Sunday, April 27, 2014


Any nation making, storing or threatening with illicit lethal incendiary weapons of massive devastation–child-deforming chemical and radioactive–is a terrorist nation violating International Law and Criminal Court. Sadly no one enforces these atrocities.

Dear Ones,

Biblically speaking "Yea, though we walk in the shadow of death" we fear evil–from cyber war unmanned planes, robots and and climate warfare of the Bush Administrations' secret tampering and manipulating of weather to kill off and exterminate opponents in a hot war in hot blood–now ingrained in Congressional and Pentagon policy. Virgil, the great Roman poet, knew war was futile. Old Greek King Phyrrus said, "Phyrric wars are not worth their cost in human lives and money that circles the international waste drain that flushes down money.

During the Nixon administration the U.S. in shame bombed the Laos Ho Chi Minh trail to ashes and pollution during the Vietnam war to cause the monsoon season to last longer in order to prevent unwanted weapons from getting through to American lines. By the way, this trail of Communism still exists in the world today, with no one committing war over it.  Is it toleration that's made the difference? When one nation kills over one ideology, perhaps we should check our own.

Science in the hands of the military is the most sinister danger on Earth and the fullness therefore.  Those who are greedy for gain taketh away the lives of foreign nations by filling their own houses of spoils–through invasion, attack and occupation for  oil, land and natural resources causing holocausts and poverty.

Under control of war lords causing greenhouse gases that kill the environment, the United States has lost its world esteem, especially when invading Iraq, illegal to International Law and Criminal Court. If those who broke this law would have been prosecuted,  through example, the world would be safer today.  We shoot ourselves through our own black combat boots covered with carbon from endless wars. Laws not enforced are meaningless and have no clout.

When nations get away with murder, there's no stopping demonic warfare.  Now cyber killing with drones threatening Earth is the new weapon on the street taking over obsolete massive weapons of destruction and child-deforming.  Right now certain world powers have the upper hand, but people must ask themselves, are we ready for retaliation in having foreign nations droning us one by one?  Is the right of the goose also the right of the gander?  Right now children affected by irresponsible unaccountable drone activity really think the sky is falling–and it is–on non-combatants as well as combatants.

Perceive the wisdom of justice and equity that overcomes world poverty caused by warfare.  Cry out against foolish devices, "For their feet run to evil and make hands that shed blood," according to Semitic biblical advice that ignores ongoing aggression of centuries involving the three original Abrahamic religions–Hebrew, Christian and Muslim, in order of their founding.  Earth and its people fill massive graves from the Great Reaper of war.  This ring of fire is revealed  in a TV talk show by that name on Democracy Now!

Cyber warfare only makes nations more vulnerable and less safe.  Countries heeding wisdom do not produce, store or threaten with weapons of massive destruction and robotic warfare that kills little children and non-combatants as well as the victims targeted by death. Nuclear weapons-free nations live in safety, happiness and peace. They use their energy and precious national treasures for unbiased education and rate high in the world of wisdom,