Friday, April 11, 2014


Dear Ones,

It is so very sad about the latest school violence in Murrysville, PA–the knifing of 20 students!  All my five children graduated from that school, one of the best in the state. Fortunately nothing like that happened back then, but so very disturbing that such a thing erupted through its halls recently.

Behind every crime there is a reason.  Nothing like this ever happened to the parents of  my husband and me, or either of us when we all were growing up. Profoundly such concerns of society and education amount to complexity.  More specifically childhood bullying and taunting sensitive kids is often involved.  And many of the bullies grow up and become leaders who bully other nations into war.  But still, causing youths to snap that in turn often triggers them to take their own lives and those of their peers, has a definite link to a more direct crime.  And this military conditioning is what we taxpayers fund.

In the world that my family lived in,  combat videos were just making their appearance.  We never bought any of them for our kids.  When loner children fixate on these games that are about killing and death, something can happen to their minds.  The military is responsible for this psychological manipulation of brains of youths.  The same militant minds intentionally develop these games so that youths can gain skills of shooting and knifing.  This is all pre-training for the ease of acquiring ready recruits to be sacrificed for war on battlefield alters of burned offerings.  Proof of the pudding is stated  on combat video packaging, in essance: WARNING: THESE COMPUTER GAMES MAY ALTER THE MINDS OF YOUTHS.  A word to the wise is sufficient.