Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The sun our saving grace is determined by how long our ancestors lived near or far from the sun or the equator. Northern Africans in desert sands have darker complexions than Africans living in rainforests that gets less sun.

Dear Ones,

In the course of proved evolution homo sapiens walked on all fours–after being fish belly white and loving to swim in the ocean and eventually walk along sandy beaches like a dog fish moving onto rocks.  Our ancient ancestors palms and soles never saw sunlight.

Race and racism, its accomplice in crime, were invented in 1796, a fact worth repeating.  They go together  like a bird and feather.  Black, red, yellow and white regarding humanity were concocted by one man.

Oxford Universal Dictionary defines these tones: black, negative; red bloody; white and yellow cowardly and weak.  Prismatically, black and white aren't even colors. Do we really want to keep pegging each other with demeaning connotations that cause the eruption of endless wars?

Pulitzer and Nobel Laureate Pearl Buck chided Americans for calling people yellow. During the Vietnam War that included bombing of Cambodia and Laos and deforming infants with Agent Orange, soldiers were trained to dehumanize the opposition by name-calling soldiers yellow gooks.  Degradation made the killing easier.

With wisdom and knowledge we now ask ourselves–"How did bigots get away with lynching, torture and killing of American Indians and American Africans called heathens?"  Complexion is made up of varied amounts of brown pigment or melanin in the DNA.  Skin tanning is temporary.   And brown is in.

According to the University of Chicago Press word guide, calling people "black" is out–no longer popular.  But ironically "white" is still in–for its false "purity."  The Associated Press is the primary user of this handbook, but they are often not purchased for updates.  Also, many writers never check the latest word styes.  And we follow what we hear on the media like sheep.  Since the world for the most part relies on this universal press, we are often deceived by lack of knowledge.

The world has finally risen above attacking people as yellow and red, although the Washington D.C. football team is still stubbornly called the Redskins, as if First Nations were mascot dogs.  How about American Chiefs instead?

Until we stop color-coding one another, there will ways be racist wars and aggression.

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