Tuesday, December 30, 2014


This little jingle our mothers taught us. It's a survival method used against bullies, some of which never grow up.

Dear Ones,

Today political leaders hurl demeaning names at one another, but it's better than bombing and cyber black outs.

 www.macdonaldsward.com   Helene Smith (pen name, C. S. Smith) author of Where Eagles Fly, a fantasy about two ingenious homeless vets living in Jacksonville, Florida

Sunday, December 28, 2014


The United States of America are not united against what fuels wars and causes world dissent. 

Dear ones, the following poem that I just wrote reflects this ongoing strife.


The people come and go, speaking of Michelangelo,
T. S. Eliot lived in peace from racial woe
America still burdened by black and white,
Blinded by complexion,  a steady fight.

Even cattle get more respect,
Holstein, Hereferds and Jerseys galore,
Not color-coded whites or blacks,
As humans continue to battle war.

Pearl Buck, author of The Good Earth,
Chided Americans calling Asians yellow,
We finally got over pegging Indians red,
Except for Washington football skins, not mellow.

In 1796, J. F. Blumenbach,
The "Father of Race," how we fail,
Color coded humanity,
Black, code for slave, red, yellow & pale.

But we still can't get over white and black,
The most rival divisive of them all,
It wasn't Rome that caused the fall,
Instead the separation of folks by skin.

Yet those who say they don't see black & white,
So why do they talk in black & white terms?
We even call aliens we've never seen,
Little green men, what makes us feel supreme.

So we keep dividing ourselves with white on top,
And black at the bottom to keep others down,
In this way we feel good because we see
Others as inferior, as we still play the clown.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com   author of  Export, a Patchwork of Coal Country America  and essay Erase Race

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Very little can be done to keep other countries from military or cyber aggression. But there is one thing that will help tremendously.  Don't attack other nations and other nations will not attack you. Instead surprise other nations with random acts of kindness and benevolence that bring peace instead of religious throat-cutting wars that turn their governments into pariahs.

Dear Ones

By observing peaceful governments that once fiendishly attacked each other, we soon realize that these countries are the happiest and aren't militarily aggressive in attempting to solve problems.

Excellent examples are the Scandinavian nations. Although they, too, historically had sea battles with one another they have since learned to deal with foreign nations through harmony and understanding of one another's cultures, mores and ideologies called religion.

America is now seeing the dawning of peace through the present administration trying to wean us off futile, endless wars–the best foreign policy of all.

And if it weren't for the continuation of religious aggression still haunting the world, warfare would come to an end much sooner.

www.macdonaldsward.com  co-author of stage play Lest We Forget, about Hannastown, PA, first British county seat of justice in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains

Friday, December 26, 2014


Men have no idea what a man in an armed service uniform does for women. They look up to them with such admiration and esteem. Besides, uniforms turns them on. Through women's eyes men have always been transformed into handsome odonais–courageous gods of yore that are viewed with pride, glory  and honor. I think that women in uniforms would also turn on the minds of men, too.  But I don't know for sure. However, when anyone gives their heart and soul into defending their country, it is the epitome of worthy of honor.

Dear Ones,

Nevertheless, behind this glory is a shadow of death–the worst serial crimes of all since wars train for the deaths of daughters and sons.  From ancient gory alters of sacrificed children to the gods to today, women grieve in silence, as do their husbands.  The battlefield of aggression is still a war zone burnt offering of human blood to the gods, falsely in their three names.

Now, take these same brave soldiers and put them in an economy of peace instead of one of war. What a wonderful world it would be!  But there is every possibility of this happening since cyber aggression is taking over old-fashioned thinking of–how men can come up with even more corrupt things than chemical poisoning and radioactive weapons that deform babies and all life–what is generational genocide.

Cyber corruption is now on the forefront.  This magnitude of danger affects everyone.  Instead of deadly wars causing deaths and trillions of dollars that destroy our environment, what a fantasy it would be for all service people working for international peace and happiness, versus working for international wars and sorrow.

Or is it really a fantasy?  When people have dreams for a better world, it can happen when everyone does even a small thing to change the goal for life instead of death.


helenesmith1.blogspot.com  poet author of Cry Out for Peace–zillions of world voices quoting the agony and atrocities of war from the beginning of time to the present

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Our ancestors cleverly designed their own calendar with stone megaliths all over Earth to calculate the positions of the stars, planets  and the sun in the heavenly sky. As we all are aware, this solar system is very important in the line of astronomy.

Dear Ones,

These annual events from the beginning of man (short for human) have been specially called a variety of religious names throughout the world history.

Today we carry on a ritual of mid-winter that always happens around December 25  in the Northern Hemisphere, while the Southern Hemisphere celebrates the longest day in June–with no one disputing Mother Nature. 

Enjoy–cherish–and savor each precious moment with family and friends as we honor all life eternal here on one Earth.  Happy holidays!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Ring out liberty and happiness throughout the lands! Humor is universal. The only one not laughing is the butt of any joke.  Satire brings out truth faster than bleach on any stain.

Dear Ones,

Some people complain that a movie about a dictator being assassinated is being shown on Christmas Day.  Do they forget that the arms of Jesus of Nazareth were nailed into a wooden cross, as people continue to worship him as Christ–especially on Christmas day!"

And in regard to previous movies, besides Charlie Chaplin's The Dictator, there were other films made to satirize political leaders and their dogma.  The Producers was a great hit in the movies and on the stage as a musical about Hitler and Nazism–so-called "white" supremest disillusion still prevalent today.

And don't forget history repeating its dark events, with flag burning and stuffed straw bodies to represent real people hanged or burned up in in effigy, symbolically to stop rogue leaders from violating inherent human rights.

In the meantime, I'm so glad to be an American, home of the free! May liberty, joy and international peace catch on like velcro in a united world through laughter and satire–one of the best jewels of humanity to keep us all humble when our heads swell too much and distort our bodies.

Here's to a glorious winter season and holidays for everyone, especially those celebrating Christ's Mass.

www.maacdonaldsward.com  author of Constantine the Great, Dyed in Purple

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Ever since man first ruled Earth men have fought for conquest of each others land, resources and power. This endless excessive testosterone conditioning and programming is almost impossible to overcome in a paternalist world that has rebuffed change from the beginning of mankind.  However, every year the distaff side who gives birth to us all is gaining more clout for human rights, but it isn't enough. Fortunately there is one last string of hope left on the female goddess harp for peace.

Dear Ones,

We all can't envision this enlightenment yet because there is so much worldwide turmoil. However,  the end of combat aggression is in sight, even though it is viewed through a telescope as far, far away.  All good things are at last coming together for a better world through communication and diplomacy with the progress of democracy.

We are now witnessing laws enforced against condemned torture, that was especially rampant during the Crusades (meaning cross) and its torturous Inquisition that forbade free speech and thinking–death to the heathens, called infidels who didn't convert. Immaturity still rules mindset. Torture produces unreliable information and causes more insecurity, more wars and more deaths of people who are color-coded.

Progress is also  seen through communication such as the world wide web. No longer can tyrannical dictator governments hide secrets now being exposed day by day. Sunshine Laws are beaming brightly and becoming more powerful as they are enforced for the benefit of us all.

President Obama has gone up–still another notch–in history as the liberator of Cuba, now with doors wide open for the flow and  recognition of inherent human rights.  It will be the young people who will take up his example and baton that sets us all free,

The present administration communicates with adversaries and is more advanced than the tainted previous one. This staff is brave enough to talk with the opposition. We must know what's the beef instead of floundering around in blind combat. We need to understand and respect other religions or cultures, even though we don't like their modus operandi. Without unbiased education and information about nations with diverse mores, ideologies and what makes them tick, we grope around in a black cloud of endless militant wars that never have been good.

And finally, Americans are now seeing "ir'selves" as other see us, in the words of that Scottish Highlander, Bobbie Burns. Our eyes have been opened to the fact that we have been blind to racism, that was concocted, invented and fabricated by a German who color-coded us into a snarling, vitriolic gang of rival, separated people in the late 1700s.  Before, wars were merely fought because there were no alternative means of communication, other than army intelligence, an oxymoron.

Our founding fathers didn't want to give up their "colored" slaves, with black being code for slave. Thomas Jefferson inherited hundreds of people in bondage and thousands of plantation lands, that eventually left him in debt.

Other slave owners (excluding John Adams) who wrote the Constitution and human rights' Amendments hated British colonialism and its power. But England through Parliament had the wisdom to ban slavery in the 1830s without having to commit civil war.

Meanwhile, the US killed over 70,000 of their own men and women (400 disguised as soldiers and spys), as well as over a million horses, through bigotry. Slave quarters can still be seen in America in the North as well as the South.

Cyber interaction is now worldwide and has become a weapon to blackmail countries into submission. But this is not acceptable to the United states a well as the United Nations that believe in freedom of thought and mind–what brings happiness and joy to all people–instead of oppression, suppression and depression by cut-throat dictators and extremists.

We must never call cyber hacking as being a trigger to start futile wars.  War mongers in the ranks of government salivate for military action that so far in the history of man has never solved any world problem.  It only brings on greater atrocities as the greed for spoils of war even destroy precious world artifacts and historical landmarks that never an be replaced, any more than the tragic loss of young people lives, as well as innocent bystanders.

So instead of prayer circles, how about everyone circling the wagons and do something constructive to strive for peace. Make it happen!  Encourage a Peace Defense Department instead of a War Defense Department, with the latter having no defense when it is still pumping out obsolete weapons of unlawful massive devastation and generational child-deforming munitions.

A War Department (its original title) by its very name must commit wars to succeed in a corporate war economy.  A Peace Department and peace economy doesn't cost exorbitantly and doesn't cause every problem in Pandora Box, such as homeless refugees, floods, earthquakes and shell shock, now masked as a mere stress syndrome that mangle soldier's and veteran's minds so much that many soldiers (22 a day) commit suicide that in turn makes loved ones grieve the rest of their lives.

Getting back to world communication, cyber hackers are capable of shutting down entire governments. They are more dangerous than wars, as these advanced technicians can remove from the WWW, everything that humanity needs to survive on Earth–capitalized for respect.

History is not the archaic past. History is whenever, whatever happens.  George W. Bush is already documented as the administration that illegally invaded, attacked and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, now contaminated with generational baby-deforming munitions and toxic weapons in an ongoing aftermath.

What could be more serious than this?   Human inherent rights are violated and breached through illegal tempering with technology that can lead to the largest dark-out age ever lived through by man (short for woman) on planet Earth.

"All eyes are now opening to the rights of man."–Thomas Jefferson (But we have many miles to go before we die.)

www.macdonaldsward.com    Helene Smith, twice chosen candidate for South Western PA Jefferson Award, co-author playwright of Well Spring of Power  (about US largest, longest producing gas well that exploded near Pittsburgh and burned for two years before being capped) and A Place of Consequence (about a canal town and one of its slave members)


In 1995 bigoted cops cowardly ganged up on a driver on a dark, lonely curve of the road. These grossly prejudiced men–known for their racial slander and rhetoric threatening American Africans–overpowered a Pittsburgh area precinct. They ruled the good cops who were too inhibited to speak up to the officers, some in high positions.

Therefore this particular police station enabled Jonny Gammage's death. There were not enough eyes with vision to see this tragedy coming. All he was doing was driving the Jaguer of his Pittsburgh cousin while visiting him from his home in Syracuse, NY.

Dear Ones,

When outlaws and bully cops are in command without any discipline, the inevitable will always happen.


www.macdonaldsward.com   publisher of George Swetnam's Heroes, Heroines and Villains

Monday, December 22, 2014


No nation is above the law.  If authoritarians say they are exempt from international law and order they are rogues and pariahs and must be dealt with through international court and the United Nations, with severe punishment–as soon as the crime is committed.

Dear Ones,

War buzzards peck at any excuse to commit all out war that only brings wealth to industrial war corporations. In any war bodies and minds of youths are sacrificed and wounded as they are trained to kill  one another in warm blood.

Cyber vandalism, a form of espionage, is the greatest threat today, as old-fashioned lethal weaponry and illegal toxic munitions devastate Earth and all life in an endless circle of three related religious revenge–what has gone on for centuries. Let's not take this crime down a mother notch calling it war,  the worst device that annihilates international peace.

It was Einstein who deplored war as murder.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com author of Cry Out For Peace


These two humerists pulled us through the George W. Bush Administration–the evil-doers.  Jon is the maiestro of satire and Stephen the king of satire, working for the common cause of international peace. 

Dear Ones,

By invading, carpet bombing and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, against the wishes and better judgment of humanity, their comic relief got us through the frustration of the attack and aftermath, especially on the victims and recipients of all that chemical, radioactive contamination–still warming and harming the environment, on land, within the seas and in the air with corporate industrial fallout.

I applaud these men for attempting to prevent this needless futile war.  These geniuses and their staffs–the bread, the staff of life–orchestrated, sustained and healed us through unwanted illegal, torturous aggression–vicious violation against International Law and its Criminal Court.

Best wishes and success in your new positions and endeavors.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com  author, founder of ERASE  BLACK-WHITE LABELING

Sunday, December 21, 2014


This illegal genocide of indigenous babies and forced torture on POWS incarcerated in Cuba caught after a drag net is unacceptable to American values. US taxpayers paid millions of dollars without knowledge of the insidious authorization of two Bush administrations under the coercion of the Central Intelligence Agency. Military intelligence is for the most part an oxymoron.  Intelligence of diplomacy does not cause international violations of human and civil rights.

Dear Ones,

Ex–Vice-President Dick Cheney at last admitted that US prisoners of war, euphemized to "detainees" who were never charged with a crime, were 25% innocent. But torture in general is illegal by USA standards and the United Nations, etc. With missionary zeal this hunter, who  accidentally shot his friend, also was careless about inherent human rights.  He didn't care as he said if he had a chance to do it again, "He would!" [The emphasis is my own.]

I wonder if he would have also condoned secret sterilizing of Indian women–those who were coerced against their will or didn't know what happened against their consent.  Even fifteen year old girls were victims sterilized by the CIA for a super Aryan "race." 

Indigenous people have been tortured enough with brutality and loss of  their land and resources–ever since Christopher Columbus landed at San Salvador in the Bahama Islands of the Americas.

The "discoverers" began scalping Indians and bashing their babies against tree trunks–under threats from Spanish royalty to give up their gold now decorating Christian cathedrals of Europe.  This gold and silver is still in the hands of the richest religion and its Vatican with a no fly-zone over it. In retaliation, scalping was later carried out by indigenous men grieving over the brutal, savage deaths of their family members.

Research for my paper titled "Scalping is Hair Raising Torture" was presented at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. The contents revealed this horrendous, vicious  inhumane attack started along the Black Sea in south eastern Europe that drains into the Mediterranean Sea.

helenesmith.blogspot.com  founder of ERASE BLACK-WHITE LABELING and author of The Return of Auron Burr, a Ghostly Encounter in St. Marys, GA.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Years ago David Nelson produced the above film in Bedford, PA, a restored fort and village of original log houses moved to the this unique historic site.

Dear Ones,

For centuries the Catholic Church through it's "Holy Office" censored books and films unmercively, especially if any author or producer committed something against the dogma of the hierarchy. In 1966 the members had finally had enough of this suppression of human rights–up to their eyes and ears.

This office (still preaching under a euphemistic name, changed from time to time) now plays on the programmed, conditioned minds of their members not to read or see anything on their censored list reinforced by its "Ordinary" that makes laws the authoritarians say are divine and  straight "from God." Instead of the Christian Inquisition, the political church still has the power to coerce through a device less harsh–the Ordinary.

So censorship is not new in the Americas, among Latinos and all nationalities.

Getting back to North Korean censorship, one thing the United States could do is invite the dictator and his family to America to see a "roast" of a very prominent female comedian or famous male actor.  This way he could witness how the Hollywood industry makes fun of its most esteemed movie stars.  After all, in such a toast-roast, the only one not laughing is the brunt of the joke.

Since the ruler of North Korea is enthralled by Hollywood, he and his entourage could also have a tour of one of the studios and see all the wonders of how movies are made,

By assuring his complete safety he would be welcomed with a red carpet as  he would see America the beautiful first hand.  He would also recognize that the USA is not teaming with wild west shoot-em-up guns. He would see this great country for what it is and why inherent human rights are so important.  And we would all have to show our own best behavior to solve what could be a world disaster.

Another solution would be for every nation that could, produce a motion picture making fun of Kim Jong Un.  But better than that, perhaps the US could do a roast (with our great satirists on the committee sitting at the table) on itsself and show it along with The Interview.

North Korean censorship is quintessentially dangerous, but it could be handled cleverly with humor for human rights instead of relation that has never worked in wars and politics yet.

Did Senator John McCain, a war mongerer, actually suggest  the US drop a nuclear bomb in  remote area of North Korea!?–or was it a nightmare I dreamed?

By suggesting fire to fight fire only inflames the conflagration. King Hammurabi of Babylonia suggested "an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth" for retaliation  that ends up with a blind, toothless nation.  I think it was Mark Twain, who had his books censored, who said that.


Friday, December 19, 2014


Charles Darwin's knowledge about evolution was a revolution.  But when it came to women he didn't have a clue.  For one thing, women have an exceeding amount of intuition and creativity that often surpasses male intelligence.  Patriarchy is a fear that attempts to make women inferior–what causes imbalance in society.  Sadly, women in general also live longer than men.

Dear Ones,

Darwin believed as his male partners believed. He claimed  men were superior to women. In modern times there is a Darwin award for stupidity. A recent report states that 88% of the recipients of this award are men.  This "honorary" is only given after the winner's death.

One of the most recent awards went to a man who mailed a bomb to someone he obviously didn't like. But the post office sent it back to him for lack of enough postage.  After the package exploded the recipient received this distinct award–posthumously.

American Oglala Lakota Activist Russell Means (who recently died) exclaimed during a speech–women are more powerful than men.  They give birth to all.! Older women, due to their wisdom, have always been included in Council Fires of the men. At  one time Mr. Means ran for president?/senator but Ron Paul won.  Why aren't there more indigenous people running as candidates for these high offices, such as Senator Ben Night Horse Campbell of the Cheyenne Nation?  There are over 500 original nations within the US Nation.

www.macdonaldsward.com  author, investigative journalist who wrote Apsaalooka The Crow Nation Then and Now (the Second Century of Dishonor) with Mickey Old Coyote's advice and original graphics. At an indigenous reunion while doing research on the book the Indians introduced the author to Russell Means, who dedicated his entire lifetime to achieving justice among indigenous people. He already had read this book and raised it highly.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


When a beloved pope and a former president (still working for human rights and helping the homeless and poverty-stricken) stand up for Cuba being freed through President Obama, history has already documented President Obama's  philanthropic good will in the annals of political and human reform.  Unfortunately the blind-sighted are possessed with a transparent defective mind-set chock full of fierce criticism of the first American African president.

Dear Ones,

Former president G. W. Bush said history will determine his rank of president. But history doesn't happen 50 years from now. History records what occurs immediately. President Obama has already risen above all the political garbage hurled at him. In the meantime he inherited an unbearable,  tremendous war debt, as well as genocidal condition from vicious carpet bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan–nations who never attacked us.

The contaminated environment on land, sea and air always takes generations to improve. Babies are still aborted and generational deformed among residents and soldiers who handled huge amounts of chemical, radioactive toxicants "exported" via bombs and missiles to the Persian Gulf against the wishes of the American people. But their voices were blurred by the explosions of the Bush reigns–that also includes American Indian women being sterilized in US hospitals in the 1970s, exposed by indigenous doctors and Senator James Abourezk.

The present administration and all US taxpayers are saddened by millions of people killed and burdened as well as cleaning up what will take generations to overcome–mainly, womb-generational deformities–why President Obama is trying to wean off war mongerers of full out-right corporate industrial aggression, a carry over and cultural lag of the archaic past.

Meanwhile, after President Lincoln liberated American Africans, President Obama Liberated Cubans who were still suffering for 50 years of US sanctions that mostly harmed women and children.  Ill-will and a futile, failed policy never worked all those years.  Now the young people with their enthusiasm and expertise will continue what our present president started, as Cuban salaries hopefully will no longer fill the coffers of a former corrupt regime–what happens when dictators are in control.

Instead of rejoicing over President Obama's determination to free the Cubans and Alan Gross in a historic prisoner exchange–what's been going on ever since man became a warrior–the critics are poisoned by their own anger and hatred.  All nations have past histories of corruption.  A slap in the face is nothing to 50 years of a stagnant policy that keeps oozing within its own stench.

The world has just witnessed the fact that talking and communicating with diplomacy is more powerful than all the Pentagon's stored atomic bombs and lethal ammunition, now obsolete with the threat of cyber suppression and force more dangerous to freedom and human right of expression. Military drones are used temporarily to wean warrior minds off their guns.  Eventually diplomacy, with the US joining others who want change for a better world, will take the place of youth-killing-maiming wars and drones that kill innocent people, euphemized as collateral damage, as well as the targeted culprits.

Here's to a beautiful tomorrow, what the most of the world desires above anything else.

www.macdonaldsward.com  founder of ERASE BLACK-WHITE LABELING (EBWL) author of POETRY FROM THE HEART   

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


So here we all sit while young people lose their lives in wars and cop brutality provoked by separation of ethnic groups that cause rival divisive stress and deaths. Three-Branched Abraham wars still foment and froth with madness.  Can't we change our attitudes and our penchant for aggression while in the midst of physical profiling American Africans, as we profile American Indians?  Are we so willing to follow bigoted mind-sets that think the 'white race" was superior to dark complexioned people?

Dear Ones,

Aniti-Jewish Semite Ernst Hackel, Daniel Gasman and Johan Friedrich Blumenbach coincided with  European slave holder's international trade.  These men negatively influenced Hitler and Nazism that caused the Holocaust of gassed human beings.

America's founding fathers falsely justified the color classification of a hierarchy of so-called white people believed to be superior over American indigenous people and captured residents of Africa for free labor.  This movement was all part of Aryan bigotry.

This racist nationalism (one step away from Fascism) controlled and violated human inherent rights  virulently rampant today from programmed, conditioned ancestors tainted by religion and race.  J. F. Blumenbach (1752-1840) was highly praised among elitists and scientists of their time. Blumenbach loved the Caucasian mountains by that name in the area of Georgia. He opined that the people living there were the most beautiful "white"  people in Europe and the world–and the most superior.

Indo-Europeans came from northern India and started the caste system there, another name for human divided classification into rival racism. Race is a word that started during the Roman Empire when emperors provided Circus entertainment with slaves racing to death on chariots drawn by horses. The term is now a word to divide political parties as well as define sports running events.

The word  "racial" is also a modern meaning that refers to rival wars and racist rogue cops.  Let's put back the term race on the horse track where it started.


www.macdonaldsward.com   co-author of book with George Swetnam (feature writer of former Pittsburgh Press) The Carnegie Nobody Knows [includes mention of the Carnegie Hero and Peace Award]

Monday, December 15, 2014


The most humane way to distinguish one another is through nationality across the board, instead of saying Indians and blacks, for instance? 

Dear Ones,

If we were more consistent in our rhetoric we would be kinder people nationally and internationally, what in turn would bring international peace–what prophets Buddha,  Confucius, Jesus, Muhammad and Gandhi taught–the great peace-makers. Why should any nation or group of people kill another nation unless being attacked? They even had the wisdom to know that revenge is a vicious circle that never gets solved until people wake up and smell the hot chocolate.

www.macdonaldsward.com  author of The First Coloring Book About Coloring People-founder of ERASE BLACK-WHITE LABELING (EBWL)

Sunday, December 14, 2014


So let's lift a cup of rum eggnog in holiday cheer that we have gotten over targeting people yellows and reds.  Congratulations to us all!  Now if we can just conquer pegging blacks and whites the most rival, divisive non-colors of all.

Dear Ones,

But maybe we don't want to change for the better so we can keep fighting and killing and wounding our young people in a corporate war economy wars either consciously or subliminally. The father of race said–in his opinion –the white race" (Caucasians) are superior to so-called blacks, what still is at the bottom of white supremist mentality.  He thought white is more beautiful and pure–what fueled Nazis to commit the vicious, inhumane Holocaust (Shoa) on people with darker complexion than Caucasians).  Look the father up, he divided race in the late 1700s and the world has become more barbaric ever since then.

When America finally realizes calling American Indians and American Africans, reds (meaning red skins) and blacks (meaning code for slave) we will be shocked to know skin profiling makes it easier commit wars against one another as well as rogue cop brutality.  Color-coding is more than a travesty–it is ingrained ongoing religeous  racism.  When the US bombed Japan the human beings were called yellow japs and gooks, same as in Korean and Vietnam Wars.  We slander then we slaughter.

When we peg one another as blacks and whites we fuel brutality and hatred through physical profiling, as we poison our own souls.

www.macdonaldsward.com   author of Walking Stick, about insects and mighty mites and how they battle one another–also founder of ERASE BLACK AND WHITE LABELING (EBWL)

Saturday, December 13, 2014


The epitome of euphemism to deceive the public is when torture to get information only results in "maybe it worked" or "there is no reliability" in unendurable pain."  Would anyone feel secure if told by the brain surgeon, "Well, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't!" Most people would look for an alternative. When prisoners will lie to stop  cruel, heartless bestiality that even stops them from breathing, they will plead for death instead of torture.

Dear Ones,

One can't help but be aghast to hear men who have never suffered through torture say it is "only discomfort."  Even War Hawk John McCain deplores torture since he was a prisoner of war himself,  He should know more than blowhards mouthing off to get them off the hook themselves.

 To prove the serious behavior of men authorizing torture should be for them to experience the "inconvenient interruption" to their lives, to feel what torture really is.  To save the false-faces of the those responsible for illegal torture, it is critical to know American Indian women were tortured through forced sterilization and genocide supported the Indian Health Services (formerly under BIA) in the 1970s–where government under a CIA president funded these atrocities that went undercover for years.

Something no one is emphasizing that this device to make pain so excruciating affects the heart and mind, with the victims often and not recorded why they also die from the ordeal.  When the body is put through such barbaric measures the heart is greatly affected physically as torture raises blood pressure in anyone to badly beaten and twisted in painful positions–as well as murder–what absolutist religions do to make people convert.

The mind is also badly abused when prisoners are put through this ordeal. When a person gets no respect, is sexually abused and made to stand naked for long times or forced to lie down on cold concrete chained to prison wars, he is condemned as subhuman.

War constantly causes wounded warriors to have mental as well as physical problems all their lives, with a great percentage of them committing suicide remembering in nightmares of horrible treatment that was reality. The extreme stress of war as well as imprisonment is the result of the brutality and the atrocities they've been put through on battlefield warfare where anything goes, why some soldiers go berserk. It used to be called shell shock but now has a long abbreviated term to lessen the harsh blow.

The present administration has made history in attempting to over come wars and sending young people over seas to endure the worst of Pandora's Box chock full of killing devices and toxic ammo.

Temporary war drones represent the first step in weaning away the CIA and Pentagon to make a change to help others instead of kill and maim them for life.  Wars kill massively, while killer drones are merely a step in the progress of human evolution. Eventually they will only be used for good purposes, and the historic machines of war will fill museums as cannons and cannon balls now do as reminders of archaic human behavior just as the London Tower museum are shades of the tortureous Christian Inquisition and military tribunal representing inequality and biased religion.

The United States exports more torture devices than any other country, according to the ACLU a number of years ago.

Mahatma Gandhi, trying to make his friends–the Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims of India and Pakistan more humane spent his life to improve the world through peace and health reforms.  When he was murdered, Muslims and Hindus and all came forth to honor him with rose metals and honor him as the most highest ranking human being they had ever known. Prime Minister Jawahar Nehru, along with the millions of people wept tears of grief.

In 1947 Indian gained her freedom from colonizing England.  But it was British Viceroy Governor General  Lord Mountbatten, who supported a United World College, who also helped his dear friend Mohandas Gandhi achieve his dreams–India making its own sea salt (read Pearl Bucks, The Good Earth) and spinning its own cotton, education on health and cleanliness, improvement of the environment, water and food conservation and attempts to decrease or eliminate needless industrial production, especially radioactive bombs and missiles, such as US and other nation's atomic bombs–what that peace-loving man deplored.

General Louis Mountbatten said about his close friend, "Mahatma Gandhi will go down in history on a par with Buddha and Jesus." And the little defender of peace instead of war never carried a knife or a gun until he was old and dying. Yet he walked among the poor and oppressed in the "black hole of Calcutta" and with great masses of Hindus and Muslims. Nearly on his dying bed, a conspiracy of his own people–the elite–politically assassinated him. He would never had condoned torture of any human being.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com   senior co-author with Mickey Coyote of The Second Century of Dishonor (Apsaalooka) by the government, following Helen Hunt Jackson's The First Century of Dishonor of the government 100 years before–with both titles presented to all members of Congress who ignored it

Friday, December 12, 2014


This may be shocking news for Americans, but the rest of the world knew abhorrent torture was going on at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Graib war prisons on Cuban soil in Afghanistan and in Iraq, as well as  prisoner of war ships anchored in foreign nations. 

Dear Ones,

President G.W. Bush proclaimed "Mission Accomplished" staged on the USS Abraham Lincoln anchored in San Diego Bay dressed in a USA  paratroopers uniform–strange since he never sacrificed his life in any war, let alone wore any armed forces uniform. This happened in May 2003, only a few  months after the illegal Iraq attack.  Just what did he accomplish at that time? At the time I was a Republican but now I'm a recovering one, a present member of the Democratic Party.

Secretary of Defense Colin Powell warned about attacking Iraq, "If we break it, we've bought  it." Well, one thing we do  know is Iraq and Afghanistan are still broken. And the present government is still struggling to clean up the contaminated mess after over four thousands US soldiers died, with veterans and combatants alike committing 22 suicides every day over the trauma and stress.  Over 1,200 Iraq citizens died, and untold numbers of their soldiers. Or is it 1000,000 thousands deaths as reported by another source.  Total cost to US tax payers–$6 trillion dollars, according to the Huffington Post.

Meanwhile the world knew the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Bush administration was torturing illegally during those years.  Once those in power attack another nation, it's almost impossible to stop the constant revenge. It is critical that we all recognize this fact.

This torture includes physically and mentally violations against inherent human rights through sexual abuse, rape, sodomy and murder.  The Torture Memo at that time was reputed to be authorized by Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense.  Even the Red Cross disclosed that these crimes were factual.

So why are Americans shocked over this fact of men not charged with a crime being tortured and chained to walls behind closed doors. Yet the former administration said, "We don't torture."

Everyone witnessed abhorrent, blatant images of prisoners of war–euphemized as "detainees"–in total disrespect piled naked in despair on top of one another and photographed by their captors, along with them periodically being led–hoods over their heads–back to cells after undergoing excruciating torture–the news viewed worldwide.

The US government also used torture to sterilize American Indians every time they were admitted to a hospital for what ever reason. Not being permitted to bear children is a torturous crime beyond magnitude.  In the 1970s Indian doctors and Senator James Abourezk exposed this genocide, a previous torturous  atrocity. An Indian woman wrote to me after this happened to her, along with other disclosure of Bureau of Indian Affair (BIA) corruption–the most inept unelected regulatory agency in the government, as stated after Congressional investigations.

Indian nations report that President George H. W. Bush, Sr., once ambassador to the United Nations, authorized eugenic genocide–using government funds for the Indian Health Services, originally under the BIA, to coerce sterilization of 25-50 percent of indigenous women. American Indians and Latinos also were included.  Is this torture another device against dark complexioned human beings?  Is all this true?

"Those who do not remember their history remain children all their lives."–Cicero

helenesmith1.blogspot.com   senior author (with Mickey Old Coyote)  of Apsaalooka, The Crow Nation Then and Now, The Second Century of Dishonor written 100 years after Helen Hunt Jackson's book The First Century of Dishonor exposed the BIA Both books were presented to all members of Congress following a ceremony on Capitol Hill.  A Washington Post reporter promised to cover this story, but he left for vacation and never told me.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


After following my journal of the Bush-Cheney manipulations, it is obvious that even before and during their reign of torture there were more voices shouting out against illegality and the CIA than any other presidential election and administration.

Dear Ones,

These truths are self-evident, documented historically in books articles, magazines and current news, followed by the latest torture report in Congress.  The former administration got away with inhumane torture ignored through empowerment of corporate government  and the CIA. But the latter institution is now in the hot seat.

Dear Ones,

When any institution covers up its acts of crime through secrecy and disobeying the sunshine laws, its hypocrisy. False appearance of goodness via religion will eventually ooze out.  G. W. Bush blatantly ignored the separation of church and state by claiming "God" told him to invade, attack and occupy Iraq–a secular nation that never attacked us. 

Yet that cabinet negotiated illegal chemical exports with Iraq that later led to the killed of thousands of Kurds. As a result of the Iraq War attack, women in Fallujah are still giving birth to grossly deformed babies, some with two heads and one-eyed Cyclopean eyes from illegal war ammunition. Allied forces carpet bombed that city for no good reason and it has never recovered. This generational genocide of children and their parents is ongoing torture.

The same former misleading men ignored Osama bin Laden's warning that something terrible would happen to Washington, DC and New York City if the US didn't remove its army bases from Saudi Arabia.  I saw the crawl go across the TV.  But these authoritarians wouldn't talk with him through legal arbitration. Over three thousand Americans died and suffered ill health through toxic smoke.

Besides, why does the Pentagon maintain with taxpayer money 500 military bases throughout the world?–as abandoned ones leak toxic chemicals and poisonous oil contaminates?  (An estimate is given since even the military doesn't know how many hundreds of bases are kept through the cost of soldiers, supplies, war machinery, security and clean up too expensive to accomplish.)  Are we the rogue cops of the world?  America is better than that–why immigrants want to come to our shores of freedom and liberty.

But there's no freedom or liberty in the war crime of torture.  The general wizard of torture, Dominican Spaniard Torquemada and his assistants, in the Middle Ages, stretched infidels to excruciating pain and death and water boarded them.

This was done since the Pope chomped at the bit to insure Christianity, fueled by the "Great Commission" in the Pauline New Testament–a takeover of the world, with infidels tortured to convert to Christianity for painful force, now practiced by others. It's not pardon that's needed, but instead apology and recompense from officials in charge of insidious torture–perhaps funds to build veteran  hospitals or payment for wounded warrior recuperation.

Today, in addition to prosecuting those responsible for former administration crimes, the church's hierarchies have been preaching one absolutist religion for centuries. This mentality prompted G. W. Bush to say a deity was responisble for the Iraq attack, as he blamed his god of war.

Torture means anything that inflicts physical pain, whether used to extort information through physical threats or as a means of further punishment.  Whatever the victims say can never be reliable since it is human nature to lie in order to stop Dark Age inhumane brutality.

Besides, if prisoners are tortured and mistreated, why are the miss-leaders so concerned over keeping them alive through needles and rectum feeding?  Anyone directing or involved in administrating torture should have to go through such militant crimes themselves–like having a loud electric drill turned on as it as close to their ears as possible, or be deprived of sleep for days at a time, or be forced to hold themselves in unendurable twisted tort positions and especially having hundreds of cups of water poured on black cloth covered faces to give the deadly sensation of drowning. 

These satanic measures all cause extreme stress to the hearts and minds of prisoners who were never charged with a crime. This torture is reminiscent of the old Chinese trick of constant drip of water on the skin that eventually makes sores and holes in bones, as the prisoners finally die.

What obsession makes human beings do such beastly things to one another, like lewd cutting off sex organs positioned in mouths of dead soldiers or stripping live prisoners and piling them on top of one another in the rape of war?

Did barbed wire death camps with human beings stripped of human rights and trial in court save taxpayers money compared to the expense of years of young men incarcerated and tortured with more funds now needed for for investigation? Wars fuel obscene criminal activity. Don't do do others what you don't want done to you, the Golden rule of the world.

When all this controversy. even about the Bush election being crooked, there were graphic photos  about torture inflicted on prisoners of war in newspapers and on TV.  Why are US citizens shocked and acting like it never happened?  When we can't even remember the recent past, we don't see the elephant in the living room.

Men excuse the device of torture by saying it's needed for security measures.  But how could any nation– having the most radioactive weapons, the most bombs and use of torture to get intelligence–experience 9-11?  Was it because surprise attack can never stop any more than the most recent weapons called suicide bombers?  Retaliation in endless religious-racist conflicts will never stop until old men stop sacrificing other people's sons and daughters to burnt-offering alters on illegal urban streets and war zones.

Even prisoner ships at sea conduct torture since they are not on US territory to bypass law and order,

When leaders plan satanic behavior should they be prosecuted instead of being pardoned? International Law against torture has no clout when select war hawks get away with International Crime. Is it moral to prosecute some leaders and not others?

Were the Nuremberg trials against demonic atrocities of Nazi Germany legitimate?  Should they have been conducted?  What is the purpose of  International Law and its Criminal Court and Geneva Conventions?

Now that I promised you the story about Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi, what I told about in a previous post in detail, I will now review in a few words.  When a Christian friend of Gandhi asked him for advice regarding a Muslim, the Christian was in grief over the death of his son by Muslims.  Gandhi told him, "Find a Muslim orphan boy and raise him as your own." Eventually the Christin complied.  And Gandih would have told the same advice to a Muslim who had been killed by a Christian.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com  author, historian of essay, Set Free! (from bogus race and religion)–founder of ERASE BLACK-WHITE LABELING (EBWL–what incites wars and rogue cops

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This Spanish priest, a Dominican. represented the rotten apples of the church who tortured American Indians, also had grisly assistants who brutalized "heretics"–anyone who didn't  believe in the Christian faith. The overpowering "Holy Office" held back no restraint during the Inquisition, a network of 24 stations where non-Christians were tortured.  Today this same Inquisitional militant tribunal government goes by an obscure name.  Sadly, archaic despicable "holy"torture lasted from 1420-1498. It is now carried out in prisoner-of-war prisons, secretly.

Dear Ones,

The CIA has euphemized the term "excessive interrogation." In reality it is the most horrid, unbearable gross infliction of pain used to extort confession or to aggravate further punishment from human beings, many "detainees"–prisoners–who are still in Abu Grab when the former administration conducted a dragnet and never even charged them for a crime.

Today President Obama has finally after years of attempt, released half a dozen of these men from prison where they were tortured with judiciary action. The hold up was that no nation wanted to take these men stained by a blanket statement that they were all conspirators and killers. Some of the young men were only in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Origianlly torture was  inflicted on victims to inhibit their own free thoughts and conduct their own belief systems. This insideaous system was used by all nations of modern Europe as well as ancient Rome and Middle Age Inquisition when the church first adopted it to  make victims confess their guilt, even though they were not guilty of anything. The method was carried out b "fire" and "water." No one knows how many thousands of people the church burned alive on stakes and water boarded,

The Alhambra Decree was written to annihilate the Hebrew people and to gain more power throughout Christendom. Those human being were stretched on " racks" to make them convert. They often became "crypto-Jews" to end the excruciating torture, as many secretly gave into the "hammer of heretics."–Tomas Torquemada. Anyone who refused to convert died. During that time 200,000 Hebrews were removed from Spain and became refuges. (Some people think Columbus was saved by royalty sending him on a journey to find a new route to the East.)

These church victims were also forced to wear a "heretic" robe  with demons, dragons and snakes, straight out of the Hebrew Bible's book, Revelation of the unknown John, who was banished to Patmos Island of Greece, hallucinating at age 100.  This method of punishment also tortured people made out to be witches and wizards burned alive or hanged by the church and government working in cahoots with one another, in Europe and in New England, USA.

Other branches of the Abraham religion didn't torture anyone who disbelieved. They allowed conquered nations to keep their original dogmas and decrees.  But today, in revenge, other faiths torture those who are considered infidels.

In 2003 when the Bush Administration was invading, attacking and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, I was concerned over torture policies that are illegal in International Law.  I was in Portugal and later read that war prisoners on ships there were torturing as governments got away with this murder achored at seaports since they couldn't do it lawfully on land. John McCain, whom we know all know he suffered  though  brutality, vehemently stressed this inhumane method didn't achieve reliable iinformation, despite what the Bush CIA related officials claimed.

Any authoritarian who supports this vicious part of war should by water board to see how they feel about the subject,

At that time the United States exported the most torture devices of any other nation, according to the ACLU. However, the same liberty minded organization is backing down on human rights they fought for over years of time.  Mysteriously, as if they've changed their loyalty to civil rights, are now asking for pardon instead of apology.

So what does the United States do to reclaim or respectable name, covered up secretly by the former administration what committed war crimes? Do we just brush them off as "boys will be boys." Does  the world conduct two laws, one for Christion nations and another for Muslem nations to exonerate themselves?   If tis pardon is givien, what will haven to International Law attmepting to quell war crimes?

What does the world do when pardoning crimes only increase the crimes by duel laws, one for us and another one for them.  To each other we're all infidels. A spoonful of honey is worth a pound of cure.

For one thing, any authoritarin who supports this vicious part of war should go through water torturing, called another euphemized word.  Give him the same board treatment.

Another issue that needs to be addressed in the Catholic Church Militant. To start with, this world richest hierarchy should apologize for all its transgressions against humanity, especially the world Inquisition that the church calls the "Spanish Inquisition."  It was totally for the Christianizing of planet Earth evolving in a cosmos of galaxies that the church claims their three gods control!

Regarding this same evil, any branch of the Abraham religion that tortures and kills also needs to apologize to the world.  How else will this endless circle of fire stop killing young soldiers and deforming their babies with lethal ammo?  And because money is always the bottom line in any agreement, each side should compensate one another for their atrocities by building secular schools on their lands since they do not cause wars that in turn cause poverty and ill health. Unbised education is the ony way of world progress. This has already been proven by religious-racist wars the rule of law.

How else will centuries of bloody revenge cease and all people start living and loving one another instead of conniving to kill one another over religion drenched in superstition–the world's first religion that sacrificed humans and eventually animals?  Earth is still committing wars that torture on battlefields and urban war zones unlawful under International Law.

And lastly, there is the most magnanimous answer to stop this horrid ongoing human torture, what war is all about.  However, this is not my advice but one that Mahatma Mohondas Gandhi gave to two of his friends suffering from the deaths of their sons–both in anguish and grief–Christian and a Muslim.  See my next post.  This one's already too long.

helenesmith1.blog spot.com  historian, investigative journalist and poet who wrote Torsquemanda, about the grand over seer of the unholy Inquisition, water torturing and all.  Author is the founder of Erase Black-White Labeling (EBWL)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The word black is a lovely color, but it has picked up mostly negative meanings. When any group puts down another group down with oppression and suppression, those in power call them "blacks."  History has proven that American Indians, Jews, Italians, Mexicans, Latinos and even the Irish have been labeled "blacks" at one time or another. There's no pure nationality (more consistent word for race) since every one of us living today are blood relatives from centuries of  mixed marriages.

Dear Ones,

It's sad to know that today racism that never ended is now raising its ugly head even higher.  Grim brutality (from militant cops with war guns and machines) only incites the rage 100-fold.  In Ghana, Africa I observed a tank painted blue makes its rounds every day.

Threatening dark-complexioned human beings with physically force only makes any free person under a secular, democratic government angry and causes people to rebel. Unbiased education about how the term "human race" began will always trump Jim Crow lynching going on for centuries against American Africans. We need to talk about this instead of saying, "Never discuss religion or war politics–what the church forbade because it didn't want any flack, just absolutist programming of youths who become adults and are still afraid to speak out.

When no one in authority listens to pleas for help, protestors of all nationalities become violent terrorists burning down buildings and smashing windows of businesses that have served them for years, as they shoot themselves in the foot. It's a vicious cycle circling the globe for a countless amount of time–needless torturous wars included.

Today the only group of people who are pegged "black" are American Africans and islanders who were captured from the beautiful continent of Africa and shipped to sea islands as human cargo–with the whipped men even forced to row themselves in chains in the bottom of nauseating slaver ships!

When you erase any person from his homeland by calling him or her black, you are damaging the ego.  It amounts to soul-wrenching torture–descendants of slave masters and their slaves who all were enslaved in a rotten system together, provoked by biblical words that man says come from "God!"  Who in their right mind would worship such a satanic demon!

As soon as slaves were forced on these ships they were baptized with buckets of sea water thrown on them. They were then informed, "You all are now Christians and God demands that you obey your masters."–bogus words right from the Bible and New Testament.

helenesmithe1.blog spot.com  author, historian of Set Free! (from bogus race and religion), founder of Erase Black & White Labeling (EBWL)

Monday, December 8, 2014


And the answer is–No loving deity would do such a dastardly thing that provokes wars which in turn cause wounded, dead soldiers and deformed babies from lethal ammo. Why would any god answer prayers for peace when nations of people still have the mind-set to slaughter one another on bases of completion and religion? 

Dear Ones,

It was man (short for human) who invented the hierarchy of the human race–a pyramid with light complexions having power over dark complexions–one bigoted German who concocted such a device in the late 1700s. This man is Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, the "father of race" and its step-child, racism. 

Now, do we persist in provoking this corruption or do we continue to act like nincapoops and keep on killing and name-calling like the Japanese were pegged as "yellow gooks?" or do we grow up and stop behaving like out-of-control adolescents?

Hitler and Nazi  Germany then took this biased classification or caste system (invented by Indo-Europeans in India) of separating humanity into demeaning colors that are beautiful, but their connotations have regressed into human targets for oppression and suppression. 

Today we are harvesting battlefields of slaughter in illegal urban wars zones and burning cities with rogue cops continuing to beat up and kill people from nations of people whose ancestors lived in one equatorial regions for thousands of years–with the sun the savior of us all.

This racial profiling is for what purpose, other than separating people by color in race boxes to be checked on application forms, an uncivilized system that is rotten from the core. The term "race" has caused protesters to march beyond civil disobedience into glass bottle throwing, window smashing and looting that defeats the purpose of civil and human rights that dispels the rights of others. Let's return race to  Roman Empire chariot horse race arenas where the term started–what means "rivalry" in sports and politicians.

When brawn becomes more powerful than brain, we all suffer, especially businesses whose owners are diligently working to make a living for them and their families.  Looting is just another word for stealing–with a good cause used as a crutch to loot.  Thou shalt not steal.  Human beings quote beloved prophets but often look the other way when it comes to common sense and respect for other people and their property.

helenesmith1.blog spot.com  investigative journalist and founder of ERASE BLACK-WHITE LABELS, senior writer with Mickey Coyote of book Apsaalooka, The Crow Nation Then and Now

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Dear Rodney Dangerfield got more respect than we give ourselves. Name calling is so inconsistent.  We separate everyone according to nationalities, when necessary or desired, but we're hung up with "blacks" and "whites"–the most derogatory labels of all.  Black means code for slave and white is defined as fearful coward. Our minds have become twisted into bird nests.

Dear Ones,

Today we're conditioned and programmed like robots into saying a "black man"; but we distinguish and our own origins as Germans, Italians, Swedes, British, Hungarians, Russians, Persians (Iranians), Irish and the list goes on.  We delight in disfranchising American Indians and American Africans by exterminating their inherent cultures from our own rhetoric and mentality. And we do it by calling them "blacks."(American Indians centuries ago married American Africans, with some of their outstanding descendents Cruspus Attucks, [the first to die in the US Revolution], Rosa Parks and Tina Turner.)

After 50 years of research and writing about man's (short for human) foibles of dividing one another into rival "so-called" colors,  I'm convinced that man likes to taunt through demeaning name calling.

Therefore I have founded a foundation called Erase Black and White Labeling (EBWL) that requires no dues or funding–no officers or CEOs–and no waste of other people's time.  It's all free for those who thinkand aren't burdened by bias bigotry that causes wars, violence and terrorism.

Hands up to reveal our palms are all light, according to them being shadowed from direct rays of the sun ever since the beginning of humanity. During series of ice ages covering Earth from pole to pole, the only life that flourished was along the Equator.

Our soles, also light in complexion, are that way for the same reason. Rejoice that we are all one people, as we weep over bogus racist problems persisting to this day.  There is no such thing as human race. It was all contrived in the 1700s by Carl Linnaeus and J. F. Blumenbach, the latter called "the Father of Race."

This hierarchy of classification with Caucasians on top, warped the minds of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. They were possessed by thinking one Aryan nationality was superior over all the others on Earth–capitalized for respect, as all the other planets are honored.

helenesmith1.blog spot.com   historian. playwright, poet, investigative journalist and author of Poetry Written Before, During and After the Illegal Bush Administration Invasion, Attack and Occupation of Iraq in 2003.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


When I was marching with peace activists in Washington, DC and Pittsburgh the police blowing a whistle  moved everyone aside to remote streets away from traffic.  Anti-war or anti-unruly cop movements suppress the right to speak out.  The concerned public end up expressing their grievances only to the same chorus.  Holding back marchers with tape is serious suppression. It has seen its last days. The power of people has now gained strength to be heard.

Dear Ones,

While listening to leaders speak before the march, I remember sitting on the ground in front of Cindy Sheehen who was talking before the crowd. I looked down and found a four leaf clover and give it to her when I  met her afterwards. This was a symbol of good luck in her efforts for peace. Her message to  G. W. Bush while she and hundreds of other activists demonstrating at his Texas ranch was–"What's  the glory in your war, president?"  Her son was killed in Iraq.

Where's the glory in rogue cops attacking American African youths?  Good cops use the rule of law and order instead of law and attack. When a person violates civic rules it's not the job of the police to lynch in order to prevent the accused from having a trial by executing the young person. It may not intentional, but a gang of cops knocking someone to the ground and cuffing him is dangerous to all concerned. This is beastly behavior and must stop.

People say these recent cases are not racial, while at the same time pegging human beings with racial color-coding.  Even today the former evil of slavery is still affecting all Americans in the United States. Following the Civil War slave owners were afraid of African Americans killing them in revenge of the brutality of being captured for human bondage. Yet freed people fought for the North during that war.

After President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation those who had enslaved the victims were still afraid they would turn on them and kill their captors.  This didn't happen since they were disfranchised with Jim Crow injustice and had no power. The police and young American Africans are still afraid of each other because they don't understand or know the long history of lynching that's  still going on through police force executions.

Those who are at last permitted education and the right to read and write know all about these atrocities against American Africans for centuries of time. Psychologically and emotionally many fear and rebel from police force because of past unlawful deaths and what they now know through documented history that is gruesome and inhumane. If non-Africans had been brutalized for centuries, they would act in the same way or even worse.

Now we are seeing the epitome of built up power and inherent human rights coming to an apex in justice.  This is just the beginning after eons of injustice and equality.

Today the descendents of people held in slavery and those of their masters all march together, holding hands and shouting, "Hands up!"  "And I can't breathe!–eleven times."  In 1995 the people chanted "Killer cops" when Jonny Gammage from Syracuse, NY was smothered and lynched because he braked while passing a traffic patrol station. He was driving his cousin's Jaguar in Pittsburgh. What we are seeing on TV is now recorded for posterity. History didn't happen yesterday.  It happens now.

Quite amazingly in these recent upheavals over injustice and inequality the crowds progressed from the usual bottle and brick throwing, looting, burning police cars and businesses, to organized controlled marchers. We can thank the parents who've lost their children and President Obama using reason power and respectful voices instead of condoning violence and terrorism.

May the gods help us all.  Palms up to show we are all the same light color from evolution, with sunshine not reaching palms or soles from the beginning of humanity.  First people lived near the equator, free of ice sheets.  The ice age was a difficult and uncomfortable, if not impossible, place to survive.

We are all one, with no divisive, rival color-coding necessary. This hierarchy of separation has only caused wars and violence from human classification in the 1700s.  It is so graphically obvious when everyone puts up their hands to show police violence is no  longer tolerated. With this gesture, the proof is there before our very eyes.  All palms land soles look the same! It's all a matter of protective pigment. Let's all grow up and smell the roses.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com  author of Cry Out For Peace (Create Space) and founder of Erase  Black-White Labeling (EBWL)

Friday, December 5, 2014


Other authorities, besides Allegheny County medical examiner Cyril Wecht, said he was lynched.  Actually they all are correct. However, lynching means no trial, with quick rough and ready extermination. Jonny Gammage was not guilty. He had done nothing wrong, according to the law. He had committed no crime or immoral, disrespectful behavior.

Dear Ones,

The Gammage Case should be recalled and added to the recent misconduct of rogue cops who ended up killing instead of regular police duty. This victim from New York was visiting Ray Seals–a Pittsburgh NFL football Steeler. He was merely driving his cousin's Jaguer to try it out in a suburb of Pittsburgh.

He braked (a common reaction knowing how biased cops have a tendency to be savage toward American Africans) because he was passing a traffic patrol station. One of the cops took after him like a dog chasing a rabbit. Jonny was braking, no doubt, fearing an encounter with the police and didn't want anything to happen to  his cousin's car, let alone him.

The first cop called in another one of the same ilk and they pulled him over. With their headlights at high beam and flashlights aimed at his eyes, they knocked him to the ground and cuffed him.  By now there were five of them. They then beat him with their flashlights, after pulling the cell phone out of his hand. These thugs cowardly jumped on him and squeezed the breath out of him as they smothered Jonny.

Lynch means to execute hurriedly without law. The term came about from a man by that name.  There are numerous Lynch theories of the origin "Lynch Law." But Captain William Lynch was one of the more prominent ones since he was accused of such vicious corruption.

At the time when this law was still being used Ku Klux Klan "white supremacy," always active in   bigotry, was also to blame for illegal lynching without trial. Mob mentality reacts with violence and "red-neck-shoot-from-the-hips" mentality–what protestors were claiming during  many marches against this tragedy, as they also shouted "Killer Cops."

One of my best friend's relatives was on this police force. She said he often talked about the rogue cops who spit out the worst slander against American Africans at the police precinct. This Pittsburgh suburb was known for a number of bigoted cops using excessive, inhumane behavior.
ed a crime themselves.

But it reality it is not the end. The community is still attempting to bring justice to Jonny Gammage, posthumouly.  There is still a petition on his behalf on the Internet, ever since 1995.

The end of 2014 is a watershed year for America.  There is no longer any toleration for bad cops that give good cops bad names.  As we honor the men in blue for their courage and valor, the rogues can no longer hide their prejudice under an honorable uniform.

Again, hold up our palms, all alike, to show we are all one people living under one tropical sun.  Through evolution physically and mentally let us shine and show what a great nation this.  Everyone loves America, why so many immigrants want to move here.  It's historical  crooked politics and hidden brutality that the world does not like about America.

Hands up for  America and excellent leaders–like President Barack Obama who has brought about the most reform and equality that is all ready recorded in the annals of time and the gallant halls of liberty.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com   author of essay Guilty By Complexion and Sallie Civil War Dog book; author historian and founder of Erase Black-White Labeling (EBWL)

Thursday, December 4, 2014


When America's first people and its captured Africans were destined for slavery, the masters selected them for their strength and expertise.  People from both cultures had more knowledge about medicine, agriculture and health than did European newcomers.

Amerindians knew how to fertilize beans by burying dead fish while planting them. American Africans knew more about planting and processing  indigo and other crops than their masters–why those with expertise on growing these crops were captured, with their children and parents left behind to flounder in a lost economy.

Dear Ones,

For their military skill West Point studied First Americans' stealth, surprise attack and camouflage as the institute adopted their tactics and stratagy. General Braddock marched his bright red-coated soldiers out in the open as the natives picked them off row by row with bows and arrows.

Slavers and plantation "owners" also tortured them by forbidding their read anything about inherent place of birth, not even Uncle Tom's Cabin.  These tortured human beings–after years of slavery with those in bondage disfranchised by being called blacks as documented in census books–didn't call themselves black.

But after centuries of discriminating name-calling they couldn't beat the extreme power used against them. So they eventually joined them in "black power" which pleased the descendents of the masters tremendously. They wanted them to lose track of their ancestry and homeland of the beautiful continent of Africa by pegging them "black people."

Besides, it's easier to hate someone demeaned as "black" than hate an entire continent or its individual nations. History has proven that to put people down, just call them black.  At one time–beside American Africans–American Indians, Hebrews, Italians, Latinos, Mexicans the Irish and Indians from India were all cast as black.

Today we reap the harvest of poverty and inequality as we all are affected by those protesting their children being killed.  When any culture has a past of not being permitted to read, write or have knowledge about their origin, their spirits die within their souls.  Anyone who has not studied the history of brutality of American Indians and Africans can't understand why those who  have been so oppressed for centuries are rebellious even today.

Many non-Indians and non-Africans forget America's history, but those suppressed by bigotry carry these memories with them as their parents relate vicious scenes of yesterday. First Americans and African youths through the Internet, TV and books  can now see the whole picture.  No wonder why they revolt and disobey rogue coops.

The case against killer cops that followed New York resident, Jonny Gammage, in his cousin's Jaguar and beat him for braking as he passed a traffic control station is still being protested with petitions against out-of-control policemen.

I called coroner Cyril Wecht when I was writing about the tragedy in 1995.  He told me the cops smothered Jonny after flashing a flashlight in his face. They  knocked him to the ground and cuffed him.  His name belongs on the recent list of deaths by unlawful behavior. Non of the policemen, known for gross bigotry, were prosecuted.  They got away with murder.

The case is still open with a petition for righting the wrong–a tragedy remembered to this day.

Hands up for peaceful protests and to demonstrate how all human palms are one shade from the sun not reaching or their soles after thousands of years of living near the equator, now in human DNA.

The best jewel that shines the brightest is the gem of knowledge.

helenessmith1.blog spot.com  historian, author, poet of Sallie Civil War Dog, that is compared to the epic poetry of Stephen Vincent Benet–John Brown's Body–author historian founder of Erase Black-White Labeling (EBWL)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Why  do we call each other blacks–code for slave–and whites–code for master?  When we move forward in eliminating the divisive race card in  the United States, we will see less battles.  What most people forget is–American Africans, same as American Indians, have been persecuted for centuries.

Dear Ones,

Even on application forms one is required to check the "race box"–now optional, a sign of progress.  But history has taught us that human race wasn't started until the 1799s by two men separating humanity into divisive color boxes–Linnaeus and Blumenbach, what influenced Nazi Germany (in contrast to good Germany) to claim the Aryan culture superior, that in turn provoked the inhumane Holocaust (Shoa).

Ever since the Civil War and its aftermath of Jim Crow behavior to crush the freed people out of fear of retaliation and fear of jobs (what increased hatred) taken by them in the North, these disfranchised people had no power.  Just in recent years they have gained more clout.  And they're not going to take it any more. They've earned the power to stand up and shout out for freedom of speech and gestures, ever since they've been oppressed and suppressed for eons of time.

I'm so glad people are holding up their hands, as we all should. This is the main thing I've been working for, writing and marching fo–downtrodden human beings.  When all the hands are up, what do we see?  All human palms are one hue, shadowed from the sun–the savior of us all.  "

Don't listen to radical cops and authoritarians trying to keep human hands down. The more we show  our palms and the soles of our feet the more we observe we are all the same, more or less.  We are all one, physically and emotionally.  When radicals try to squelch human speech and feelings, they are the culprits, 

Forget white on white and black on black crime.  This mentality is juvenile in a nation still wet behind its ears compared to ancient cultures of the world.  Crime is a crime no matter how much pigment or melanin we have in our DNA.  Dark skin comes from our ancestors living thousands of years in one place–either near the equator or far away.  And what exposed parts of our ancestors' bodies never saw the sun?  It's their palms and feet!

For thousands of years Earth was covered by glaciers where no visible life could live.  It wasn't until the end of the ice age that icebergs receded, what enabled human beings to migrate away from the Equator, what determines the variations in our diverse complexions.

So–why has the world persecuted people with more protective pigment in their skin than others? Is is jealousy or is it hatred for "black people"–a very derogatory term.  Black means negative. "White people," is also derogatory–a negative term since it means "fearful coward." So why not identify, if necessary, by nationalities.  (first islanders were transported to sea islands as slaves)  It seems easier to oppose "black people" than hating an entire continent, what would be absurd and embarrassing.

So let's all grow up and stop hating one another, what provokes wars and young people's deaths of sacrifice.  From wars come deadly toxic munitions causing gross deformities in babies, especially those of soldiers handling the illegal lethal ammo, according to International Law.

Do we continue to target American Africans since their ancestors used to walk the white sandy beaches and bathe in the beautiful rays of the sun–what non-Africans do intentionally to get their handsome tans?

helenesmith1.blog spot.com    founder of ERASE BLACK-WHITE LABELING (EBWL), funded by the author, historian, investigative journalist

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


America is conditioned to demeaning people whose ancestees came from Africa and the sea islands where they were captured in the 1600s and before that time.  Our ears are so programmed to hearing people calling people colors that we are no longer conscience of these pejorative color-coding words thrown at one another.

Dear Ones,

I'll say again, we respect cattle more than we do each other. We identify cows as Hosteins and Jerseys and other name where these animals originated.  If we all recognize one another by nationality, when necessary, there would be less aggressive behavior and violence. Stop checking race boxes on application and other types of forms. It is not necessary and only further divides humanity.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com        historian and poet, author of the drama, A Case of Honor, why Harriet Tubman  deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor, posthumously.


Why does the National Associated Association of Colored People still physically color-code themselves into a rival color?  What if they renamed the last two letters of NAACP as "Cooperative Peace" instead?  The word "cooperative" is like a breath of fresh air.  It means willing or wanting to  work together with others–in this case to dispel discrimination, not promote it in its title.

Dear Ones,

When any organization attempting to bring about reform against color-coding humanity, it seems rather hypocritical, if not silly, to use this divisive word in its name.  The very label sounds racist, even though the term "human race" is bogus. 

Two men in the 1700s (Carl Linnaeus and J. F. Blumenbach) decided to separate people into classes –a massive hierarchy of color, with so-called "white" on top of the pyramid and so-called "black" on the bottom of the pile. And we wonder why we still are killing one another in 2014 in racial religious wars.

Bigoted cops give good policemen a bad name by picking on American Africans. If you don't remember or know about Johnny Gammage, he was smothered to death by a group of thug cops who had the reputation of abusing and calling American Africans derogatory names in the Pittsburgh area. 

He had nothing in his hand but a cell phone when he was pulled over by this gang. They knocked away his cell phone in his hand.  He was driving a Cadillac that belonged to his cousin–a prominent Steeler football player. Every one of them got away without any litigation charged against them. At one time American Africans were guilty if driving an expensive car.

W.E.B. Dubois wrote, "The problem of the twentieth-century is the problem of the color line." Now we're living in 2014 and the same problem is still rampant with rage.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com    historian essayist of Guilty by Complexion–RACISM  

Monday, December 1, 2014


Depending upon how close or how far from the sun our ancient ancestors lived for thousands of years, the rays now determine our varied complexions (through DNA)–the appearance of each of us.  (this fact now written in modern Encyclopedia Britannica and in science books,  et cetera, et cetera, as Euell  Brynner said in the movie The King and I. 

Dear Ones,

It's about time we examine our own  palms and soles of our feet.  May our very souls be one in universal harmony.  So why do we physically profile one another with rival, divisive color?  Get over what's causing the endless violence and terrorism of  bigoted aggression that has poisoned us with radical prejudice. 

Dear Ones,

As W.E.B. DuBois said, "I look forward to the day when we get over the color problem."  I stood at the foot of his grave in Ghana on the western coast of Africa where most of the human beings were captured as slaves in bondage and chains–young working men and their wives,  thrown into dungeons before shipping them to slavers, while the older people and children were left behind in a lost economy of death and suffering. O Bring back, O bring back the wisdom of W.E.B. DuBois.

It's amazing how body language and gestures are now causing controversy and no doubt arrests by law enforcement.  While other nations mimic the United States for our democracy and human rights, authoritarians are now condemning the silence of our own feelings.  Feelings and thought also come under the heading of inherent human rights.

Let us all come together as one without bigotry ruling our minds, with bigotry the fanatical side of prejudice.

certified historian, author of The First Coloring Book Explaining Why People are Colored (The Cat that Came to Tea) written for all ages.     helenesmith1.blogspot.com

Sunday, November 30, 2014


This United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization was formed in 1950 following WWII. This enlightenment was an urgent response to Nazi Germany viciously exterminating  Hebrews and some non-Jewish "races,"better known as nationalities.  Adolph Hitler, madly possessed by bigoted ideology, judged Aryan Caucasian stock as being a pure and superior "race."

Dear Ones,

This mass genocide was rooted in prejudicial division of humanity into different species–American Indian, Caucasian, Maya, Negroid and Mongolian.  Carl Linnaeus and Johann Friedrich Blumenbach also separated this pigment classification into a system of color-coding people–black,  red, yellow and white. 

These men actually thought Adam and Eve were Caucasians (named for mountains around the Black Sea)."  Blumenbach proclaimed all peoples were degenerate and predicted they will eventually return to the "white race"–a bogus term used for humanity started in the 1700a.

Blumenbach proclaimed, "I have allotted the first people as  Caucasians because their stock displays the most beautiful race of all." If you look up the word bigotry in the dictionary, there's a picture of this historic man.

Over the passing of time brown was added when these different divisions of people were permitted to marry.  At one time the Irish weren't permitted to marry the Italians, with both looked upon as black, what meant slavery. So paradoxically, we keep calling people of African descent black. (Africans shipped to islands also have this ancestry.)

Racial discrimination and physical profiling with rival colors is still rampant, especially in America. The hierarchy of fake race marches on through the myth of people thinking they are superior over others they bully.

The foremost premise of UNESCO boils down to, "There is no biological or scientific determination  for race."  The best we can do is show all people mutual respect, dignity and equality of man (short for human.)  The US Federal Bureau of Investigation claims "white"originally included only residents of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. (1978)

UNESCO  disclaims any group of people as superior or inferior as many throughout history have tried to eliminate each other completely.  Isn't that what terrorism and violence of war is all about?

historian, author of Straight Talk About Forked Tongue Religion  helenesmith1.blogspot.com

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Poet John Keats wrote about the compassion of mortal relationships, a metaphor for all life.  Whether he was describing art on cold stone or people and their pets, his words reflect the complications, the sorrows, the joys of life in general.

Dear Ones,

This paradoxical classic poem is considered one of the greatest odes in the English language. Its imagery of life and death the poet captured on Earth–man's [short for human)] triumphs and sorrows from natural death or those from sickness or strife from gun. 

Whether in art, portraits or photographs, people in all forms of how they lived never change.  They all stay the same in memory as they were depicted.  Forever they are engraved in our minds and etched for eternity on beautiful works of art. Cherished moments in the silence of thought.

Keats' passion expresses "Forever they will love and be fair." As the trees also "bid the Spring adieu," they, too, cannot change their appearance in the autumn of our souls.  "Truth is beauty, and beauty truth.  That is all ye need to know." Mortals are we all, but our tears in saying goodbye to our loved ones, are also tears of joy having had them in reality and now spiritual  through the pictures of life.

historian-author of many poems and book Gentle Heart, the Life of Stephen Foster  helensmith1.blogspot.com

Friday, November 28, 2014


Great world historians such as Edward Gibbon, A.H.M Jones, Will Durant, Arnold Toynbee, James Burke and numerous others agree that the Roman Empire fell due to high taxes needed to increase armies, among other lesser reasons. As a result, agriculture suffered and went to pot.

Dear Ones,

The cause of raised taxation was due to barbarian conquest in revenge of Roman Empire military conquest. This all required imperial riches to pay the expenses of war, as well as the personal army of the emperor, the empire's army and foreign mercenaries who were unreliable and their cost very high.

Eventually the people turned on the empire and were relieved by barbarous neighbors looting them in the vast empire. The masses detested the high prices of taxes to finance imperial wars, making the barbarians lesser of the two evils.

In turn this burden of the conquering imperial budget for more soldiers increased the looting and plundering on both sides–a domino effect.

However, there were other things that worked into the equation of military oppression.  One was the malaise and indifference of civil virtue. The rise of Christianity, according to Gibbon, also caused people to be less interested in the present and more enthused in the myth of heaven.  (During the development of the coal industry in later centuries, its barons would also use religion among their laborers to depend upon pie-in-the sky when they die rather than in fair wages.)

Emperor Nero was also called into the game of war.  He increased his armies by relying on a huge military budget–a war economy.The collapse of the Roman Empire didn't happen immediately.  But when the empire relied more and more on troop power, it finally crumbled.

Historian Jones, too, wrote that taxation was spurred by high military expenses.  It was a rotten system from its inception.  He stressed that the entire era was one of steady decay of institutions during Republican times.

Durant said the government had lost its moral soul as it destroyed itself within. He believed that if the it hadn't built so many mega churches, there would have been more money to maintain the empire.  This historian wrote, "Military spending left few resources for vital activities." 

So frustrated, the people lost the desire to defend their empire.  Soldiers were called upon to fight a civil war in Italy in the third century that weakened the domestic guards, too.  There were excess funds fixated on civil wars and left too little for domestic maintenance.

helenesmith1.blogspot.com    historian and author of Where Eagles Fly (pen name C.S. Smith) a manuscript drama about war veterans and the homeless living in the largest US. city, according to acreage

Thursday, November 27, 2014


If only we could give up pegging one another with divisive colors to separate humanity into a hierarchy of slave and master mentality through class and caste.  At last we've eliminated the red and yellow discrimination.

Dear Ones,

Pearl Buck, author of The Good Earth, chided Americans for labeling Asians yellow.  And the term red skins is no longer used–except for the Washington D.C. football team.  Now we must eliminate black and white names that only demean one another.  I remember the derogatory remark, "That's mighty white of you."

Pigment and  melanin come in different tones of beige and black.  No one is white.  White is made up of all the prismatic colors.  Why do we keep fooling ourselves that only increases rivalry?

When will the world give up on color profiling?  Why do we feel that we need it?  If identity is requested, why not using the alternative word for bogus race–which is nationality?  We have more respect for cattle than we do human  beings.  We label them as Holsteins and Jerseys and other locations of their origin.

Let's give thanks to progress that's slowly overcoming bigotry.  Happy Thanksgiving!

author of Aramenta, the life and escapades of Harriet Tubman and fifty published books based on history, as well as produced plays and hundreds of essays

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


This greatest wisdom of the world came from ancient prophets–Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, Muhammad and  Mohandas Gandhi. If nations and individuals on Earth–capitalized for respect–were true followers of these men there would be no wars of aggression and revenge. None of these men would advise harming others who didn't harm themselves–the key for happiness and a world safe from man's destruction.

Dear Ones,

Two of the life goals of Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi were based on his belief in non-violence and  civil disobedience.  From reading the works of US David Thoreau such as Civil Disobedience, he was influenced in avoiding unjust laws to bring about change for a better world.

What radical protesters of injustice don't get is–civil disobedience does not mean violence.  Mahatma Gandhi did not believe in war, although he said, "If there ever was a just war it would be WWII fought against Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler.  But that war wasn't waged since  Hebrew and other people were being satanically  exterminated.  These gory facts were revealed to the public in the aftermath of that war. So, no matter what, Gandhi said, "I do not believe in war."  His goals boiled down to non-violence no matter what and ignoring unjust ruling.

Today  proactive protestors who throw bottles, bricks and set police cars on fire do not follow the teachings of any of these men who also said, "Do to other what you want others to do to you."  Through violence of terrorism they are not practicing civil disobedience.  Instead they harm the  environment  through burning cars bursting with toxic gasoline and chemicals that  permeate the air and fowl up their own lungs as well with tear gas that they provoke.

Disobeying policeman enforcing just laws has nothing to do with unjust laws made by man.  Uncontrollable protesters commit injustice by raiding and looting stores, breaking their windows and setting them on fire.  The laws against such crimes are justifiable and must be obeyed for civilization to continue. It's injustice that Thoreau and Gandhi ignored by practicing civil disobedience. Protesting to bring peace through strong, powerful rhetoric and profound, creative signs bring no harm to anyone.

author [Troy Diamond, pen name of Helene Smith] of Nose Smoking (original title Rings, Springs and Thingamajig) also includes excessive materialism–what Gandhi rejected completely as he led a complex but simple lifehelenesmith1.blogspot.com