Monday, April 14, 2014


Dear Ones,

One tragic mystery plane  opened up Pandora's Box of Earth's devastation.  Good that Bill Maher has pointed out how our oceans are contaminated with plastic and everything else made by man–who also invented nuclear bombs. At least Seven H-bombs have aleady been dropped in our precious seas as well as a few accidentally on Spain–what makes us question the reliability, intelligence and security of leaders of the military and generals who betray us.

Nations have run races to get to Mars, spewing untold amounts of explosives that are warming our oceans as well as hydrogen bombs recklessly dropped, along with oil freighters also polluting Earth's seas and waterways with careless handling.  Since human error and power mongers always lurk under world catastrophic tragedies, why isn't the USA immediately changing to alternative energy that is free, renewable and doesn't annihilate all forms of life–what present toxic petroleum and dinosaur fuels are doing on an accumulative daily occurrence.  

Solar, wind and water energy create multitudes of jobs, employment that is urgent to convert a war economy into a peace economy–what the world wants.  In fact, let's have a world vote on this subject, now available through communication on the web, the Internet.

There's no law that we have to deplete all our natural resources.  Earth that makes up Earth is also a natural resource.  But we use it wisely for food that sustains us, not for what kills us and deforms the  world's children with chemical, oily, leaking petroleum and irradiated products poisoning the ground that we stand on as mutated DNA is passed on from one generation to the next–especially on indigenous lands of First Nations and on foreign military bases.  Let's stand our own ground for a cleaner, sustainable world.

Leave more responsible future generations for finding a way to Mars. So far we've done a lousy job in air, land and water pollution.  Yet solar energy, that needs to be researched, is powerful enough to fuel the entire world with rockets that don't pollute.  If we instead focus on our own planet and its oceans that have never been charted or explored, we could not only educate ourselves on our own mysterious depths while at the same time cleaning it up the seas so we could see what in Hell's thunder is down there.

Besides bringing up pollution and recycling it for energy as responsible citizens, we could also find treasures of gold and piles of ancient rare coins, as well as ships and airplanes lost for centuries still under water–entire cities, like the wonders of Troy.  And just think of the novels and documentaries that would come out of such exploration!  Our seas hold unseen wonders that would also open our eyes with vision to witness the present path of archaic wars that are warming oceans and melting polar ice, as radioactive weapons are destroying humanity and Earth along with us–together with our dear wildlife.