Saturday, April 26, 2014


  • Essay–False Face of Race–on blog includes 1700s history of inventor of new meaning for word "race"–competition, as in running a race.

Dear Ones,

On Real Time TV a panel discussed how racism is still alive and sick today.  But this is only the top of the volcano. The mortal man who devised the race  hierarchy puts "white" foremost and "black" on the last rung in the ladder of discrimination and prejudice.  This Christian German, the father of color-coded race. influenced Hitler in having illusions of superiority, "a pure race"–that fueled his fixation to carry out his sinister holocaust of Jews and other cultures.

According to history, if you want to put people down, call them black, as first Americans were pegged (besides red), along with other people of darker complections than soap white.  Every time a person calls another person a "black" he or she is color profiling, as simple as that. Rule of thumb–Don't do to others what you don't want done to you, taught by Confucius, Buddha and Jesus.

We treat cattle better than we treat human beings.  They're named Holsteins, Jersey and for other places of their origins.  Since race also means nationality, there's no reason why we can't identify one another by our original places of birth, which causes no dissension. Ancestors of present sea islander residents were taken there by the Trans-Atlantic slave trade route from Africa.  So–we all can identity ourselves by cultures rather than rival colors,