Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It was a rarity for any foreign mercenary to sacrifice his or herself in the U.S. Civil War. (Over  450 women soldiers and spies were involved in this bloody conflagration.) When this nation entangles itself into other nations strife, Americans can do so only if the people are desperate and their government signs an all-clad agreement to work for democracy free of any slavery. Among America's founding fathers it was the advise of Thomas Jefferson who said deal with problems at home and keep out of bird-nest messes of entrapped countries.

Dear Ones,

Thank goodness for President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry endeavoring to keep America more secure through the attempt to wean turkey vultures from beefing up more sacrificed troops and more deadly arsenals with tax payers money. Diplomacy and rhetoric will always trump religious wars. Russia is propping Syrian President Asad, just as  the  U.S. supported the Shaw of Iran that took many lives and 444 days to get the hostages released.

Right now as most of us know, India is the largest country under democracy. The most profound history about India's struggle is the book, a quick page turner, Freedom at MidnightLe Monde in Paris wrote, "This book is irreplaceable," a true story that staggers the mind. The co-authors Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins, agreed to give their royalties to charity.

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


International Law is only effective if all nations are treated with the same level.  Pope Francis said, "Nations must use yardsticks of equality" to insure justice instead of an unbalanced board in the game of war–why "Justice" holds her scales. When any country threatens another country that is true to its word by signing the non-proliferation nuclear agreement regarding atomic radioactive bombs and missiles, all nations must also sign  the same conditions–as did Iran.  But Israel and the United States declined. Law and order is not a rule for the privileged elite.

Dear Ones,

Injustice is detested among thinking man. What is right for the goose is right for the gander.

According to United Nations Secretary-General Koffi Annan, President Bush is responsible for the illegal invasion, attack and occupation of Iraq that never did harm to America in 2003

Bush himself admitted publicly it was the worst decision of his entire life.  He also confessed Iraq didn't have nuclear weapons  of mass destruction and that he and his cronies fabricated lies about them.

This born-again Christian said he asked" God to forgive him."  Since when was a deity ever in charge of International Law?  Because he got away with causing deaths of 36,000 Americans and 100, 000 civilians, not to mention the rash of deformed babies born or those who died as stillborn infants from military parents losing their health as sovereign county was carpet bombed, some of which were illegal weapons.  Such vicious atrocities give other nations a red light to follow suit in the  staged  theater of war.

President Obama not only was left with a military war debt–a trillion dollars–but also a powder keg opened in the Middle East, something the United States is at a loss to fix due to wars' reckless sectarian impossibility.  Religious civil wars make the entangled  chaos worse.  Outlaws are best settled among the feuding nations themselves, with humanitarian relief from America and other nations who value peace and prosperity. People worldwide are jaded from wars that cause violence and terrorism.  They would rather spread good will than toxic poisons that cause a dying environment.

All nations must obey International Laws and harness their own radical criminals through enforcement.  Washing our own dirty laundry and drying it in the sunlight of fair play is good news to all. Nations make mistakes, but enforced laws promote law and order, our only hope for at least some security. 

Helene Smith (Mame)
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Monday, September 28, 2015



The universe of countless eyes opens our minds to infinity of lies.
But in the confusion, the enlightened stand up
For what is right, the power of might.

Some people believe in Confucius, Buddha and Jesus
Who share this special profound and urgent view,
"Don't do to others what you don't want done to you."

Jehovah is another fine deity, as anyone can tell,
All man-made words that condition us
With the good God Allah as well.

But the absolutists are the most dangerous of all,
They shout absurdities that are not true.
As their smugness reeks in irritating gall.

The furies of hate, violence and terror far and near,
Centuries of suffering cause poor refugees as
Armies march on to religious fear.

In turn some combatants aiming for revenge end up mad
As they ransack, rape and ravage Earth so dear,
Brutality and savagery, from brutal youth training,  is so very sad.

Some people believe in no archaic god,
As others plead ignorance of any deity
It's no sin; it's every ones inherent right, even under grass and sod.

The sweet mysteries of life hark back fear
To ancient superstitions that enslave
As priest-contrived magic even made sacred statues weep.  (c. Helene Smith, 2015)

World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Saturday, September 26, 2015


This beloved saint cared for women as well as men according to the orders he founded.  He not only fed the birds but loved all animals

Dear Ones,

Frances was called the Patron Saint of animals and the environment. He in his own way has come back to stop men from eroding Earth our common homeland and to make men cut down greenhouse gasses.

These are words of wisdom for the entire world at the brink of self-destructing. Ice-ages come and go as the people come and go talking about Michelangelo–a line of T. S. Eliot, as well as his poem The Waste Lands. Despite prehistoric ice melts, man is accelerating dangerously our planet showing obvious signs of war-torn viral extinction.

This ancient sage traveled to Egypt to stop the conflict of the Crusades as Pope Frances flew to the United States in a drastic attempt to stop bloody endless wars causing oceans to warm under the stress of pollution and radioactive war machines of massive devastation.  The pontiff, like President Reagan, chided Americans for not eliminating atomic bombs and their radioactive missel arsenals on Earth–in their entirety.

Francis of Assissi died in 1226 when he was reading Psalm 141, in part . . . ,

"Incline not my heart to any evil thing to practice wicked works with men that work iniquity."

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Friday, September 25, 2015


Out of the dark shadows of former days are ghosts that sweep sweep along man's mistakes that have shaken the world  we know. Now more urgent than ever before the state of our planet has reached a breaking point–the worst of times, in the words of Charles Dickens

Dear Ones,

For two many centuries weapons of hate and mass devastation has escalated until man-made military industries have become the mongrel that wags the dog–with men in powerful positions thinking they  are more important than the office of president. And unfortunately they overpower presidents who are against endless arms race wars that cause poverty, suffering and homeless refugees.

The visiting pontiff owns the room right now, and this is quintessential for this world leader to speak up and be heard. This is an unprecedented moment in history when the largest number of world leaders have ever gathered at the United Nations in New York City.

We all need to heed the profound words of Pope Frances regarding global radical man-made furious climate change adding to nature' violent storms causing uncountable chaos on Earth, capitalized for respect.  Who was it who said "A word to the wise is sufficient?

Helene Smith (Mame),
founder of World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Historically September 24, 2015 Earth's inhabitants were on the edge of their seats listening to the wisdom of the chief statesman from the Vatican. Fortunately, he recently had learned and recited  over and over again enough English to cite his messages of hope for the  world.  Therefore he spoke slowly in a calm, peaceful manner. In my estimation, he resembled Jesus the Prophet of Peace for us all more than any othe  great man on one common planet.

Dear Ones,

My ears picked up what he wanted to get across to "we Earthians"–quintessional international peace, justice, equality and  freedom from poverty, suffering and violence of endless bloody  wars that cause endless refugees and diseases.

In was especially interested in his priority of young people through both actions and words. In this sense he emulated Jesus the most–"bring ye little children to me"–a very loose interpretation.

In particular, I also wanted him to mention First Americans whose land was taken from them by the First immigrants. He didn't mention that Christopher Columbus and his crew abused and killed many indigenous people of the Americans to get their gold and silver, much of which garnishes religious cathedrals throughout Europe.  But this of course was before his time. And I, too, would be embarrassed to remind the nation in which he is a special guest.

Both Pope Francis and Bernie Sanders stressed the best way to deal with people is by believing and acting upon the Golden Rule–"Don't do to others what you don't want done to you."  In previous posts I had written this and included other human rights issues, before either of these great men spoke on TV.  The morning star wakes me up every day and provides me with these messages.

In calling for members of Congress to deal evenly with other nations, what came to my mind was leaders of Israel, the Judeo-Christian United States and other power nations ferociously trying to  prevent Iran from having nuclear bomb development–what is necessary. But why isn't the rest of of the world eliminating their own stock-piled nuclear arsenals that they threaten with against International Law. Meanwhile, this hypocrisy is likely to inflame entire world cities with mutual devastation.

This unequal, imbalanced behaviors definitely comes under the even yardstick that Pope Francis described as needed throughout the world.

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Years ago I remember during Miss America competition, contestants when asked what they wished  for most was peace on Earth.  It got to be a joke–a political correct shallow answer prompted from their elders. But out of the mouths of "babes" often come the wisdom of truth.

Through his humble  demeanor Pope Francis also emphasized for the entire world equality, freedom, justice and relief for the poor, especially children, and suffering on our common home.

His heart is also filled with sorrow as man continues to abuse our mutual home. if we are to survive on this beautiful Earth we must no longer keep blowing up one another that also sets off earthquakes through warfare disturbing and polluting the land–even disturbing deep  into its interior, its azure seas and the blue sky above us all.

Thank you for giving us hope, dear Pope.  And I admire you for your dedicated study in learning English.

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Radical religious fervor has led  to fanatic climate change since Earth's lower atmosphere is contaminated with accumulative toxic chemical-radioactive weapons and poisonous emissions in the air, on land and in our warming seas.

Why should we bring death to the only world we know?  Why aren't our taxpayers dollars going into more positive ways to defect asteroids instead of more funds to viciously blow one another up on this already war-torn world as our gods weep tears of dismay?

One enlightening thing, we all working together internationally as a team on planet Earth's side can be victorious. All cheers for the only homeland we know!

So WHEN are we going to stop our negative pollutive mass devastation of Earth, its people, animals and food?

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.) 

Monday, September 21, 2015


Domestic defense is important to all nations. But some nations, such as Israel and the United States, has atomic fuel within arsenals that seem limitless.  Israili leaders threaten Iran, that nas no nuclear weapons, with total destruction, which also means "Death to them."

Dear Ones,

War is the cause of massive deaths, life-long broken bodies, damaged brains, deformities to soldiers' babies, poverty, refugees, floods, droughts and other environmental hazards to the lower atmosphere.  The cash cow corporations supplying the world's arsenals seem to say, "So what's not to like?"

War/s atrocious accumulative toxic emissions and explosions leave behind polluted lands, water and air across Earth as all forms of life has to combat the smog of fulile aggression.

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Sunday, September 20, 2015


World Cyber wars are most feared along with suicidal lone wolf aggression.  Those who stockpile and threaten with atomic bombs and are enough to use them would be exterminated in mutual destruction, making them absolute.

So why not eliminate all of them as President Reagan suggested? Why not concentrate on saving Earth and its people from radical war-tore climate change instead of the old slash and burn government policy. Wars are the largest gas guzzlers and cause more carbon than anything else

Dear Ones,

Meanwhile why does the United  States try to overrule international law by dominating the world with toxic military bases, over 2,0000, including those abandoned ones still contaminating foreign lands as well as in America. Their danger is great and there is no safety in them. Taxpayers are forced to pay billions of dollars annually for foreign defense in bases even though there's no safety or security in war.

American troops and their families are at risk of death and health in an environment of contaminating chemicals, radioactive emissions and cancerous conditions. Domestic defense is quintessential, but not imperial dominance in the world causing resentment and retaliation.

Here is a smattering of reasons against foreign industrial military bases.

First of all, U.S. imperial power worldwide is resented and makes foreigners hate America.  This happened September 11, 2015 when Saudi Arabia used U.S. planes against Washington, D.C. and New York City  after a Muslim warning about attacking these sites (as they funded the atrocity) if U.S. military bases weren't eliminated on their land.

Would the U.S.  allow foreign military bases in America?  I saw the crawl announcement on TV and wondered why President Bush didn't even try to negotiate a settlement.  Cause and effect–911. When there's a lopsided playing board in the game of war, there  resentment and retaliation will forever harbor.

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Saturday, September 19, 2015


This would have to be an indelible wall for permanency. When will the world wake up and smell the chocolate chip cookies baking?–wonderful, compared to the stench of rival, divisive war.  Ever since the Crusades–the term derived from the word cross–the three Semite persuasions, all related to one another, have been trying to exterminate one another for power, control and natural resources.

Dear Ones,

In the entire history of Earth there has never been a religious victory to wipe out any one of this religious ring of fire.  Yet the race races on. The Vietnam War was fought to exterminate the ideology of Communism.  It still is prominent in the world. Today attempts are made to eliminate Islamic Isis. 

This rung of history remains to be seen.  However, different belief systems are ingrained and programmed into the human brain.  But the world can no longer continue to prosper and survive due to the accumulation of endless toxic wars burdening all forms of life and taking their toll in Earth's lower atmosphere filling up with disease-causing emissions.

The wisdom of hundreds of scientists should alone be sufficient.

Helene Smith,
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.) 

Friday, September 18, 2015


In the modern world with the escalation of deadly high tech weaponry making Earth and its people sick, the only way to believe is that all life as we know it belongs to one planet in a universe in an endless cosmos.

 Dear Ones,

In order to save our common home we must first stop calling other nations "enemies." When we realize we're all the same people we will stop demeaning one another. And when we give one another respect we can include ourselves–human beings the most wonderful creation of all in the latest stage of evolution.

Since every religion has its own history of quirky radical, extremists let's all join hands in the same boat and paddle our way out of the dark, murky sea of evil we all are floundering in. We are sea urchins trying to kill one another off through wars–octopuses in black ink blotches of murder as nations export their toxic atomic ballistic missiles to one another for genocide. Let us keep our religious beliefs in our closets and come out into the sunlight of universal peace, what the great peacemakers of the world taught.

Helene Smith (Mame), World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)–

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Jeb Bush mentioned that his brother brought peace while in office. Did he forget that September 11, 2003 happened on the Bush watch? This was soon after a Muslim threat became a crawl to be read on the TV screen. The words were "If you don't get your military bases off Saudi Arab property something terrible is going to happen to Washington D.C. and New York," the obvious targets. At that time Iraqis were accused of flying planes into governmental buildings. But we all knew it was radical Saudis who caused the massacre.

However, President Bush didn't believe in talking with his enemy, the opposition, who he was wining and dining at the White House at the tine of this atrocious tragedy. His guests were rushed to planes back to Saudi Ara

Dear Ones,

The Benghazi, Libya explosion was bad, but it killed only four people. But 911 caused the deaths of four thousand Americans because the military base issue was avoided. Today the U.S. has hundreds of military bases all over the world leaking poison contaminants especially the abandoned ones left behind without those responsible cleaning them up. Sometimes the ground is burned recklessly to look like its being restored, like at Area 51 where biological waste was burned in open air. But these reckless, dangerous quick "fixes"just cause more toxic emissions that go on polluting as militant politicians stack up federal debts that taxpayers are forced to pay.

Wars are bad enough, but the weaponry goes on killing in the aftermaths. Sometimes it takes bad news to bring us to our senses and makes for hidden facts to be brought out in the sunshine. So why are we really hated in the Middle East? The original three semitic main stream religions have horrible histories of their own war machines and uncivilized deaths by torture. Helene Smith

(Mame), World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


It's not fair. The world is conditioned to witnessing mutilated bodies from war explosions and poisonous weaponry every day on TV.  But the public is shielded from deadly lethal toxins that harm, kill and maim babies one generation to another.  But it wasn't until the body of a three-year old boy washed up on a beach was seen on the screen that shocked and jolted us to our senses.

Again, as I wrote in former posts, it's not people wanting to emigrate to other countries.  It's because their own nations, such as Syria, is already in rubble and ruins.

Dear Ones,

In a war economy where government industrial nations pay corporations to keep endless wars active, this is not the result of the present administration.  The military that wags the dog has been top dog for hundreds of years.  In modern times war companies threaten all life with atomic bombs, including industrial Israel and its allies. This amounts to mutual death through extermination that is illegal according to International Law.

Doesn't anyone get it–that land blown apart from these war chemicals and radioactive ballistic missiles leaves behind undrinkable water and accumulative emissions in the ground that deadens the vegetation like U.S.  Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.  Metal poisoning of Earth is also nasty with metal contamination difficult to restore, like the Ho Chi Mingh Trail in Laos where women are still detonating live bombs to protect their children from explosions.

Ever since the Bush-Cheney mistake to invade, attack and occupy Iraq, this once sovereign country has never recovered, even though responsible nations leave it to taxpayers to rebuild what the military destroys and devastates.

No foreign religious nation would want to take over a nation that has become a polluted wasteland–  not even Isis or the Ku Klux Klan. This grossly abused land is cancerous and conducive to deformities and life-long handicaps. It would take all their funds to make it habitable again.

Today in Fallujah, Iraq the women still give birth to the burden of children with missing limbs and eyes that the world never sees because the secretive military hides these gruesome sights from view–the shock and awe of atomic, chemical missiles.

Sunshine must be let in through the smog of gun smoke and toxic emissions.  Transparency of futile wars must overcome the tragedy of sacrificing youths by any satanic modern weaponry exported or made on homelands.  We are now witnessing a new frontier–diplomatic negotiations as solutions, what military lethal weapons lack.

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Does anyone one in the United Stated honestly believe church and state are separated?  Divisive Puritan religiosity continues its biased rule that armed forces, boy scouts and the public use in this sectarian rite.

Dear Ones,

Due to biased U.S. customs ingrained in the culture today, Muslims still call Americans Crusaders, what  harms this country big time.

Our founding fathers insisted on separation of church and state, especially Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, the author of Common Sense, what is lacking today on Earth–as we are blowing up continually "God's creation."  When government is entangled with pernicious religious fear and superstition, we see the results in bloody chaos down through the centuries.

In regard to the shape of the flag when not flying the 4th ritual fold stands for trusting in the Judeo-Christian "God and Him" for his divine guidance.
The 6th ritual fold represents the same god "who enters the shadow of death that we might see the light of day."

This nation still swears on a JudeoChristian Bible. The irony of the 11th ritual fold in the flag represents "the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob"–leaving out Abraham's son Ishmael, the Islam legacy.

The 12th ritual fold "glorifies God, the Son and Holy Ghost."

The flag is then folded in a triangle representing the trinity as the colonial tri-corn cocked hat did centuries ago. Bing, bang, boom–religious domination entirely!

Is this ritual arrogant or hypocritical? An explicit example of the encroachment of sectarianism in domestic federal  affairs is when a government employee refuses to sign a marriage certificate because in her eyes it goes against her religion concerning gays.  When this happens she denies other people their own belief.

Helene Smith (Mame),
World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Monday, September 14, 2015


Before the enormous student body at Liberty University this astute candidate for U.S. presidency hit all the right chords in his half-hour speech. Up front he admitted his difference with some of the ideology of the institution in which Jerry Falwell, Jr. is president.

Dear Ones,

Instead Bernie emphasized what he and his audience agreed on.  The teaching by all the great prophets in their own holy books came to one universal principle or morality–"Do unto others what you wants others to do to do."

He went on to list many of the injustices of the United States, despite the fact that America is the most rich and powerful nation on Earth.  And all these inequities centered upon the super wealthy and greed.

U.S. tax payers (way in debt) also finance the greatest amount of prisons with dark complected people the most likely to be incarcerated. He received a standing ovation from young people and faculty alike.

If he had had time I'm sure he would have addressed free education along with free health care for everyone.  The clock didn't allow him to mention young people sacrificing their lives for political gain through futile child deforming chemical radioactive wars.

Bernie Sander's wisdom in my eyes sounds what America has been needed for decades, although the Obama Administration is making strides for reformation through diplomacy and sincere diplomacy. Sanders real message is what it will take to make this nation the nation it was from the beginning–a nation that helps the poor to have equal opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When this is its theme song poverty, weakening drugs and crime will at least slow down to a roar.

Helene Smith (Mame),
founder of World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Confucius, Jesus and Mohammad basically taught this rule, the most quintessential world rule there is.  This truism was not started by any god or goddess. It's a universal fact that was observed by all the great prophets  of Earth, capitalized for respect. (If we spell all the other planets, we can at least give Earth the same recognition.)

Dear Ones,

I heard a friend from the northeast of the United States say a startling thing to us northerners. "When I moved south to Georgia, clerks in supermarkets and other stores would offer to help me an my search for different items. Many times they would actually show me the way to find them!"

My friend also admitted, "Now I'm even becoming a better person by their good example." Internationally the Golden Rule would bring peace, harmony and understanding to multitudes of different cultures throughout the world. And we wouldn't witness presidential  candidates filled with hate threatening to blow up other nation's oil wells and refineries, something terrorists do.

Helene Smith (Mame),
founder of World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Saturday, September 12, 2015


The most important thing to bring about beneficial change for Americans is secular education, with no religious strings attached.  For years the U.S. president has been advocating free education through community colleges.

Dear Ones,

At last this unbiased education is happening in Tennessee.  One youth expressed that he was the first person in his family to attend college.  Without this new implementation, this would not have happened to him and untold numbers of other young people,

I personally want to thank President Obama who has started the bowling ball rolling to make victory strikes that will eventually educate all the young early in life.  And this in time will decrease poverty, crime and drug traffic.  To this progress I would like to add free trade schools as well.

This expense is but a drop in the bucket compared to trillions of dollars wasted on lethal wars. The world wants peace instead of sending their children to boot camps that lead to combat with many dying, suffering a life time as invalids or committing suicide from shell shock and brain damage.

Helene Smith (Mame),
founder of World Enlightening News (W.E.N.)

Friday, September 11, 2015


Historically, no nuclear power nation can be trusted from past evils as they, like children, call one another devils.  Therefore, a cold war started with stockpiles of nuclear bombs enough to blow up heaven and hell in minds of evangelists.

Dear Ones,

Nuke countries still threaten one another with bombs that are illegal –weapons of massive devastation according to International Court and its Criminal Court, ignored with the illegal futile civil war in Iraq, an invasion, attack and occupation causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, suffering and endless revenge among three related radical religions in 2003.

Genocide also happens with conventional carpet bombing.  This genocide, defined as a systematic extermination of a culture or nationality, has been fueled for centuries among the the three original Abrahamic religions

Ignorance brings blindness to reality.  If any nation, whether Israel or Iran, would try to exterminate each other in mutual self-suicide one or another or both would be prosecuted in criminal court–even turkey vultures lurking behind political doors.

Doesn't anyone get it?  Those who play with fire also go up in flames.  Serious negotiation and diplomacy bring harmony among nations.  War brings on more wars through endless retaliation that also makes refugees of good people.  There are bad people in every nation.

Helene Smith (Mame),
founder of World Enlightened News (W.E.N) co-author of Fission Fusion Fission with Bill Beyer, Los Alamos nuclear physicist, a friend and employee of Stanislaw Ulam, co-father of the H-Bomb

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Israel threatens nations with hundreds of illegal stockpiled Nukes of massive devastation according to International Law and its criminal court.  Israel causes deaths of thousands of refugee Palestinians kept behind its imperial wall. Israel also threatens Iran who is on the side of the U.S. and allies against radical Isis. Israel and the power nations all have nukes that are capable of blowing Earth and all its people to smithereens–a word coined during the beginning of the nuclear age.

Dear Ones,

It's not the nations without nukes that should be feared.  Radical nations paranoid over nuclear power reverts back to the cold war.  The big threat today is cyber attacks and sabotage that can take down a nation without any bombs whose centuries of accumulative toxic emissions are melting oceans and killing sea life.

Poisoned world oceans and beaches have few seashells, taken over by military shells as bodies of children wash up on their shores. Wars cause refugees now fleeing multitudes of nations. Earth's lower atmosphere from endless corporate over-charged industrial military wars overload nature's tragedies with toxic emissions and has caused a melt down from nuclear testing for eons, 

Western U.S. deserts, including area 51 in New Mexico and in Nevada have taken their roll.  Pacific atolls and islands have taken their toll and are now being inundated from rising seas as polar ice melts from radio active missiles, subs et cetera.  All nations who test with nukes are guilty.

The world is crying out for international peace while aggressive countries call for bigger and grosser  lethal bombs even causing deformities in babies having two heads and cyclop eyes among combatant parents. Remember Fallujah, Iraq that the oil-on-the-brain administration carpet bombed in 2003?

Can any nation supporting a military economy be trusted since in war anything goes, even chemical weapons that the U.S. supplied Iraq with during the first Gulf Wars and during the Iraq-Iranian War? What has happened to benevolent nations taken over by greed, power and control as radical religious wars overcome us all during and continuing on in their aftermaths?  Albert Einstein, lest we forget, said war is murder disguised under the cloak of war.  We all need to have hearing aids when it comes to illegal weapons whose destruction is not enforced through human rights laws.

Helene Smith (Mame),
founder of World Enlightened News (W.E.N.) 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Thoma Paine said "We are a free people, but we are only a few generations away from slavery. "  Jefferson felt remorse for dealing in the trade of bondage.  Jefferson wanted to ban slavery, but not on his pocket watch. His cohorts scratched out the slavery clause in its first draft.

Dear Ones,

Isn't that like many of us today?  Let Micki do it. Many people think race came from "the voice of God."  Others believe race is a scientific fact. However, those who want to move foreword in the future deplore racist attitudes.  They want to eliminate cutting the pie into endless pieces that only ends up in crumbles weakening society and making crime more widespread. There's no such thing as human race, yet it thrives because its hierarchy of a divisive classification  system places "white" as supreme and most desirable that became a bogus rule of law.

Helene Smith (Mame),
founder of World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


When one man, the father of race, invented the term "human race" he decided how many different colored classifications there would be.  Since that time in the seventeen hundreds, other men have added more complex races to doubly confuse people and divide us all into acting with freaking monkeyshines.

Dear Ones,

Race betrayal blinds our sight against equality and democracy. The transparent assignment of human beings into rival classes was initiated by white supremist mentality, with the so called divisive "white" race on the pinnacle of the bogus hierarchy.

Skin profiling, now something to be avoided, has hung on for eons of time making racism the serious danger that it has become, even today–a racial myth that the ones designated as top dog want to continue.  Historically pegging people"black" as in former days with Italians and indigenous people, reflects refusal to identify American Africans, like American Indians, according what other people are given special privilege–the right to be identified by national categories.
By the way, island people also were captured in Africa and taken to the various ocean islands on Earth to become slaves.  Our skin tone, depending how many centuries are ancestors lived near the equator, mutated into our DNA as people moved away from the intense heat from the sun.  People today often go to beaches to get back our original homo sapien tans.

Young children are not racists.  Uneducated parents, regarding the history of race, precondition kids into being bigets.  Some people like to "keep down the Negro" meaning black, also a code for slave.  Today jokes against Africans, from the beautiful continent of Africa, are still told behind closed doors.

The American caste system that Indo-Europeans cast upon the people of India, is difficult to rinse out what stained the United States ever since most of our founding fathers bought or inherited people enforced into bondage. President John Adams did not incarcerate people for slavery. He was not included among the heads of the Mount Rushmore Monument.

We need to inspect our own history of discrimination and lack of granting freedom to all people for such a long time in America, land of the free.

Helene Smith (Mame),
founder of World Enlightened News (W.E.N.) author of Erase Race Now! and other related essays on blog

Monday, September 7, 2015


Committing traditional wars is easy for thoughtless shooters with loose trigger fingers. But serious negotiation and diplomacy take time and intellect.

Dear Ones,

Right now one of the leading nuclear threatening nation–the present United States administration–is trying a new strategy instead of old-fashioned militant tactics of wild west Caucasian cowboy boots on the ground.  Even though drones are assassinating leaders, at least this temporary solution is better than all out war, although those not targeted for death often are the innocent along with the villains.

In the future wisdom will prevail along with peaceful rhetoric by those who oppose aggression replaced by refreshing solutions.  When cultures differ in ideologies those in charge of each nation must hear the gripes.  In the meantime, every culture has its radical, fanatical histories with madmen torturing and beheading, a game that begins with juvenile delinquents. And until we all look at our own religious pasts leading up to present times, there will always be bombs and ballistic missiles that cause devastation to Earth and its people as well as animals.

So what must be done first?  Keep governments out of reach from deep pockets of  dyed-in-the wool religionists.  In the U.S. the wise say, "Separate politics from religion–the rule of thumb and all fingers relating to religious wars. 

As I write people are being incarcerated for not doing their lawful jobs. Their religion is ruling warped consciences programmed to such things as taking their gods' name in vain–arrogantly lying that their god told them to go to war. Some of these same fundamentalists see imaginary pictures of Jesus in everything from a glass window to a slice of cheese, if you please.  Yet no picture of Jesus has ever been seen.

The next quintessential step to end wars is start with free education from the beginning in nursery schools, not allowing religious teachers to condition children to persuasive  faiths that are based on mythology, magic, superstition and cults.  Oxford Universal Dictionary on Historical Principles defines cults.

Religion means "Worship–a particular form of religious worship.  Devotion to a particular person in response to its external rites and ceremonies as paid by a body of professed  adherents."

All education should be secular.  Sectarian teaching must never get free government funds that program children into based, dangerous ways.

The three mainstream religions have been killing off one another for centuries of divisive rival conditioning.  By the way the first Isis was the relative to Osiris in Egyptian mythology.  This belief system believed in gods born of virgins.

When adults are educated along with children, religion and militancy will no longer rule the Earth that revolves as one singular planet in thousands of galaxies in the cosmos.  I wonder if there are  planets within these formations that have a history of gods and goddesses.

Helene Smith (Mame),
founder of World Enlightening News (W.E.N.),


Saturday, September 5, 2015


Cause and effect are very transparent regarding migrants. People leave their homelands when they become jaded and ill from inequities, poverty, bombardment of chemicals, explosives and other abuse from tyranny and radical divisive religions.  America is one of the desirous nations where human beings flee to save their lives.

Dear Ones,

No one wants to leave nations whose governments believe in inherent human rights. Why would anyone want to emigrate away from places that offer happiness, true democracy, promote good health and have compassion for the people?–that is, unless you're a criminal and want to escape punitive action.

We know there are numerous countries willing to accept immigrant refugees. As I write people by the thousands are not only leaving Mexico but also from nations who want to find peace instead of  incessant warfare that sends their beloved youths to boot camps causing boots on the ground.

Right now as I write refugees are walking from Earth's war zones to Germany!  Many will die from lack of food, shelter and water, despite goodhearted people dropping off supplies for them. But they're willing to take the gamble because their present desperate war torn situations will kill them sooner, the lesser of the evils.

The world is crying out for international peace.  But as long as nations maintain corporate military economies, there will never be peace.  As Virgil, born in 70 B.C.E., wrote, "There's no safety in war." And with lone wolves attacking the planet's populace with surprise today, there's even less security than ever before in history.

Earth's people need to have unbiased education that especially includes support of trade schools.  Even in the United States, those skilled in blue color jobs are becoming scarce, therefore attracting immigrants who are qualified for this labor.

Wake up robins.  It's wars and lack of employment that are the bloody motives causing the flow of refugees. Pope Francis is now advocating a real open door policy to Congress and the world.  Let hungry, oppressed people in.  War mongers beware. People do not become refugees by their own choice. It's  endless toxic wars that keep fueling a poisoned environment and displaced human beings. 

My next post tells how to help avoid wars that are violent and drip blood with terrorism.

Helene Smith, World Enlightening News (W.E,N.)

Friday, September 4, 2015


Our senses are at last jolted by this fact as a little migrant boy's body is found washed up on a beach.  War is the grossest cause of displaced human beings. Ronald Trump wants to beef up the military with more soldiers' lives in jeopardy and more ballistic missiles, together with a Mexican border wall. Why don't we realize the flight of people is caused by aggression and lack of equality?

Trump wants to bomb oil fields and ends up with more toxic chemicals and polluting emissions that go around the world with poisons, as refugees are now classified as immigrants trying to escape into foreign lands to save their lives.

Dear Ones,

Sometimes it takes tragedies to enlighten our hearts and minds.

Helene Smith, World Enlightened News (W.E.N.)


In biblical days even Constantine relied on military decisions to commit wars from sunlight coming through a cloud on the battlefield. He believed this was a message from his god to keep up "the good fight." 

Generals and other men in power also are influenced in this way regarding strategy and tactics during aggression.  Botha and Kitchener during the Boar wars in South Africa carried their Jewish Bibles with them.  The same book of books was eventually forced on non-Pauline believers during the Inquisition. Frequently these generals would open their bibles at random and put their fingers on the first verse they saw.  In their minds they believed the ancient words were secret messages from their god.

Dear Ones,

Just think if a president or generals in high positions would use this divisive device in the modern world of thousands of different biased sects, what would happen. By the way George W. Bush said in public that his god told him to attack Iraq, illegal according to International Law and its Criminal Court.

Helene Smith, founder of World Enlightening News (W.E.N.)

Thursday, September 3, 2015


The Muslim religion gets a lot of press.  But can anyone imagine the bad press other religions have received over the centuries? The following definition is one example.

"From the time of emperor Constantine [reign 306-337 CE], the teachings of the Christian Church were regarded as the foundation of law and order [even though Greek and Roman laws are still the foundation of many court systems today, such as in the United States with the Magna Carta of 1215]. Hence, heresy [not believing in biased dogma] was considered an offense against the state as well as against the church.  For several centuries the emperors following Constantine tried to stamp out all forms of heresy. . . The Inquisition was established as a general court with tremendous powers. . . . The Christian church punished heretics with exile, torture or even death [through stretching machines that crushed bones and tendons, etc."–World Book Encyclopedia, what children in particular still read in the present time. Censoring of books took place under the Holy Office, now a euphemistic new term.

Dear Ones,

For years nuns had their heads shaved and had to cover their bodies completely with long black dresses, during all seasons. Today some religions are still backward and only now catching up to modern ways. Let us not forget faith histories of our own.

Helene Smith (Mame),
founder of World Enlightening News (W.E.N.)  Lighten up the world with the historical facts.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and Senator Luger make me proud to be an American.  All the dedication, time, urgency and wisdom that went into their diplomatic negotiation resulted in the best nuclear agreement with Iran that was possible.


Helene Smith, Mame
founder of World Enlightening News (W.E.N.)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


D, abord, the color-coded term the "human race" was invented in the late 1700's by a German who influenced Nazi Germany into  a false belief of supremacy. Every so often this basic fact must be repeated until the unread get it.

Dear Ones,

Race doesn't matter because it is bogus.  Let's put it back on the race track where it began in the Roman Empire when slaves, under four different colors, were forced to race themselves to death.

Let's erase human race from our vocabularies since it was invented to divide people.  This divisive language device still races on.  At least the Confederate flag, that is historic, now is not displayed on public buildings, especially political ones.  Race hatred although waning is still a hazard in America.

Even after President Abraham Lincoln released human beings from bondage, history points out how succeeding presidents can force society backwards. It was President Andrew Johnson who planted new roots by returning the non-African plantations to their original racist owners. Although reconstruction was a step for human progress, it too was set back to former unruly lynch mobs and in the hands of Klans men and Jim Crow mentality.

Yet today American Africans, like American Indians, are still blamed for American problems. This is the most gross weakness in the United States that is so very strong and tries to follow morality.

Helene Smith (Mame)