Sunday, November 30, 2014


This United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization was formed in 1950 following WWII. This enlightenment was an urgent response to Nazi Germany viciously exterminating  Hebrews and some non-Jewish "races,"better known as nationalities.  Adolph Hitler, madly possessed by bigoted ideology, judged Aryan Caucasian stock as being a pure and superior "race."

Dear Ones,

This mass genocide was rooted in prejudicial division of humanity into different species–American Indian, Caucasian, Maya, Negroid and Mongolian.  Carl Linnaeus and Johann Friedrich Blumenbach also separated this pigment classification into a system of color-coding people–black,  red, yellow and white. 

These men actually thought Adam and Eve were Caucasians (named for mountains around the Black Sea)."  Blumenbach proclaimed all peoples were degenerate and predicted they will eventually return to the "white race"–a bogus term used for humanity started in the 1700a.

Blumenbach proclaimed, "I have allotted the first people as  Caucasians because their stock displays the most beautiful race of all." If you look up the word bigotry in the dictionary, there's a picture of this historic man.

Over the passing of time brown was added when these different divisions of people were permitted to marry.  At one time the Irish weren't permitted to marry the Italians, with both looked upon as black, what meant slavery. So paradoxically, we keep calling people of African descent black. (Africans shipped to islands also have this ancestry.)

Racial discrimination and physical profiling with rival colors is still rampant, especially in America. The hierarchy of fake race marches on through the myth of people thinking they are superior over others they bully.

The foremost premise of UNESCO boils down to, "There is no biological or scientific determination  for race."  The best we can do is show all people mutual respect, dignity and equality of man (short for human.)  The US Federal Bureau of Investigation claims "white"originally included only residents of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. (1978)

UNESCO  disclaims any group of people as superior or inferior as many throughout history have tried to eliminate each other completely.  Isn't that what terrorism and violence of war is all about?

historian, author of Straight Talk About Forked Tongue Religion

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Poet John Keats wrote about the compassion of mortal relationships, a metaphor for all life.  Whether he was describing art on cold stone or people and their pets, his words reflect the complications, the sorrows, the joys of life in general.

Dear Ones,

This paradoxical classic poem is considered one of the greatest odes in the English language. Its imagery of life and death the poet captured on Earth–man's [short for human)] triumphs and sorrows from natural death or those from sickness or strife from gun. 

Whether in art, portraits or photographs, people in all forms of how they lived never change.  They all stay the same in memory as they were depicted.  Forever they are engraved in our minds and etched for eternity on beautiful works of art. Cherished moments in the silence of thought.

Keats' passion expresses "Forever they will love and be fair." As the trees also "bid the Spring adieu," they, too, cannot change their appearance in the autumn of our souls.  "Truth is beauty, and beauty truth.  That is all ye need to know." Mortals are we all, but our tears in saying goodbye to our loved ones, are also tears of joy having had them in reality and now spiritual  through the pictures of life.

historian-author of many poems and book Gentle Heart, the Life of Stephen Foster

Friday, November 28, 2014


Great world historians such as Edward Gibbon, A.H.M Jones, Will Durant, Arnold Toynbee, James Burke and numerous others agree that the Roman Empire fell due to high taxes needed to increase armies, among other lesser reasons. As a result, agriculture suffered and went to pot.

Dear Ones,

The cause of raised taxation was due to barbarian conquest in revenge of Roman Empire military conquest. This all required imperial riches to pay the expenses of war, as well as the personal army of the emperor, the empire's army and foreign mercenaries who were unreliable and their cost very high.

Eventually the people turned on the empire and were relieved by barbarous neighbors looting them in the vast empire. The masses detested the high prices of taxes to finance imperial wars, making the barbarians lesser of the two evils.

In turn this burden of the conquering imperial budget for more soldiers increased the looting and plundering on both sides–a domino effect.

However, there were other things that worked into the equation of military oppression.  One was the malaise and indifference of civil virtue. The rise of Christianity, according to Gibbon, also caused people to be less interested in the present and more enthused in the myth of heaven.  (During the development of the coal industry in later centuries, its barons would also use religion among their laborers to depend upon pie-in-the sky when they die rather than in fair wages.)

Emperor Nero was also called into the game of war.  He increased his armies by relying on a huge military budget–a war economy.The collapse of the Roman Empire didn't happen immediately.  But when the empire relied more and more on troop power, it finally crumbled.

Historian Jones, too, wrote that taxation was spurred by high military expenses.  It was a rotten system from its inception.  He stressed that the entire era was one of steady decay of institutions during Republican times.

Durant said the government had lost its moral soul as it destroyed itself within. He believed that if the it hadn't built so many mega churches, there would have been more money to maintain the empire.  This historian wrote, "Military spending left few resources for vital activities." 

So frustrated, the people lost the desire to defend their empire.  Soldiers were called upon to fight a civil war in Italy in the third century that weakened the domestic guards, too.  There were excess funds fixated on civil wars and left too little for domestic maintenance.

Mame,    historian and author of Where Eagles Fly (pen name C.S. Smith) a manuscript drama about war veterans and the homeless living in the largest US. city, according to acreage

Thursday, November 27, 2014


If only we could give up pegging one another with divisive colors to separate humanity into a hierarchy of slave and master mentality through class and caste.  At last we've eliminated the red and yellow discrimination.

Dear Ones,

Pearl Buck, author of The Good Earth, chided Americans for labeling Asians yellow.  And the term red skins is no longer used–except for the Washington D.C. football team.  Now we must eliminate black and white names that only demean one another.  I remember the derogatory remark, "That's mighty white of you."

Pigment and  melanin come in different tones of beige and black.  No one is white.  White is made up of all the prismatic colors.  Why do we keep fooling ourselves that only increases rivalry?

When will the world give up on color profiling?  Why do we feel that we need it?  If identity is requested, why not using the alternative word for bogus race–which is nationality?  We have more respect for cattle than we do human  beings.  We label them as Holsteins and Jerseys and other locations of their origin.

Let's give thanks to progress that's slowly overcoming bigotry.  Happy Thanksgiving!

author of Aramenta, the life and escapades of Harriet Tubman and fifty published books based on history, as well as produced plays and hundreds of essays

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


This greatest wisdom of the world came from ancient prophets–Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, Muhammad and  Mohandas Gandhi. If nations and individuals on Earth–capitalized for respect–were true followers of these men there would be no wars of aggression and revenge. None of these men would advise harming others who didn't harm themselves–the key for happiness and a world safe from man's destruction.

Dear Ones,

Two of the life goals of Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi were based on his belief in non-violence and  civil disobedience.  From reading the works of US David Thoreau such as Civil Disobedience, he was influenced in avoiding unjust laws to bring about change for a better world.

What radical protesters of injustice don't get is–civil disobedience does not mean violence.  Mahatma Gandhi did not believe in war, although he said, "If there ever was a just war it would be WWII fought against Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler.  But that war wasn't waged since  Hebrew and other people were being satanically  exterminated.  These gory facts were revealed to the public in the aftermath of that war. So, no matter what, Gandhi said, "I do not believe in war."  His goals boiled down to non-violence no matter what and ignoring unjust ruling.

Today  proactive protestors who throw bottles, bricks and set police cars on fire do not follow the teachings of any of these men who also said, "Do to other what you want others to do to you."  Through violence of terrorism they are not practicing civil disobedience.  Instead they harm the  environment  through burning cars bursting with toxic gasoline and chemicals that  permeate the air and fowl up their own lungs as well with tear gas that they provoke.

Disobeying policeman enforcing just laws has nothing to do with unjust laws made by man.  Uncontrollable protesters commit injustice by raiding and looting stores, breaking their windows and setting them on fire.  The laws against such crimes are justifiable and must be obeyed for civilization to continue. It's injustice that Thoreau and Gandhi ignored by practicing civil disobedience. Protesting to bring peace through strong, powerful rhetoric and profound, creative signs bring no harm to anyone.

author [Troy Diamond, pen name of Helene Smith] of Nose Smoking (original title Rings, Springs and Thingamajig) also includes excessive materialism–what Gandhi rejected completely as he led a complex but simple

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


As I write we are witnessing on TV present century violence that is escalating due to people of dark skin continuously held down on the lowest scale of justice.

Dear Ones,

Following the US Civil War when slaves were at last freed by the dedication of abolitionists. Harriet Tubman, a slave herself,  saved hundreds of people in bondage by helping them escape. In the aftermath of that war with over 70,000 Americans killing one another over the hierarchy of class, the nation was padlocked in fear of the backlash of thousands of freed slaves rising up and killing their masters–the reason for illegal Jim Crow laws against the downtrodden.

The government and the bigoted disfranchised these people who were tortured if they even learned how to read.  They were completely without power.  But after centuries of struggling for equality they finally are striking back, with members of their nationality now professionals and having equal pay among the men.  Now the US Constitution is at last telling the truth–all men are free with justice for all.

But as police cars burn through clouds of choking tear gas, we see with our own eyes that there is still strong racism against American Africans after centuries of time.

Class struggle takes in other countries besides the United States.  In India now having over a billion people, a caste system still exists, although it is discouraged.  The hierarchy of color-coding humanity still controls its out-casts–high status over low status.  The British pitted Hindus and Muslims against one another to force "divide and conquer" through disparity and discrimination between castes. Centuries later dark skinned Indians–"the Untouchables" (Dalits)–are still forced to do undesirable labor.

Indo-Europeans started the system of castes, the hierarchy of superiority over those without money or power.  Freedom at Midnight brings out the fact that Hinduism's Aryan founders  perpetuated the system of "enslavement of India's dark, Dravidian populations."  The term "caste, varna, means color.

Hindu hordes descended from the north to invade and occupy semi-aboriginal Dravidian inhabitants as its holy men wrote sacred Vedas of persecution via grade of color, as the US continues to physically profile with black and white.  Black is code for slave. We've gotten over red and yellow so-called races, but the most rival labels ares still explosive.  Man even calls outer space men he's never seen, "little green men!"

Self-appointed British poet, Rudyard Kipling, didn't help the crisis.  He proclaimed English men were well-fitted to rule "lesser breeds without the law" – "with God" (meaning Providence) pulling the strings of the British believing "God was on their side"–still a world misconception in other nations.

From these Sequoian deep roots has come vicious class struggle, along with the biblical myth of Ham, one of Noah's son's, who was seen naked before his father, and banished to Ethiopia (once a name for all of Africa). Out of this story the misinformed thought all people of African descent should be slaves!  This is the stupidity that TV host Bill Maher has been revealed for years.

The words apartheid, caste and race (a bogus, divisive term invented by a German in the late 1700s) all mean  separation by light skinned men fixating on persecuting dark skinned men.  The term "tall, dark and handsome" also reflects a fear that light-skinned women will marry the ones the men condemn from birth to be low class.

As the authors of Freedom at Midnight note, English wives set the scene in Victorian India.  "The social separation of  English and Indians was their doing . . . to shield their men from the exotic Indian sisters as their men succumbed with zest, leaving behind a new Anglo-Indian society suspended between two worlds."  This automatically happened when lonely early trappers and the French fraternized with first Native American women, many ancestors of present inhabitants of the Americas.

The Church Militant was also at fault. It directed peasants of the Middle Age affected by social inequities to forget their misery from biased corruption and accept resignation for a reincarnated life–a pie in the sky when you die–something no one can prove.

 Leviticus 25:44-46 law condemned non-believers of Hebrew faith to slavery–Ethiopians.  The bigoted rule later was transferred to American Indians and American Africans (all dark complexioned) through the Pauline New Testament that adapted the same biased law of bondage.

As prophet Gandhi believed, "Only non-violence can save mankind."  With Prophet Jesus also saying, "Blessed are the peacemakers."

award-winning certified historian and author of over 50 published books (based on history, such as the film script on the escapades of Harriet Tubman, A Case of Honor, from the book America's Most Unsung Civil War General) and hundreds of free essays on the Internet (

Monday, November 24, 2014


The most outstanding quality of these great men is their belief in equality for everyone and international peace.

Dear Ones,

Jesus taught "Blessed are the peacemakers."  He also loved children and was forgiving.

Muhammed taught to not harm anyone who does not engage in fighting against Muslims. Michael H Hart, a  New York astrophysicist, believed Muhammad was the most influential person in world history.

Mahatma (Great Soul) Mohandas Gandhi taught "Castes systems are harmful to the spiritual and economic well-being of a nation." He said caste is neither religious nor racial.  He also believed that social division between high-ranking and low-ranking people is evil. Indo-Europeans started the Caste system in India  The British then set Muslims and Hindus against one another to divide, conquer and colonize India for themselves.

Any member of these different religions who invent anything different than what these prophets taught is a false teacher claiming that his God said such blasphemy.

historian and author of Sallie, Civil War Dog

Saturday, November 22, 2014


The winter solstice was celebrated universally since this occurrence from the beginning of rational human time is a seasonal event–scientific proof all nations accept as fact.  Later the early Pauline religion chose December 25 for the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

Ecclesiastics used this period  since the world already celebrated the winter solstice for endless centuries.  Tradition made the transition from science to fiction easy, since people didn't know when the great prince of peace was born.

Dear Ones,

When one biased persuasion attaches a well established date to own a universal celebration, it is sheer chicanery–just as Easter was said to be the mythological time that prophet Jesus rose from the dead.  (By the way, if he never died, why does this prophet have to arise again on Earth?)

Easter was the name of a mythological goddess of spring no longer worshiped.  The name of Jesus was substituted for the cosmic season of revitalization–the equinox around March 21 when day and night are equal worldwide.

When these deceptions happened, the proselytized world in general no longer celebrated the winter solstice or the spring equinox.  During eons of time during the Christian Inquisition and its torturous tribunal, the entire Roman Empire was threatened with death if its masses didn't obey church militant dogmas and these rituals.

"Holy" Halloween, a ghoulish celebration, commenced with church burning alive women thought to be witches in Europe.  (church not permitted to shed blood)  Pilgrims (from South Hampton, England  escaped on the Mayflower from religious persecution) brought the beastly ritual to  the United States during the Salem witches trials,  the memory still carried on in the tradition of spirited goblins, witches and devils.

The same group of pilgrims, in Puritanical zeal, cut off ears or hanged Quakers has they persecuted them for their religious freedom–why these English Protestants fled from the Anglican Church to traveled over rough seas to the Americas.

A Boston preacher in his sermon said, "I would carry fire in one hand and faggots in the other to burn all the Quakers in the world." And people wonder why church and state must have an iron wall between them!

Religious fervor of any nation is what fuels present bloodshed today, with Tea Party members shouting "Burn the Quran! at their meetings. I and a friend who wanted to see what these meetings were all ab out witnessed the bigotry at Bushy Run Battlefield arena in western Pennsylvania–as radical hatred and bloodshed and billions of dollars.

Thanksgiving started in the United States when religious families came together at harvest time and prayed that their deity would be good to them in the new world.  Today people still thank their god for the bounty of food on their tables.  Original early paintings depict First Americans sitting with the the Pilgrims and enjoying the repast.

How distorted  past remembrance can be!  No traditionalist American Indian would celebrate a time when their lands were being stolen from them as they were also scalped.  I did research for a paper presented to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. The title was "Scalping is a Hair-Raising Experience.  Who Started Scalping?"–one source said it commenced with Europeans who lived near the Black Sea.

At that time I was astonished to learn  Columbus and his seaworthy men scalped indigenous people and bashed their babies against trees to get the colonists to give up their gold for the attackers to take back with them for Spanish royalty. This inhumane brutality later was copied and used in revenge by  First Americans. They grieved in anguish for family members killed and tortured by invaders and their lust for precious metals. Still to this day those who retained their Amerindian languages and culture do not take part in Thanksgiving celebrations.

Bill Maher also suggests no gifts for the holidays.  People could exchange old New Testament gift giving of the Magi (magicians and astrologers) for  great celebrations with families gathered in love and joy instead of continuing the same stress and chaos during the holiday season.

How ironic that a satanic Inquisitional religion metamorphosed like a butterfly from a caterpillar to booming manufacture of candy, the food industry including pumpkin, cranberries, greeting cards, party items and other merchandise–gifts which began as soothsayers saw a comet in the sky.  For many,  holidays mean profit  more than a prophet born when King Herod was killing two year old boys and younger.  They represent winter month rise in sales and the economy of the merrchants.

So here's to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with apple cider, egg not and "figgie" pudding–as long as people drop these archaic dark beginnings.  Enjoy family and friend reunions in happiness instead of the burden of sinister mythology.  The history of religion is nothing to celebrate or distort to make it look good. No wonder it has taken on a more enlightening atmosphere of congeniality and conviviality.

So what's wrong with Santa Claus,  the Easter Bunny and good cheer?

historian and writer of Fission, Fusion, Fission, So Circles the Eagle and 50 other published books based on history

Friday, November 21, 2014


Today people are complaining about the unfairness of  helping present families who have immigrated here illegally years ago. Yesterday Mexicans complained about the unfairness of illegal US immigration on their western territory.  It was a case of one free sovereign nation breaking laws of another free sovereign nation that ended up as war.

Dear Ones,

When President James Polk was in office he committed illegal take over of western lands through sheer provocation against Mexico on behalf of Texas and other indigenous land.

The original border between the United States and  Mexico was the Nucces River.  During Polk's Manifesto the line changed to the Rio Grande River, that went through Texas.  He then put boots on the ground to take over western territory forcefully and brutally. Remember also the Alamo in the Texas Revolution of 1836.

Lying that the Mexicans shot first, Polk  declared war that  brought about  masses of illegal people ravaging indigenous property.  First Americans were cheated out of their land again–business as usual–just as American corporations stole Hawaii from the native people with corruption used against the queen.

During the Mexican War of 1846-48 people were even more upset than they are today due to how unfair it was.  People of American Indian and Spanish descent (miscegenation)–intermarriage between two different nationalities–were victims–friendly neighbors.
Some of the strong voices against the US illegal immigrants invading and occupying Mexico were Congressman Abraham Lincoln, General U.S. Grant, Horace Greeley and even Polk's own soldiers he sent to invade Mexico.  Colonel Hitchcock of the 3rf Infantry regiment said "the US is the aggressor and that we had no right to invade Mexico, which was obvious. 

John O'Sullivan, editor of a New York newspaper, in 1845 coined the term "Manifest Destiny" meaning–providence  or "God" willing this Mexican unjust immigration. As the Hebrew Bible proclaims, "There is no justice under the sun."

"Those who don't remember their history remain children all their lives."–Cicero


Thursday, November 20, 2014


Secular and sectarian are words having the opposite definitions.  Secular is democratic neutrality and justice for all.  Sectarian is bias turmoil and unjust bigotry–what the world has been witnessing for centuries–law religions in control of government.  Democratic is empowerment of reason in a democratic government.

Dear Ones,

It is quintessential for the force of rational intelligence to rule the world.  When any nation governs with law religion it leads through blind faith.  Blind faith ruling oozes into darkness of war and anguish.  This vicious slaughter breeds more of its kind.

Earth's first religious scrolls were written by celibate monks in secluded monasteries twisting mythological words before their time and warping them by their own opinions–with no editors looking over their shoulders. To them a "young woman" in the text meant "a young virgin."

One ruling of a law religion in the Hebrew Bible is seen in the famous Ten Commandments, added to the Pauline New Testament against the wishes of Hebrews.  The first of these laws demands no other god than one separatist male one. In time this mandate set off a powder keg of explosions among all the other thousands of rival, quarrelsome laws among world religions. 

During biblical days and even before mortal leaders climbed mountains to bring back a ruling from a god. These man-made inscribed tablets represented primitive governing power, a metaphor of  control.  So-called heavenly mesmerizing threats from religious authoritarians coerced masses to  conform to their own dogmas. And the common man still attempts to control with biased creeds and rituals.

How can anyone believe a deity who tells "his creations" he is a jealous god and that he has to be solely worshiped by all the universe within a cosmos of infinity–including one planet of humans in its milky way making mortal laws among endless galaxies.  Gospel truth is an oxymoron! 

This prime commandment is the reason why US founding fathers insisted on an iron wall between church and state.  It also is mandatory that religion is outlawed in secular schools.  For decades the enlightened ones in this matter have fought  mission creep in public schools–what still causes the shark effect among religious sects or cults.  Superstition and fearful threats must not infiltrate secular education.

Blind faith in government incites the darkness of tyranny and the bloodshed and anguish of war.

"You inflame the rancor of party politics by adding to it the fervor of religious zeal or that of sectarian fanaticism,  Or else you do worse–you pollute and degrade religion by making her the handmaid of human power or the partisan of personal ambition.–Church and State in the United States, 1964 by Phelps and Pffefer

As Eleanor Roosevelt wrote, "I do not want church groups controlling the schools of our country.   They must remain free."


Wednesday, November 19, 2014


No government is able quell savage actions of law religious men, especially with bombs that cause more retaliation and bloodshed. So called "holy" men teach their members that only through their persuasion can people be saved (what ever that means).  They train them to murder and punish in the names of their deities they worship–historic peacemakers who taught the exact opposite.

Dear Ones,

This includes the belief in man-made dogma and superstitious myths and faux miracles, like weeping religious statues.  Archaic soothsayers and men posing as gods or their intercessors, tricked people into believing through early mechanical religious devices, now found in museums, especially in the "Believe It Or Not" one in St. Augustine, FL and the London Tower where medieval torture machines are still on view. 

These monstrosities show how evil men were during the Inquisition and its evil Tribunal that lasted for decades of centuries and up the the present time in ax and and knife beheading to appease their own false notions.

When deceit is associated with religion, even the human mind begins to believe insidiously.  This fact alone is responsible for twisted and warped mentally. It obviously conditions men to become mad in all senses of the word and kill opponents viciously, in the name of their gods who in reality must weep with every deadly stroke against their creations–who the culprits believe their gods created–a complete irony of blind faith.

These absolute rituals and creeds are absolutely corrupt.

Until religious leaders take control of their own extremist fanatics, this religious aggression will keep foaming with madness in future centuries as it has been strangling the minds of innocents who are naive to the wiles of superstition soaked in fear–man's first religion.

Unfortunately humans have been programmed to believe men of faith are infallible and can do no wrong.  Well, this vindication is right in front of our eyes everyday as seen on TV or witnessed by combatants on battlefields and in urban war zones.  Treacherous, evil men continue to taint the minds of young men who sadly die for an evil man-made religious doctrine.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The magnanimity of Peter' Kassig's devotion for founding a relief organization and helping wounded Syrians instead of returning to those who  trained him for war has touched the hearts of the world, similar to the great prophet Jesus of Nazareth, the great peace maker.  The fact that Peter's parents, Ed and Paula, have forgiven his assassin is enlightenment for those of the living who only have so much time in our short journeys to Earth.  My husband and I still feel overwhelming grief.  We lost all our sons, what breaks our hearts forever.

These parents sent a message over TV to the assassin of their son, "May good will prevail"–and added, "Rather than letting the darkness overwhelm him, he chose to believe in the good–in himself and others."  He believed that one person can truly make a difference for a better world, and proved it in his short life-time.

Dear Ones,

Until we all realize that bombs decapitate more people than the lift of arms bearing swift sharp swords of battering aggression, we will never see the cessation of the on rushing tide of bloody, circular retaliation.  Arms of man in all senses of the word will eventually reform, if Earth's survives the arms' abuse.  The archaic days of King Hammurabi must vanish–an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. This anger and hatred only multiplies in endless futile battle.

All the world's arsenals of atomic bombs, radioactive missiles and chemical munitions can never bring international peace.  Until militant men stop producing, exploding and exporting all kinds of lethal weaponry, including the knives for torture, they will keep digging black toxic smoking holes on Earth that fuel tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes and other radical weather.

The life of Mohandas Gandhi also shows us the will and compassion of the heart, as did the parents of Peter.   After Muslims had ruled India for centuries there was bloodshed leading up to India's Independence in 1947 and its aftermath when part of India became Pakistan.  At one point a friend of Gandhi's, whose son was killed by a Muslim, ran to him in anguish, hatred and advise for retaliation.

But Gandhi instead said to him, "Find a Muslim orphan who was killed by a Hindu and raise him as your own."  But the bereaved man gasped, "No way could I do that!"  However, after contemplating Gandhi's words, he came back to  Calcutta, weeping again, but this time on bended knees saying he would do it.  This is why Gandhi is still remembered as Mahatma–the great one.

The parents of Peter Kassig have expressed the same humanitarian compassion with their son's assassin.  Instead of anger, hatred and revenge they forgave him. And somehow I intuitively believe that the killer, if he isn't insane, has a conscience that will bother him tremendously the rest of his life and possibly may change it for the better while influencing others as well.

On the other hand, some authorities claim Peter was killed in US-led air raids or by drones, with Isis led by (former generals of Saddam Hussein in Iraq before it was invaded, attacked and occupied) taking advantage of his corpse and making a video describing how he was beheaded for revenge, as they have actually decapitated other victims.  But since Americans never know how many innocent people are killed or wounded as "collateral damage" from bombing, the question goes  unanswered–out of sight, out of mind.

Peter rests in peace for his gentle, kind spirit, but assassins' minds are poisoned by vicious, brutal revenge.  Surely some of them may visualize the light of reason and lead others toward it.  But we will never know since it is impossible in the present to see into secret chambers within the human mind. We can only hope for the best.

Peter and his virtuous parents have influenced the world with the fresh spring of hope.  As poet Alexander Pope said, "Hope springs eternal in the hearts of man."  This essay is dedicated to them.


Monday, November 17, 2014


World history of religion is a deep-seated bloody one.  Whether militants are trained to torture, stretch to death, burn at the stake or decapitate, it all comes under the heading of terrorism.  War is the slaughter of innocents.

This violence against humanity is evil at its worst. It represents endless wars as seen throughout the past. They  cannot be won! Since savage revenge has never worked in centuries to stop this human carnage in days gone by, the horror of its crossfire involves us all.

Dear Ones,

When any inhumane movement is in cahoots with governmental or political sectarianism, the radical  fanatical extremists will eventually topple by the weight of their own burdensome terrorism. 

Endless writers have expressed their aversion against forced, superstitious control and power for hundreds of years. And Hebrew, Christian and Muslim faiths are based on law.
"Persecution is not an original feature of any religion; but is always the strongly marked feature of all law-religions or religions established by law "–The Rights of Man, 1791, by Thomas Paine

Ancient religious law books were  written during the time when ignorant men looked at the eclipse of the moon or sun and said it was a monster taking a bite out of it!  Do we still want to follow this mentality? 

We're living in a modern age of science and the threat of cyber wars.  Ceaseless bombing causes more retaliation.  Let's make friends, not enemies, through intelligent negotiation and serious arbitration. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Mame, spot. com

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Crimes against the police or by the police are a deplorable sign of the US racist society.  The British Parliament had the good sense to ban slavery in the 1830s without any slaughter.  But the United States had a majority in Congress keeping American Africans in bondage for free labor, an offense against inherent free rights.   They weren't about to call it quits as they enjoyed luxurious lives on their Southern plantations.  (The North had them too, but truck farming didn't call for as much labor.)

Dear Ones,

It took a brutal Civil War and its aftermath that cost the lives of over 70,000 men, women and a million horses.  The shadows of those black days cast black clouds over our heads even in a modern world.

Dear Ones,

First of all the word "race" regarding Earth and its people was contrived by a German when he color-coded humanity into a hierarchy of colors having derogatory meanings: black, mostly evil and negative, (as believed by the church); red, dangerous; white, fearful coward; and yellow, coward–according to encyclopedias and dictionary meanings.

Reviewing the Johnny Gammage case that happened in the Pittsburgh area years ago, a scene of horror comes into my mind–a remote dark road one night when a young man was driving his cousin's Cadillac.  The owner was one of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A gang of rogue cops, who had a bad reputation in their station of pegging African Americans  as "damn niggers," and much worst, also displayed brutality against them as well. They flashed their lights and made him pull over.  He reached for his cell phone as they opened his car and pulled him out.  They then jumped him and skilled him.  I called the local coroner who is also  called in for national crime cases. He told me truth concerning the tragedy. They smothered Johnny Gammage.

American Africans, as did American Indians, have had to endure the worst bigamy and ethnic transgressions that now include anyone having more protective pigment or melanin in their complexions than the authorities.   However, the minority is now a world majority.

When there is a situation where so-called "whites" and "blacks" (the most rival colors) confront one another in democratic litigation, history must come into the forefront. Cases such as this become national and international news since the young men were traumatized by men who killed them.

Travon Martin and Michael Brown in recent years have caught world attention.  What used to go behind close doors is now out in the open.  Both cases became national and international news.

Even though litigation in court was held, the public has taken sides, both as armchair TV watchers and others actively protesting the outcomes–what will never be settled in the eyes and conditioned minds of these  opponents.

Now the difficult part of the controversy becomes reality. The one side has historic roots of brutality used against them with the culprits rarely being prosecuted or incarcerated.  When there's a tie between two groups of people, someone has to pay the price. 

When a decision is made that appeases neither side, society's crimes become manifest openly, with  a review of all the past crimes of the same nature.  When the total picture of a crime is placed on the scales of justice the populace begins to see the light.


Saturday, November 15, 2014


Human beings are often easily molded into the fever and heat of the day.  Adolph Hitler–a baptized Christian–quickly trained youths as burnt offerings in sacrificial aggression against innocent people.  The were programmed and conditioned to his fanatical mentality against those who were not Anglo-Saxon–mainly Hebrews, Hungarian gypsies and others nearby. 

Dear Ones,

As you know, bigotry is often passed down to children from parents of biased, warped and twisted   misconceptions.  One of America's most influential, observant leaders, Thomas Paine, wrote the following wisdom:

"That many good men have believed strange fables and live very good lives under Christianity is what I have no doubt of. They were educated to believe it, and they would have believed anythng else in the same manner."


Friday, November 14, 2014


Religious wars are old hat.  It's time for a new spring chapeau–and that's masculine in French.  It's sad that religious combat throughout history has been committed by male leaders to force human beings into a required religious mold.

Dear Ones,

When soldiers are sent abroad to train other nations for battles, the mission crawl begins as armed forces are themselves forced to do more than train.  The very word "mission" is a biblical Medieval term that's associated with rival ideologies.  Sadly for self-preservation the trainers soon become part of the slaughter.

Half the wars in Europe and all its internal struggles have been fueled from theological differences, chaos and disputes that also ooze into turf wars for power, control, land and natural resources.

Lumped together as biased spoils of war, these religious world atrocities cause "youthinasia" of sacrificed soldiers for the so-called "glory" of war.  No matter what nation it erupts from, terrorism and violence in the name of "God"–a generic term for deity–is a form of insidious aggression.

When the former US president said "God sent him to attack Iraq" the mission was not over. It was the fuse that set the Middle East into new turmoil. The world is now reaping another harvest of straw men–fronts for the endless circle of religious revenge.


Thursday, November 13, 2014


Specific rival religions regarding this Bible verse were Hebrew and later Christian members who called American Indians and American Africans heathens or infidels as they persecuted them for believing in their own spirituality.  Deep roots gnarling the world today started in BCE–before the common era. Even in CE–the common epoch–people still use biased biblical terms from Medieval Latin words in the Gregorian Calendar.

Dear Ones,

To indicate world time by one religious empire that made Christianity legal through Emperor Constantine is preposterous on Earth that tolerates all humane persuasions through inherent free speech.  The terms "before Christ" and "anno domini" meaning "in the year of our lord" are passe and ignore ignorantly a multicultural world of many different persuasions, as the three biased Abrahamic branches still compete in rival wars against one another.

The Roman Catholic Church goes even a step further by referring to time as anno domini nostri, in the year of our Lord.  This ongoing influence of one religion against all others demonstrates strangling controlling power over the world, a force still demeaning others by sayings "only through Christ can you be saved"–absolutist ideologisy that absolutely is corrupt with bias.

We need to save us all from religious piety and bigotry, also picked up by the Reformation and its protestors, such as the burning alive of Michael Servetus, a great pulmonary scientist for not accepting all the dogmas of the church.  And it was John Calvin, a Protestant who was the driving force behind his death.

When will uninformed people realize the United States was not founded on Judeanism with its added Pauline New Testament attached to the original Bible against the wishes of the Hebrews?  The US isn't even considered a Christian nation, according to the Treaty with Tripoli in Tunisia in 1797.  (Both Tunisia and Turkey are now secular nations, as the US is also–on paper.

Ironically Iraq was a secular nation, but due to its invasion, attack and occupation it is now over run with increased religious civil war fought with fanatic separatism–religionists killing each other in turf wars as the US takes sides that in any dispute causes deep-seated hatred and active revenge–endless, futile wars.

The Treaty of Tripoli states:

"As the government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen (Musselmann, German for Muslims) . . . it is declered . . . that no pretext arising from religious opinion shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countriies."


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Another Veterans' Day has come and gone and the world still doesn't get war.  It's futile to take sides in religious wars because men will train men to fight to their deaths for a superstitious belief in their own ideology that has been programmed into their brains.  The world looks at the United States as a Judeo-Christian nation that Muslim war leaders hate since war means bombs and dead relatives. For many people, the Judeo-Christian war leaders hate the Muslims for the same reason.  

Conditioning to eternal murder in the name of Abrahamic gods by their individual titles in order to gain land, power and control is more dangerous than munitions themselves.  Militant leaders are their own worst enemies.  See my blog "Zillions of Voices for World Peace" and  "Angels for Peace, referring to all the musicians who have written songs for peace–not my words but those of people who know what reasoning power is. 

By the way, music is helping wounded warriors.  Music soothes our souls when stress and nightmares of war and grief cause us to bleed silently within from war's horror and terrorism.

The people themselves must walk away from endless, absolutist wars.  When this happens, only the enlightened will see the truth and use alternative solutions instead of blowing up one another and all life that includes Earth's environment, too.  Blessed are the peace makers, words straight from real holy men from Jesus to Gandhi.

Dear Ones,

Centuries of killing on Earth started when men feared the unknown and made up stories to explain what they had no knowledge of.  The force of mythology on our lives from day one is the rival fuel behind today's fighting as it was in archaic times of the past.  But instead of sticks and stones it's  bombs plus radioactive nose cone missiles that destroy entire cities in "God's name." 

Men  even celebrate revolutions with chemical fire power blown into the air.  Men have always been arsonists when they fixate on fire power for attempting to solve problems.  The fire is the problem,

During the Civil War the arsenal in the Pittsburgh area  blew up as arms and legs of women and girls were found in trees along the Allegheny River.  Men would not hire boys in these munition factories because they could not trust them with black powder.  Before the new ruling of "only females hired," boys during lunch hour would play with spilled black powder in the factory and set it off. 

The entire world cannot trust men with black powder.  Often when its exported it gets into hands of opposing sides and is used against munition-producing nations, with non combatants caught in the cross-fire.

Militant men with rows of colored pins and medals for glory in war make the world's youths their sacrificial burnt offerings.  Men in power of munitions are the most dangerous human beings because their testosterone is used instead of their good intelligence.

Civil wars over religion cannot be won. The proof of the pudding is the fact that men still call for wars, even when presidents are ready to change government to a more progressive one instead of a militant one. Men in charge of religious war zones must finally come to grips with their senses and stop acting like boys playing war games.


Monday, November 10, 2014


There's no doubt about Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Stephen Corbert being out front in the news today with their political satire. It is a new phenomenon in the United States to have the comedians quoted and featured on the daily news. This is an essential innovation to wake people up with the blatant truth.

Dear Ones,
In analyzing why these actors have gained so much prominence in our daily life is two-fold.   First of all actors are gaining great strength in politics because their names are already well known in the public.  And since all human beings in every walk of life are affected by corporate government exploit and explosive wars seen on TV screens clouded with black carbon smoke from chemical and radioactive ammunition, it is only natural that satirists would speak out for human inherent rights and try to bring the public to its senses.

Secondly, comedy is really healthy to all of our psyches.  In a world of demonizing behavior of fanatical religious extremists and terrorists, we all need to have levity to calm our nerves against the turmoil.  Humor is an outlet for pent up steam and emotional anguish over how misfits and demonic minds affect our very souls, as well as their own mentality.  With the trauma of combat, soldiers especially need laughter to keep them from committing suicide.  But unfortunately it isn't enough since they have been committing suicide during and in the aftermath of battlement for centuries, now increasing dangerously.

Actor, comedian Bob Hope is a perfect example of his service to the armed forces.  For years he and his troop of fellow actors would entertain them during the Christmas holidays.  His great spirit of comedy always brought laughter to their smiling faces.

Today Jon Stewart is reaching out even further than his regular TV show.  His political rhetoric is expanding into other areas besides entertainment.  He has taken on a new public service to help wounded veterans.  These young men and women need to get respect and honor since they risk their lives in combat.  Jon Stewart is very sensitive to soldier's needs and savvy of how the corporate government sacrifices their lives for propaganda, political clout, power and control of other nations' and their natural resources.

The first people of the Americas know how much humor is paramount among humanity.  In the midst of litigation and the government taken over their lands even today, lawyers in court have asked them how they keep their sanity.  "How can you laugh and kid during such times of corruption?"  I witnessed one of these occasions while doing research on indigenous problems in the West.  A group of American Indians replied, "We laugh because if we didn't we couldn't survive."

We need our political satirists now more than ever before.  They bring hope to the world that some day people will at last realize military solutions only bring on more problems.  Unbiased secular education, serious negotiations, communication and professional arbitration are the only true answers for holding beautiful planet Earth together in peace, instead of blowing it into pieces.


Sunday, November 9, 2014


Instead of regularly reporting negative news, it would be refreshing to hear about the regular and latest  solar and wind alternative renewable energy.  But first some reiteration of news from Carnegie Mellon University about what authorities have said about global warming:

"Australian scientists announced that ice around Antarctica may have decreased by as much as 20 percent since 1950–through satellite data available in modern times."  Sea ice in that part of the ocean was stable from 1840-1950. Today the melting rate has gotten extremely worse. Other scientists concluded that during the age of testing nuclear bombs–the climate, weather and sea ice have become radically dangerous to Earth and all life.

Meanwhile, "solar sails" using gentle pressure from sunlight to ply outer space is appearing on the horizon of progress.  This is important since space clutter is making a total mess of Earth's orbit, more than 1,000 pieces of space debris orbits the third planet from the sun. This collection of junk–some from the explosion of satellites with left over fuel and high-pressure fluids–is a growing hazard with few entities attempting to clean it up, if it is indeed possible.  These piles of refuse circling Earth also collides with one another as orbits decay and fall to Earth.

In July, 2013 Earth Island Journal published the fact that the US Navy and Air Force, for the first time, sent a solar-powered airplane cross-country. This is broadcasting news, my friends!  Solar Impulse, a civilian enterprise, that conducted the feat needs to have media attention.  It is quintessential that progress of renewable energy  be announced over and over  again as the media does with its war news.

Also, for three days over 70 fighter jets and helicopters, two destroyers and a guided missile cruiser was fueled on a blend of petroleum, recycled cooking oil and algae-based biofuel, with the same energy results as straight petruleum.  The Navy proved it can be done.

However, when the armed forces are "going green," the very process negates all the child-defomring, cancer-causing toxic chemical and radioactive weaponry and ammo.  What if the war department would concentrate on peace more than wars?  Oh–I forgot–war economies are more important than human and animal lives.


Saturday, November 8, 2014


I never demean people by pegging them as black or white, but regarding the war department in a war economy, the military has the upper hand with their black powder.  By the way black symbolically refers to evil and negativity such as scary, deadly and depressive in western countries.  White, especially white feathers or pale faces, symbolize fear and cowardice, as witnessed with American Indians. However, Caucasians envision themselves as soap–pure and clean.

Dear Ones,

Often human beings are unaware of these deep-rooted psychological connotations hiding subliminally within our psychs, such as a woman saying, "I'm not a bigot.  I treat blacks and whites alike."  The fact that she transparently used words of rival polarity reveals her prejudice.

When President Obama stated he was against war in the Middle East and when he recently said American soldiers will not have boots on the ground, he meant it.  However, military mission creep is forcing tax payers to cough up more than five billion dollars for 1,500 new troops on the ground for "training" purposes. War from the beginning has been a charade of religio-politics with the naive still piously  praying for peace in corporate world war economies–the dichotomy of the centuries.

Incidentally, explosive military training means programming and conditioning soldiers to hatred and anger against the opposition.  Among US wars against Asian people, soldiers were trained to label human beings as "gooks" or "japs" to dehumanize them and make them easier to kill.

Militant mentality thinks war victory is its best tour de force and strength while bereaved families believe the opposite as they live in anguish over their children who die and are crippled for life in the same sham victories for power,  control and natural-resourse spoils of war.  This black powder contest is fixated on opposing religious nations–in war, skirmishes and single suicide bombers.

The military is obviously more powerful than the chief of the war department. The president is is trying to avoid inevitable deaths and casualties of war.  He respects inherent human rights. It's not the rubber boots that are the problem. Its human flesh–arms and legs blown off in the theater of war–the theater of arms and the macabre.

When Mark Twain was shocked by all the gore and slaughter of a Civil War battlefield, he was out of there!–and lived to become one of the most influential satirists in the world. This is not a recommendation but instead a fact of history.  Self-preservation is a human trait that is squelched by war training to sacrifice young soldiers' lives so that non-combatants can live in peace and luxury.

All the propaganda of glory and honor supporting black powder wars comes from militant minds paid to commit wars in the false name of defense.  Civil wars among backward rival religious tribes killing one another in turf wars feed on black powder.  So far peace has never been waged, only the commitment of war.  Since a government department calls itself a defense department, why did 9-ll have happened?  It's called surprise.  It's impossible to stop unforeseen attack among the masses, especially with suicide bombers–no matter how much a nation is stockpiled with toxic ammo.

The best method of real defense in a rival religious world is secular unbiased world education starting in kindergarten where children are taught to respect life in all its forms–human beings and animals.  It is so sad to see courageous soldiers coming home broken in spirit and body.  And now with US combat troops doubled, the deaths and casualties could be manifold.

Once the camel gets its nose in the tent, he's in like Flynn. Military mission creep will escalate faster than lava from a volcanic eruptions.  The biblical word "mission" is religious deception. It was first used in 1595 when the church militant sent Jesuit missionaries to cruelly force American Indians into submission.  Their inherent spiritualism was oppressed and their culture devastated as black robes  posing as messengers "from God" punished and tortured them while at the same time destroying their arts.

Trained troops training others become targets themselves within their own bases. I remember the tragedy within my home town when a company of soldiers purifying water in Iraq were hit by a nuclear missile that wiped most of them out. The very presence of troops often forces them to defend themselves. Leadership training starts out innocuously but invariably ends up as terrorism.

Historically, when one branch of the Semitic Abraham religion attempts to massacre another branch, the entire tree ends up with dead leaves.  Fundamentalist wars are the bane of the world ever since man invented gun powder that has escalated to massive power of extermination and genocide.

Religious wars are defenseless as brave youths take the brunt of aggression and often do not make it home–with their loved ones grieving life times in silence.


Friday, November 7, 2014


For the first time in American history a president and secretary of state are taking the lead in changing the world from war-torn lands to peace-loving countries that care more about people than futile war economies that profit government corporations the most.

Dear Ones,

When it comes to history, no change comes easy,  Years of time roll by as this metamorphose finally establishes its victorious wisdom through enlightenment. Reformation, especially in dealing with militant warrior leaders, is as slow of molasses on a dark, cold winter's night.

Therefore progress often goes through eons of time since the populace has been programmed and conditioned into war as the only means of deliberation.  Military drones are lethal, particularly when innocent people are caught in the crossfire.  But it is a step in a right direction.  At least it eliminates thousands of combat armed forces from being slaughtered or crippled for life by all out total war.

In the meantime, Earth is left with the dregs of war–stockpiled ammunition and weaponry that cost billions of dollars as well as aftermath pollution of urban war zones–already illegal according to International Law.

Besides soldiers, the tainted lands are contaminated and pocked by undetonated bombs going back to the world wars.  Those who are assigned the job of trying to restore waste land mess are just as brave as combat soldiers and should get the same amount of perks.  They risk their lives as the cleanup committees.  Great valor is not limited to the military that provokes deaths and environmental  problems.

In a world committed to accumulental toxic wars for centuries, this outmoded, obsolete method of stopping the opposition by killing people is now surpassed by an even more corrosive method than nuclear and H-bombs.  Earth is now threatened with cyber wars.

But there is hope in one human value left–friendship and communication.  The last administration was so stubborn and afraid to talk to their so-called enemies that little or no progress was made in the name of diplomacy.  When centuries of warfare have failed, there is a new method not yet explored until now–communication.

The world is fortunate to have US leaders who talk with those who oppose them.  There's usually some good reason for  disastrous friction.  Taking US foreign policy leadership are the president and secretary of state, the latter being John Forbes Kerry, former senator–a combat soldier in Vietnam who earned the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts for his heroic courage.

His criticism of George W. Bush for starting the Iraq War is worthy of note.  Mr. Kerry also established the Keeping America's Promise PAC program.  With a president and secretary of state  such as these two visionary men, the wisdom of the centuries shines through the din off war.  The most highly commendable future involves a peace economy.  What greater honor  can America  contribute to the world!


Thursday, November 6, 2014


Nevertheless, our president is not popular among the masses in a racist nation.  The answer is transparent.  In a society that does not separate church and state, even though it professes that wisdom, there will always be religious racism in the name of "God."

World leaders in their slot of mass popularity during their times include the following men who proclaimed:

"By defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the world of the Lord. . . . To bring about [nothing but pure Anglo-Saxon heritage] means anything less than sinning against the will of the Eternal Creator."–Adolph Hitler, a baptized Christian, author of Mein Kampf.

"You ask who I am who speaks this to you . . . . If you had not sinned God would not have sent me hither to punish you."–Genghis Khan, absolutist, Shamatic warmonger who slew 30,000 Muslims to carry out the imagined, phantom words of his god.  And it was Emperor Constantine who saw a sun beam in the sky and thought it was God leading him to victory.

Other fundamentalists after the devastating September 11, 2001 attack on America proclaimed "God was punishing gays and sinners." President George W. Bush fantasized God telling him to attack oil-rich Iraq, that had nothing to do with the catastrophe.

On the other hand, President James Madison wrote, "The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the endless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries"–including the 100 year war among others.

Years ago the Ford Foundation produced the film, "Race, the Power of Illusion." Religion-concocted race has been used to justify American inequities and polices from the beginning of politics  and how the idea of "whiteness" was documented into the US Constitution and laws that sanctify race and evangelism in America.

President Obama has done a tremendous amount of good, even setting a record of more attempts of negotiation between  Hebrew officials and Iranian leaders  more than any other president; has been up against a Pentagon and Congress champing for more soldiers to die with boots on their feet; has promoted a green environment; has improved the economy from what it was during the previous administration; and even was successful in ridding the world against the most corrupt leaders and bomb makers–without declaring a war.  On his time gas prices have also dropped for a four-year period.

It's  military power that carpet bombs Syria and Iraq, against his wishes. But since he is the first US American African president who doesn't want war and instead stresses allied co-operation in solving militant problems, his realistic foreign policy has brought mass opposition in a war economy land. The burden of aggression is impossible for anyone to succeed when it comes to international peace–until the government does not take the lead in toxic munition production and export weapons that boomerang to the producers, wherever they are. It's old-fashioned revenge, a warped record and CD that's played over and over again.

If only the leaders of the future will do even better in advocating  liberty, life and happiness, the original dream of founding father Thomas Paine.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The term human race–invented in the late 1700s–is  bogus since it reflects a hierarchy of bigotry. In the meantime this Caucasian classification of humanity has become to mean superior, due to people of light complexion authoring the books. If American Africans or other cultures having a predominance of melanin in their skin had written well-circulated books, they would have been rated superior.

The Judeo-Christian Bible is the largest selling book because its rich proselytizing administrations fund their publications and give them out freely, especially in inns and hotels all over the world. Nevertheless, the "pure white" syndrome lacks credibility. I say this even though I am of Swedish, German and Scottish descent.

For example, Eskimos are superior to so called "whites"–using physical profiling that is as demeaning as the word "blacks."  The Eskimo is a culture  has no history of wars.  But there are other cultures that also achieved this long sought goal of superiority.

Dear Ones,

This tremendous feat of peaceful societies is admirable.  This is something that leading nations still have no clue as to how to attain the wishes of the common people–whose children are sacrificed in wars by those who are able to manipulate their children into being exempt from combat.

Indo-Europeans started the "caste" system in India–the word meaning "color."  According to Pierre van den Berghe, auther of Race and Racism, University of Washington–

"Hinduism uses the same kind of color symbolism as the Judeo-Christian tradition, associating evil with black and good with white."  Another scholar, Jamie Kellner, Chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., said, "My hope is that one day we will all come together and not see color as it relates to race and that we really would stop judging people by the color of their skin."

A decade ago when in Ghana I stood in front of the grave of W.E. B. DuBois and read in Africa the same wish, that still is a cultural lag especially in the United States.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014


One day when I used to do archaeological work at a historic fort site my four year old twin daughters came  running up to me exclaiming, "Look, mommy, at all those black people!"  When I raised my head I expected to see American Africans, since I was conditioned to a world of rival black and white rhetoric profiling.  But instead I saw a stream of nuns getting off a bus and heading our way.

Dear Ones,

In today's modern world it's the young people who are tired of old peoples' moth-balled religious garb. They're shedding their institutional clothing for more comfort and to also express reform.  It's like a symbolic revolution against biased authoritarianism and out-fashioned thinking as well as what the world has been conditioned to wearing.

Thomas Paine took the lead in orchestrating the United States' revolution.  He had the wisdom to see that colonialism was so embedded from England's power on the Americas that drastic action had to happen.  But like prescription drugs, there are alternative ways that don't have devastating side effects.

The US Civil War that was the opposite of being civil caused the deaths of 70,000 men and women (more than 400 of them disguised as men) to bring the end of state's license for slavery.  But that tragic war, as the revolutionary one, didn't have to happen.  Both wars could have been avoided with opposing sides coming to a resolution and compromise through serious arbitration in Congress.

In the 1930s, prior to Charleston, South Carolina seceding from the Union in 1861, Parliament through law and order abolished slavery.  But the US Congress insisted on oppressing American Africans in bondage as they continued to suffer and be lynched.

So, that being a reminder of our history, young people the world over are changing clothing design for alternative ones.   Even nuns have shorter skirts as western styles are seen internationally.  On TV screens of the world, only older religious people are seen in black robes and shrouds. The contrast is so obvious. 

Even the radical religious KKK is abandoning its white red cross sheets as neck ties are taking on a new prominence in the annals of history, in contrast of former days. As to women, many are wearing circular scarves around their necks and heads and enormous scarves as capes, influenced by the Islam culture.  We are all one communicative people.  We copy one anothers ways and norms–a form of flattery.

Within crowds of people, religious institutional customs are giving sway to the progress of time.  As Thomas Paine once said, there is a coming revolution against outmoded religion that was tyrannical from its very start.  At least people no longer sacrifice their children to the bone fires and religious alters of burnt offerings.  Now, if only we can stop sacrificing young people on battlefields and war zone alters of religious strife.

Sadly youths–new to the confusion, contradiction and historical corruption of religion–are fighting in battles led by twisted cult leaders.  But in their historical ignorance of why dogma persuasions proselytize for power and control at the points of swords and ends of guns, they are instead of fighting in wars, are beginning to fight against war itself–a good strategy but a bad tactic.  It is factual that their fanatical terrorist leaders are also misled.  The agony of war and its tribal turf battles itself is an irony.

Mame    also Helenesmith 2

Monday, November 3, 2014


Bigotry refers to a narrow-minded person who opposes his own law religion, etc. and ignores the suffering of the world.  Bill Maher believes in equality for everyone as did the philosopher, political activist, Thomas Paine, in his AGE OF REASON.

Dear Ones,

These are still the times that try men's souls. Here is what Thomas Paine wrote about religion in his publication COMMON SENSE:

"All national religious institutions whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me as no other than human inventions, set upon to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and power." He also wrote, "Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst."

Thomas Paine, who wrote eloquently and masterly, used rough language in his everyday speech that only made his words more powerful to shock people in his times to take action for a better world.

By the way, Americans, don't be a goat.  Get out and vote. Your vote counts toward what issues mean the most to you.
Mame. spot,com       also, helenesmith2

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Historically there's no victory in the gross amount of fire power and weaponry from any nation's toxic munitions.  Wars are not won by the military but in the end by diplomats and wise politicians.

The Japanese were ready to surrender in WWII, but unwise politicians felt all the billions of dollars spent on nuclear bombs had to be justified in nuking Japan–already carpet bombed, the way of the world–admitted by generals in the aftermath.  Nuclear bombs including the H-Bomb were the most costly experiments in the history of humanity used as guinea pigs.

Only those who made nukes under the Manhattan Project knew the results.  Most of these scientists, nuclear physicists and mathematicians didn't advocate using them on any form of life.  But the authoritarians went ahead any way with, not listening to the inventors and didn't have a clue as to the horrible generational outcome.  Machiavelli's policy was "the end justifies the means"–absolutely obsolete in a nuclear age.

Dear Ones,

The most powerful and effective way to win wars is by international  peace departments hiring the best and most accomplished arbitrators in the world, for check and balance of power.

Wars in their futility are not won through strategy but instead through the tactics of wisdom–how to avoid aggression that leads to suicides in all senses of the word.  Surprise suicide slave bombers are difficult to stop and suicide following war zone sacrificial bloody alters adds to wars' tragic deaths of soldiers, often too mutilated to survive mentally if not physically. Refugees and the environment also suffer from radical climate and weather conditions causing natural disasters from accumulative explosive toxicants and the carbons of war.

Strangely enough, despite all the world prayers and even by administrations in Washington, D.C., there are few in government working for peace in a war economy.  The irony is maddening and transparent.

Mame            also, helenesmith2