Thursday, April 10, 2014

SO CIRCLES THE EAGLE–by Erin King released free to public without author notified

Dear Ones,

So Circles the Eagle,  reviewed by the Jedediah Strong Smith Society years ago, through the former president with whom I corresponded,  has my photo on the back cover for identity. For this 343 page historical novel, my pen name is Erin King.

My husband is the great grandson of a woman from one of the First Nations–Jedediah After Smith, grandson of Jedediah Strong Smith. The sequel to my original book is called Ever After–which I'm almost finished writing.  It's all about the Boer war that he fought in and was brought back in chains when the British won the war.  He was adventuresome with other exciting episodes as well as fighting on the Anglo-Boer side.

I just found out that So Circles the Eagle is on Goodread.  It has also been made into a Kindle book, much to surprise without me knowing it.   It took me years of writing and research to produce it.   I've had men tell me it was the best book they ever read.