Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Ron Paul was right about "we don't need 900 bases in 130 countries."   But he was wrong about one thing.  The number count of military sites that include dumping areas and war zones on other nation's lands, is much higher–morel like 4,000.

Dear Ones,

 The first aggression in the Americas was corporate government attempt at extermination of American Indians for European fur trade economy, later used against Hispanics through sterility, a plight of indigenous people.  One hidden attempt of extinction is the little known fact that the US first used Agent Orange on First Americans before annihilating Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos bombed to ashes on its Ho Chi Ming trail through climate warfare.  As we point the sinister finger at other countries killing their own people, we have done the same–also during our own Civil War with over 70,000 of our own people killed outright and in the aftermath, plus a million horses, No other nation  directly aided us in our calamity.

Militants dump our own toxic chemical and radioactive contaminants on other nations's property causes hatred and wars from leaking child-deforming poisons. These sites are illegal–a modern  scourge of humanity–unwelcome aggression through occupation on foreign lands. 

  The military has a bad habit of euphemising its devices of destruction and methods of massive destruction, such as collateral damage–people killers–and Crusader missiles that provoke terrorism and violence. By making something look innocuous, the committers think they are ameliorating their own demons.  But the word referring to cross-bearers is a red cape in the eyes of the tortured.  This began with the Roman Catholic Church re-naming its Inquistional Holy Office a a long indescipt term that completely disguises the evil.

For decades the military tried to cover up child-deforimng Agent Orange hericide and even dumped its surplus in military bases and on sovereign First Nations grounds with US nuclear waste.  Korea also is inundated with this lethel poison from the US military dumping it on their soverign lands and elsewhere.

You can pound a board full of nails.  But if the nails are removed, the holes are still there filled with the rust of war.  Although the industrial corporate military removed some of its bases from Saudi soil and from Iraq, the sites are still ghosts of former corruption.  When the troops move out, their industrial war machinery and waste is all left behind since it is too expensive to clean up. 

The cost of these bases plus their responisbility for reclamation of our messes leaves waste lands and untold health problems that are astronomical.  And who's counting all the abortions with the women afraid of prgnacy in polluted lands, as many American combatants also suffer massive birth defects among their offspring.

With the military abandoning contaminated sites in foreign lands the people and their environment  are also contaminated. Troops may disappear put not the havoc  produced on foreigners who rebel and secretlly plan retaliation.  The Bush Admistration ignored warnings that important cities in the US would meet catastrophic damage if the US didn''t get its military bases out of Saudi lands. And with the same mentality of not talking or negotiationg with the opposition, 9/11/03 did not come as a surpise. We had been warned.

The sabor rattling is still dining our ears.