Thursday, July 31, 2014


Even nine and ten year-old children cannot read small print that proves food labels are illegible.   How can the public know what to avoid when food manufacturers  break the law?

Dear Ones,

Due to communication through the Internet, people of all ages are more savvy to good nutrition and concern for their health.  Besides labels that need to have magnifying glasses to read them, other deceits are now being exposed.  Take for instance labels saying such needless things as "sugar has no salt" and "natural potatoes contain no fat."  By now the public knows that cholesterol is a type of fat not found in potatoes and other foods.  No one needs to be fooled by false advertising.

Insidious labeling has got to go!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Execution of Jesus brought on the icon cross from the crossbar in which Jesus died.  Now gold crosses are frequently seen on Paul's faithful devotees  It was Paul the Pharisee, with Peter, who started the first Church in Antioch, Asia Minor, now Turkey.  This is where Paul's headquarters were when starting his missionary campaign to fulfill his concept of the great commission to proselytize and convert people to his new religion.  At Antioch his followers were first called Christians in derision. Paul was hanged for starting a new religion in the vast Roman Empisre. 

Dear Ones,

Jesus of Nazareth never wrote down one word that has been documented.  It was Paul who mostly influenced the writing of the small New Testament tacked on to the Jewish Bible against the will of the Hebrew people.

The early fathers or founders of the United States, after Christopher Columbus miscalculated where he had landed, insisted on the separation of church and state since their ancestors had recently, during the Christian Inquisition still going on, escaped from the clutches of the Church of England.  In America  Puritan decrees and dogmatic man-made laws then took over the New World.

Although Constantine the Great of the entire Roman Empire made Christianity legal, Justinian a later emperor, demanded that this new religion be compulsory over all nations, what caused an intense outcry.  The aggressive church has regained its stranglehold in a multicultural society of thousands of religions that disagree among themselves.  Even the US Capitol and the military hold biased prayer meetings.  However, with a new fresh thrust of religion going South more northerners are not tolerating absolute religions that cause absolute corruption of endless war.

In China in 2014 secularism is cracking down on church steeples in a fast-growing government demolition campaign targeting the Pauline persuasion.  With cranes, blowtorches and electric buzz saws crews are protected by helmeted, shield-carrying police as these huge overs-sized crosses crash to the ground.  Soon biased members were weeping uncontrollably and holding prayer vigils in America as well, land of the free. Somethings never change.

Today Muslims as well as non-Christians are offended by churches getting away without  contributing property taxes that the rest of the world must pay.  The delinquents feel they are above the law by defying  human inherent rights and shirk the duties of citizenship. Many institutions are atruistic and give freely of their time and money while at the same time paying government taxes.  Yet the Pauline religion has no qualms about taxing their members with annual tithes.
In the United States a Pagan High Priest heard a fundamentalist wing-nut protesting, "We don't need pagan churches. We're a very religious community"–meaning only our religion is welcome. This arrogant self-absorbed  bigotry discriminates against a Pagan neighbor with the church's over-sized 35-foot lighthouse having a bright rotating red cross shining into his window at night.  This opened an ongoing dispute against church and state.  It involved the Pagan Temple built next door in the Bible Belt at Beebe, Arkansas–a mixing of oil and "holy'" water.

The Pentecostal tower proved to be in violation against building zone codes, as the Mayor of the town announced to the Pagan priest, "You're not going to open a Pagan anything in my town."  Not only the mayor claiming the village as his, joined with members and the bishop harassing the new neighbor as they tried to get him to convert to Christianity. Other people played hymns on his phone.

Taking it no longer, the Pagan burst into the church as the Beebe police accused him of harassing his neighbors!  He was told he had to go before a zoning board meeting with a grandfathered-in chairman the pastor of the opposing church. One Christian citizen accused the Pagan Temple builder of being a "devil worshiper."



Tuesday, July 29, 2014


In more modern times Nazi Germany proclaimed the Aryan people were the chosen ones.  This hallucination led to the the Hebrew Shoah or more commonly-named holocaust of humanity burned in ovens to eliminate one ancient group of people.  In the antiquated past the Judeo-Christian Bible states that the Jewish people are "God's chosen people."  No one has talked to any god other than through hearing voices in their heads, actually the human conscience revealing personal guilt.

Dear Ones,

There is another holocaust going on in today's world.  Both the Israelis and Palestinis have obviously told one another they are trying to annihilate one another in words and bombs instead of songs–with over 1,400 Palestinians–mostly civilians outnumbered–killed with only around 60 Israeli soldiers dead.  (NEW MATERIAL)  The media in the New York Times International caters to  Israelis who also are paying for one-page ads of Judeo-Christian US monopoly that  targets Muslims after centuries of a flaming circle of Abrahamic wars of killing one another.  

Recently two graphic images appeared in the same publication.  Both looked liked staged Israelis in photos mourning the grave of an Israeli soldier. There was no accompanying   pictures of now over a thousands mourners of Gazans who had their power plants historically blown up in two different Israelian-Palestini wars with schools and hospitals also hit as well as United Nations safety retreats, now declared by the UN as an international crime by Israel.

Unfortunately war criminals are not prosecuted, which allows the crimanal activity to get away with murder. This blatantly unequal and out-numbered slaughter withlong-range toxic contamination of the Gaza Strip as well as historic West Bank border control by Israelians and Coptic Egyptians is obvious to all thinking people. It is a vicious contest of child abuse in killing each others Semitic young people all related to one another through Abraham.

Jesus of Nazareth would never condone children used for centuries as blood sacrifices to gods, as youths are trained to kill one another in urban war zones outlawed by International Law.  Today's battlefields are alters of human burnt sacrifices.

Someday youths on both sides will decide to end  archaic murders by calling the crimes quits in the centuries-old circle of revenge.  Retaliation is the key.  One of the sides or the combination of both must take courageous action in ending the ongoing battle among their elders who have lost all sight in their infinite wisdom.

When this historic event occurs it will be the most significant one of the centuries.  And the youths will be the brave heroes that will be lauded from one nation to another, champions of inherited human rights.  They will forever wear the laurel wreaths of international peace. And this all could happen suddenly through instant Internet communication  among young people who are their own future.


Monday, July 28, 2014


As soon as the war whoop goes up the international world is assured of millions of children killed as well as casualties.  The former administration is responsible alone for sanctions that affected youths the most–500,000 dead Iraqi children.  According to Helen Keller's speech against war, the blind see more clearly the madness of aggression better than the seeing–especially with oil on the brain for control.

President George W. Bush, according to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, steamrolled the U.S. into attacking,  invading and occupying Iraq three weeks  into guerilla warfare.   Powell recommended taking the problem of Iraq to the United Nations.  But Vice-President Cheney shot it down as Powell said, "You broke it now that you've bought it"–what happens in all extravaganza wars with never enough government funds to clean up our messes. 

Dear Ones,

Meanwhile thousands of world-wide U.S. military bases still contaminate foreign soil, water and air with leaking toxic oily petroleum  and gasoline as the army illegally burns in open fires that are less expensive and cause cancer from illegal chemicals/radioactive child-deforming pollution as combat parents are  exposed to these toxicants.  Yet the government and corporate enabling media will not acknowledge this fact as weapon producers are the most profitable  recipients. So why is America so eager to help those killing our children and all the kids around the world?  Could it be a war economy that benefits from the spoils of war, massive child abuse as well as military and civilian deaths?

Dear Ones,

May 1, 2003 George W. Bush gave his infamous speech on the Abraham Lincoln air force carrier–what inflamed in controversy the entire decent world as that president arrogantly strutted across the  deck of a San Diego ship for a dramatic expense photo opt in which he wore a military outfit and looked foolish after intentionally avoiding combat in his youth.  It was eight years after promising he world he would "get bin Laden"–as President Obama completed Bush's job.

Iraq is still corrupted by child deformities especially in Fallujah where malformed kids suffer from one generation to another through genetic toxic munitions that their parents handled during wars.


Sunday, July 27, 2014


When any institute proclaims that it is the one and only faith in the world, violence and terrorism results.  In all wars children are the main victims suffering for the most of their lives, what also involves rape and sanctions.

Dear Ones,

Christopher Hitcthens, "one of the most brilliant journalists of our times," (London  Observer) and  named number five among top 100 intellectuals by  Foreign Policy and Britain's Prospect.  Hitchens wrote:  "God did not make us.  We made God.  We damage our children and endanger the world through religious poison everywhere."  Fraudulent religion has been killing one another in the original Abrahamic circle of Semitic fire ever since the New Testament written  mostly under the influence of  Pharisee Paul of Asia Minor (now Turkey) who persecuted Jesus as Paul started his own persuasion and was sainted by the church.

Religion, the original sin, has a number of common traits: sexual repression and labeling as "dirty"; religious "cleansing;  often blood sacrifice carried over to war zones; people born in sin; human words manipulated as to coming from a god; pious hypocrisy; a false view of the world;  eternal punishment of hell or separation from your god for non believers; impossible man-made rules; cause of hatred and conflict as seen in the related three Abrahamic faiths trying to kill one another ever since the beginning of Christianity;  interferes with the lives of non-believers; and forceful conversion by zealot  proselyitzers.

Blind religion poisons everything as churches depend upon taxing the people through tithes through a death cult and Armageddon in the book of Revelation, the fixation of a hundred-years-old fanatical man by the name of John on an island of Patmos in Greece.

There is no justification for religion in today's world  since many institutions are altruistic giving help to others in need.  The days of tricky trumped up miracles and superstition are over, with reason power and science taking over in the form of evolution. After the death of Jesus, even Paul and Barnabas were bringing people back to life since they were not diagnosed as  dead.  In primitive times lacking medical knowledge many people were buried alive.

The Catholic church was not alone in its Inquisition and militant  court.  John Calvin, the founder of the Calvinist church, was responsible for killing scientist  Michael Servetus by burning him alive at the stake!  Women called witches by the church quoting passages from the Bible were also killed in Europe and in the United States.

No churches could exist without man's fear of the dark, excommunication  and the mysteries of nature, all covered by the hit and miss of unreliable prayer, a throw of dice. In reality, excommunication can be looked as an escape to freedom of thought and mind.

Today religion propaganda has gone south in evangelical churches bent with right wing madness. In the North more and more people realize the historical corruption of the church.


Saturday, July 26, 2014


Moving illegal immigrant children seeking asylum from one place to another only prolongs the problem that multiplies instead of squelching it at the point if entry.

Dear Ones,

Refugees thrown out of countries at war with another is a world-wide dilemma. This can be solved with border schools conducted year round where they are needed.  Charitable organizations and even religious humanitarian groups could all team up to provide dormitories and kitchens and make secure the youths by trained guards.  Governments of these nations in need would also provide funding for this endeavor

However, in no way can religious teachers that prosylitize for new members be permitted to teach.  The  education must be unbiased secular training with no priests allowed since they historically continue to rape children. 

This education would lead to scholarships and to humanitarian employment–a way for youths to pay back society for their free education.

Having received their degrees in humanitarian training, they could then seek employment as adults in any nation of their choice.  In the interim these children would be protected, fulfilling the humanitarian moral oblications of a civilized society.


Thursday, July 24, 2014


This politician also chose the E.P.A instead of the welfare of we the people.  First of all his executive branch action in his sleazy lawsuit against President Obama has been called "nuts"–a mistake that exceeds Boener's authority and U.S. Supreme court restrictions. In other words, the house speaker  is not qualified to debate  what world scientists deduced is man-made pollution exceeding nature's disasters, an accumulative drastic effect over centuries of toxic chemical and radio-active munitions all outlawed since they cause deformities in children, genetic extenson of one generation to another. These illegal weapons are not enforced through law and order.

Dear Ones,

John Boener  took he side of the E.P.A. in its attempt to avoid the carbon tax, an assault to the environment that is necessary for all life on Earth, capitalized for respect on the only planet we know having sustainable life.


Saturday, July 19, 2014


There is a vaccine for animals having lyme disease, discovered in Lyme, Connecticut.  But why isn't there a  vaccine against this malady in humans now prominent in the northeast due to difficulty in diagnosing.  Just one test often shows up negative.  But several different tests are needed since it mimics many other diseases with Bell's Palsy and other symptoms. Some states aren't concerned over lyme disease.  Thus many people who have it are never diagnosed.  It is extremely dangerous since it can get into the blood stream from the bite of a deer tick, a little black bug with the female half red..

I am thankful to the person for this attractive tattoo of lyme disease that is not pretty. More than likely he or she agrees with me and already experienced the painful disease.

This post honors St. Luke's Hospital in New York state for its expert treatment. It is the most outstanding medical facility in the Hudson Valley.  I was recently admitted to this outstanding hospital.

Since I  had lyme disease I have not been able to get back to my blog until now.  I hope somebody somewhere is working on a vaccine before this U.S. situation gets even worse. St. Lukes Hospital in Newburgh recently received a salute award from Hospital & Health Networks magazine for being "the most wired hospital. " No other hospital in the Hudson Valley was even mentioned.  St. Lukes was awarded based on 680 surveys representing 1,900 hospitals, more than 30 percent of all U.S. hospitals,  These efforts have helped reduce hospitalizations, decrease the number of avoidable re-admissions and increased patient satisfaction.  St. Lukes, and its associate facility in nearby Cornwell are essential to the health of their communities.

St. Lukes is also affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital. It has an excellent team of  specialists among its 300 doctors.   It also excels in care of stroke patients–a good hospital complex to fund.

Friday, July 4, 2014


This is the real vision of the revolution. These stalwart soldiers with bandages for shoes never gave up.  It was the great statesman and general George Washington who would never give up until victory was made  In spite of their stressed out condition, he inspired them to carry on.

Dear Ones,

They were sick with fever, dysentery and chilled to the bone, in freezing weather. Crippled and exhausted they obeyed orders in well-trained disciple.  Many of these same strong men became the first United States Administration.  This great force had to time to twitter away precious times playing futile political games and causing corruption.

They included the first president, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine who had a helping in writing the Constitution with Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison.  But beyond their fortitude, was something just as much quintessential to run a government..  It was their honesty and determination that all men shall be free through equality that brings happiness.

Washington was such a hero he was offered the position of king.  But he reminded them that they had just come to the so-called new world to rid themselves of the Crown.  And and it took a real man to turn down all the power.  He didn't let his vanity persuade him.

Unfortunately some parts of the nation resisted the slaver clause that later blew back to them in the Civil War, caused more than 7000,000 deaths during the war and in its aftermath. Women in a patriarchal  society eventually became organized and achieved their own emancipation.