Sunday, April 6, 2014


Dear Ones,

     Brave combat soldiers suffer from gross affects of war.  War is the most corrupt serial crime in the world.  Illicit lethal munitions like depleted radioactive uranium (DU) violate International Law by aborting and deforming soldiers' infants and Earth that nourishes all life.  Do we really want future generations  inflicted with heart-breaking birth defects and life-long crippling diseases from deadly aggression? The world will always need the assistance of service forces from accumulative war explosive, toxic climate control  freaking out weather making each nation more vulnerable than ever before with drastic emergencies.  Natures' disasters are now tripled with the addition of increasing man-made disasters putting Earth on the brink of holocausts and disaster, with war causing earthquakes that provoke enough heat to erupt volcanoes and in turn tsunamies.

     There never was a good war and never will be since bullets stamped with US on them are made from nuclear waste that causes birth defects–insidious way to dispose of deadly material, moving it from US to foreign sites.  Ammo  and other high-powered weapons shoot holes through tanks and contaminate seas, land and air.  Call a world moratorium on wars that train youths to kill other youths as young minds are blasted by poisonous explosions causing brain damage, mentally and physically.  Enforce, with no exceptions, International Law that already outlaws munitions provoking birth defects and urban battle zones where children are killed. 

     War depression is often treated with chemical medication causing even more trouble. No wonder suicide is overwhelmingly prevalent among combat soldiers and those caught in  cross-fire that kills noncombatants and children as well as warriors.  What else can we expect?