Thursday, April 3, 2014

OUR DESTINY It's About Time!

Dear Ones,

Today I'm reminded of a book I read as a child.  As Louisa May Alcott wrote in Jo's Boys,

"It was curious to see the prejudices melting as ignorance was enlightened, indifference change to interest and intelligent minds set thinking."


It's About Time!
Helene Smith copyright 1007

Wisdom-keepers say we must know the cause to understand the effect
Claiming we must not follow time too close to its heel.
They tell us we must take time to analyze the past.
But what if there is no more time?
Time after time, religious terrorists
Making all time run out,
And with no time left.
But a time bomb


  Biased absolutist
 Hierarchies in continuous,
Turf wars of death and suffering,
In a triangular ring of fire for centuries,
Call of the dogs of aggressive atrocities.
To gain power, land, resources and proselytes.
It's about time to rise above law-religions' greed
Without the most evil curse of loose cannons keeping
Earth hostage, psychologically threatening non-believers with
Burning eternally in hell for not subscribing to one political persuasion
Who needs Inquisitional abusive persecution, murder, violence and terror?
Our universal inherent destiny is our choice, without condemnation or constant damnation.