned them from Spain.  At that time the  rallying cry of Christians was, "Jews killed our God."

 Religion is independent of reason, thinking and common sense.

"A divorce between church and state should be absolute."–President James Garfield

Mame,  poet, author of the Supreme Grand Inquisitor,  Spanish TORQUEMADA

Thursday, January 29, 2015


The most egregious world problem resulted from the dilemma of color-coding humanity, now left with  a checkered history of ruthless, brutal wars ever since Caucasians believed they were the "chosen people of God." In turn nation's historically themselves believed each one was chosen by their personal deity because they originally didn't know each other existed, before there were maps.

Dear Ones,

In 1950 The 20th Century Encyclopedia included this definition of Caucasian that takes in "the so-called" white race originally believed to have lived in Europe, southwestern Asia and northern Africa, before there was knowledge about the Americas and other lands.

"Caucasian is a term introduced into ethnology by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach in the late 1770s. His classification of mankind was applied to one of the five great races into which all the different nations of the world are divided. Blumenbach believed Caucasian was the original race from which the others were derived. This charlatan gave his caste system the epithet of Caucasian perfection–mountaineer inhabitants [Russians].  His classification was later  divided into Aryan or Indo-European and Semitic languages, the latter also involving three related religions based on the Hebrew Bible.

Blumenbach was also the German inventor of these bogus races (originally species by Carlos Linnaeus), the former who separated man into rival sport colors–black, red, white and yellow–the Father of Race who influenced Hitler and Nazi Germany to scheme the monstrous inhumane  Holocaust during WWII.

We have abolished the redskins and the yellow skins, but we have a big problem shaking off "blacks and whites"–especially since the adjective black mostly means the negative–why Caucasians obsess  to keep them at the bottom of the competitive color pyramid that also is influenced by religion.

"The time has come to knock off this religion business in American politics. There's no end to the mischief that can occur."–Senator Lowell Weicker

Mame, author of children's book Walking Stick, a fantasy about insects that fight eternally–with the "Mighty Mites" the most aggressive


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Without dwelling on mad, evil machinations of political power, it's so sad that army and local snipers kill thousands of protesting citizens and innocent children under one regime.

Dear Ones,

It's the same old same old–three related law religions killing one another at the command of their deities whom they only imagine.  When the Roman Empire worshiped mythological gods and goddesses the people never fought over their universal lords.

But ever since worship was broken down to one god, each nation or groups of people put their own choice up on a throne as the absolute one. And we all know how absolutism corrupts absolutely.

The New Testament was written and influenced by Hebrew Paul of Tarsus (now Turkey). His Middle Eastern God became the only one in his eyes. The Great Commission was written in his time that commanded everyone to proselytize at the threat of death–as they suffered stretch machines, burned alive at the stake or beheaded as Roman emperors displayed the dripping, bloody heads on stakes along the Apian Way for all to see and obey.

However, we forget our own religious history and look aghast as others mimic the Pauline Inquisition and its brutal criminal court that didn't know the meaning of justice.

"As you know, the Inquisition is an admirable and wholly Christian invention to make the pope and the monks more powerful and turn a whole kingdom into hypocrites."–Voltaire, the world's greatest historian satirist in his times."

I re-read this quotation after watching on TV the House of Representatives speaker pray to his god to honor him in heaven.  So where's the separation of church and state?

"Religious observances and public prayers tend toward indoctrination or meaningless ritual and should be omitted for both reasons>"–United Presbyterian Church General Assembly

Mame,  abolishionist to eliminate name-calling human beings rival non-colors– black and white that bring dissension, wars and wounded  as well as dead warriors–youth sacrifices for man's obsession for power, greed and control

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I have a goal. To abolish the affliction of divisive color-coding that ends up in religious racial snarling wars of violence and terrorism.  You say that can't be done.  That's what they said about slavery in America.

Dear Ones,

The father of race, German, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, used Carlos Linnaeus' classification of species and turned them into physical profiling through colors in the late 1770s.

Ever since then religious racial wars have became manifold, with more conquest for power, greed and control than ever before as varied sectarian religions and their dogmas  are as many as there are people with their own convictions.

This separation of human beings influenced Hitler and Nazi Germany in attempting to be the master race.  He invented a hierarchy of a  caste system that Caucasians and Indo-Europeans ran with and ended up in the horrible, Holocaust–a genocidal serial crime against humanity as toxic military munitions and non-depleted uranium weapons are outlawed by International Law, but not enforced.

No wonder why world wars are endless as they smolder and fire up annually.
"Half the wars of Europe, half he internal troubles that have vexed European States . . . have arisin theological differences or from the rival claims of church and state."–The American Commonwealth, 1888

Now add the additional terrorism of Muslim and Jewish wars of more recent eras with all the slaughter.

Mame,   author or drama The Return of Aaron Burr, a ghost history taking place in St. Marys, GA

Monday, January 26, 2015


It's so easy to criticize other religions when one's own persuasion is similar as to intent regarding extremist behavior against women in a paternalistic world.  It was biblical Paul of Tarsus from Asia Minor (now Turkey) who said that women must cover their hair  or have it shaven, as some authors write against "strangled, twisted hair" to keep the devil out.

Dear Ones,

The three Semitic related religions of the Middle East that base their faith on the Hebrew Bible have for centuries held women in low esteem, even though their mothers are the ones who went through labor to give them birth.

During the US Civil War, no women were permitted to join the military. Over four hundred women disguised themselves as men and marched along with their husbands into combat. However, female spies were in abundance.

Even in recent years, compared to ancient times, my aunt had to sign a contract that any money she eared as a teacher and later a principal, must be turned over to her husband or brother.  In addition, she could not get married as long as she held that position.

So as we condemn others for unequal rights between the genders,  we must remember our own histories as women have always lived in a world dominated by men. My grandmother couldn't vote and my mother just made it under the line to cast her ballot.

Mame.    author of Poetry Written Before and After the Iraq Attack

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Instead of seriously asking for peace from an unseen force, lips have quivered for war for untold thousands of years.  Team work is desperately needed for international harmony through diplomacy. Deliberate communication is safer than using violence to fight violence that fuels an endless religious circle of fire and revenge. International law and order is supposed to control man's thirst for bloodshed, but it fails to enforce its own laws.

Dear Ones,

Right now we can't see the forest fires for the burning trees.  What the capricious military defends best is its force of power through genetically child-deforming toxic chemicals and radioactive missiles. Because these weapons are now all genocidal they have been outlawed through International Law and its Criminal Court.  But who really cares?

When any nation stores atomic bombs they threaten to use them, the biggest folly of man. And when man threatens to annihilate nations they have the capacity to do it–even though it's the worse crime against Earth and its people and would be condemned as war criminals.

Japan has learned the harshest military decision against them–actually a last minute plan to test US monstrous expensive weapons on humanity.  Not only were genocidal bombs dropped on millions of people and animals, but their nuclear energy system was destroyed by a tsunamie as earthquakes, too, occur often from explosive wars that also increase drastic weather. 

The rest of the world has never experienced these deplorable, excruciating experiences as US goading Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, thus threatening the lives of seamen, with 2,575 killed to justify the United States entering into WWII December 7, 1941–a day of infamy for America and later for Japan.  The night before Japan bombed Hawaii President F.D. Roosevelt and his top advisers waited in Washington for the attack they expected from their drastic actions against Japan.

We now know the chief of the armed forces calculated, manipulated and  threatened Japan to attack, an eight-step plan that would plunge the United States into war against Japan and Hitler's forces, what the president masterminded with numerous documents later destroyed. The excuse was that Japan was wanting more control of their own economy and trade, as the US and China forced an embargo against Japan's need for oil that was quintessential for their survival. In recent months Japan declared their nation completely nuclear free as they enter into an era of creative alternative energy.

We human beings don't have to learn from wretched experiences, but unfortunately when one disaster strikes over and over again, we become wiser and better people. Instead of taking revenge with more bombs and weapons in counter attacks, the Japanese government and its people decided to improve technology, progress and have a happier life style.

Mame,   co-author (with nuclear physicist Bill Beyer from Los Alamos labs) of drama Fission, Fusion, Fission, employee of Stanislaw Ulam, co-founder with Edward Teller of the Hydrogen Bomb,

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Man has always been robotic, still comfortable with rituals drinking human blood and even today symbolically eating bodies of man-made gods, too.  Savage sacrifice involved first man ripping out enemy heart's still beating for what primitives imagined as strength and courage as rural fields ooze  with blood.

Dear Ones,

The movie American Sniper graphically depicts war as it is, the real truth about endless savage revenge fomenting in vicious terrorism and violence.  Originally the slaughter of humans and animals was committed on battlefield alters, but now the carnage takes place on streets where people shop  and do business as children play.  Urban battles are violation against international Law that the world military ignores.  This rule should be enforced through law and order.  But leaders in charge turn a blind eye.

Fundamentalist man, short for human, still is entangled in his umbilical cord. The last US president felt he had to be born again to erase the original sin–natural procreation between the two genders, a bogus offense made up by archaic men. In his god's name he committed illegal invasion, attack and occupation of secular Iraq than also involved Afghanistan–with millions of lives lost through genocide of modern toxic child-deforming, genetic wars, also contaminating the environment–all international war crimes.

Most fundamental leaders ignore the advice of Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who warned that the industrial military complex will take over the world. We have regressed way beyond this point of corruption as depicted graphically under Clint Eastwood's direction in American Sniper.  The only ones having monetary gains are corporate munition and weaponry companies, as the rest of the world suffers and are slaves in the name of wealth–what this movie portrayed violently.

Some authoritarians have gained what they believe is the untimate goal but have losst their souls to green, power and control.

"Religious conflict can be the  bloodiest and cruelest conflicts that turn people into fanatics."–Justice William J. Brennan


Friday, January 23, 2015


To his successor Crown Prince Salman and his people I wish the best and hope they continue progress in equality for all.  The best and most prosperous government policy has always been unbiased education. Funding secular instead of sectarian institutions increases the economy, safety and happiness for everyone.

Dear Ones,

Keeping people down, disfranchised and in the dark causes theft and crimes. It comes out in our rhetoric–pegging people as "blacks" instead of distinguishing them by their cultural home land of northern Africa and other places along the Equator.  This is the crux of the race problem. Muslims have also been called "blacks" as were Italians and the Irish. We live in a beautiful world but there's a fracturing crowd of mean people steaming with sweating red necks against others with more protective pigment.

European ancestry is identified by different nationalities, not color, what amounts to blackmail and every other negative word starting with the term black. The word race arose in the arenas of the Roman Empire with slaves raced to their deaths under rival colors.  Return race to the horse tracks where the term began to deteriorate the human species.

Every nation has a history of their great men and women. As Earthians we all must celebrate the goodness in our fellow human beings who dedicate their lives to educate and make the world  a better place.

Poverty causes fear, hatred and "white flight" gated communities,


Thursday, January 22, 2015


Why should any mainstream religious institution whose foundation is based on one archaic Hebrew Semitic Bible be allowed to shirk responsibility in paying their share of the federal tax burden?

Dear Ones,

Emperor Constantine, influenced by his pious mother, exempted church property taxes in the Roman  Empire in the 300s CE.  But it wasn't until 1894 that a US Christian Congress let churches and parishes off the hook when it came to paying federal property taxes. Why can't churches share and represent their part in being good citizens?–instead of taxation without representation.

The excuse for this abuse is chiefly that churches teach morals and are benevolent–but so are hospitals,  Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other groups volunteering for charities. And whose cultural morals are they passing on?  And are they tolerant of same-sex marriages and birth control?

This is a slap in the face for tax-paying citizens who know the history of three related religions trying to kill one another off ever since Constantine made Christianity legal. Present terrorism and violence with radicalized Muslims now copycat Christians who still proselytize to make their religion catholic, universal under the Great Commission to convert Earth to one ideology.  Now there are thousands of divisive sectarian churches that branched off the original church–even home churches climbing on the band wagon to be tax free. And all of them differ according to their own controversial rules.

When wars are declared its always the churches who drape their alters and outsides of their buildings with flags and bunting in support of nationalistic wars (one step away from Fascism)–my country right or wrong.  Onward Christian Soldiers Marching on to War with the Cross of Jesus–who ironical was a great peacemakers a satire that is its own cartoon.

Do we not remember the bloody Crusades and the torturous Christian Inquisition that reigned for thousands of years, a very checkered history of killing in the name of "God."

President Lincoln knew that right is might, while war departments and often absolutist law religions believe might is right.

In a gun shell, the debt of three trillion burdens us all by the last born-again administration that invaded, attacked and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.  This could be paid off by church taxes–with enough left over to fund community and junior colleges for unbiased education instead of more toxic and child-deforming munitions backed by rival religions. 

I wrote this poem during the Bush administration


                                  Beyond gray billowing clouds of man-made wars,
                                  Beyond Earth's bright horizon of the sun,
                                  Not one biased absolutist deity,
                                  Or phony race–instead universal harmony.
                                  Beyond lies wisdom beyond our ken,
                                  Beyond is the answer–peace for all life, the deer and her fawn.
                                  Beyond no youths sacrificed to barbaric rituals of war.
                                  No savage men empowered with hatred and bloody gore.

                                  Oh, then only will there be justice, a new call.
                                  Flags of empire soon become rags in the wind.
                                  Beyond lies freedom for all,
                                  Food for the hungry–let pursuit of happiness begin!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Human beings are wired for prayer, sometimes as a last resort crying out for help to bring divine results that mean excellency as well as hope.  Praying is doing what comes naturally.

However, when people pray for winning a war the petition is political, not a divine supplication for excellency. 

According to those who wrote the New Testament, Jesus said go into closet when you pray. Don't be like the Pharesees who pray publicly and obstensivly, like Paul who was a member of that sect.

Today politicians twist prayers that are private into public demonstrations to prolong more soldiers being killed by war torn boots on the ground.  A politician must put his own feet into boots of soldiers and experience the devastation that shatters their minds from shell shock, what in turn fuels combat solders and veterans to commit suicide.  a musician who has marched in veteran's parades for decades

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The three mainstream related religions have the Semite Bible as their foundation. Yet these three persuasions are still attacking the world in their cross-fire.

Dear Ones,

This programmed behavior has gone on for centuries, especially since the Catholic Church proclaimed universal power and the dogma of Papal Infallibility in Rome.

Hebrews have a history of never proselytizing to force their belief system internationally. Earth is now conditioned to violent religious terrorism harking back to the Christian Inquisition, eupthemized as Spanish.

The Reformation eventually took away this historical world power, although it still rules the members. Today extremist fanatical members of Islam are now behaving like leaders of the most radical group of Christians, the cross-bearing Ku Klux Klan.

This is a hard pill to swallow, but blind sightedness keeps us ignorant about world affairs.


Sunday, January 18, 2015


All men come into this world with freedom and "tits." People are born as females, with only genetics and hormones making the difference between female and male. The emperor is truly naked with his female torso.

Dear Ones,

Years ago I wrote a poem titled Our Maker's Treasure Chests.  The first stanza goes like this:

                                                 Our hearts were young and gay.
                                                     An old movie, you might say.
                                                 Like all of us in gay apparel,
                                                     Decking halls at a holiday ball.
                                                 Fa la la–la la la–la la la.

author of this copyrighted poem

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Since there's no assurance of heaven, a fantasy of human mentality, no one can be safe from hell, another concoction of the mind. This is fact because no one has ever come back to Earth to tell the experience to mortals still fortunate to be alive. Preachers who guarantee pie in the sky when you
die never tell you what kind of pie will hit you. There's a lot of human junk up there in the cosmos.

The unknown may simply be the sensation of a good place to go. That alone is a wonderful feeling. That is all we know and that is all we ever need to know.  As Alexander Pope said, "Hope springs eternal" in the heart of man.

Dear Ones,

Universal science is more reliable than blind faith. Who do you trust when you need an operation–a theologian whose mission is to  teach good morals or a surgeon who studies medicine? If your answer is theologian, consider the source.

The world is full of blinders that keep terrorism going round and round.

Mame,     author of Set Free!

Friday, January 16, 2015


For decades I have been writing about this truism.  My husband and my five children have confirmed this fact. For over 50 years I've been striving for international peace and the oblivion of fanatical, extremism by mortal men who frivolously make up their own laws regarding religion.  And now I trust that the Pope is listening to me, as I receive much interest in my blogs and twitter coming directly from Italy.

Dear Ones,

My subject matter includes 50 published books based on history, arts and religion; essays; poetry; a song & lyrics; in-depth research; investigative journalism to help western First Americans; teaching a creative writing class; art; cartoons; a coloring book for children and adults; letters to editors; a thick volume of letters to me signed by Congressmen and presidents; played in a one woman monologue in which yours truly portrayed Nelie Bly who actually went around the world in less than 80 days; played music and marched for endless Veterans' Day parades; created illustrations; sewed a quilt from patches showing clippings of newspaper photos taken during the beginning of the war on Iraq and Afghanistan (once on public display); and a collection of hats for peace that are fashioned designed for any gala event.

What more can I do? Time is running out.

So again, my hat goes off to you dear Pope Francis for your insight and wisdom. Long may you live!

Mame,      author of drama WHERE EAGLES FLY taking place in Jacksonville, FL about two homeless combat veterans and how they create a fantasy village, "Terraconcord Gardens" for war-torn soldiers–a love story and mystery from beginning to end

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Fanatical maddening religious extremists prey on naive children who are very susceptible to propaganda, often an insidious system of entrapping uneducated youths who are ignorant of the wiles and tricks of world treachery–bullying hiding behind cowardliness,

Dear Ones,

Suddenly hordes of mislead young people raising their arm to a baptized Hitler flashes before my eyes.  When charismatic leaders of youths and even their parents are pulled astray another picture comes into  view–mesmerized people led blindly into taken poisoned Koolaide for mass extermination to go to a Christian heaven. 

I could go on and on with other historical references.  But this is more than enough to illustrate the vicious terrorism and mayhem triggered by ignorance that amounts to genocide–religious political power and control over others through suicide bombers–often kids–and inhumane war machines to decimate Earth and all life. It's not just wounded soldiers and innocent people. It is rare to notice beloved dogs and cats also killed and maimed during toxic explosions and gun powder. However, the combat vets are now organized to help the animal victims as well as their friends suffering from post traumatic brain disorders, simply said–shell shock!

Jesus of Nazareth in Israel professed "Blessed are the Peace Makers" not blessed are the terrorists!

Mame., author of poems written before and after the invasion, attack &  occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan still trying to rise up from the ashes of lethal carpet bombing missiles that also destroy the environment. The same administration also sent tricycles to try to amend the chrises of massive grief. But the crippled kids could not ride them, let alone maneuver themselves across rugged exposed nails, broken glass and piled up concrete debris.  Instead, the wheels from these gifts were made into wheelchairs for the battered children. Shame to all pariahs of  terrorism. Diplomatic rhetoric trumps futile violence.  Blessed are the world's prophets whose wisdom is supreme versus out-of-control religious violence and extremism. More about war animal brutality in another post.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Historically the three Semitic branches that have ingrained roots in the ancient Hebrew Bible are the most dangerous forces on Earth–law religions that empower terrorism.

Dear Ones,

! am eager to share with you my historical research on the evils of law religions as long as you are interested. In realizing truth in eons of religious terrorism can anyone deny this fact?  When programmed mindsets  believe in wars against violence the chaos increases with ferocity involving guns and bombs as human beings are transformed into robots of evil as they blame names of their gods.  Gods do not kill.  Only mortal man kills mortal man out of fear and supperstition.

President Thomas Jefferson said "A wall of separation between church and state" is quintessential in government.

"The divorce between church and state should be absolute."–President James Garfield

"I hold that in this country there must be complete severance of Church and State; that public moneys shall not be used for the purpose of advancing any particular creed; that the public schools shall be nonsectarian and no public monies appropriated for sectarian schools. . . . "–President Theodore Roosevelt

"The the state has no constitutional power to enter alliances with churches and other religious bodies."–American Jewish Congress

Now with this wisdom, specifically add tabernacles and mosques to churches regarding the restriction against law religions from government power.

author of Fission, Fusion, Fission with Bill Beyer, Los Alamos nuclear physicist, friend and employee under Stanislaw Ulum, co-father with Edward Teller of the H-bomb

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This insidious action still causes reigns of terror ever since the bloody crusades (meaning cross bearing) and torturous Inquisition with its unjust tribunal during conquests. The Great Commission and Manifest Destiny–a mission to force one faith on the world through missionaries–were spurred on by the same persuasion.  

Dear Ones,

At that time Islam in its conquest for land did not require proselytizing. Instead  the over lords let the people worship what ever religion they wanted. They also were world great scholars.  Later their radical leaders were copy cats of Christianity and now forces conversion on Christians.

Christian law proclaims the only way to heaven is through their god.

Meanwhile Muslim law supports  the old King Babylonian Law–an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. This means if "you don't take my eyes or teeth, than we won't do the same to you–don't attack us and we won't attack you."

The major problem with this law is–neither side remembers who started the endless revenge in blood in the first place.  The Hebrew Bible tells of Abraham's son Isaac with Sarah and his son Ishmael with bondage maid Hagar that was the beginning of Islam.

Since all three religions are rooted in rival stories of Abraham's sons through the same Hebrew Bible, there has been divisive chaos and endless related religious wars ever since biblical times.

There's an old saying, "You can choose your friends but not your relatives."

Mame,   author of essay The Urgency of a Galvanized Wall Separating Church, Tabernacle and Mosque from Government

Monday, January 12, 2015


We are up in arm pits over radical Muslim and North Korea leaders trying to prohibit free speech when United States priests tried to block this human right in the movie Dogma.  George Carlin portrayed a Cardinal and talked about his side-kick,"Buddy Jesus"–depicted as a life-size cartoon statue. Catholicism still threatens people against criticism of their persuasion.

Dear Ones,

Lest we forget, church members and the Catholic League were in an uproar with their pants all twisted over such "blasphemy" in contempt of "God."  Death threats were sent to the movie producers, especially Kevin Smith the director.  Organized priests protested with furor and tumult.

I repeat from former posts, it is the radical "holy fathers" who must mend their ways that threaten adults and children that only through their exclusive, absolutist religions will we all be saved to transform our souls into heaven–all based on fantasy and highway billboards paid for by the church.  In any concocted heaven it would be blasphemy for human beings to be excluded because of their religion.  Faith, based on nothing, doesn't even do it. 

It's the divisive clergy who must keep church, synagogue and temple separate from any secular state or government. Until the world wakes up and smells the chocolate, we can expect violence and terrorism to happen at any time.  Zealot Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders themselves must be kept on short leashes until they realize they are the perpetrators of radical extremism and their violent religionism over centuries of wasted time.

If only we could turn to the joy of unbiased universal music instead of vendettas from Abrahamic religions killing one another in endless circles of fire.

Mame,   author of Gentle Heart, the life of Stephen Foster, as seen in stained glass windows at Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh


Sunday, January 11, 2015


Mahatma Gandhi was right.  Violence only fuels more violence.  Non-militant cooperation always trumps fanatical religious atrocities. World voices are now peacefully crying out and marching for democratic freedom of expression.

Peace wins instead of "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition."  We've come along way since WWII when that song was popular. When men blame their deities for inhumanity, their gods must weep oceans of tears.

May we never forget the courageous people who used satire in place of bombs to solve problems. Our hearts are filled with sadness to other victims, too, who were slaughtered during the extremist terrorism of January 2015.

Congratulations to world leaders and the millions of people joining hands in Paris and throughout Earth for much wanted peace, reminiscent of Lafayette helping the United States during its revolution against the powers of colonialism–a reminder that in1886 France gave America the generous gift of the Statue of Liberty enlightening the world.

May we all at last enjoy happiness instead of radical threats of endless religious political strife.


Friday, January 9, 2015


When war immigrants are transported away from their homes, they many times are not welcome if they represent any other religion than long time traditionalist residents.  Dissenion erupts on both biased sides with each believing  they are imbued with the only true holy faith.

Dear Ones,

The most recent inhabitants don't always welcome newcomers and often express xenophobia.  Due to this fear and hatred of the unknown, people distrust one another as they clash with endless terrorism and violence.

In order to attempt to understand  gigantic rifts between religions, we must review in a nutshell how the first proselytizers, the followers of Paul and his New Testament–tacked on to the Jewish Bible against the wishes of the Hebrews–were not tolerant of any religion but their own.  We have the Crusades and Inquisition to prove this.

This history brought immediate chaos even though the followers of Muhammad allowed people of other religions to practice their doctrines in conquests among the three branches of Abraham descendants. At that time the Muslims were also great world scholars, as the monks kept to themselves in isolation.

In the meantime, all three persuasions threaten children in conditioning and programing to their own ingrained  ways.   When the Islam faith claim when their warriors die they will gain so many virgins in the afterlife, this is no different than Mormons while alive on Earth being privileged in having so many virgin wives.  Christians threaten hell's fire against those who don't believe and those who do– pic in the sky when they die. It is so easy for us to condemn one branch while having the same mindset in the other two.

When refugees with rival believes are thrown together the idea is to assimilate. But that's difficult because newcomers are hated immediately for their foreign beliefs and threaten their jobs.  As a result the immigrants are up against unemployment, as they are also harassed because of their faith, even though old-time residents' persuasion seems just obnoxious to the immigrants.

This all forms a ball of wax that can never be buffed to a shine until people open their minds for tolerance–but not in killing for religion or in the name of any god.

Far right persuasion is rooted in discrimination and chaos. You may recall my experience at a "Tea Party" meeting at the Bushy Run Battlefields in western Pennsylvania a number of years ago.  The audience, prompted by a radical leader who wore a gold cross, began to shout, "Burn the Koran."  These fanatical members hadn't even read the Quaran!  A friend and I attended this meeting out of curiosity.  We wanted to see for ourselves what this political group was all about.  We soon found out and couldn't believe our ears!

France has been a Catholic nation for centuries. The United States claims America is a Protestant nation–in spite of the 1779 Treaty of Tripoli states the US in not a Christian nation,  Both nations are secular.  But individuals become quite sectarian when hatred overcomes tolerance.

We must leave our private ideologies at the door steps of churches, tabernacles and tabernacles. Wearing our private beliefs in public on our sleeves excites hatred.  If we don't get over this, we can expect terrorism and violence to increase throughout the world.

Some people cannot rid themselves of these fears and superstitions–what promotes religious patriotism leading to futile wars.

As Mohandas, Mahatma Gandhi taught, "In a gentle way you can shake the world!"–for good changes.  He also said, "An Eye for an Eye, and a tooth for a tooth will make the world blind and toothless."

author of the musical Bertie, the life of Ethelbert Nevin, America's first composer who studied in Europe and was accepted for his classical music

Thursday, January 8, 2015


This violatile,threatening bigoted menace is still at work, although often masked as benign candlelight religion. The satanic WWII Holocaust was influenced by the Father of Racism who divided humanity into color-codes through a hierarchy that placed Aryan people (first ones called "white") at the top and those of darker complexion–yellow, red and black–below them with the latter one meaning everything negative. Religious racism can be powerfully subtle in the form of psychologically mind-set to suppress and oppress others in the name of a god.

Dear Ones,

Indo-European religionists were the first people to invent the caste system in India, that divides people according to tones of melanin. Despite this offense against justice, in modern years India has grown into the largest democracy in the world, a very commendable occurrence.

Nazis during WWII, under leadership of the Fuhrer, were patriots of the Father of Race. This leader  (mentioned below) thought the most beautiful people lived near the Caucasian Mountains of Europe, that inspired the word Caucasian.

This happened during the 1700s after Carlos Linnaeus had divided humanity and animals into separated species, not races. The word "race" harks back to the Roman Empire when deadly, divisive chariot races were held for political rivalry in sports using color for identification,

Ruthless Nazis used warped prejudice to destroy massive amounts of people through religious genocide.  Those targeted were: Jews, Romanis, Slavs, Gypsies, P.O.W.'S, Jehovah Witnesses, political opponents, plus physically, mentally handicapped people.  Twins especially were used for grotesque medical experiments.

Hitler was a baptized Christian and used religion to mesmerize his flocks, such as only holding night meetings in candlelight instead of daylight when everyone was alert–what he learned from his childhood.  This all comes out in his book Mein Kampf as dictated to Rudolf Hess while Hitler was incarcerated in prison. For years this book was given as a gift to German high school graduates.

Page after page rants on in highly insulting language against Hebrews he thought were trying to rule the world through finances and the press. His shallowness kept him from realizing these long-suffering people for centuries were even denied employment, other than loaning non-Jews funds. At that time churches prohibited members from being money-exchangers and lenders. Over the years they became experts in finance, yet have been ridiculed for their expertise every since then.

"White' uneducated supremacists still taint the world with the disillusion that Aryans (light complected, blue eyed blondes) are supreme among a multitude of sects and cultures goose-stepped as the so-called master race. This fact excludes the good, benevolent people of Germany.

Today, the name of German Johann Frederich Blumenbach remains the most sinister divider of humanity into races–the Father of Race–what keeps triggering wars and terrorism in a circle of fire–three related branches of the Abraham religion.

Since these vicious persuasions fueling endless wars for centuries of terrorism with their absolute man-made dogmas and Inquisition, the rest of the world has been caught in the cross-fire for untold years of suffering.  It is only poet justice that radical faiths should be ridiculed through cartoons. Respect for other ideologies does not meaning physical violence or terrorism.  Mahatma Gandhi believed in the strategy of "Non violence is mightier than weapons of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man."

The world is fed up with physical and mental bashing by fanatical, sick extremist branches of the same original Semitic religions that target children early in life for programming and conditioning. This affects entire lives and the lives of proselytized people as well.  The innocents end up being the targets.

The worst man-made atrocities were caused by The Great Commission, Manifest Destiny, the Inquisition, slavery, cross-bearing Crusades, the Inquisition. Abrahamic related extremist terrorists and the Final Decision.

Added to this is the illegal Bush administration carpet missile attack on Iraq and Afghanistan followed by torturing prisoners of war, some swept up in a mass dragnet, in spite of US policy against torture. All this for nothing except "Oil on the Brain"–an old song.

Young men are being trained to take revenge, especially against government torture of their own people, an ongoing vicious circle of retaliation.  Unfortunately ill-advised leaders have no idea how far-reaching and complex their bad decisions are, especially in  children whose fathers and families have been killedtand suffer through foreign combat.

General Colin Powell warned against such unwarranted aggression that would break these nations. As he feared, in a sense the US would own the bombed debris and responsibility for cleaning the impossible affront to the environment of the Cradle of Civilization in the Mesopotamian region, with many of their world artifacts destroyed and lost during bombing.

Massive deaths and anguish caused by deadly ammunition cause horrible deformities and explosive abortions affecting babies, especially in Fallujah–generational genocide. Radical extremists often become militant by striking back on their own with arsenals of guns and suicide bombing. It takes a lot of hatred to take your own life with the motive of being a martyr.

Today illegal torture has sparked atrocities among young men. The administration that opened up Pandora;s Box has tainted and corroded the values that the United States is proud of having. Perpetrators of all law religions soon forget but deadly violence is often planned for years on how to get even, especially when their leaders are killed in a circle of fire.  This is the formula that radical religious racist strife has always taken for centuries of reigns of terror.

author of So Circles the Eagle (pen name Erin King) founder of ERASE RACE

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Through radical extremist religion and bogus invented racism people have been afraid of being buried next to others they don't tolerate.

Dear Ones,

For decades until recently, long high walls were built in Ireland to separate Protestants from Catholics in public burial sites.

In St. Mary's, Georgia in the early community cemetery a brick perimeter was built around a section where American Africans were buried.

These are only two examples of discrimination after death. This divisive thinking has gone on for centuries, even in the after life on Earth.  Intolerance and prejudice rules many lives that poison the peretraters, not the victims. There already dead.

Grossly biased minds against other human beings is a disease since it affects well being. Obviously this is true. When people feel hatred for others for no other reason than rival religion or darker complexion their necks and faces physiologically turn red. Unhealthy feelings affect one's health and also trigger lawless pandemonium.

Here's to everyone's good health!

author of R.A.G.E.–a stage comedy about an alien couple landing and observing man's ugly treatment to his fellow man in wars

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Although Brigadier General Powell was the first American African to serve as US Secretary of State, he disagreed with the G. W. Bush administration for attacking and occupying Iraq.  That nation that never did harm to the United States, didn't even have massive weapons of devastation, an excuse for the oil invasion in the first place–proved by United Nations weapons inspectors.

Dear Ones,

Colin Powell became chairman of "America's Promise." Both he and his wife Anna are dedicated to fostering character and competence in young people. They have influenced more than 500 communities in 50 states. Millions of youths have been left behind when it comes to unbiased education. The Powell's and others give opportunities to children who would otherwise not have these benefits.

This organization brings together national nonprofit businesses, communities, educators and private citizens to help make a better world though the education of young people.

Many of these youths are American Africans whose ancestors were sold into bondage from north western Africa or taken to sea islands as slaves. For centuries these people were denied education and even reading English. They also lost connection with their inherent cultures, a serious severance from human rights. 

But most of all, they were denied employment.  After decade after decade of this abuse and brutality of lynching, many got into the habit of stealing in order to stay alive.

Many other nations also had difficulty in America, but the Africans were the only ones completely disfranchised with everything taken from them.  Indentured servants working their way to America eventually paid off their debt.  But today's American Africans have a history of torturous bandage.

We as a nation must realize this corrupt history to understand what was going on for years in a bigoted world, still burdened by "white" supremacists.  With my Aryan ancestry I am especially conscientious of this world hazard.

The Powell's and others working for "America's Promise" are aware of this long, suffering history as they help young people of all nationalities–a more just way to identify human beings instead of divisive, rival color-coding that fuels religious wars.

Mame,   author of Aramenta, the story of Harriet Tubman's life

Monday, January 5, 2015


The worst religious terrorism still haunts America not only through the Ku Klux Klan cross bearers, but in daily rhetoric that fuels violence and wars.  What is now being touted is "black on black" crimes.  For some reason, white on white is never mentioned, what happens when people are divided into rival colors.

Dear Ones,

This discrepancy reflects an excuse for a newly coin term to put American Africans down. Unfortunately those who express bigotry are not aware of it since their parents are often negative  models.

The main problem is in denying people their cultural inherantace by never mentioning Africa. Instead pegging human beings as "blacks" psychologically pushes so-called "whites" to the top of the color-coded hierarchy.  Ironically, "white" regarding people does not mean pure as soap.  According to lexicons it means "fearful coward."

Also, when I hear the word "blacks" there is often an inflection in the voice that enrages the venum.  Those who continue to color profile others have no clue about the bigotry behind the irate emphasis.

Sadly we are products of outdated thinking that continues to hold back justice and equality.

founder of ERASE RACE and author of NOSE SMOKING (new title by Troy Diamond–pen name for Helene Smith)

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Ever since Cheyenne Ben Night Horse Campbell became a House Representative and later a Senator, it would only seem natural to have an American Indian run for presidency.

Dear Ones,

As a Humanist I have often wondered about this question, Having a traditionalist First American for the first time running for Chief of the Army and presidency would be a tremendous boost for universal peace.  Indian nations today are great environmentalists who believe in protecting nature and wild life, as well as human beings and inherent rights.

Additionally,  there would be no controversy over church and state. This refreshing new government leadership would never foist a biased religious belief on citizens of any of the Americas.

In fact, in the true traditional way, there is no word for religion in their vocabularies.  They do not worship men turned into gods.  Besides, instead of worship they respect nature.

They also are bilingual, retaining their original languages.  During WWII the Lakotas, the Apsaalookas (Crows) and the Navahos became the "code talkers" and could converse in secret languages from one airplane to another.  Even the US and allies didn't understand what was code to them, let alone the opposition.

It would be a quintessential benefit to the United States, especially in foreign matters, to have an American Indian as president–the very first one, after years of presidents of European descent.

author of–with Mickey Old Coyote–Apsaalooka, The Second Century of Dishonor (The Crow Nation Then and Now (following Helen Hunt Jackson's expose' The First Century of Dishonor in 1881) and Visions of Wisdom

Saturday, January 3, 2015


What mortal man has the right, the authority to threaten another mortal person man (short for human) with a man-made hell or to guarantee heaven?   When men make up imaginary destinations for when life on Earth is over, they screw up mortal minds and even make them want to sacrifice themselves in futile religious wars.

Mythology is fanciful and wonderful to behold, but when mortals use archaic stories to control others these devices turn into iron chained links.

Dear Ones,

We all have our own beliefs because we're all born with a spark of the divine–stardust.  But somewhere along the way some people make up stories to make them feel superior.  When this happens the masters of chicanery become programmed as robots as well as the people they manipulate.

This is what occurred in America the beautiful. Sordid minds even in churches forced plantation slaves to sit separately away from the others in the balcony and hear men claim, "Slaves must obey their masters because God says so."  They also forced baptism on them in the same way–on the decks of slave ships, as they poured buckets of sea water over them.

By the way there is a famous church in Savannah, GA with one of these balconies. And on the ends of the pews are still seen pictures that people in bondage made.  Obviously some of them had more creative things to do–other than concentrate on having Anglo minds attempting to program them to clay through their molds of control. And under the central aisle is a secret room to hide run away slaves.  Some members of the establishment were abolitionists.

Again, what comes to my own way of thinking, if man would just remember one universal thing that Buddha, Confucius, Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammad taught–"Don't do anything that you don't want done to you." Some prophets even say, "Don't make war unless you are first attacked."

Religion and racism must never be foist on others.

"Persecution is always the strongly marked featue of all law religions or religions established by law."

–Thomas Paine

author of Set Free!

Friday, January 2, 2015


According to history, there is no doubt that when religious politicians have preached that their religion is the only one that "God" recommends, it is an outright lie! Think.  When one religion has been pushing its own rival, conflicting message on a bully pulpit ever since the beginning of law religions–three related ones–wars has increased with ferocity–a circle of fire!

Dear Ones,

In cyber time when we all know the world–the only one we are conscious of–is inhabited by people  by multifolds having different faiths and views, it's only logical that the Great Commission caused an endless upheaval of serial crimes called wars.  And in order to keep this programmed race going, more and more devastation to kill one another is constantly being invented–from slingshots and stones to radioactive missiles and child-deforming genocide–all to proselytize by force or daily  conditioning.

What will it take to open our eyes and see war mongers for what they really are.  We complain and rant and rave over radical religions, when our own religions have all experienced cut-throat evils of every kind, starting with the Inquisition that was meant to torture infidels–people who want to believe what their minds tell them instead of being forced into converting to one persuasion.

The first religious cross bearers in America are the KuKluxKlan, a "white" clan imagining they are supreme –who carry out their terrorism of archaic burning.  So-called heathens have suffered from these atrocities since their religion. in cahoots with government, didn't believe in spilling blood.  So the head honchos began to hang and torture to get their way.  The other two branches of the same ancient religion, are copycats–all praying for the destruction of one another–as we pray to win wars. Obviously, it's not really peace we want.

As a result Earth is being exploded with constant conflagration, what is also warming our environment, the air and the seas with nuclear waste and outdated nuclear submarines dumped into them–even six H-bombs, with one being dropped accidentally in Spain.  On the border of Somalia men have turned into pirates to protect their land and its people from this waste,  transparent  lethal action against other nations.

Law religions have been the bane of the world, because their bully leaders preach that  their faiths are the only good ones, as Earth keeps moving throughout space.  We need to fantasize ourselves as astronauts looking into a vaporous atmosphere at the third boulder from the sun, the only inhabited planet we know.

Within that infinity of the endless cosmos we cannot help but realize we are not alone.  And all other beings out there have no idea about the great array of religions that Earthlings use to continue to fight among themselves.  They must look at Earth in wonder over continuous chemical explosions and wild fires going on to destroy the inhabitants and all forms of life.  It's not the sheep who follow, but their bully leaders who are responsible–as they wear robes of hypocritical innocence fogged by incense.

We need to open our minds and see a new view of ourselves.  Perhaps in this new year there will be more circumspection.  As Alexander Pope wrote, "Hope springs eternal." 

pen name of author of new lyrics–Helene Smith's song, Peace Hymn of the Republic-Broadway New York Publishing

Thursday, January 1, 2015


These absolute words represent the root cause of child-deforming wars and international genocide.  History has already documented this truth.

Dear Ones,

Political and religious leaders who declare what triggers atrocities from a pulpit or platform are the instigators of bigotry, a pattern of history that fuels brutality from the beginning of time.  For this new year, the world can either continue its descent downward or look to the enlightenment of inherent human rights that are neither racially or religiously charged.

author of stage play R.A.G.E!, book length poem SALLIE CIVIL WAR DOG, book THE GREAT WHISKY REBELLION, Rebels with a Cause and essay Erase Race