Monday, April 28, 2014


Spain still pleas for U.S. cleanup ever since four H-bombs were  dropped on Spanish land and sea in 1966 causing massive contamination–plus radioactive intercontinental missile mistakes worldwide and nuclear testing in general.

Dear Ones,

You can check for yourself on the other three H-bombs–where they're still polluting Earth with radioactive, toxic chemicals illegal according to International Law and its Criminal Court that needs to be enforced.  Any one living on this planet is part of this law.  A criminal can say the opposite, but facts prove we all are responsible for the safe maintenance of our only source of sustenance.

After 40 years this Spanish land and ocean bottom is still contaminated with plutonium, man-made from uranium. Can we really trust the military threatening all life on Earth?  These four dirty radioactive bombs cost more than $2 million taxpayer money and the health of the victimized people, as well as their wildlife.  The feds were negligent in funds and broke their promise to pay for cleaning up their radioactive mess, business as usual. Time Magazine reported–"The Palomares accident was one of Earth's worst nuclear disasters."  The semi-serious movie, The Day the Fish Came Out, tells this horrendous story.

Two years later at Thule Air Base in Greenland a B-52 crash caused nuclear weapon radioactive contamination. In barrels this lethal soil including americium chemical that self-radiates and accumulates with time, was shipped to a North Carolina waste dump, where similar waste went from Marshall Islands after nuclear testing.  Unfortunately these spoils, even though removed, often leave toxic residue on their original sites, as nuclear waste from WWII threatens the Columbia River in Washington state where the lethal material is leaking.

Meanwhile, radioactive nosecone missiles are ready to go at the drop of the hat, with those in charge at old unmaintained silos and equipment–over 100 centers–what would cause WW III with hotheads ready on the second for revenge.  Even thinking nuclear physicists who invent these Earth-shaking monsters do not recommend their use against humanity, even in retaliation.

We can be proud of our present administration that four years tried to clean up the overwhelming monstrous mess that the previous administration left behind in human ashes and untold destruction of the environment and wildlife.  Diplomats know diplomacy, negotiation and communication are quintessential for peace.  They and zillions of Earth's peoples do not want military presence in Ukraine and other explosive sites.  They don't want to send poisonous child-deforming ammo and boots on ground.  Let illiterate leaders but their own boots on the ground!

The right wing is wrong as the Tea Party chomps at the bit for more war, the shock and awe of futile aggression that sends illicit munitions to other nations.  These same winged hawks were the ones who in ancient times caused some of the most sinister world disasters–the Great Commission and Manifest Destiny that is still abusing the original indigenous people in America through poverty and corruption of the unelected Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Not only are armed forces overstressed with dangerous responsible jobs for an irresponsible institution.  The fear of human error is ever present no matter how much the precaution. And instead of old equipment being shut down, federal plans are made for millions more of new equipment for outlawed missiles and bombs made by irresponsible corporate governments.

The United States is in dire need of unbiased education, peacemakers and employment. We  now need urgently a Federal Peace Department for oversight as well as check and balance, with their sole dut–the safety of peace, the opposite of a war department–its original name.  Instead of preparing for war, prepare for peace with employees earning well-paid salaries and wearing  handsome-looking federal uniforms.  They would also be eligible for colored ribbons, metals, epaulets and other rewards, as well as perks.  And why not salute them for their important part in safety for Americans? If the U.S. would do this it could regain its respect and stature in the international  community. Other nations, following this good example, would also benefit.

As Oscar Hammerstein wrote, peace needs to be organized for it to happen. He's included in my blog,
"Angels for Peace–Zillions of world voices.

Helene Smith (MacDonald Sward) tweets