Sunday, April 13, 2014


Dear Ones,

War causes most carbon problems on Earth, what in turn provokes freak climate change. War is the biggest gas guzzler. Munitions corporations charged a carbon tax would  help pay for  pollutant ammo and war wastes, especially for deformed  babies of brave combat soldiers handling toxic/radioactive munitions that cause  massive birth defects–gross violations  called war crimes.  All nations are responsible for genetic, generational malformations triggered by the accumulations of centuries of hot poisonous explosions killing and causing children and youths caught in cross-fire of urban war zones where children play and adults work and shop.  This illegal offense is also a violation of International Law, the origin stemming from Hugo Grotius who is the father of world justice in the 1600s.  International Criminal Court's sole purpose is in enforcing its own laws.  When it fails, human rights circle the drain.