Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The most dangerous threat to Earth are those thinking they are superior and mandate Paul's Great Commission found in the New Testament, mostly written by Paul who persecuted Jesus of Nazareth. Paul was an accomplice in the stoning to death of Stephen, the first Christian martyr.  After the death of Jesus–whom Paul didn't know–he started his new religion, Christianity, in Antioch–now in Turkey. This  angered the Romans who hanged Paul for defying the ancient Greco-Roman gods and goddesses.  Deities historically change from time to time.

Dear ones,

In the book of Matthew, whose author is unknown, are written words that were intended to "reach the ends of Earth"–what is now causing the end of Earth through religious strife and endless religious wars destroying world environment.  The anonymous Matthew mandated  evangelically, "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Ghost," that all power is given unto Jesus. "in Heaven and Earth."  In case the manifest-destiners aren't looking, Earth claims endless thousands of faiths in a multicultural world.

John O'Sullivan in 1945–editor of the New York City newspaper coined the phrase–Manifest Destiny to push European fur trade and take over First Nations' land for hordes of emboldened missionaries to proselytize First Americans and also Hispanics, all pegged as backward to Christianity that teaches archaic biblical fantasies.  Ancient people wrote about a deity who wrote nothing, words contrived by man "in God's name."

Southern planters also lusted for more slave states to have greater amounts of land and free labor for cotton plantations.  English colonialism also caused zealots to grab sovereign  land of indigenous people in the name of "racial" (fake word) for nationalism–my country right or wrong, also  in "God's name."

Today Dr. John Sullivan, executive director-treasurer of the State Board of Missions, governing body of Florida Baptist Convention, declares and mandates Paul's Great Commission–Manifest Destiny now rising from the dead.  Good stewards of our planet do not declare that those not believing in one persuasion will burn forever in hell and forever be lost in the sight of their God. This heresy against Earth is total nonsense.