Friday, April 25, 2014


While writing The Carnegie Nobody Knows, I researched Carnegie's interest in simplifying the Kings English.

Dear Ones,

My co-author, George Swetnam, former feature writer for the Pittsburgh Press and Family Magazine, advised me to use American spelling instead of English, such as theater instead of theatre.  In colonial times this was one of the first steps in weaning the United States off  English spelling, especially during the American Revolution, for obvious reasons.

Carnegie was a prolific writer, a little known fact.  Among this industrial steel leaders's goals was to make the spelling of old English much easier.  Some of his  letters are included in the book.  In fact he wrote friends and family in his newly invented vocabulary.  This Scotsman would have been ecstatic if he had had the ability of email and the internet.

When I was growing up my dear mother quoted a rhyme for me,

ABCD goldfish. MNO goldfish. OSAR.