Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The sun our saving grace is determined by how long our ancestors lived near or far from the sun or the equator. Northern Africans in desert sands have darker complexions than Africans living in rainforests that gets less sun.

Dear Ones,

In the course of proved evolution homo sapiens walked on all fours–after being fish belly white and loving to swim in the ocean and eventually walk along sandy beaches like a dog fish moving onto rocks.  Our ancient ancestors palms and soles never saw sunlight.

Race and racism, its accomplice in crime, were invented in 1796, a fact worth repeating.  They go together  like a bird and feather.  Black, red, yellow and white regarding humanity were concocted by one man.

Oxford Universal Dictionary defines these tones: black, negative; red bloody; white and yellow cowardly and weak.  Prismatically, black and white aren't even colors. Do we really want to keep pegging each other with demeaning connotations that cause the eruption of endless wars?

Pulitzer and Nobel Laureate Pearl Buck chided Americans for calling people yellow. During the Vietnam War that included bombing of Cambodia and Laos and deforming infants with Agent Orange, soldiers were trained to dehumanize the opposition by name-calling soldiers yellow gooks.  Degradation made the killing easier.

With wisdom and knowledge we now ask ourselves–"How did bigots get away with lynching, torture and killing of American Indians and American Africans called heathens?"  Complexion is made up of varied amounts of brown pigment or melanin in the DNA.  Skin tanning is temporary.   And brown is in.

According to the University of Chicago Press word guide, calling people "black" is out–no longer popular.  But ironically "white" is still in–for its false "purity."  The Associated Press is the primary user of this handbook, but they are often not purchased for updates.  Also, many writers never check the latest word styes.  And we follow what we hear on the media like sheep.  Since the world for the most part relies on this universal press, we are often deceived by lack of knowledge.

The world has finally risen above attacking people as yellow and red, although the Washington D.C. football team is still stubbornly called the Redskins, as if First Nations were mascot dogs.  How about American Chiefs instead?

Until we stop color-coding one another, there will ways be racist wars and aggression.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Anti-Semite means hatred against three original Semite persuasions. Why?

Dear Ones,

It all started back in Babylonians times, still affecting us today in a circle of fire and revenge, with non-Semites caught in the crossfire, too. 

It's the young people of this fighting-three who are especially concerned over their own future, those who are willing to work together for peaceful negotiation instead of each Abrahamic branch trying to annihilate one another.  All people on Earth are chosen people.  Otherwise we wouldn't be here.  We don't  own Earth.  Earth owns us.   We're only renting on this precious planet. For God's sake,  instead of fightin, come together with equality, justice and respect for one another–share–dance–sing–and be happy.

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Monday, April 28, 2014


Spain still pleas for U.S. cleanup ever since four H-bombs were  dropped on Spanish land and sea in 1966 causing massive contamination–plus radioactive intercontinental missile mistakes worldwide and nuclear testing in general.

Dear Ones,

You can check for yourself on the other three H-bombs–where they're still polluting Earth with radioactive, toxic chemicals illegal according to International Law and its Criminal Court that needs to be enforced.  Any one living on this planet is part of this law.  A criminal can say the opposite, but facts prove we all are responsible for the safe maintenance of our only source of sustenance.

After 40 years this Spanish land and ocean bottom is still contaminated with plutonium, man-made from uranium. Can we really trust the military threatening all life on Earth?  These four dirty radioactive bombs cost more than $2 million taxpayer money and the health of the victimized people, as well as their wildlife.  The feds were negligent in funds and broke their promise to pay for cleaning up their radioactive mess, business as usual. Time Magazine reported–"The Palomares accident was one of Earth's worst nuclear disasters."  The semi-serious movie, The Day the Fish Came Out, tells this horrendous story.

Two years later at Thule Air Base in Greenland a B-52 crash caused nuclear weapon radioactive contamination. In barrels this lethal soil including americium chemical that self-radiates and accumulates with time, was shipped to a North Carolina waste dump, where similar waste went from Marshall Islands after nuclear testing.  Unfortunately these spoils, even though removed, often leave toxic residue on their original sites, as nuclear waste from WWII threatens the Columbia River in Washington state where the lethal material is leaking.

Meanwhile, radioactive nosecone missiles are ready to go at the drop of the hat, with those in charge at old unmaintained silos and equipment–over 100 centers–what would cause WW III with hotheads ready on the second for revenge.  Even thinking nuclear physicists who invent these Earth-shaking monsters do not recommend their use against humanity, even in retaliation.

We can be proud of our present administration that four years tried to clean up the overwhelming monstrous mess that the previous administration left behind in human ashes and untold destruction of the environment and wildlife.  Diplomats know diplomacy, negotiation and communication are quintessential for peace.  They and zillions of Earth's peoples do not want military presence in Ukraine and other explosive sites.  They don't want to send poisonous child-deforming ammo and boots on ground.  Let illiterate leaders but their own boots on the ground!

The right wing is wrong as the Tea Party chomps at the bit for more war, the shock and awe of futile aggression that sends illicit munitions to other nations.  These same winged hawks were the ones who in ancient times caused some of the most sinister world disasters–the Great Commission and Manifest Destiny that is still abusing the original indigenous people in America through poverty and corruption of the unelected Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Not only are armed forces overstressed with dangerous responsible jobs for an irresponsible institution.  The fear of human error is ever present no matter how much the precaution. And instead of old equipment being shut down, federal plans are made for millions more of new equipment for outlawed missiles and bombs made by irresponsible corporate governments.

The United States is in dire need of unbiased education, peacemakers and employment. We  now need urgently a Federal Peace Department for oversight as well as check and balance, with their sole dut–the safety of peace, the opposite of a war department–its original name.  Instead of preparing for war, prepare for peace with employees earning well-paid salaries and wearing  handsome-looking federal uniforms.  They would also be eligible for colored ribbons, metals, epaulets and other rewards, as well as perks.  And why not salute them for their important part in safety for Americans? If the U.S. would do this it could regain its respect and stature in the international  community. Other nations, following this good example, would also benefit.

As Oscar Hammerstein wrote, peace needs to be organized for it to happen. He's included in my blog,
"Angels for Peace–Zillions of world voices.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Any nation making, storing or threatening with illicit lethal incendiary weapons of massive devastation–child-deforming chemical and radioactive–is a terrorist nation violating International Law and Criminal Court. Sadly no one enforces these atrocities.

Dear Ones,

Biblically speaking "Yea, though we walk in the shadow of death" we fear evil–from cyber war unmanned planes, robots and and climate warfare of the Bush Administrations' secret tampering and manipulating of weather to kill off and exterminate opponents in a hot war in hot blood–now ingrained in Congressional and Pentagon policy. Virgil, the great Roman poet, knew war was futile. Old Greek King Phyrrus said, "Phyrric wars are not worth their cost in human lives and money that circles the international waste drain that flushes down money.

During the Nixon administration the U.S. in shame bombed the Laos Ho Chi Minh trail to ashes and pollution during the Vietnam war to cause the monsoon season to last longer in order to prevent unwanted weapons from getting through to American lines. By the way, this trail of Communism still exists in the world today, with no one committing war over it.  Is it toleration that's made the difference? When one nation kills over one ideology, perhaps we should check our own.

Science in the hands of the military is the most sinister danger on Earth and the fullness therefore.  Those who are greedy for gain taketh away the lives of foreign nations by filling their own houses of spoils–through invasion, attack and occupation for  oil, land and natural resources causing holocausts and poverty.

Under control of war lords causing greenhouse gases that kill the environment, the United States has lost its world esteem, especially when invading Iraq, illegal to International Law and Criminal Court. If those who broke this law would have been prosecuted,  through example, the world would be safer today.  We shoot ourselves through our own black combat boots covered with carbon from endless wars. Laws not enforced are meaningless and have no clout.

When nations get away with murder, there's no stopping demonic warfare.  Now cyber killing with drones threatening Earth is the new weapon on the street taking over obsolete massive weapons of destruction and child-deforming.  Right now certain world powers have the upper hand, but people must ask themselves, are we ready for retaliation in having foreign nations droning us one by one?  Is the right of the goose also the right of the gander?  Right now children affected by irresponsible unaccountable drone activity really think the sky is falling–and it is–on non-combatants as well as combatants.

Perceive the wisdom of justice and equity that overcomes world poverty caused by warfare.  Cry out against foolish devices, "For their feet run to evil and make hands that shed blood," according to Semitic biblical advice that ignores ongoing aggression of centuries involving the three original Abrahamic religions–Hebrew, Christian and Muslim, in order of their founding.  Earth and its people fill massive graves from the Great Reaper of war.  This ring of fire is revealed  in a TV talk show by that name on Democracy Now!

Cyber warfare only makes nations more vulnerable and less safe.  Countries heeding wisdom do not produce, store or threaten with weapons of massive destruction and robotic warfare that kills little children and non-combatants as well as the victims targeted by death. Nuclear weapons-free nations live in safety, happiness and peace. They use their energy and precious national treasures for unbiased education and rate high in the world of wisdom,



Saturday, April 26, 2014


  • Essay–False Face of Race–on blog includes 1700s history of inventor of new meaning for word "race"–competition, as in running a race.

Dear Ones,

On Real Time TV a panel discussed how racism is still alive and sick today.  But this is only the top of the volcano. The mortal man who devised the race  hierarchy puts "white" foremost and "black" on the last rung in the ladder of discrimination and prejudice.  This Christian German, the father of color-coded race. influenced Hitler in having illusions of superiority, "a pure race"–that fueled his fixation to carry out his sinister holocaust of Jews and other cultures.

According to history, if you want to put people down, call them black, as first Americans were pegged (besides red), along with other people of darker complections than soap white.  Every time a person calls another person a "black" he or she is color profiling, as simple as that. Rule of thumb–Don't do to others what you don't want done to you, taught by Confucius, Buddha and Jesus.

We treat cattle better than we treat human beings.  They're named Holsteins, Jersey and for other places of their origins.  Since race also means nationality, there's no reason why we can't identify one another by our original places of birth, which causes no dissension. Ancestors of present sea islander residents were taken there by the Trans-Atlantic slave trade route from Africa.  So–we all can identity ourselves by cultures rather than rival colors,


Friday, April 25, 2014


While writing The Carnegie Nobody Knows, I researched Carnegie's interest in simplifying the Kings English.

Dear Ones,

My co-author, George Swetnam, former feature writer for the Pittsburgh Press and Family Magazine, advised me to use American spelling instead of English, such as theater instead of theatre.  In colonial times this was one of the first steps in weaning the United States off  English spelling, especially during the American Revolution, for obvious reasons.

Carnegie was a prolific writer, a little known fact.  Among this industrial steel leaders's goals was to make the spelling of old English much easier.  Some of his  letters are included in the book.  In fact he wrote friends and family in his newly invented vocabulary.  This Scotsman would have been ecstatic if he had had the ability of email and the internet.

When I was growing up my dear mother quoted a rhyme for me,

ABCD goldfish. MNO goldfish. OSAR.


Thursday, April 24, 2014


Dear Ones,

When a pope talks directly to the common man he follows Jesus  of Nazareth regarding love for all. The poets have long said love conquers everything. The down-to-Earth teaching of Pope John Paul II and present Pope Francis is very similar–with their hearts more for the people than man-made dogma.

It's a relief after hearing the daily shooting report that there is good news.  Pope Francis is following the footsteps of Jesus. It was biblical Paul, senior writer of the New Testament, who cursed the Hebrew people in his writing and lectures.  He also put a curse on women that lasts to this day.

This Pharisee who persecuted Jesus did not like women or was afraid of them. Perhaps it was something his mother said or did.  Regardless, he ranted in frequent verses of the N. T. that men should not marry women–unless they "burn."  No doubt he meant "hot" in today's world.  It was Paul who initiated celibacy in his churches–what denied men their natural inherent function and forced those who joined the ranks to not have conjugal rights.  Since this is a church rite that defies nature, some men abuse  boys when natural inherent rights are taken from men.

Paul, as a misogynist who did not like women, wouldn't even talk with them. A good man with the highest position in the R.C. Church talks directly with the people, including women.  Pope Francis is a good man.  Nurturing women in a patriarchal society who have been persecuted and abused for all the centuries of mankind, are more impressed with a man like this pope than the highest rank of men in any child-deforming war.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Ron Paul was right about "we don't need 900 bases in 130 countries."   But he was wrong about one thing.  The number count of military sites that include dumping areas and war zones on other nation's lands, is much higher–morel like 4,000.

Dear Ones,

 The first aggression in the Americas was corporate government attempt at extermination of American Indians for European fur trade economy, later used against Hispanics through sterility, a plight of indigenous people.  One hidden attempt of extinction is the little known fact that the US first used Agent Orange on First Americans before annihilating Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos bombed to ashes on its Ho Chi Ming trail through climate warfare.  As we point the sinister finger at other countries killing their own people, we have done the same–also during our own Civil War with over 70,000 of our own people killed outright and in the aftermath, plus a million horses, No other nation  directly aided us in our calamity.

Militants dump our own toxic chemical and radioactive contaminants on other nations's property causes hatred and wars from leaking child-deforming poisons. These sites are illegal–a modern  scourge of humanity–unwelcome aggression through occupation on foreign lands. 

  The military has a bad habit of euphemising its devices of destruction and methods of massive destruction, such as collateral damage–people killers–and Crusader missiles that provoke terrorism and violence. By making something look innocuous, the committers think they are ameliorating their own demons.  But the word referring to cross-bearers is a red cape in the eyes of the tortured.  This began with the Roman Catholic Church re-naming its Inquistional Holy Office a a long indescipt term that completely disguises the evil.

For decades the military tried to cover up child-deforimng Agent Orange hericide and even dumped its surplus in military bases and on sovereign First Nations grounds with US nuclear waste.  Korea also is inundated with this lethel poison from the US military dumping it on their soverign lands and elsewhere.

You can pound a board full of nails.  But if the nails are removed, the holes are still there filled with the rust of war.  Although the industrial corporate military removed some of its bases from Saudi soil and from Iraq, the sites are still ghosts of former corruption.  When the troops move out, their industrial war machinery and waste is all left behind since it is too expensive to clean up. 

The cost of these bases plus their responisbility for reclamation of our messes leaves waste lands and untold health problems that are astronomical.  And who's counting all the abortions with the women afraid of prgnacy in polluted lands, as many American combatants also suffer massive birth defects among their offspring.

With the military abandoning contaminated sites in foreign lands the people and their environment  are also contaminated. Troops may disappear put not the havoc  produced on foreigners who rebel and secretlly plan retaliation.  The Bush Admistration ignored warnings that important cities in the US would meet catastrophic damage if the US didn''t get its military bases out of Saudi lands. And with the same mentality of not talking or negotiationg with the opposition, 9/11/03 did not come as a surpise. We had been warned.

The sabor rattling is still dining our ears.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Dears Ones,

International peace versus war is the universal cry to stop Earth's demise.  Also see my blog, Voices of  Harmony–world singer and musician pleas for harmony among nations. When you speak of war, drop the "L" for glory.

An old man slowly walked down the center aisle of a church and requested to speak from the podium in front of the holy alter. The stranger said: “O Lord our God, help us to go forth from the sweet peace of our beloved fireplaces to smite the foe . . . help us to tear their soldiers to shreds with our shells; help us cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us drown the thunder of guns with shrieks of their wounded writhing in pain; help us to waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows in grief; help us to turn them out, rootless with little  children to wander unfriended the waste of their desolated  land in rags, hunger and thirst, sports of the sun’s flames of summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail.” No one can beat Mark Twain for his satire–all of the above.

Men masquerading behind the face of war calling evil–glory– have never faced its gore. Governments commit treason and betrayal by ignoring the will and voices of its constituents crying for peace versus illegal treacherous war as the United States defies its Constitution and the 1973 War Power Resolution. Government exists for the people and their children, not the reverse.  “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” Out of the poem Invictus comes the wisdom of William Ernest Henley. But torturous wars destroy the very marrow of human dignity as sanity becomes a bone pile of madness. Man’s fate is at stake when masters of aggression erode the human spirit.  For centuries Earth’s war-weary nations have cried out for honest democracy and education instead of bombs. Listen to their voices.
Through Democracy Now! Free Speech, courtesy of courageous broadcast journalists such as Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez. Thom Hartmann and Al Jazeera the truth is told about the tragedy of war. Great Soul Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi finally united all India’s Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims as he sacrificed himself instead of soldiers. Why does anyone say they are proud to sacrifice young people as scapegoats in war? Through fasting as a well-esteemed leader, Gandhi knew expensive wars would end when people craved honey over vinegar. Regarding wisdom about war revenge and King Hammurabi’s law, he said, “An eye for an eye eventually makes us all blind.” When Gandhi died, even the three fighting Semitic Abrahamic religions, all related to one another, mourned him while praising his non-violent love of humanity and equality for all.  Yet before the flowers had withered on their stems fighting forces were brandishing their swords again, the sad irony of war.
America’s Julia Ward Howe from New England and Ann Jarvis from West Virginia share the honor of being first to celebrate America’s Mother’s Day for world peace. These women founded this special day on behalf of non-violence–two nurturing women. Howe, who is credited for founding mother’s day in 1870, publicly proclaimed: “From the bosom of devastated Earth a voice goes up with our own.  The voice of murder is not the balance of justice. Blood does not wipe out murder nor violence indicate possession, as men have often forsaken the plow for the sword of murder at the summons of war.” The masses so concerned about life in the womb forget the born–brave youths fighting wars that cowards commit. Anyone can champ at the bit for aggression, but it takes great courage to stand up for non-violence, especially in a war-economy world. Every nation and every era can list its own historic hero advocates for non-violence versus fickle wars.  Listen, and listen again.
Sophocles, born in 496 BCE, the great Greek playwright of tragedies, wrote, “War loves to seek its victims in the young.”
“In peace children inter their parents, but in war parents inter their children.”–Herodotus, born in 484 BCE, ancient father of Greek history
“Government exists for the people’s security.”–Cicero, Roman orator imbued in Greek philosophy, born in 107 BCE
“There is no safety in war.”–Virgil, a philosopher, born in 70 CE during the Roman Empire
Oscar Hammerstein said it takes organization to bring international peace.  Former USSR Supreme Soviet wrote in his book, A Time for Peace, "We must give up the enemy image."
In the 21st century Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Representative wrote,  “May the Goddess of Peace encircle her arms around all the children of the world.” Sanctions, blockades, embargoes and unpiloted drones cause untold tragedies every day as blue skies are forever blasted in endless war. How can we tolerate world leaders in supremacist “white” nations torturing and killing war-torn children, maimed and hungry. Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine and Men's Journal wrote, “Why must we starve any child in war.” For god’s sake, men, stop picking on defenseless kids in bully wars.                                                         Robert Oppenheimer, Director of the Manhattan Project for nuclear bomb invention during WWII compared its usage to “two scorpions in a bottle assuring each other’s deaths”–a strong metaphor for deaths by the millions, mostly civilians and little children nuked in a holocaust against humanity and Earth.  “The world in arms . . . spends the hope of children,” said President (WWII general) Dwight D. Eisenhower, as Mother Teresa of Macedonia stated, “Children of the world are the most precious gifts.” Missionaries acting like storm-troopers abused and killed indigenous children in the United States and Africa as they exploited them and arrogantly forced their own absolutist, dogma on them–the very words documented through courage of one man, Dr. Wole Soyinka, Nobel Prize-winner, who wrote Of Africa.

 Aggressive war–lock, stock and barrel–is the world’s worst serial crime with children suffering the most. On go the pleas for peace. “We can chase down all our enemies, bring them to their knees.  We can bomb the world to pieces, but we can’t bomb it into peace.”–musician Michael Franti, “Spearhead.”

“War is not healthy for children and other living things.”–Lorraine Schneider, a mother and artist devoted to non-violence
“We must remain hopeful of our children and children’s children that we are not of a warring nation.”–Jessica Lange, actress
“I look into the heavens that the cruelty will end and that peace will return again,”–Anne Frank, diary of a young Jewish girl hiding from Nazis during WWII
“I don’t want to put any more children in the hands of warmongers and the war machine.”–Cindy Sheehan, activist whose son was killed in the Iraqi War.
“No child should be a soldier.”–“Nonviolent Peaceforce” representing over 20 nations
“We really don’t care about children as a society, and television reflects that indifference to children as human beings.”–Bill Moyers, PBS Journal
Ernest Hemingway in Farewell to Arms, wrote, “There is nothing worse than war. Why don’t we stop fighting?” In his book with deep emotion this novelist, war-correspondent exposed the uselessness of killing fields as he voiced man’s futile struggle against his fellow man. King Pyrrhus had discovered centuries before war has no victory, never worth its cost. Hemingway described massacred soldiers vividly in scenes of demonizing brutality. E. M. Remarque in his book All’s Quiet on the Western Front, through eyes of an 18-year old soldier, said, “The world we loved we shook to pieces.”  From a foxhole he sadly looked for the first time into the closed eyes of the soldier he shot. Trembling, he saw the dead warrior as a “poor fool like himself.”  He apologized to the youth, “You are not my enemy! . . . The world we loved we shook to pieces. We lie under the breathe and suspense of uncertainty”–from bombardment of artillery shells, hand-grenades, flaming red-hot curtain-fire, the rat-a-tat of machine guns, monstrous tanks and deadly shrapnel invented in 1784, today’s bunker, cluster buster bombs and mines that kill children and farmers in war’s toxic aftermath.
In 1936 Professor Julius Pratt of the University of Buffalo in New York wrote “the business community–industrialists and financiers–are inescapably the cause of war and expansionism, particularly in the War with Spain. Professor Harold Faulkner in his “standard American Economic History” states the stupendous cause for that war was a nation “advanced for financial imperialism.” Sound familiar? Meanwhile, Wall Street stocks soar during peacetime and fall during U.S. killer wars, with corporations reaping benefits as families suffer from a witch’s-brew of mutating chemicals including nerve gases, pesticides and carbon emissions from high explosions. Comedian Bob Hope brought 50 years of hope to soldiers by entertaining them over seas.  He said, “As soon as the war ended in Vietnam, we looked for one spot on Earth untouched by war, and blew it up!” Fracturing Earth and cracking out oil and gas to harness dinosaurs that taint ground-water with cancer-causing chemicals, funds wars that are the world’s largest gas-guzzlers. This violent disruption also causes earthquakes, hurricanes and more toxic fuel spillage in our seas, the extinction of sea animals as well as wild life.  Song writer Eric Bogle in his “Wilderness” album sings out for Earth, trees, sky and peace.” If only international nations would unite to harness renewable energy without deceitfully dumping nuclear waste and surplus agents (orange, etc.) onto other nations’ lands and shores sprayed over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Resultant suffering and death are all part of our Earth, spelled with a capital “E” for respect. In the interim, the world scratches its head wondering what causes breast-cancer and cow’s milk to be cancerous from war fallout. Echoes from the voice of song writer John Denver, anti-war protestor having produced 300 recordings of his music, continue to be sung about peace and saving the environment, wetlands and nature. Remember his song, “Let This be a Voice.”
Nurturing women opposed the attitude of war-driven men long before breast-cancer became prominent. It turns them off, as were the women of Athens in the story of Lysistrata with loved ones refusing sex to men until they stopped fighting in the Peloponnesian Wars, 431-404 BCE. This drama’s Greek playwright, Aristophanes, took pity on war widows with advice to men, “Make love, not war.” Warrior politicians are fixated on revenge, the radical-gushing gutter of war. Demonize aggression instead of honoring warmongering leaders with ticker tape as rival flags against enemies are burned with the mentality of primitive savages. Elect those interested in the arts and fine aspects of life more so than rambo war hawks.  Run the film again, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, to refresh memories of more peaceful times.
Bill Moyers through his PBS Journal says “War, except for self-defense, is a failure of moral imagination.”  In regard to security and defense, Hans Bliz and Scott Ritter, United Nations expert nuclear inspection investigators, proved the United States president and Britain’s Prime Minister in 2003 lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Ritter said, “I didn’t promote war as a weapons inspector.” These chemical and other weapons of massive devastation originally came from the U.S. arsenal, by proxy, and already had killed millions before the attack and occupation of Iraq, a needless atrocity. Novelist and master essayist Gore Vidal exposed US perpetual war with 200 aggressive military incursions documented since 1945. Other war expose’s come form Howard Zinn and Noam Chompsky. Investigative journalism Greg Palast, Jeremy Skahill and consumer advocate Ralph Nadar are still active against war aggression.
Matt Damon narrated on BBC tolls of rape crimes against women in wars where they suffer the most according to world history. Actor Johnny Depp of Cherokee heritage supports, among others, the Canadian War Child Network about orphans from aggression. Paul Newman, who won awards as a war veteran, joined ranks of activists against militarism. Robert Redford, frustrated by democratic and republican parties’ lassitude, called Washington “a war zone” with no compromise, essential in solving problems through diplomacy, negotiation  and rhetoric instead of wars that are one and the same in sorrow. Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan say, “What in hell are we fighting for,” as many veterans organize to protest wars today. Again listen to the masters of peace.
Ben Aflect, Susan Sarandon, Dustin Hoffman, Ed Asner, Jane Fonda, Danny Glover and Sean Penn  along with countless world-wide voices objected to  the 2003 unjustified attack of Earth’s ancient “Cradle of Civilization.”  Bombing to smithereens with uncivilized nuclear nose-cone missiles kills zillions of people and their wore-torn children–a heated chorus– “Blood money for oil, not in my name!”  Penn reasoned that funds spent on levees in New Orleans and health care for veterans and those in need would be more productive than the war of 2003. Alex Baldwin, also against the Iraqi War, supports the troops–a badge of honor for those entrapped in an illegal war. Richard Gere said, “I’m very sorry about what was done in Iraq. This war has been a tragedy for everyone.  I hope that the people can rebuilt their country.” Peace activist Woody Harrelson, in war movie The Messenger, relays his own feeling about U. S. aggression for capital oil gain and control. TV entertainer/satirists John Stewart, Stephen Corbert and Bill Maher tell the  “gospel” truth about vulgar war through witty humor.
Social responsible politicians and citizens, such as “Code Pink” members and its founder Medea Benjamin, diligently stand up for non-violent blood versus bloody hands. Cynthia McKinney, who ran for president, deplores U.S. waste on taxpayers’ money and military bases for death and destruction instead of education for children. She said, “The United States has more to offer than our bombs, missiles and military technology.” McKinney demands American corporations remove troops and bases from Iraq, just as the U.S. should demand research for renewable, alternative energy instead of wars that use most of the world’s oil. Jill Stein, another presidential candidate interested in preserving Earth from war emissions, is a physician concerned about mercury deaths in children.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Wars create millionaires.” Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandies (from 1916-1939) wrote, “You may have wealth concentrated in the hands of the few, or democracy, but you can’t have them both.”  Democracy is killed when it is the premise for war.
According to Aristotle,"It is more difficult to organize a peace than to win a war; but  the fruits of victory will be lost if peace is not organized."


The most dangerous threat to Earth are those thinking they are superior and mandate Paul's Great Commission found in the New Testament, mostly written by Paul who persecuted Jesus of Nazareth. Paul was an accomplice in the stoning to death of Stephen, the first Christian martyr.  After the death of Jesus–whom Paul didn't know–he started his new religion, Christianity, in Antioch–now in Turkey. This  angered the Romans who hanged Paul for defying the ancient Greco-Roman gods and goddesses.  Deities historically change from time to time.

Dear ones,

In the book of Matthew, whose author is unknown, are written words that were intended to "reach the ends of Earth"–what is now causing the end of Earth through religious strife and endless religious wars destroying world environment.  The anonymous Matthew mandated  evangelically, "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Ghost," that all power is given unto Jesus. "in Heaven and Earth."  In case the manifest-destiners aren't looking, Earth claims endless thousands of faiths in a multicultural world.

John O'Sullivan in 1945–editor of the New York City newspaper coined the phrase–Manifest Destiny to push European fur trade and take over First Nations' land for hordes of emboldened missionaries to proselytize First Americans and also Hispanics, all pegged as backward to Christianity that teaches archaic biblical fantasies.  Ancient people wrote about a deity who wrote nothing, words contrived by man "in God's name."

Southern planters also lusted for more slave states to have greater amounts of land and free labor for cotton plantations.  English colonialism also caused zealots to grab sovereign  land of indigenous people in the name of "racial" (fake word) for nationalism–my country right or wrong, also  in "God's name."

Today Dr. John Sullivan, executive director-treasurer of the State Board of Missions, governing body of Florida Baptist Convention, declares and mandates Paul's Great Commission–Manifest Destiny now rising from the dead.  Good stewards of our planet do not declare that those not believing in one persuasion will burn forever in hell and forever be lost in the sight of their God. This heresy against Earth is total nonsense.


Monday, April 21, 2014

THE THEATER OF WAR–Endless War Economy


–Endless War Economy­­­

Draconian, satanic combat fuels international theater of war, as its choking greenhouse emissions smother Earth on land, sea and air.  War departments are dependant on war economies versus peace defense–the sharper the weapon, the more grotesque the blow back. Revenge keeps wars in circles of fire.

Genocidal ammo genetically deadly in the DNA aborts and deforms babies the world over, especially among soldiers handling toxic, irradiated munitions. So let's keep shooting ourselves in the foot as we dance the steps that take us to war!

Dear ones, war that is the world's grossest gas-guzzler and serial killer fuels all the evils in Pondoras's Box. Because combat soldiers and others suffer from mental anguish, traumatic stress and brain damage from explosions, the Pentagon produced a film, The Theater of War, in 2008 during the George W. Bush administration that escalated an illicit war with blanket-bomb slaughter mostly non-combatants, such as the tragedy of Fallujah, Iraq.

If this contrived movie of ancient Greco-Roman warfare was as successful as the military proclaimed, why are war-torn, wounded warriors, physically and mentally scarred for life, as suicides among them increased even more than ever before­­–now number one killer in the U.S.?

Another Pentagon "Patriots" movie also produced under the Bush administration in 2008 at the cost of untold millions of dollars forced on taxpayers was an extravaganza under the roar of war marches.

I witnessed this obscenity in the old Civic Arena in Pittsburgh.

War propaganda was literally flying around with paratroopers in parachutes dropping by ropes from the ceiling among tanks, war machines and helicopters. This machismo propaganda was like the cirque du soleil on steroids and testosterone–all aflame in red, white and blue fireworks–my country right or wrong–might is right versus President Lincoln's right is might. 

This outlandish display of khaki camouflage netting and recruiters tool place outside and inside, with soldiers told to  hand out colored brochures for young people to become combatants.  This farce was produced all over the U.S. with enough flag waving to start a tsunami.

The "entertainment" was staged to support uncivilized Bush wars in the Cradle of Civilization–Mesopotamia.  Combat soldiers have seen the elephant. They know what war is.  It's about being maimed for life and having your best buddies killed.  Veterans come together in camaraderie to overcome the feeling of being alone in suffering from war.

Instead of propaganda from the Pentagon, these astute war soldiers have formed their own anti-war groups who help combat soldiers cope with war distress and trauma.

If a movie portrays war honestly non-combatants will especially wake up without needing an alarm clock. War veterans now have a very affective way to counteract the theater of war that made them victims–veterans against war.  I have talked with many of them while playing a fife in Veterans' Day parades for decades–with many fife and drummers being veterans themselves.

Corporate government funding is quintessential to cover needs for healing mentally and physically through professional medical and psychological consultants as well as employment for the aftermath turmoil of aggression–more important than costly films to put war poverty in a good light.

The real drama in the theater of war is set on a stage of many actors, starting with those calling for war and federal industrial war corporations producing the lethal ammo.

The government in all its branches makes the rules of war with flag-waving patriots in ra-ra rhetoric, as the bully pulpit on every street corner wraps its doors and alters in bunting while its masters of war hear voices saying, "This I do in God's name." 

And above and beyond, there are also those giving perks to keep wars moving onward, a help with recruiting as well.  Nurses, doctors without borders trying to save young people in the throes of war, as well as those in other humane careers helping people aren't treated with the same respect.

There is another drama written about the theater of war, an epic first introduced in 1939, but rarely seen in the United States. This became the most popular anti-war production of its time.  In 1996 this play, Mother Courage and Her Children, was produced again. The playwright, Bertolt Brecht, wrote this drama while in exile from Nazi Germany to portray the devastation and blindness of wars and how people profit from them.

Mother Courage, portrayed by Meryl Streep, takes advantage of naive young soldiers and reveals atrocities of older mercenaries. The plot is drawn from the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) fought over rival religion between the Roman Catholic Church and the protesting Protestants.

Brain manipulating war video games also produced by the war department, its original name, to recruit soldiers and practice skills of shooting, comes with WARNINGS on their labels–"may alter the minds of those playing the games"–as gun violence is subliminally programmed into young minds.

Albert Einstein wrote, "It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but murder."  But in the theater of any war, the characters that are the real killers are not youths slaying others youths–ingrained programming to kill. 

Combat soldiers who used to fight on ancient battlefield alters of sacrifice now fight on urban street war zones where children and non-combatants are killed–illegal violations of International Law.  Service men now must also endure little kids and babies dying, what compounds their suffering, often overlooked in praise of war.

Einstein also wrote, "I'm not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist.  The pioneers of a warless world are the young people who refuse military service." 

But again, in the theater and game of war it's not brave young soldiers sacrificing their lives that are fault.  War committers out of harms way train and condition youths to kill. Military troops are pons of politicians who have never experienced maddening aggression on the checkerboard of war.

The Bush administration also started a widespread system of unmanned drones that kill non-combatants while targeting those for assassination. Now this new branch in military aggression is ingrained.  Once the olive is out of the jar, the rest come out more easily. Any war device is almost impossible  to remove once it is initiated.  When the camel gets its nose into the flap of the tent, it's in like Flynn.

But behind the curtain, off stage, all adults are the offenders funding international theaters of wars.  Without taxpayer money, the word war would be alien to the world.

So, in war's final hour with Earth succumbing from contaminated waterways and polluted air, we are compelled to pull the curtain down, our only way to survive ongoing Earth-destroying aggression in the theater of war, with the price of the ticket Pyrrhic–not worst its cost.


Sunday, April 20, 2014


Dear Ones,

On  Easter  many people  rejoice.  Over the Internet people follow one another in droves.  Would that we all would follow the wisdom of the great Prince of Peace who said, "Blessed are the peace makers!"

Easter also reminds us of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies.  The name honors a pagan goddess,  Easter.  It also is the spring of the year when life renews itself in new growth while flowers bloom and trees grow fresh green leaves–and sweet rabbits give birth to bunnies.  For that alone we rejoice!


Saturday, April 19, 2014


Any loose nuke can be put back in bottle and corked. All scorpions in that bottle  assure each other of mutual, total destruction–the words of Robert Oppenheimer, director of the nuclear bomb Manhattan Project and chairman of General Advisory Committee of Atomic Energy.

Dear Ones,

Even the very nuclear physicists and mathematicians who invented nuclear bombs were horrified by them and did not advise using them–not even in retaliation.

Matt Taibbi, recent guest on Bill Maher Real Time,  and included in my blog "Angels of Peace," is a journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine and Mens Journal.  He stood out as a brilliant knight in shining armor.  He asked why do we always talk about invading someone?– prompted by the mentality of a Congressional politician on the show who lethally advocated using nuclear bombs for revenge–what the nuclear bomb inventors themselves advised against! We already did that and in shock and awe found out the deadly threat to Earth and all life. When any nation invades another nation it always causes bomb attack, explosions, death and occupation. As, Michael Franti of  Spearhead  musicians said, "You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace."

Edward Teller, co-father of the hydrogen bomb with Stanislaw Ulam, invented a backyard bomb.  It was never produced since it was too heavy to move–the ultimate in megatons.  If such a monster was detonated in place, it would destroy the entire Earth, man's only sustenance. (man is short for human) Warmonger politicians are the greatest threat to the third planet from the sun. Their lust for bigger and more powerful ammo is not only illegal but maddening to sane minds.  A new rule needs to be made–anyone making, storing or threatening with these unlawful, child-deforming monsters are war criminals of genocide. Destroy the bombs before they destroy us all.  All it takes are powerful religio-politicians of madness, "in God's name," to trigger an all-out nuclear war.

The world will always require brave service forces for aiding those from  freakish natural disasters and atrocious atrocities caused from needless aggression and greed.

And remember, you all are my dear ones–even when uninformed,


Friday, April 18, 2014


Dear Ones,

Human rights are inherent rights that need no declaration.  They pertain to  existence or being. Those who are born automatically possess human rights, despite men thinking they have to declare them. 

Animal rights also come under the human category. Those cruel enough to torture humans or animals not only destroy all types of life but also destroy themselves inwardly.  Fate has mysterious blow-back power.

Civil rights are laws of man (short for human) who live in a human society.

Sadly men try to break both human and animal rights–human and civil–especially in aggression.  


Thursday, April 17, 2014


Dear Ones,

In every century like a phoenix out of  Earth's burnt ashes of war–a brave voice  rises up and has the guts–in the words of Tom Paine–to expose biblical madness triggering hot explosive wars that in turn cause earthquakes, volcanoes to erupt, tsunamies and poisoned environment through military climate control.

And that voice today is that of Bill Maher whose champions are young people, not old fogies whose minds are imprisoned with violent revenge and blind to truth and the marvels of nature now being blown up by child-deforming, illegal munitions–chemical and radioactive causing cancer and other diseases

These are the times that try mens souls, and especially women's, too, when it comes to aggression with youths programmed to kill youths in warm blood.  In the words of Tom Paine. "I abhor war. It holds  contempt and makes beasts of  men.  War is the worst.  There is nothing on Earth I hate more than war."

Besides  human rights, this activist stressed help for the poor, his own condition for decades.  He also, like Voltaire, was persecuted by an absolutist persuasion whose history includes bloody Crusades (meaning cross) with members ironically killing one another "in God's name" under Pope Urban II and Peter the Hermit and the deadly torturous Inquisition run by the church in cahoots with the power of the government.

That adds up to centuries of abuse for the richest institution to have under its belt! These atrocities send an urgent message for church and state to have a walled fortress between them.  The name Crusader missile and bullets inscribed with  bible messages–transparently made under the former born-again administration–reveal the marriage of the military with religion.

Any talk show host claiming to be another Thomas Paine while spreading lies that defy human rights is an insidious fake who clings to dogmatic rites.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Dear Ones,

History reveals the dark as well as the light side of human behavior.


copyright©Helene Smith 2012

archaic child-killing altars
 and blood stained battlefields

"Children of the world are the most precious gifts"–Mother Teresa of Macedonia

                   Abraham in BCE–before the common era of biblical times–threw down his knife poised to stab his little boy Isaac for a burnt offering to appease early mythological gods brought on by fear and superstition, the first form of man's religion.  His evolving conscience told him to stop–what he believed was a divine voice in an ancient story.  The world had become mesmerized by atrocious, vicious words that man spits out with little thought of the diabolical shock in sacrificing the most treasured gifts– human life–what makes our world go around.  It is beyond comprehension to fully envision the impact of such historical slaughter–youth killing loaded with shock of the macabre. 
                  The following true story of man–short for human–is fictionalized since no one living ever witnessed the horrific violence of our primitive ancestors.  We only can see the impact of our present society's terrorism.  The account you are about to read is taken from ancient prehistoric graphics etched in stone and later-day ancient archives mirroring barbaric violence done to children the world over. 
                  Since there is no scarcity of kids on the third planet from the sun, it is sad to realize youths today have also become expendable to man as war fodder, as well as burnt offerings to the gods.  At least that is what some modern-day born-again leaders ruthlessly say, blaming a deity, "God told me to go war!"–with untold thousands of youths sacrificed as the committers, out of harm's way, getting away with murder.
                  Now open your eyes to a wild, horrific scene as the heavens depart in an uproar of loud rumbles resembling the beat of drums and the clanging of brass cymbals during the worst possible electrical storm you can imagine.  Below the turmoil a ghastly drama of Earth is going on.  Frightened primitive men sit within a huge rock shelter stage deciding what must be done to appease their imagined deities.  Surely the mortals had done something wrong that angered at least one of their gods.
                  This small family community was governed by long-haired whiskered men who were domineering over their fur-covered women we would call "wives–especially scared out of their wits–not by the storm but by the men that ruled over them.                    Coming into focus now the group of men are huddled together at the entrance of the cave.  They are tending a roaring fire surrounded by primeval virgin oak trees overlooking an ancient sea. 
                  Before the storm rolled in with loud claps of thunder, a full moon shone on a sandy beach below the cliff.  Two night owls sitting on a tree branch are oblivious to the scene they are about to witness within a shadowy cavern lit by streaks of lightning and the glow of the fire–in reality a bone fire, remnants of Homo Sapiens's carnivorous meals–what would later be called a bonfire from bones of burned people during the religious Inquisition that worked in cahoots with the Roman Government and later the Spanish government that tortured man–stretched to death on crudely-made machines or burned alive on wooden stakes. 
                  Meanwhile early cave men worked diligently around the blazing fire. They also could not foresee the world of early crosses, row upon row, on soldiers' graves, no matter what their religion happened to be, and whether or not the deceived were atheists or agnostics.  In their world  superstitious faith ruled their minds and was passed down to their children. Proselytizing wars and their blood sacrifice are the bane of the world.
                    Nevertheless, the aborigines had built an altar from green tree branches covered with a piece of leather from a she-wolf who was the first to live in the cavern with her cubs and mate.  Several of these early dwellers had placed a ring of abalone and other large shells around the circle of hide, now flaming hot. 
                  Within the deep recesses of the rock shelter a group of little children are playing. The raging storm is out of earshot and didn't concern them. They are racing around the inner catacombs with utmost glee–as one by one, each from total exhaustion­­–drops  down to a bed of animal furs to sleep for the night, with imagined dreams of angels all about them.
                  Between the men and children is a group of stalwart women, some with babes in arms.  A young mother-to-be in extreme pain is giving birth as a mid-wife helps her through excruciating labor.  Now a robust male infant is seen emerging from his mother's warm womb.  The aide slaps the babe to make him breathe, cleanses him and wraps him in soft swaddling kid leather.  His mother weakly reaches out for her son.
                  Suddenly, before she has a chance to cradle him in her loving arms, the women all brace themselves as the largest man of the clan enters the birthing alcove and looks down at the woman he knew the most, in a biblical sense. His eyes reflect awe and compassion for his loved one lying on a soft bed at his feet.  As he gazes into her exhausted eyes, now filled with fear and tears, he kneels down and kisses her lips and those of his son.
                  But at the same time he needs to get a grip on his mixed emotions.  He perceives a poignant brotherhood pledge to his male cult, while at the same time realizing that all men start out as females with teats, as women can then be equipped to use them to nourish their infants.  The man's flashback soon dissipates as he steels himself for action.  He reminds himself of his grisly mission to make the tormenting storm go away. 
                  He is mortified by reality, for he must  now take his own new-born son instead of a child from the flock among sleeping children­–male rule, not by any god, and certainly no goddess,  but by men themselves.  This ghoulish sacrifice involves the clan's youngest born, with women silenced from speaking out.  Now the female throng begins to gather around the new mother with anxiety, anticipating what they knew would happen, with some already experiencing the unbearable trauma.
                  Immediately confronted by the women, the man's former feelings change to anger, with his face and neck turning red with emotion.  Physically he strikes out against resistance with great force to do what he believes he's compelled to do–with machismo peer pressure stoking his action.  He forces the women away and grabs the infant from reluctant hands of his mother.                    Now her family members in unison raise their voices in howling rebellious dissent and grief echoing throughout the cavern.  But the voice of his mother excels all the others. The entire force of women murmur helplessly in tones of sorrow and compassion.
                  The father quickly makes his exit and returns to his cohorts with the whimpering bundle that was now vociferously protesting denial to suckle his mother's milk.  But the man could not tolerate the shrieks.  In lack of control he shook his son so vigorously the infant almost succumbed from the violence in his newly formed brain.
                  Back at the gruesome ritual circle the shadows of his male comrades, ignorant of nature's wisdom, looked more like grotesque monsters of sorcery and man-made magic than men.  After handling the squirming, crying babe to the leader of the clan–who in later centuries would be called a priest–the father of the newborn hesitates before giving up his son.  He finally takes the empty fur blanket and moves back into the darkness of the sacrificial den where he weeps in seclusion, unnoticed by his fellow men.
                  As the fire begins to die down to flickering flames and hot, sparkles of ashes, the priest coils the infant's umbilical cord in a circle on top of his little abdomen. He then slices off a tiny piece of his flesh from his foreskin and offers it up to his male god over everything­­–including man's reasoning power, with maddening superstition overwhelmingly taking over his own brain.
                   The priest quickly drinks a potion to numb his senses as he lays the small body of flesh, quivering fresh from his mother's womb, onto the hot leather altar surrounded by shells to collect the victim's blood.  In later years baby animals were substituted for these dreadful religious acts dredged up from ancient cults. Newborn goats were often offered up as burnt offerings, as the name kid–for child–became associated with these murderous scapegoat acts.
                  The predominantly base voices of all the men now rose up in a loud chant to block out the screams of the babe twisting in pain. The primitive  priest with eyes flaming from drinking the bitter brew to give him false courage, suddenly picks up a hand knife made from carved flint and quickly stifles the child's disturbing cries, all performed by men for a man-made god of their choice.                    After he stabs the helpless victim who had experienced Earth only for a few moments of time, the infant screams out his last breath.  The leader then pierces  the babe's chest and pulls out the little bleeding heart.  He holds it up to mortal god of thunder and lightening, before eating it.  Ancient deities are mortal, since as one dies off another one crops up with history repeating itself over and over again.
                   Coincidently, at the  same time a final streak of lighting strikes some unseen ironwood tree in the woodlands. Violent storm clouds roll away with the thunder now muffled in the distance.  The men crouch down with their eyes cast on the ground as if in prayer revealing a horrible ritual to make their god or gods happy.  The ruthless ceremony was successful in their mindset. 
                  Little did they observe that even if they had done nothing at all, the raging storm would have ceased on its own. They were convinced their human sacrifice was a rite that became a wrong from man's dark past. 
                  Fire was part of their religion–eternal blazing hell, a device also used to threaten children if they misbehaved, with no child made better as a result.  Later-day warriors also consumed the hearts of their slain enemies for added false courage and strength from their opposition.
                   The men now gather around the altar. The aborigines smelled the burned oak and savored the aroma of human flesh, as their leader collected the shells filled with hot blood and drank of it before passing it out to their accomplices. The priest then divided the roasted infant and also shared its portions–all part of a savage, cannibalistic ritual.                                   
                  The storm clouds have completely abated. Outside the moon-lit cavern the cry of the great horned owls are stifled through leaves into a soft hooting, the sound of mourning.  But now they have moved close to one another, their feathers intertwined. 
                  They are horrified and in shock, freaked out as they clutch the tree branch.  Their large wise-looking eyes wide open in horror focus on the men below, the scene of the crime.  The pair were used to caring for their own little ones in a nest after their double "births."–the first when the mother lays her eggs followed by warming and hatching–as the chicks open their shells with their beaks for the second birth.  Although severe storms concern them as they watch over and protect their young, they were never disturbed by supernatural unknowns or were driven to kill their protegy­­–the wonder of life so precious. They live in nature and respect it, not burdened by human fears reflected in rival religion and politics.
                  From man's beginning another gory sacrifice is carried out on urban war zones where children play and are killed.  Burnt offering also pertains to youths sacrificed on these battlefields in the name of "God our Father and Country."   Yet no intelligent, loving patriarch could ever be happy over his creations killing one another in hot blood.  No aggression or ingrained religious blood rite–neither  human nor animal–ever helped any war-torn, occupied country whose inhabitants grieve and suffer from scorch and burn mindsets.
                   A Hebrew commandment states, "Thou shalt not kill."  Children in a Judeo-Christian milieu are taught this wisdom–the same value system taught to secular children–the latter that does not subscribe to dogma.  Yet kids from time memorial are the brunt of brutal killing and rape, also prevalent in male wars.

"To reach peace in the world we shall have to begin with children."–Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi"

"War loves to seek its victims in the young."–Herodotus, ancient father of Greek history

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Dear Ones,

We all are fortunate to live on  beautiful Earth–capitalized as all other planets get respect, too–the only heavenly body we know in the entire universe that has life on it.  How lucky can we get!

But it is so sad that man continues to blow up Earth and contaminates our home, our sole sustenance–land, sea and air.  It would be dangerous for any modern-day alien from outer space to land on Earth with our  endless poisonous explosions detectable to unknown eyes.  We are so very conditioned to killing our fellow men that our archaic brains are hard wired to fixating on bigger and more powerful bombs instead of focusing on renewable energy such as the sun, the savior of us all, and peaceable negotiation. What really is urgent is research on how to deflect  asteroids  from  hitting Earth.

International Law and International Criminal Court were founded to prosecute leaders of errant nations, not  entire countries!  And this means all warmongers.  No corrupt leader breaking these laws should get a free break in committing illegal wars using lethal chemical, radioactive munitions. Any law that is not enforced is as worthless as a three dollar bill.  We should shout for joy that our present administration is not chomping at the bit for more war as reckless leaders did in the past.


Monday, April 14, 2014


Dear Ones,

One tragic mystery plane  opened up Pandora's Box of Earth's devastation.  Good that Bill Maher has pointed out how our oceans are contaminated with plastic and everything else made by man–who also invented nuclear bombs. At least Seven H-bombs have aleady been dropped in our precious seas as well as a few accidentally on Spain–what makes us question the reliability, intelligence and security of leaders of the military and generals who betray us.

Nations have run races to get to Mars, spewing untold amounts of explosives that are warming our oceans as well as hydrogen bombs recklessly dropped, along with oil freighters also polluting Earth's seas and waterways with careless handling.  Since human error and power mongers always lurk under world catastrophic tragedies, why isn't the USA immediately changing to alternative energy that is free, renewable and doesn't annihilate all forms of life–what present toxic petroleum and dinosaur fuels are doing on an accumulative daily occurrence.  

Solar, wind and water energy create multitudes of jobs, employment that is urgent to convert a war economy into a peace economy–what the world wants.  In fact, let's have a world vote on this subject, now available through communication on the web, the Internet.

There's no law that we have to deplete all our natural resources.  Earth that makes up Earth is also a natural resource.  But we use it wisely for food that sustains us, not for what kills us and deforms the  world's children with chemical, oily, leaking petroleum and irradiated products poisoning the ground that we stand on as mutated DNA is passed on from one generation to the next–especially on indigenous lands of First Nations and on foreign military bases.  Let's stand our own ground for a cleaner, sustainable world.

Leave more responsible future generations for finding a way to Mars. So far we've done a lousy job in air, land and water pollution.  Yet solar energy, that needs to be researched, is powerful enough to fuel the entire world with rockets that don't pollute.  If we instead focus on our own planet and its oceans that have never been charted or explored, we could not only educate ourselves on our own mysterious depths while at the same time cleaning it up the seas so we could see what in Hell's thunder is down there.

Besides bringing up pollution and recycling it for energy as responsible citizens, we could also find treasures of gold and piles of ancient rare coins, as well as ships and airplanes lost for centuries still under water–entire cities, like the wonders of Troy.  And just think of the novels and documentaries that would come out of such exploration!  Our seas hold unseen wonders that would also open our eyes with vision to witness the present path of archaic wars that are warming oceans and melting polar ice, as radioactive weapons are destroying humanity and Earth along with us–together with our dear wildlife.



Sunday, April 13, 2014


Dear Ones,

War causes most carbon problems on Earth, what in turn provokes freak climate change. War is the biggest gas guzzler. Munitions corporations charged a carbon tax would  help pay for  pollutant ammo and war wastes, especially for deformed  babies of brave combat soldiers handling toxic/radioactive munitions that cause  massive birth defects–gross violations  called war crimes.  All nations are responsible for genetic, generational malformations triggered by the accumulations of centuries of hot poisonous explosions killing and causing children and youths caught in cross-fire of urban war zones where children play and adults work and shop.  This illegal offense is also a violation of International Law, the origin stemming from Hugo Grotius who is the father of world justice in the 1600s.  International Criminal Court's sole purpose is in enforcing its own laws.  When it fails, human rights circle the drain.


Saturday, April 12, 2014


Dear Ones,

Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury under the Thomas Jefferson administration, often challenged political opponents to pistol duels, popular in his day. Sadly Hamilton's own son was killed in a similar type duel prior to the Burr and Hamilton fight.

Hamilton used dirty politics to taint Aaron's name by an insidious false claim when Burr was running for president of the United States.  Therefore  Burr–to protect his honor–invited Hamilton to a duel.  It was his bullet that was the fatal shot heard around the world that ended Hamilton's life.

As a result, many people in 1804 turned bitterly against Burr, even though Hamilton asked for it when he used character assassination against his opponent running with Jefferson for the position of  president of the United States.  In those beginning years of the Democratic Republic, there was only one ticket for presidency–two candidates for one vote.  The loser then became vice-president.

The result of this election ended in a tie and the votes had to be cast several times more until one person won.  And it was Jefferson.  Following this debacle of bribes and politics, a new ruling was made by Congress–separate ballots for offices of president and vice-president.  So it was really a toss up as to who became our third president.

Meanwhile, Burr was cast as a pariah and his life was at stake–actually at hanging!  If Hamilton had killed Burr, would the populace have wanted Hamilton hanged–even though duals were common as musket balls in those days?   Meanwhile Burr retreated to St. Marys and St. Simmons Island in  Georgia to friends houses to save his life–one house is on National Register.  Mad mobs  accused Burr as being a traitor, but this was not true.  It took Supreme Court John Marshall to exonerate Burr from a false crime.  As a side note, Marshall was so well liked and respected that when he died the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia cracked from being rung so many times in his honor.  And as we all know, the crack is still on the famous bell.

Burr was buying up property in the West to encourage settlement, why he was accused as a traiter.  But George Washington, two presidents before him, was buying up land even during the campaign to take over Fort Duquesne by helping build the Forbes road, the first US military highway.  Washington laid out his  town of Perryopolis in Pennsylvania.  He also had a whiskey distillery and a mill built on his land, now restored and open to the public.  By the way, it was  Hamilton who wanted the whiskey distillers in Pennsylvania as well as a few other states to pay the price of the Revolutionary War.  It was this decicion that caused the 1794 Whiskey Rebellion against the farmers.

Burr wanted to help immigration to the West by building a canal in Indiana.  He raised enough money but his law suits against him consumed his time for years.  After his death it was finally built.  And as I wrote before,  New York state Senator Burr also wanted Congress to abolish slavery against human rights, but Congress prevented it from happening–as history repeats itself even today when good causes for equality are voted down by Congress, mostly by political men in a man's world, an endless war economy.  Yet Earth is referred to as a female.

Mame, what my grandchildren call me

Friday, April 11, 2014


Dear Ones,

It is so very sad about the latest school violence in Murrysville, PA–the knifing of 20 students!  All my five children graduated from that school, one of the best in the state. Fortunately nothing like that happened back then, but so very disturbing that such a thing erupted through its halls recently.

Behind every crime there is a reason.  Nothing like this ever happened to the parents of  my husband and me, or either of us when we all were growing up. Profoundly such concerns of society and education amount to complexity.  More specifically childhood bullying and taunting sensitive kids is often involved.  And many of the bullies grow up and become leaders who bully other nations into war.  But still, causing youths to snap that in turn often triggers them to take their own lives and those of their peers, has a definite link to a more direct crime.  And this military conditioning is what we taxpayers fund.

In the world that my family lived in,  combat videos were just making their appearance.  We never bought any of them for our kids.  When loner children fixate on these games that are about killing and death, something can happen to their minds.  The military is responsible for this psychological manipulation of brains of youths.  The same militant minds intentionally develop these games so that youths can gain skills of shooting and knifing.  This is all pre-training for the ease of acquiring ready recruits to be sacrificed for war on battlefield alters of burned offerings.  Proof of the pudding is stated  on combat video packaging, in essance: WARNING: THESE COMPUTER GAMES MAY ALTER THE MINDS OF YOUTHS.  A word to the wise is sufficient.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

SO CIRCLES THE EAGLE–by Erin King released free to public without author notified

Dear Ones,

So Circles the Eagle,  reviewed by the Jedediah Strong Smith Society years ago, through the former president with whom I corresponded,  has my photo on the back cover for identity. For this 343 page historical novel, my pen name is Erin King.

My husband is the great grandson of a woman from one of the First Nations–Jedediah After Smith, grandson of Jedediah Strong Smith. The sequel to my original book is called Ever After–which I'm almost finished writing.  It's all about the Boer war that he fought in and was brought back in chains when the British won the war.  He was adventuresome with other exciting episodes as well as fighting on the Anglo-Boer side.

I just found out that So Circles the Eagle is on Goodread.  It has also been made into a Kindle book, much to surprise without me knowing it.   It took me years of writing and research to produce it.   I've had men tell me it was the best book they ever read. 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Dear Ones,

After doing research for my book, THE RETURN OF AARON BURR, A Ghost Encounter, I want to share with you something quite interesting about his life.  As a New York senator, before being elected as vice president during Thomas Jefferson's administration, he brought up before Congress in the 1700s a proposal to abolish human bondage.  But this enlightenment was turned down by his peers–all accept second president John Adams who did not believe in slavery.

If Burr had been successful, the Civil War could have been adverted without thousands of soldiers on both sides killed and more than a million horses dying.

England abolished slavery in the 1830s without any devastating civil war.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Dear Ones,

What makes you lovely?  What makes you handsome?  It's your smile that lights up your entire face and transforms it.  Smile and the world smiles with you. Frown and you frown alone.  Try this experiment  while walking on a street.  Show a gentile smile to the next person you pass.  You don't want to smile too wildly or they'll think you're a crazy nut.  People usually smile back without either of you saying a thing–not even "hi."  When we make someone else happy, we makes ourselves happy, too.


PS One of my pen names is Erin King, author of historical novel, So Circles the Eagle, all about the life of Jedediah Smith who disovered more passes than Lewis and Clark together.  And he didn't have Sacajawea to lead him. According to Smith's picture, he had a nice smile–especially in the days when people rarely smiled for a portrait or photo. I 'm  now finishing its sequel, The Life of JEDEDIAH AFTER SMITH, a true story of Jedediah's son who fought as a mercinary soldier during the Angle-Boer War in South Africa when he was brought back in chains as a Boer pisoner of war.