Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Jesus was a common name in biblical days.  There were a number of men named Jesus from Damascus. This Jesus got together with his male friends, not for gender relationships but to discuss the problems of the day and try to solve them. If you are a radical religionist and don 't believe in the rights of gay men–what nature proves on each one of our distaff breasts–it is par for the course in the the game of war. Historically religion started out as fear, superstition and absolutist near-sighted faith in mythologies–what persuasions are still based on today.

Dear Ones,

Around the table as these gentlemen ate and drank no one mentioned the latest war and how Hebrews could combat it, as today Syria and other key places in the Middle East are in roaring flames during the endless circle of revenge among three Abraham related religions still primitively slaughtering one another–all originally from the same Semitic family.

It must be emphasized for those against homosexuality, the biblical scribes, both gay and straight, were writing religious books when men believed every time there was an eclipse a monster was biting a chunk out of the moon. This mind-set led to primitive works that were anti-gay, as the originators of the world  said they were from only one god in a universe of many mythological deities and goddesses.

The burning endeavor of Jesus was to spread non-violent love versus terrorism.  No one can deny mortal Jesus was a gentle, moral, humanitarian interested only in the welfare of children, women and human rights.  His general characteristics leaned toward a nurturing feminine way of life.

Jesus the peacemaker was very creative in his thinking since he was not inclined toward any warrior god strategy or man-made aggressive dogma burdening humanity. And despite man's prejudices, all human beings start out as women with breasts.  Underneath stuffed shirts of bigoted men are female teats determining gender, along with glands and X-Y chromosomes. Each of  us have both female and male characteristics.  It's called nature.

Jesus was an activist for peace. Can anyone imagine Jesus the reformer beheading another human being or torturing to death anyone who didn't follow the golden rule, "Don't do to others what you don't want done to you"–similar to words that  Confucius, Buddha and Muhammad taught.

Yet extremist religious radicals later twisted and manipulated the words of these prophets for their own profits.  They began to kill heretics–infidels who don't believe in their man-made doctrines–shades of the Christian Inquisition and its torture against heathens, the disbelievers. Radical Muslims are now copycatting this violence in revenge of centuries of religious arrogance and suppression or rival faiths. Retaliation is an endless game of war

Mohandas the great Gandhi was the modern world's supreme advocate for world peace.  He magnanimously said in a metaphor, "I am Hindu, Christian and Muslim. He was an honest, strong  man who believed what was in his heart. He was a friend to all. As one person he united the fighting religions as he practiced non-violence.  And when he died these rival sects openly wept as they mourned his death and adorned the streets with flowers.  There is no greater tribute that that–for the cause of equality, what Gandhi taught. No amount of militant medals can top that.

Jesus, a man of peace had a heart that was young and gay as he and his friends decked the halls in gay apparel as they promoted harmony throughout the land. But today Hallmark greeting cards changed the 1800s lyrics on Christmas ornaments to "Don we all in fun apparel, fa la la  la la la  la la la." And the public response was, "It's OK to be gay! Fix your dumb ornament!"

helenesmith1.blog spot.com  author of poem Jesus, the Great  Believer in Peace, was No War Lord

Monday, March 30, 2015


John Gray' s book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, is a discussion of gender relationships and how to improve them.  My first observation regarding men is that they are more aggressive than women, in particularly when it comes to battles.  Although the world is always making pleas for peace instead of war, it's usually women who are in charge of the prayer services, although the male clergy takes control when there is public praying. After all, this is a paternalistic world from its very start.

Dear Ones,

According to the make up of machismo men, Jesus of Nazareth was obviously gay. When he is featured among his twelve disciples, the one to his right very much resembles a woman–perhaps Mary Magdalene. Know one knows exactly what members of this dinner party were discussing, but we know it wasn't the latest war since Jesus, their leader, especially obeyed the commandment "Thou shalt kill."  Who knows, maybe they were all gay.

In these early days, besides his disciples who followed him, mostly women became his devotees.  Even in the present times the distaff side are dominant about attending church as families.

When I was growing up I sang in a church choir and noticed men were the ones nodding off, sleeping and down right snoring during sermons.


Sunday, March 29, 2015


Iran hasn't initiated an invasion on any nation since it was Persia when Darius III (who died in 330 BCE) fought Alexander the Great! Now before writing another word, both Israeli and Palestinian leaders have said they want to wipe each other off the map, what P. M. Netanyahu recently proclaimed when he flew to Washington to blatantly go over President Obama's head in his insidious campaign interfering with a foreign nation. Besides, Senator  McCain, 46 members of Congress wrote a letter to Netanyahu, a reckless act now documented in history.

Dear Ones,
Can Iran, that was never permitted to be a state, be trusted?  Can Israel by trusted? Israel was chosen by the United Nations to be a state. But the U.N. did not do the same for Iran,  now a refugee territory.

Historically, no nation was chosen by God.  All primitive people thought their deity favored them since they weren't aware of the extent and depth of neighbors' cultures or any other people as far as knowledge goes,

In reality no nation can be trusted when one leader takes over for another and it's nuclear bombs that are the issue. Remember, it was the big cheeses who declared themselves in charge of genocidal bombs when these same powerful nations do most of the carpet bombing and store these massive weapons of mass devastation to threaten the rest of the world, even though these nuclear missiles are outlawed by International Law and Court.

Many political leaders are fickle, lie and manipulate foreign affairs for control, greed of oil on the brain and the spoils of war that keep changing borders.  This is why the U.S. and Israel, although attached at the hip through the same Hebrew Bible, have to be independent from one another despite tight family relations. You can't pick your relatives, but you can choose your friends.

Even the nuclear physicists and mathematicians during the Manhattan Project  opposed dropping atomic bombs on human beings and all life. It was President Truman who was in power over the bomb as Los Alamos employees at the National Laboratory in New Mexico only did what they were paid to do.

Ever since humanity started out on Earth men have caused endless world-wide wars.  And it was Iraq who attacked Iran during the Gulf Wars when the U.S. exported genocidal means of making toxic child-deforming weapons to Saddam Hussein, a war crime through Bush administrations that has entrapped the Middle East with the rest of Earth caught in the cross-fire and fear of being set of fire as the U.S. invaded, attacked and occupied Iraq in 2003. During these wars and that of the Kurds, untold numbers of Iranians were killed along with the Kurdistan.

Since no one can be trusted with nuclear bombs, why does the United States and Israel have nuclear bombs on ground and stored below the sod, as well as other nations? A threat means ready to go ahead even with outlawed munitions which would result in war crimes.

And it was John McCain who ran for U.S. presidency. With his penchant for bombing he could have started an all-out nuclear war.  The only choice of solving the nuclear problem is negotiation that still communicates until the danger is over–dismantling.

The best government is the one who is good to all of its peoples and keeps commercial trade going, far more important then increasing war arsenals.

helenesmith1.blog spot.com   author of Fission Fusion Fission, the history of the H-bomb at request of Bill Beyer, friend and employee of Stanislaw Ulam who was co-father of hydrogen  bomb with Edward Teller

Saturday, March 28, 2015


So why does the world still follow an evil "white" classification founded on a bogus bigoted hierarchy that wrongly believed Caucasians are the purist and most beautifial human beings according to its founder Johann Friedrich Blumenbach? 

We like sheep nave gone astray and follow evil as though it was white bread. And why does the Census Bureau uphold such segregation by adding check boxes for so called race when the word applied to humans is false?  Why can't we all distinguish by nationality and  continents when necessary. We got over red and white, now how about eliminating the most rival non-colors, black and white?


Friday, March 27, 2015


The Master of Fate is more powerful than man. When you arise in the morning sing like the birds in the shower. And live your life to the fullest as these people did.

Dear Ones,

Germanwings Flight 4U9525 is sad to every feeling person.  Today their spirits are present in our minds and among our tears. This happens to humanity when any plane goes down because we are suddenly aware of our own mortality.

"So row, row,  row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merily–life is but a dream."


Thursday, March 26, 2015


In America, land of free speech, sometimes humor takes on the irony of satire. Often words ring true and are very profound.  "Take up your sword and run.  Retreat, retreat so you can live another day!"

Dear Ones,

Self-survival is a strong human instinct that the military tries hard to squelch through death or some other punishment–the only corporate business that can end your life through combat or imprison you  for being AWOL in a war economy. Whatever good parents teach youths the inhuman combatant military destroys. Sadly even though soldiers live through traumatic training and hostility, as well as the aftermath among veterans, more than 22 commit suicide each day. And the programmed world is proud to sacrifice them as battle zone burnt offerings to the corporate gods of w

Mark Twain followed his natural instincts as soon as he experienced savage slaughter and chaos of his first U.S. Civil War Battle in the 1860s, with  men fighting the same old theme song–"Rally around the flag, boys" for another racial war. If he hadn't run saying "I'm out of here!" the world would have lost some of the greatest humor and literature of all times.

But so many warlords say, "This war had to be committed for states' rights."

"Wrong! This bloody aggression was fought over license to enslave people captured in Africa against their inherent human rights. And the slave trade was rampant in both the North and the South."

"But it was a good war because President Lincoln freed the slaves."

"No! In the 1830s England freed their slaves through Parliament without a killer war. And the US could have done the same through Congress."

My hero, President Barack Obama keeps his campaign promises, unlike fickle leaders who lie and break the comitment of their word.  He is unique.

He also inherited a trillion dollar charge plate war from the war crime Bush Administration that recklessly got the United States into a perilous international in the Middle East and the Tigris Euphrates Valley of Mesopotamia.

This area fanned out and is still flaming with grief from tens of thousands of deaths in the Iraq attack of 1003 carpet bombing–water, land and air contamination with babies still born with deformities so gruesome they die from all the toxic emissions and poisonous ammunition.

Meanwhile, the United States that hasn't had a civil war since 1865. is now fighting Middle Eastern civil wars that are ongoing with rage.  How long can or will America taxpayers keep up this pace with our own poverty problems and domestic maintenance suffering along with an unreasonable world debt from over the top military spending, what President Obama is trying to balance.

How can we keep paying for building and main tainin g over 4,000 military bases?  Would we allow foreign military bases in the U.S.?  These enormous areas store, dump and burn toxic wastes, that included agent orange, that are polluting Earth?

But we're not alone. Many foreign corporate industrial war and domestic factories drag their feet in giving up dinosaur fuels instead of adapting to renewable alternative energy through, wind, sun and water.  And the most dangerous and dirty fuel of all is nuclear. Some say this all takes time. But these same delinquent companies are not even attempting to change. Their mind sets only push buttons for the present in their own life spans.

As a result, nations internationally are dumping nuclear waste into oceans along with junked radioactive submarines–with Somalia being the most hard hit target since their government is weak as bullies take advantage.  As a result fishermen have tried to get help as other men have turned into pirates to protect their seashores.

Meanwhile we wonder why the oceans are rising and already flooding populated islands from fast melting poles.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Whether you believe in God or not, no good power over Earth would ever harm its creations.  Nature takes care of all of that–enough devastation even more powerful than futile wars that men commit. 

Dear Ones,

No skilled craftsman would be stupid enough to ever destroy a creation that took billions of years to evolve and perfect. The biggest drawback for the originator of the cosmos, whatever it be, is tying to control extreme testosterone wars of violence, barbarity and terrorism that always end up in death and sorrow for everyone. In wars there are no victories–only plans to see how soon the next one can deface Earth.

Such an entity would have to be a goofball completely out of control by blowing up natural beauty such as lilies of the valley and bluebirds singing at the breath of spring–what gives comfort and pleasure to human beings and animal alike.  Even kittens love to roll among flowers and kiss the dew off their fragrant petals.

When suddenly is heard bombs bursting in air shocking us by the ugliness of all-out war, with boots from many nations wallowing in mud, ammo contamination and burnt offerings to the gods–young lives, business as usual.

Damn militant based based mentality such as senators chomping for more war funds as they did before Rome Fell. Materialistic corporate industrial warlord gain for war economies bringing nothing but shame. Remember Earth's prophets for peace, not lustful profits of war, are the way to stop aggression.

Your very precious souls emerge from the stars, from the cosmos–why you are important and therefore have a definite goal in life. Love yourself and others and all of you will be happy to enjoy life instead of shooting and beheading one another like mad three stooges. Your mother gave birth to you a child to act decent, not a monster to bring yourself and others misery,

Young people, a good leader is one that instills within you structure, meaning, order, feeling of belonging, fulfillment and a sense of curiosity that can never let you be bored. This strength and contentment, especially when stressed out by unhappy, desperate situations, comes from the spark within your very soul.

And your very precious soul comes from the stars, from the cosmos–why you are important and therefore have a definite goal in life.  Treat each other with dignity and respect and it will come back to you like a game of boomerang.

Read the poem INVICTUS by William Ernest Henley and you'll get a grip on your life you'll never forget.

"I am the master of my FATE. I am the captain of my ship."

Your built-in conscience tells you what is right and what is wrong.  It makes you love and not hate. It inspires you to be treat people and animals well, instead of torturing them, what is weird, weak and cowardly.  If you think you don't have a conscience, you need help fast from some kind of mentor.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Men who don't observe this evidence about their own forms are blind to their own reflections–in particular the world's emperors. Within the womb all our skin is stamped with teats. As we develop  chromosomes within our genomes–X's and Y's– determine the rest of our bodies along with hormones and other physiological determinants. The human body is more complex than we realize.

Dear Ones,

Whether you believe in a creator or not, science has proven something no writer of archaic religion knew–how our bodies developed.  But not having this knowledge didn't make us sightless to what we all see when in the nude as we gaze into a mirror.

Sometimes male breasts are larger than women's, especially with weight gain, and men often need to have bras.  So bravo men!–but not when it comes to carcanoma. Even men can can get breast cancer.

Meanwhile, out of ignorance of nature, men have tried to ignore these blatant facts.  And in a paternalistic world ever since the beginning of humanity, few male egos want to start know they start out as a female–unless gay.  So lets loosen up with our hearts young and gay as we deck the halls with gay apparel–fa la la la la – la la la la!

Ignorant religious leaders and scribes were all men and they have led the world astray especially in this sense that is the opposite of common sense. There is no sin in doing what comes naturally–either same gender or heterosexual.

helenesmith1.blog spot.com

Monday, March 23, 2015


Although there are from 3,000 to 4,000 different religions represented in the United States, the three original Semitic Abrahamic mainstream ones are the world's most dangerous serial killers. Jesus, the prophet of peace, was a Jew and his gentile spirit would never kill–one of the Ten Commandants.

Some say Christianity has the most members. But ever since its torturous deadly Inquisition people are still afraid to deny the belief system since infidels, anyone not swallowing its whole dogma or even part of it, were tortured or burned alive at the stake by the church and state working together!

Even Michael Servetus, not a Catholic but a Protestant protestor, met his death in this savage way by John Calvin. Servetus was a scientist who had discovered important pulmonary functions.  Although the brutal part of the Inquisition has finally been banned, the fear still lies hidden in our DNA. As a result many people are afraid to say they are not believers of Christianity and end up as hypocrites. As a result statistics are false.

It's mostly women who have always been religious, as men have always made up the dogma, in "god's name"! For years I used to watch spouses sleeping and snoring in church, as I envisioned them playing golf on sunny greens.

The number of unaffiliated people devoid of religion has more than doubled, as young people are often not interested in church. Religion has always been fluid as people change their faiths sometimes as must as their clothing. Religion in America is moving south–south of the border among Latinos where crosses dominate the skyline.

Remember, when archaic religious texts were first written, the mentality of the men also believed that during an eclipse of the moon a monster was eating a chunk out of it!

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Friday, March 20, 2015


Middle Eastern Abraham religions all related having Semitic languages originally–Jewish, Christian and Muslim–have slaughtered one another ever since Christianity's bloody Crusades and torturous Inquisition against non-converts and its own members disbelieving invented dogma of Paul of Tarsus in Asia Minor, now Turkey.

Dear Ones,

As a keen observer of history, it is extremely interesting that all United States presidents have been Christian in a land proudly claiming its egalitarian multicultural government that has never had a Jewish or a Muslim president–and until recently, an American African.

The U.S. hasn't even groomed an indigenous Native American for this high office since it was more interested in exterminating the original people and later sterilizing their women in the G.H.W.  C.I.A. Bush administration, that James Abourezk leaked before Congress where it was brought to a halt. Thank goodness for conscientious whistle blowers!

According to the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli, the highest law of the land, America was not founded on Christianity and this nation is not against Muslims. But prejudice over dark skin makes good people act bad. The United States, the America that I love, has forced political bully power of this wonderful land as it historically has made slaves of dark complected human beings–even banning Italians and Jews from elitist racist country clubs. And when they recognized illegal manipulation, their private clubs based membership only on being asked–business as usual. Modern day Jim Crow rules.

Although dark skinned Jews were banned, Christian America leans toward the Jewish people in a religious way from family inherited Semitic culture. But early in the game of segregation, the Pauline persuasion–later all gentile since Jews did not accept prophet Jesus as a god–has its very rock  foundation on the Hebrew Bible.  The New Testament eventually came out attached to the ancient biblical scrolls–what was immediately declared an infringement of Semitic writing–an abomination to the Jewish people since Jewish Paul denounced them for crucifying Jewish Jesus whom he did not know.

The new text was not published until long after the death of Jesus. The Romans hanged Paul in 60 CE for starting a new religion that was not based on mythological pagan gods and goddesses that never cause the fast Roman Empire to kill in the name of religion deities.  

So you can readily understand why this three-way circle of fire is the epitome of a defunct family all related to one another through Moses, David, Jesus and Mohammad–what has kept the rest of the world in fear and crossfire for ages, especially with nuclear bombs ready to take up the dangerous battle to the very limit of life on Earth. Even the green Irish were fighting the orange British Irish–all Christians, Catholic and Protestant protestors.

Now Netanyahu, ever since he recently played dirty politics by insidiously going over President Obama's head, is elected prime minister of Israel again. Before election he promised the land of Canaan, older that Israel, to endorse Iran as a state. The Iranians were forced to leave their homeland in 1948 to make room for he Jews. Both have a right to this land, but not in the way it was done.

But before the ink was dry in 2015 on world-wide presses, the Israel leader had lied to get elected. He then went sour on his promised word and declared he would never allow a Palestinian state. He has threatened to wipe Iran off the map in his heart and now in documented speech–and he's been allowed the nuclear power stored above ground and hidden below. No wonder these family members are at each others throat, each one trying to wipe another off of geography.

But the ancient culture of Palestine originally called Canaan was named for Ham, son of Canaan, and grandson of Noah in biblical stories. One thing is sure, all primitive people believed they were selected by their deities to be better than every other culture. Since they were seprarated without modern communication, ingrained religionists to this day believe we all are gods' chosen people. And when people use the archaic bible, with man imagining words spoken from mountain tops from a presumed divine source, they must take into consideration bigoted boasting  by cultures world-wide.

With this ongoing religious triangular dilemma in ancient foreign affairs continuing today, it is quintessential that a secular atheist is chosen to lead the United States to end Pandora's Box of toxic extremism for top  god rivalry that threatens destruction of all life and Earth's entire natural setting by corporate industrial war economies.

No way!–so many people say to an atheist president!  However, for decades I have fought public smoking and never believed it would happen in my life time, even though Vice-President Al Gore and I had a lively correspondence for years. I have all his letters. My husband and I had a non-smoking house before the White House ban on cigarettes.

Meanwhile, for thousands of years the Abraham family dynasty has killed and maimed billions of young soldiers with more than 22 suicides in the present day from U.S. combat devastation alone.  Why is it so difficult to see during this historic battleground sacrifice of burnt offerings that the high brass and warmonger politicians are ever so eager to commit non-glorious war, as millions of caskets go unseen by the press.  Everyone has a right to their own religion, but in politics it is as lethal as its ammo–why church and state must have an iron wall between them.


Thursday, March 19, 2015


There is little thought of how history from time to time documented extremist religions for burning people alive on stakes throughout the Roman Empire and torturing them to death on diabolic machines–those who didn't conform with the same religious rivals right and left, in all senses of the word.

Dear Ones,

For centuries church and state have worked in cahoots with one another to deadly punish those who disagreed with man-made doctrines claiming they came "from God."  Likewise, in today's world extremist faiths are burning apostates alive in cages.  What time would you like to be living in and by what methods would you prefer, as gruesome as they all are?

Unfortunately for the world, extremist mindsets also include declaring absolutist religions as the best and those who disagree will burn forever in hell!  This has been and still is the bane of the world, obsessed by burning flesh. Actually the Vatican prohibited death by spilling blood, so governments took over and killed them through the Inquisition and bloody wars.

This is why it is quintessential to have secular governments, as Iraq was before it was invaded, carpet bombed and occupied 2003–safer than sectarian ones with the faithful fighting among themselves. Endless war economy aggression will never end unless nature, more powerful than man, has its way with a war-torn world–or men come to their senses .

Ron Reagan Jr. is an atheist, meaning a person who doesn't adhere to questionable man-made theology. Neither atheism nor agnosticism are evil. The hierarchy of the church declared them to be sins since progressive thinking is taboo with the hierarchy that forever squeelchs freedom of thought through weekly brainwashing.

In reality, all out wars behead more soldiers and no-combatants than single or group decapitations as cruel as they are.

Start reading.

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Monday, March 16, 2015


Today the majority of people, tied to the shared Hebrew Bible and its three-ring circle of religions, are kind, loving, charitable and civil human beings. But ironically these persuasions have satanic sides. Over the years their ideological leaders invented extremist dogmas that regressed a dark murky quagmire a blood relationship of one ancient family.  From these origins they now resemble three musketeers in tights, all fighting one another to the present for political hegemony–envisioned cartoon style.

Dear Ones,

The forbear prophets of this triangular connection must be churning in their graves. It is a very sad turn of events that has regressed to a three-horned toad, a very ugly situation that has over-boiled and escalated into endless futile wars.

At the top of the volcano lurks a known fact but not recognized by most people, especially naive youths who wonder why Earth is entrapped in this religious racist aggression that has lasted for eons of centuries.

Hebrews do not need the support of Christianity for their doctrines. But newcomer Christians are dependent upon the common denominator–the Hebrew Bible–that involves Abraham.  The Jewish persuasion rejects the theology of the Jewish Pauline New Testament faith.

So this is the grim gist of the ancient dilemma that's very difficult to write.  Authors Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat in their HOLOCAUST feedback material  (with photos courtesy of NBC Television) the victims were blamed for "killing Jesus, the Christian Savior." They wrote, "Many theologians now contend the Holocaust could not have happened without Christianity."

And it was Rosemary Reuther who claimed, "It was Christian theology which developed the thesis of the eternal reprobate status of the Jew m history and laid the foundation for the demonic view of the Jews which flames the popular hatred."

But the plot gets even thicker. Abraham sired a son to Hagar, a handmaid.  This heir is Ishmael, the founder of Islam. However, Sarah, the wife of Jewish Abraham was jealous and threatened, "No son  of my husband (other than her own  descendants) will ever inherit his land." And her words echo the killing fields today in Palestine and the Middle East as the world travels in circles of these rival faiths.

Men ever since the beginning of humanity have rarely listened to the feelings of women regarding politics and doctrines, but in this situation Abraham's forebears did. And the world once again has lapsed into another cold war, the most dangerous times in history–the threat of nuclear bombs used against Earth and its religious people that also destroys others as humanity and animals circles the drain.

The climax has reached the point of the Rubicon–the place of no return in which no nation should be allowed to have or produce nuclear bombs–for the sake of equality and justice in all foreign affairs.

No nuclear bomb could ever have stopped the tragedy of September 11,  2001's surprise attack in the United States. So why is any political group permitted to store these illegal genocidal bombs? It's a new world of cyber attack and lone wolf extremists and bully nations threatening with illegal child-deforming weaponry.  And the media will not address these facts.

helenesmith1.blog spot.com


Sunday, March 15, 2015


The soul of Sean Penn shines through his dedication to helping others.  As a friend of Hugo Chavez, he recognized Venezualian's former  democratic president who was known for his reform in corruption and crime as he also decreased poverty in his country. But since ingrained conditioning are often difficult to overcome by newly elected officials, the crime rate is still a dire  problem from years of drug wars that are business as usual.

Dear Ones,

I admire Sean Penn and his support of Hugo Chavez, what most Americans didn't understand since they were fed lies about him. This president received more international awards for helping humanity than  any military general or president in the United States.  So he couldn't be as bad as Americans make him out to be.

When we close our ears to the truth or don't even know it, the world continues to flame in a circle of ignorance and deafness. And hearing aids will nevert help. Only open minds let in enlightenment.

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Actually is is said that the former president should be banned from all countries and for war crimes, intended violence and terrorism that resulted in more than ten of more thousands of deaths and life-long handicaps and suicides than the 4,000 people killed in the tragedy of September 1, 200l that exploded on the Bush Administration watch.

Dear Ones,

More specifically this illegal aggression involved invading, carpet bombing and occuyping Iraq and Afghanistan.  At that time Americans were led to believe Iraq was to blame when it was Saudi Arabian pilots who were trained to use U.S. airplanes as bombs.

Along with the terrorism and violence of attacking a secular nation that never did anything wrong to the United States, the Bush administrations also are responsible for arsenals of undepleted uranium causing birth defects, also from nuclear waste used in making weaponry and biological warfare  banned during the 1925 Geneva Protocal and the War Crime Act of 1996.

The George W. Bush administration tried to protect themselves by calling prisoners of war a new military euphemism–"illegal non-combatants" that allowed them to torture and kill Muslims who were never charged with any crime.

They thought tbey could get away with murder and violence with oil on  the brain.  Inventing The Military Act of 2006 – hidden among nearly 100 pages of the doument–they tried to make themselvs exempt from illegality. One of the signers was John McCain, said to be a war mongerer in spite his torture during battlement.  Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden voted against this insidiously contrived mandate.

By the way, the former president blocked or banned American Indigenous people from building casinos. President Barack Obama singed his name in support ot the First American casinos.  And it was George H. W. Bush who approved the sterilization of hundreds of thousands Native American Indian women–blatant genocide.

No wonder G. W. Bush is banned from so many nations and territories.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015


In a smoking gun shell, the three main stream religions all are rooted through Abraham in the Hebrew Bible. Paul of Tarsus (now Turkey) wrote and influenced most of the Christian New Testament that  rebukes Jews for not accepting the faith of Jesus.  Religionists tacked on this new book to the ancient Bible against the wishes of the original ethnic group. In supporting prophet Jesus,  Muslims also abide by the Koran

Dear Ones,

Although these persuasions follow their prophets and good principles, rogue leaders make up their own mandates and call them "words of God. "All three language faiths were founded in the Semite language, of which Babylon is also included.

In the 1800s the term "antisemitism" was founded and now exclusively refers to Jews.  To understand why this ethnic group (religious and cultural) has been vilified for centuries is basically because their  people are accused of killing Jesus, what the Romans did. The second reason is out of fear of them taking over the world since they have become rich, influential and are accused of dominating  Hollywood and its movies. Personally, I think they've done an excellent job in providing world wide entertainment and documentaries, although we could have a few less car races and macabre violence.

Historically, in Jewish persecution through spans of years these long-suffering people were banned by many gentile businesses whose owners are mostly Christians.  Many nations over the years threw them off their lands as wandering refugees.  In early Pauline days the church hierarchy didn't allow men to borrow money, as Jewish Jesus of Nazareth threw out the moneychangers in the tabernacles.

Meanwhile gentiles flocked to the Jews for handling these affairs. As a result the Hebrew culture became quite good it and the money changers became quite wealthy as gentiles became quite jealous.

The Great Commission to go ye into all the world and plug the Pauline faith escalated opposition and aggression as steeples increased in salient size and pierced the horizon.  This mandate also boosted architecture resulting in a church in every village,  now on every corner in every nation.  Yet these business are not required to represent the burden of taxes with the rest of society. Thus many of the nation's domestic expenses for infrastructure, bridges and roads are now in disrepair.

As a result, Christianity still blames Hebrews for crucifying Jesus (taught in schools) and many church members remained silent during WW II. It's over time that we all must mingle with one another and get over our conditioned differences. Why do we want to remain smothered  and segregated as we wallow in bigotry?  As author William James stated, "Religion is  a monumental chpater of human eotisim."  In summary, religious racist control and greed gis the root of all wars.

"How is this Churcn of ours to answer, today and tomorrow and the day after, for what she has done over two thousand years to Jesus the Jew, to his people, to Mankind and to herself?"
                                                                                                            Friedrich Heer, Viennese historian

helenesmith1.blog spot.com Author of What Everyone Wants to Know about Christianity but Afraid to Ask


Dismantle all genocidal bombs for international peace and equality.  You may call this heresy against a war economy.  But war is destructive.  Peace is constructive since it the wish of the world's peoples. 

When some nations are permitted to produce and store toxic weapons to threaten with illegal  child-deforming genocidal ammo, those who are left out of the circle of fire want endless revenge in an endless system of smoke, explosions and flames.

However, Iran wants nuclear energy since their fuel is in jeopardy. But nuclear fuel is now being fazed out for alternative renewable energy to keep Earth and its people alive and well–instead of dinosaur fuel that keeps spilling, killing and catching on fire. 

Japan for quintessential reasons we all know is now nuclear free. Can't the rest of the world learn from other nations' tragedies?  But I hope and pray we don't have to experience hell's fire to be convinced of the writing on the wall–for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Those storing genocidal nuclear bombs cannot be trusted.  No one ever knows when a rogue administration will turn frothing mad and "go it alone" or "wipe neighbors off the map," as Nikita Krusheve said, "we will bury you"–all male warrior egotism.   Eliminate obsolete arsenals since cyber attack is the war of the present and future and atomic bombs can't stop it.

Instead of producing more lethal weaponry for urban battlegrounds banned by International Law since children and non-combatants play and work on these streets–the Pentagon–doing a fine job of intelligence in tracking down pariahs that don't play by law and order–could downsize and eliminate environmentally devastating weapons contaminating the only beautiful planet we are aware of. This goes for all world governments.

We're only fooling ourselves by threatening one another in a renewed cold war.  I know this is unpopular. but the truth often hurts. My very soul and mind  compels me to speak out.

Only industrial corporations get rich on war.  But their families suffer, too, from fall out of nuclear missiles and poisonous war emissions that destroy Earth with bombs and war shale oil that causes earthquakes from drilling.

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Friday, March 13, 2015


The annals of history have already recorded that the Obama Administration is the strongest in weaning the United States off genocidal war.  In doing so, diplomacy and serious thinking are taking the place of all-out bloody wars that slaughter young people and makes their families suffer entire lifetimes. It has oft been said, "The worst thing that can happen to you is losing a child."

Dear Ones,

Right now the first step for peace begins with drones, which are not good, but at least it is a step in what the world constantly prays. Military drones will soon be fazed out with genocidal child-deforming ammo that combat soldier parents sadly suffer through as  they bear malformed war-torn babies one generation after another. Why doesn't the media talk about this instead of political minutiae?

President Obama is the first president whose ancestors experienced the first worst holocaust against people having darker pigment–ethnic cultures of American Indians and American Africans.

Strange as it is, people whose forebears lived for hundreds of thousands years near the equator-where it is the hottest and the sun has the most radiant rays–have suffered the most by so-called whites.  Yet these same forefathers who migrated toward cold climates and thus have lighter DNA complexions spend their vacations on white sparkling sandy beaches to get a dark tan. This is the grossest satire of humanity. Does jealousy play a role in this charade?  Why else did people cast a negative vote?

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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Tea party-born-again Congress doesn't even respect President Obama and his highest office of the land.  A group that didn't represent the authority of Congress sent a letter signed by members to Iran against the authority of the president,  bad documented action against America. 

Dear Ones,

Again, Israel has every reason for being paranoid over genocide from Nazi Germany, now no longer dangerous. Unfortunately some mindsets in America want to cause massive deaths to Iran, as what happened in the Iraq-Iran war in which the Reagan/G.H.W. Bush period supported Saddam Hussein through teratogenic biological chemicals.  In 1925 these weapons had already been banned.

With this type of past history some Middle Eastern nations have no trust in each other or the U.S.  However, Iran needs to have a new way to supply itself with energy, what should be green. But the world is not all good and is still uses dangerous nuclear energy, although Japan who suffered the most is nuclear free.

I was was in view of the nuclear plant in Pennsylvania when it had a melt down.  Since then the cancer rate has greatly exceeded the normal rate of carcinogen diseases among its citizens.

With this history well-documented, why shouldn't Iran have nuclear energy that would have to be carefully monitored by world inspectors as Israel has enough nuclear bombs to start another world war with no surveillance whatsoever.  Iranian threats of "we will wipe you off the map" is no more savage than "we will go it alone" which could very well mean nuclear weapons used by Israel against Iran.

No one can answer this blatant discrepancy.  However, America and Israel support the same Hebrew Bible. Yet according to the 1797 Treaty with Tripoli, "The United States in no way was founded on Christianity." Many people use religion to join them as a family for political pull.

It's obvious that both nations have no love for one another and their words are quite transparent.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com   Another name of mine was Nellie Bly, a woman I portrayed in numerous monologues on the stage.  She went around the world in 72 days, less time than fictitious Philias Fogg did in 80 days–through Jules Verne's novel and movie. Nelly Bly (Elizabeth Cochane) believed in world peace.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Earth people are war-torn from war ailments.  These include cancer, nerve diseases from excess Nazi war developed nerve gases made into herb and insecticides, toxic, radioactive ammo and soldiers' children deformed from weaponry made of nuclear waste and non-depleted uranium to get rid of it in foreign lands.  Such youth sacrifices ain't  even good for dogs and cats!

What the world needs now, an old song, is for young vulnerable males to have an alternative from being pressed into bloody war that never is glorious but instead political sham caused by racist religious bigotry, an endless circle of flame destroying Earth and its people.

Youths are led astray by a carrot on a slick stick covered with patriotic propaganda that claims a combat soldier's life is exciting and adventurous. All they see are the insides of warrior planes and carriers. Those sacrificed for the lie of "homeland security" never see the wounded and dead come back in body bags.

Homeland security is best gained by diplomacy and listening to complaints of foreign nations for equality and international peace.  When we are blind to our own faults and can only see the mistakes of others, war will never end as youths are sacrificed for futility on war zone alters of burnt offerings.

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However, privately men especially–ingrained with bigotry  that their parents taught them–still tell ignorant jingles and poke fun at other cultures.  We rarely hear Polish jokes anymore, which tells us Americans are finally growing up.

Dear Ones,

The best way to counteract racial disparity and dumb remarks is to refrain from laughing at bigoted jokes. They're not funny and only provoke more endless racial religious wars. When only the jokster is left laughing, the joke's on him.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


One U.S. mainstream persuasion even advertizes preferance in mingling with only their own tea party belief system.

Dear Ones,

How can we teach youths they are on Earth for a very short period of time?  How can we get across to them that no one owns Earth?  Instead, Earth owns us, ancient indigenous wisdom. We are only renters on the good Earth now in shambles of war and youth slaughter.

helenesmith1.blog spot.com  One of my other names is Helene Jingleheimer Smith. I'll reveal my other two names on the next post. I have been here before.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Ancient Greek mythological muse, Clio, is one of the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. These muses are a reflection of the devised sources of inspiration of the arts.

Dear Ones,

In the 1930s someone decided to say "an historical society" instead of "a historical society."–that's if you don't aspirate your h's–as the English pronounce herb as "erb."  "An historical society" is merely an affectation of society.

When I was growing up history was taught in public schools. However, today it has been eliminated for the most part. In the meantime the internet and television have taken up the void, which is good.  Documentaries, such as those produced by Ken Burns makes history come alive with action and passion.

There is an abundance of everyday discovery through archeology and under water exploration such as underground villages, architecture and hidden art now being exposed. There is so much in this wonderful world that no one should ever be bored.

Biographies and movies featuring lives of real people are exciting and tell us what other people have experienced–successes, defeats, the joys of life in general. We learn how very human we all are, with such a variety of different traits–both good and bad.

And we are often programmed and conditioned by others who can entrap us in cults by those who are ignorant from lack of education–especially history.

"Those who do not know what happened before they we born remain children all their lives."–Plato

helenesmith1.blog spot.com  Am also known as Helene Jingleheimer Smith. Sometime I'll tell you about how I got this nickname.

Sunday, March 8, 2015



                               My faiths is in people, not in myths of man-made gods.
                               As war devastates families in foreign lands and dry desert sands.
                               Youths killed savagely on both sides, not even at ease under grass & sod.

                               Life-long suffering and unbearable grief
                               Parents harbor silence through killing of their lambs.
                               Heart broken by war the very worst thief.
                               John Denver still sings among cool clouds where bluebirds soar.
                               As a world peace advocate, gentile giant with heart so warm.
                               His mind in the mist of war still questions, "Oh mighty God, what for?"

In addition to my poem, John Denver also wonders what futile war is all about in his own lyrics that include these words:
                              There is a name for war and killing.
                              There is a name for giving in.
                              When you know another answer
                              For me the name is sin.

helenesmith1.blog spot.com  poet of lyrics to Peace Hymn of the Republic and blog by same name,. Due to a variety of Helene Smiths, I am also identified by Helene Jingleheimer Smith.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Stop substituting the word "ideology" for religion. This is just another militant euphemism in an attempt to lessen the blow of war.

Dear Ones,

Religious racist war is an endless lame excuse for aggressive absolutist faiths to force their beliefs on the world. This Semitic family of three that all have the Hebrew Bible as their foundation, keeps Earth in flames of carbon and carbon dioxide emissions.

Yet the moral  members of each sect are aghast as their rogue warrior leaders invent words of their deities who are peace-loving. Two of these mainstream sects have reformed their ways by belief in equality and democracy.

Man-made, child-deforming, boomeranging ammo and radioactive weaponry–illegal according to International Law & Criminal Court emitted in urban war zones where children live and play–is exported worldwide to keep flames heating Earth as it disintegrates. The original Pangaea on its tectonic plates is breaking apart even further as we live and breathe.

Vice President Al Gore was correct about the threat of excessive co2 in the atmosphere. As a result polar ice is melting rapidly and causing oceans to swell as villages on islands fall into the seas. And next come the buildings of large cities and mansions of those who can't see the writing of all languages on the wall.

helenesmith1.blog spot.com  Due to a variety of Helene Smiths, I also am identified as Helene Jingleheimer Smith.

Friday, March 6, 2015


The Jewish Holocaust (Shoah) was horrible and our hearts go out to the people who were victims of brutal, cruel genocide, some say as much as 11 million excruciating deaths and aftermath decease, including other cultures.

Dear Ones,

Holocausts historically have been committed one era after another fueled by deadly bigotry and so-called "white" supremacy greed and control of land and its natural resources. The Holocausts against American Indians and American Africans reaches over tens of millions spanning centuries in all the Americas–people hanged and burned alive, like at the Moravian village of First Americans.

Yet indigenous people and those sold into slavery have never had nuclear bombs to protect them. Instead, long and prolonged as this cultural lag lasts, these ethnic groups are slowly making progress and have become integrated in the United States and elsewhere–a great nation whose democracies are at least attempting to treat everyone as equals through inherited human rights. We're trying to learn from our mistakes.

For the most part we know in 1948 land was taken from the Palestinians to form Israel, as the original Persians and others were thrown out of their land and became refugees. Yet instead of being grateful, the Iranians are suffering by despicable subhuman measures.  It was Nazi Germany who committed the criminal Holocaust, not the Iranians whose ideological religion doesn't condone radioactive genocide coming from a "a deity who is a peacemaker and would never afflict harm on his creations."

Words like Nikita Kruschev's,"We're going to bury you, are just terms, like "We're going to wipe you off the map"–like cowboys against Indians–ignorant words. But Israel actively threatens with illegal nuclear bombs enough to bury and wipe off whom they call their enemy and everyone in between the genocide.

Why else do they store illegal weapons of massive destruction? If used, whatever would be left of world court, would have to exterminate the culprits. I understand why the Middle Eastern president is paranoid, after such subhuman atrocities. Who wouldn't be!  But reason and diplomacy always trump wars where men of a certain age politically sacrifice youths on both sides as burnt offerings from archaic hell's fire times.

However, it would help the world for Iran not to develop nuclear energy in a global economy trying to transform to alternative, green fuels and is making great strides toward such success. This is an opportunity for Iran to jump start ahead and develop reusable energy–what would eliminate sanctions that harm children and women the most. Unfortunately Japan learned the hard way between U.S. nuclear bombs and tsunamies.  This nation is now completely nuclear free.

Yet Netanyahu is transparently threatening ("going it alone") with his own nuclear weapons located above and below ground–enough to start  a third-war annihilation of Earth–illegal according to International Law and Criminal Court. He also broke diplomatic laws by speaking before Congress against the will of the chief U.S. top official. The senators who wrote him a letter are more than pariahs against Constitutional America, now are recorded in the annals of corrupt history.

 I can't believe thinking Jewish people would ever condone such a repeat of genocidal history against all humanity, animals, pets and the environment. Even nuclear physicists working on the Manhattan Project never condoned dropping nuclear or thermonuclear bombs on anyone, friend or foe. Japan was ready to surrender one.  At that time one prominent top general is documented as saying that since billions of dollars were spent on the nuclear bomb, now is the time to test it on an enemy. Christian baptized Hitler was made from the same rotten cloth.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com  Another identity  of mine is Helene Jingleheimer Smith.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Weapons of mass destruction were banned by the 1925 Geneva Protocol. After Iraq invaded Iran (1980-88) over 800,000 soldiers and  civilians were killed and wounded.

Dear Ones,

Also, remember the G.W. Bush administration that carpet bombed Iraq causing deformed infants and a totally destabilized nation with contaminated water and environment.  And it was this president who promised he would catch Osama bin Laden, but it was President Obama and Navy Seals who accomplished the goal, as his word became true.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The "9-11" administration that invaded, attacked and occupied Iraq in 2003 illegally, wanted to kill secular leader Saddam Hussein not only with oil on the brain, but for other reasons as well.  Other world dictators were even more brutal. And he had nothing to do with this American tragedy.

Dear Ones,

The American president's father during the Reagen/H.W. Bush years was in power even up to 1990 when ingredients for biological warfare were supplied to Iraq during the 1980-88 Iraq-Iran war and the First Gulf Was–deadly saran, anthrax and even mustard gas for use against the Kurds.  These types of weapons were outlawed in 1925 by the Geneva Protocol. For this reason, those in charge knew where the Iraqi stockpiles were after receiving them from U.S. sources.

The administration of Bush the Elder, once CIA director, was also responsible for forced genocidal sterilization of a million women living on reservations–last lands of US indigenous people held under American rule–and women from other dark complexioned cultures as well, such as Puerto Ricans. (Remember, not long ago in the United States Jews, American Indians, American Africans, Italians and others having dark skin were forbidden to join so-called "white" country clubs.)  Whenever a First American women was admitted to a hospital she was secretly sterilized under the umbrella of public health, for ethnic cleansing of "less desirable cultures" according to Caucasian prejudice.

Dear Ones,

How soon we forget the details of biological warfare that began in the United States with First Americans given blankets from smallpox hospitals, all genocidal intent.

David  E. Stannard, professor at the University of Hawaii–a state in which U.S. businessmen stole from the Queen and her people for tourists development–wrote:

[Native Americans have suffered] "the worst human Holocaust the world has ever witnessed, roaring across the [joined] American continents, more than 100 million lives during the course of four centuries."

Americans for the most part have always been compassionate toward indigenous peoples–over 500 nations within a nation.  But as always, greedy politicians on Earth are the ones fueling genocidal tragedies and disparity due to lack of inherent human rights.



The Obama Administration is the first to adamantly improve foreign affairs by playing down aggression.  Weaning the populace off wars is what the world wants. After centuries of bloody religious battlement–serial crimes–the 20 percent hard-core racist war mongers still don't get it.  Again I repeat, Michael Franti's  (Spearpoint musician) quote:

"You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace."

Dear Ones,

This wisdom has been expressed by innocent victims of the business ends of guns ever since the Chinese invented gun powder. No nation wants to be bombed, but war-economy governments still export all the means to do it–and often have them boomerang to the producers. We even celebrate our victories year after year by sending more corporate chemicals into the atmosphere. We're conditioned by flames and explosions.

Unfortunately for us all, illegal toxic poisonous chemical ammo and radioactive nuclear bombs as well as missiles became so powerful they must be substituted with sincere arbitration.  Laws already ratified must be enforced by International Law and Criminal Court that outlaws them on urban war zones. Sanctions of one nation against the other usually harm children and women the most in a patriarchal world.

Also, nuclear bombs must be dismantled because they are obsolete and threaten to cause genocide. Not one iota of nuclear uranium or plutonium could stop September 11, 2001, because it was surprise attack. Home security may protect government buildings, but we taxpayers–the herd–need to have security through negotiation and communication that far exceeds revengeful circles of fire and fickle indefensible  militancy.

Soldiers not only sacrifice their own lives for political gain, but also the lives of their children and grandchildren since modern weaponry causes such gross deformities, handicaps,  deafness, blindness, cancer and other diseases.  Is the media afraid to speak out and show graphic photos of war-torn babies as they emerge from their mothers' womb. The world is intimidated by militancy, as future wars create deformed minds that cause craziness. What god would condone such  generational genocide that has no glory?

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Monday, March 2, 2015


Faith instilled in humanity is as numerous as individual minds. This means persuasions and cults are as numerous and various as the sands of the seas.

Dear Ones,

Emerging from a nuclear missile and bomb era into an age of cyber technology, toleration of law religions can bring international peace only if an endless multitude of personal beliefs don't stick their camel noses into the tents of good government that ends up in weird, crazy mindsets of Inquisitional violence, terrorism, torture and barbarity.

Former Nazi youth recruitment is now being mirrored by rogue, warped religion fomenting and mesmerizing minds of naive young people through a carrot on the tick–adventure and excitement that leads to early deaths and suffering of young people and their families.

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