Monday, June 30, 2014


Helene Smith c 2014

Oh glorious azure sky,  mountains of electric 
blue ice,
Now crashing into Arctic waters.
Where, oh where, are the silent voices  for
 Earth's attic treasures slipping out of sight?

Ozone, no zone, bozone,
Ionosbere, ionosphere,
Insensitive personfied vibrations,
From Traitan ice from pole to pole.

Where are the good vibrations,
The harmony of old,
Four billion years,
Natural rays of energy,
Bringing Earth harmony and joy?

Now zapping rays of antennas of distortion,
Like Roman pikes sticking out of the soil,
Hidden secrets and deceeit,
Ragged rays in the northern sky.

Great land the sea breaks against,
Reminiscent of the midnight sun.
In remote tundra, no real defense for elfs,
$30 millions brainwashed cells.

Could it be the secret stealthy five-sided force,
That  causes oceans to rise as icebergs vanish
Out of sight and under the faoming sea,
Lost nature's wonders against Earth's plea?

Masters of Earth's destruction,
Was not the aurora borealus
Enough for man's pleasure?
Or is it greed for control and power?
Polar bears having to run,
Their suckling babes at their breast,
Now their natural habitat all awry,
Their world turned topsy turvy.

Slick, sick dead water,
And oil soaked birds gasping for air,
Now the happy songster no longer sing,their song
With King Salmon lying dead on the shore.?

 Earths song of harmony now a five-star burden,
Dark clouds on high shroud us in grim,
Whether weather or freaked out comate,
No good warfare device.

Forty-ninth state,
Once "Sewards Folly,"
Peaks of mirages,
Are but memories now.

We shall not want
Cess pools of man's ignorance.
Let us bring back oh bring back the bonnie blue sky,
Restore us by the viable waters.
Make us lie down in fresh new green meadows,
That restoreth our souls.
Not the pounding, pounding, pounding
O Earth or savior.

It's the big and its  brass,
Its the big brass harp blues.
That's bringing us down,'
In the silence of the lamb.

It's the tea in the cup that goes up, up, up,
It's the joy of life that  quickens the mind.
Let's get rid of the big brass harp blues,
I's dance and song that elevates.

Friday, June 27, 2014


If all the churches in the United States contributed their fair share in keeping the country running, the national debt could be paid.  Free health care and unbiased education would become a reality overnight.

Dear Ones,

 First Native Americans had their sovereign lands confiscated by the Federal Government through corrupt insidious ways. One device was very effective with church and state in cahoots with one another.  Original indigenous real estate was taken to build unwanted churches and government boarding schools.  Native  children were taken from their parents and even adopted against their will.  Many youths were punished, killed and  buried under crosses in government schoolyards.

Others students ran back to their reservations, the  remaining original land of First Americans.  It was a matter of survival. A foreign culture caused a holocaust of extermination and the malice of genocide aided by religion.  The victims suffered through brutal racism, desegregation, poverty and neglect for centuries.

Today mega churches include the Latter Day Saints (LDS) Mormon Gothic temple across from the $2 billion mall having a retractible glass roof, an underground 5,000 capacity vehicle parking lot and 100 shops in its financial empire.  It was recently dedicated under the Stars and Stripes with the members "$inging" the words  "rockets red glare bursting in air" –an air green-in God we Trust money" as members are all taxed with a 10 percent tithe.

Other gigantic church buildings sit on prime property.  Yet they don't have to pay their share of funding for schools, roads and other essentials.  Even those without children pay for school taxes, as churches have no authorization as they go scot free and are unliable.

U.S. churches remain the untouchables ones.  These tax-free, non-profit institutions get off the hook by letting the rest of the citizens pay taxes for them.  The clergy are allowed to avoid paying their full share of income taxes, too, as they also have gotten government perks and food.

There is no valid reason for such unconstitutional behavior that is often fanatical.  Why are churches given special treatment when their history is laced with such evil repute?  Other service people doing good work don't have the same privileges, such as the those in the medical profession, teachers, fire-fighters and police officers. Without having to foot the bill, churches walk away free of responsibility–an American outrage.  Yet our founding fathers insisted on separation of church and state, now ignored even in Washington.  America is better than this.

Having tax breaks, churches profit from peddling supperstition, pulpet political campainging and cross-stamped exemptions.  If soldiers during the Roman Empire had crucified the good Jesus of Nazareth by hanging, there would be a noose on every steeple today, as there would have been on  every grave in colonial America.  Substitute bully praying with fair share paying.


Thursday, June 26, 2014


Since the manufacture of war munitions and machines cause the most gas guzzling and CO2 emissions worldwide, why is the media mum about the black shadow over our head when it comes to aggressive environmental problems?  Corporate federal government is fracturing Earth and all forms of life. Traffic of war petroleum  triggers high gas prices at the pump.   Explosive chemical and radioactive nose-cone missiles emit cancerous poisons. Pesticides and neurological ammo provokes  nature and mankind into collapsing with accumulative overload?  Go back to the source for the answer.

Dear Ones,

Since criminal serial wars, what no sane person desires, cause the world's worst health problems and increases the cost of gas, why are these killers above the law?  Why isn't this fact made known? How can religio-political embattlement rule planet Earth with all its people strung up as puppets bowing to three extremist persuasions and all their torturous tentacles?   Since alcohol and tobacco are heavily taxed, why not industrial war devices that kill and maim more than all drugs combined in one gigantic steaming cauldron.

When any deep-rooted ideology takes control, why does the civilized world put up with such atrocious rhetoric?  When absolute belief is dangerous and absolutely corrupt–like yelling "fire" in a crowd–the way to solve chaotic aggression could be through International Law and Criminal Court. 

But when law and order don't work, why not stay clear of chronic civil wars and not supply any fickle nation with weapons that often boomerang with revenge back to the exporters.  During the U.S. Civil war in 1861-65 England and France did not ship cannon balls to America.  Russia was friendly and its navy may have acted as blockade-runners and kept the Bering Sea open, but it was domestic ammunition that was used to kill 700,000 fellow Americans during that aggression and its aftermath.

One of my favorite illustrations which I will share with you later is a picture of three related camels, with one head raised over the other two in arrogant hypocrisy as it proclaims, "My religion is the best and truest one."  When any faith excludes thousands of other world persuasions for centuries ever since the beastly Inquisition and bloody Crusades (word derived from cross), this is an inevitable formula that continues in endless retaliatory circles of explosions from flaming rival indoctrination.

No real deity ever spoke to man (short for human), or sent an email. Imagination,  hallucinations and uncanny dreams are puzzling. Inward "voices" can also come from the subconscious mind.  This happened with ancient Pharisee Paul of Tarsus in Asia Minor, now Turkey.  He fell to his knees from guilt over persecuting the great peace-maker, Jesus of Nazareth, on the road to Damascus in Syria, now in flames stemming from the ancient past.  Paul also was an accomplice in stoning to death Stephen, the first Christian martyr.  The Vatican later made this founder of his new religion a saint.  Go figure!

Today psychologists would not be effective if they told their patients "God is speaking to you!"–unless you called your conscience the name of a deity–a rose by any other name  Astute youths of the present are tired of archaic madness and explosive volatile religious rivalry.  They have mentally evolved while being more concerned over jobs opportunities, unbiased education, freedom and security.  They are not our future.  Young people are their own future and are sick of sectarian brutality and greed for oil control killing their precious babies.

When you tax the pockets of the world, violence and terrorism will be controlled with weaponry too expensive to waste on futile radical slaughter, especially when it's good food the world really needs–not more bombs or more production of land mines that especially kill little children and farmers in the long aftermaths of wars!

Remember, the inventor of dynamite intended his product to help the world through construction of tunnels, not destruction of the world.  The name Nobel is very noble. But the violence of aggression has nothing to do with that word.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Do we permit our own mind to be ruled by ancient man-made scrolls of dogmas that inhibit our freedom and even  persecute or keep women down with inequality, all contrived when primitive men–who feared the opposite gender in a time of ignorance before the enlightenment of science–ruled the world with a club?

Dear Ones,

Think of what we love the most–members of our family; our friends and buddies; our sight and hearing ability; a beautiful song or view or a painting; the excitement, competition  and exileration of sports; the pleasures of the arts; delicious food; picnics in the park; the surf and the beach. 

Now imagine that all these wonders, joys and miracles of life are blown to radioactive smithereens in our faces  and are so crippled we no longer can enjoy them?

A great poet, William Ernest Henley, explained his undefeated, unconquered spirit in the face of adversity.  Can we muster up the same strength to overcome our own negatives in life–what inhibits life and all its precious moments–even our own warped thinking?


                                                           It matters not how strait the gate,
                                                           How charged with punishmet the scrolls.
                                                           I am the master of my fate.
                                                           I am the captain of my soul.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


This fact was never learned after the 1991 Persian Gulf War.  So-called depleted radioactive uranium (DU) and neurological symptoms go on killing in the aftermath of war.  There is no known way to reduce the chemical toxicity of DU in the body–also stressed out by explosions.  Combat veterans not only have recurring nightmares of bloody aggression but illness from chemical emissions and radioactive ammo (as do  their off springs)–not only too costly to cure but impossible to get over subconsciously–the reason for so many suicides.  War is genocidal genetics and illegal by International Law and Criminal Court.

Dear Ones,

This is the saddest cost of futile,  extremist religious wars that can be contained by International Law and order.  No one's above the law of human inherited rights. Already America is getting an inkling of the light through negotiation, communication and diplomacy.  One of the most progressive tactics is to talk with your so-called enemy.  What's the beef?  If it's control of oil  they want, then show them through a new strategy how alternative, renewable energy is better for Earth all around.  And do it through example instead of political war-monger rhetoric that is dishonorable and bogus.

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Monday, June 23, 2014


But nations–who commit serial-crime religious wars and climate warfare that cause Earth to collapse like honey bee colonies through endless, ongoing toxic, pesticidal, nerve gas wars–are pariahs left out of the loop of victory.

Dear one,

Such criminals are beloved to no one–those who increase violence and terrorism with missiles causing retaliation.  It is the height of irresponsibility that brings on radical climate change. Thoughtless leaders use the excuse that other nations are provoking this disaster–"So why should we be held responsible?"–because the United States is a great country who claims to be accountable.  The secret is in the pudding–if one caring nation leads the way, it or they will be world heroes, with others following their inspiration.

Astute musician, Michael Franti of Spears band said, "We can bomb the whole world, but we can't bomb it into peace."

Man is causing intense freakish weather on Earth, the source of our survival.  Seven reckless H-bombs dropped on land and in oceans with radioactive nuclear subs runninig into one another and also outdated ones dumped into the brew result in a gross overoad– along with all the other munitions bombing Earth for centuries increases nature's calamities.  It's called accummulative disaster. Ammunion and other kinds of fracture to Earth adds up to earthquakes that heat up volcanos that erupt and cause tsunamies in deadly domino cause and effect.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Any nation that manufactures, exports, imports, stores, threatens with or uses illicit youth-killing munitions is guilty of murder in urban war zones.

Dear Ones,

Albert Einstein wrote,
"It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but murder."

War is blatant terrorism and violence, combatants following orders of brass out of harms way–ancient sacrificial lambs praised in warrior prayers.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014


Extremist, fundamentalists have been slaughtering one another ever since radical religion first erupted from superstition, mythology and miracles from magic illusions all out of fear of the unknown–prior to the knowledge of science. Human beings still sacrifice their young to the gods of wars–bloody war zone alters of burnt offerings.

Dear Ones,

The band wagon now is filled with those in favor of alternative energy, instead of energy wasted on feuding sects whose brain-childs are illegal toxic chemicals and radioactive child-deforming ammo.  Sectarian wars have had a battling score of O for centuries, with no one winning as violence and terrorism only produce more of the lame thing in the endless ongoing game of retaliation–circles of fire.

Make your energy alternative instead of wasting it on murderous weapons and climate warfare that resembles the Three Stooges bopping one another over their senseless heads.  Those who are observant are noticing not only state by state accepting marriages for everyone one, but they also are gaining success in renewable energy that causes no oil spills or wars over petroleum.

An old song, Oil on the Brain, needs to be revived, as it was in the play Wellspring of Power about America's longest producing gas well in Murrysville, PA–where men drilling for oil hit gas that exploded and burned for two years, seen all the way into Pittsburgh–as all the trees and birds around the well died and houses burned, followed by the frustration of trying to put out the flame, eventually capped and used to make carbon.

Yes, the astute states are gaining on solar, wind and water power, such as Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota, California and yes, even Washington, D.C.!

California is now creating energy out of garbage and other waste material–a genius of an idea–even manure. The people in Paraguay make musical instruments from refuse for their youths to play during a world  symphony tour.  And wind turbines are spinning all across the land.  Solar energy is even catching on with panels on top of parking lots and on buildings on Alcatraz Island.  Creative energy produces endless ways to make alternative energy win and spin.  Right now energy is listed as: "dinosaur fuels, nuclear and alternative."  The cry is now "Put renewable energy on top of this list! Basta, basta! Enough of old, obsolete ways.  A word to the wise is sufficient.

Those not heeding this power of the future and the present, will be be left behind and covered in dust from the band wagon as it moves forward to bring a bright new world, instead of the stench of war.

International peace will only come from healing Earth instead of making its people sick of wars and physicallly ill by their sickening emissions.

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since they are the victims sacrificed for sectarian
politics, greed and ill-gotten power

Friday, June 20, 2014


The Senator Riegle Report of 1994 in Congress reveals Reagan/Bush warrior administrations' documentation of arming Iraq in the Mesopotanium Cradle of Civilization against Iran from1980-88.  This illegal toxic Iran-Iraqi War caused half a million casualties, with  both sides suffering gross fatalities.
Dear Ones,

A short break from my blog to again work on my historical novel, Forever After, the life of  Jedediah After Smith, Indian son of Jedediah Strong Smith who founded more western passes than Lewis and Clark.

So now, back to my blog. Today there is more more radical change in this area of the Middle East.  Let us all hope that this new US policy in Iran will help the international world gain peace against extremist uncivilized religions with the rest of the world caught in the crossfire–the grossest problem on planet Earth.  For centuries on end the three Abrahamic persuasions are still trying to kill one another off in capricious fighting–what happened to First Nations in America with the government in cahoots with missionaries given free land taken from the indigenous people–the quintessential reason for separation of church and state.

In 1845 New York newspaper editor, John O'Sullivan, coined an expression that still provokes violence dotay– "Manifest Destiny"–that together with Paul's Great Commission to take other nations' land in the name of divine order from "God," still causes terrorism.  This false power continues to antagonize other branches of this ancient religion into to taking endless retaliation–what is happening right now as I write..  When will leaders of this bloody triangle of revenge call off their dogs?

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welfare of combat veterans

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Senseless politicians are afraid to debate lethal illicit war munitions and global climate warfare, especially since wars cause more carbon dioxide, lethal chemical/radioactive mutating child deformities in combat soldiers and deaths of civilians caught in urban war zones and from  drones.

The Pentagon is in charge of HAARP (High-frequency Acive Auroral Research Program),  a "Star Wars" weapon that has already gone wrong, shades of Dr. Strangelove (Edward Teller). This  system involves beams for "ionospheric heaters" through electromagnetic areas surrounding Earth's upper atmosphere.  These super-powerful beams lift parts of the atmopshere by forcing heat under it.  Is this where the term "global warming" comes from?

HAARP through elecromagnetic grids bring about climate change warfare, that can even cause earthquakes, which heat up volcanic acitivity that then ends up in a tsunamie.

Waves through beams bounce back to Earth and penetrate everything–"living and died."  Exploitation of the ionoshere with radio-frequencey (RF) is powerful enough to trigger unnatural activity underground that in turn causes freak climate change.

In the Vietnam War though reckless misuse of power the U.S. bombed one nation the longest time in history– Laos, along with its Ho Chi Minh trail running through it. Here, during climate  warfare, the military prolonged the  monsoon season to prevent supplies from getting through to "enemy lines"–reckless misuse of power.  Military electromagnetic tampering with global climate affects the poles.  Scientific data reveals that HAARP is resposible for the melting of polar ice. This war device was also used to detect vast amounts of precious minerals in Afghanistan, unethical political motive alone to invade a sovereign nation during the previous administration.

It looks like the military is the chief cause of global warming with climate now gone berserk and out of control.  Ironically, the world solely needs the military to protect and help people against militant warfare tragedies of radical weather and the tragedy of genetic malformations through munitions.

Meanwhile, alternative energy through nature–water, wind and sun–is gaining ground in the competitive economic world and doesn't cause any global catastrophe. By creating a carbon tax alone on corporate government forces, Earth and its people can see light through black smoke in a  seemingly endless polluted tunnel. It is more urgent than ever before to fund renewable energy that causes no oil spills, malformed babies or soldiers killed and maimed for life. War must be replaced with international law and criminal courts that enforce court justice and equality as veteran hospitals are eliminated so soldiers don't have to wait and die before being treated.

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and combat soldiers used as sacrificial burnt offerings

Friday, June 6, 2014


This former President of the Soviet Union (USSR) promoted governmental glasnost "openness" and perestroika "restructuring." He founded the Democratic Party and the Union of Social Democracy in Russia.

Dear Ones,

In one of President Sergeyevich Gorbachev's foreign and domestic addresses he urged the international world "to give up the enemy image, and it can do so. . . .  So when we come across obviously outdated insinuations, which are also deplorably out of place, about 'enemies' praising us, we can only say with regret that people who say so have learned nothing and understand nothing in the four years of perestroika."

Another example of a modern-day change in rhetoric happened as the term "third world" countries are now identified as "developing countries."  So we can change. And by the way, what were the first and second world countries? 

The Russian statesman removed the constitutional role of the Communist Party in governing the state that led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union now the former state of Russia.  He also wrote the book, A Time for Peace.  This great leader is the recipient of the Otto Hahn Peace Medal and the Nobel Peace Prize, among a long list of other honors.

The ongoing retreat from democracy in Russia with all power in the hands of the executive body resulted in  limited inherent human rights and freedom of the people.  For these reasons Mr. Gorbachev did not want present President Vladimer Putin to run for a third term.

Mr. Gorbachev also called for openness, instead of a secretive world society, especially the United States. He said, "The financial crisis shows that the Washington Consensus, an economic model, is a failure that will have to be replaced. " The leader went on to say nations that reject this Consensus and the International Monetary Fund have proved economic development, such as Brazil and China, and have done far better on the whole and achieved better results for average citizens.

The future will record the outcome for posterity, whatever it turns out to be.

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youths don't have to die or be crippled soldiers for their lifetimes

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Every side of any conflict has urgent desire to get their own combat troops back home. Since this swap in war time is inevitable, when the right moment came President Obama made the correct decision–quite different from the reckless elbow jerk act of invading, attacking and occupying two  nations–Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dear Ones,

This aggression was a violation against International Law that prohibits children from being killed in urban street war zones–illicit massive criminal carpet bombing–missile explosions of lethal chemicals and radioactive nosecones shattering lives of innocent people and an aftermath wipe-up that will take decades for recovery.

Caring parents suffer along with their youths, hired as military government employees, when bad things happens to them.  I know this to be true.  It takes a compassionate, understanding president to make success happen–bringing them back alive.

Judgmental critics have myopia and only see one side during war times.  But loved ones of all young people trained to kill one another suffer from grief when their children are crippled for life or killed. Both sides want them back, especially their families.

WWII General/President Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke from his heart and soul, "I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity."

Thank goodness the United States of America has another intelligent, compassionate president–Barack Obama–who miraculously was the orchestra director in bringing the instigator of September 11, 1001 down in order to bring back harmony to Earth that is still being contaminated by the serial crime of war.  It was not the former president who evaded war and boasted in a military uniform that he would bring the instigator of 911 down. 

If it wasn't for President Obama, the U.S. would be up to our necks in the mire of mud and hypocritical war.  But a burden of complexity is difficult to juggle  when a president inherits a trillion dollar war debt and is hampered by an inept Congress more interested in political competition than the quality and equality of human beings.  

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Albert Einstein was passionate against the atrocity of war. He said, "It is my conviction that the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder."  He and Sigmund Freud discussed military aggression.  Einstein asked, "Is there any way of delivering humankind from the menace of war and how can we promote peace?"   Freud replied, "Yes."

Dear Ones,

Freud,  encouraged "know thyself," as both geniuses  recognized our own potential to turn anxieties and fears into aggression and hatred.  Freud then went on to explain how humanity is torn between a drive of connection with one another and a drive toward death through aggression, with Einstein adding momentum to the discussion.  This aggressive conflict within our souls is imbedded in political, social and economic drives.

Freud and Einstein agreed, "Anything that encourages growth of emotional ties will operate against war."  Einstein continued, "Law should supersede violence by international consent through legislative and judicial body that would settle any conflict"–what indicated world government, harking back to the 1600s with Hugo Grotius's idea of International Law.

This great scientist in our times said that realism tells us to refuse to be limited to past war failure in order to create a lasting peace and to end militant suffering that never solves any problem without multiplying human grief. He also indicated it would take many voices to gain lasting harmony on Earth, what I wrote in my blog titled Zillions of World Voices for Peace. 

Einstein went on to say, "One does not make war less likely by formulating rules of war. War cannot be humanized.  It can only be eliminated. . . . Nationalism [that leads to fascism] is an infantile sickness. [my country right or wrong]. . . . Heroism on command, senseless violence and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism–how passionately I hate them. . . . The conflict that exists today is not near the old-style struggle for power, once again presented to mankind in semi-religious trappings."

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent.  It takes a touch of genius–and a lot of courage–to move in the opposite direction . . . .War time arms and activities has corrupted the mentality of men . . . . Dangerous [military] technology and progress is like an ax in the hands of a pathological criminal. . . . Military mentality is still the most dangerous force that always attracts men of low morality. As long as armies exist, any serious conflict will lead to war. . . .You cannot prevent and prepare for war simultaneously. 

Just before he died Einstein's last words he wrote are, "Political  passion, once fanned with flames, excites violence."

Who do we trust–Einstein or the military that recklessly dropped seven H-bombs on land and in seas, with man-made plutonium leaking into warming waters and melting polar ice?"

Although endless contaminating wars are serial crimes, I believe there will always be a need for service forces and national guards who bravely help humanity instead of training youths to kill other youths with the instigators sitting back out of harm's way in the politics of aggression–invade, attack and occupation.

When we are judgmental about dealing with war terrorists, we must realize war is terrorism. Any thoughtless world leader committing youths to terror is a terrorist himself–a crime itself as youths are used as sacrificial scapegoats in war zone alters of burnt offerings. As a point in history, Mark Twain and a comrade walked off the battlefield when they they were terrorized by the shock of savage, primitive carnage. The famous author was not only saving his life but was aghast at the  futility and juvenile game of war.  Fortunately for us all that he lived to write his war prayer and other great literature as well, what gave insight into his youthful action.

Twain's bold action is only a fact of history, not an example the military wants any youth to follow.  However, the military is the only profession that punishes, not that many years ago, with death–anyone who is absent without leave.  Today it still is the only occupation that is grossly  punitive when a combat soldier  deserts his position.  This alone reveals another diabolic side of war.  World solutions handled with diplomacy and negotiation together with justice through world law and order, is the only civil way to solve problems instead of violence and aggression hurled at others to quell violence and aggression.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Much back-splapping credit for HIV/AIDS was given to George W. Bush. recently. But in his acceptance speech he never mentioned the fact that the seventh secretary-general of the  United Nations, Kofi Annan, founded the foundation to help aids, tuberculosis and malaria patients as he called for action against these diseases in 1999.   He was also strongly against the attack, invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Dear Ones,

In 2001 this great peace keeper and recipent of the Nobel Peace award honestly earned, called for a global compact and fund, worl's largest financier to fight these diseases. This great statesman was so passionalte about this Global Fund that he donated his prize money as the receipient of the Liberty Medal–$100.000–followied by the Bill and Melinda Gates Founation donation of $100 milliion.   Annan's goal was seven to 10 billion.

The Bush Adminsitration was sharply criticized for only pledging $200 million a year, until Congress and the president, who originally chose a limited amount, finally signed a document that made the people of United States  the biggest contributor.  Between Bush and Ratszinger (Pope Benedict XVI, aids help was postponed, especially when the pontif refused to permit the use of condoms for Catholics.  His solution to the pandemic was an ethical one–"a spiritural awaking" and "frienship to those who suffer"–together with sexual abstinance to a world crisis!

Kori Annan's intense influence for human inherent rights also brought him the Non-Prolifertion Award, J. William Fulbright Prize and the Indra Ghandi Prize for International Understanding. He was disappointed the U.S. being the richest nation and not contributing to the cause of AIDs sooner that it did.  Annan  said America was spending huge amounts on terrorism and weapons of massive devestation but in the beginningof the call for aid's help, failed to fund the program, with the administration's fixation on war over oil control instead.

Often time in life's journey real heroes are overshadowed by those who take credit for the hard work of others.  Annan was noted for his untiring work for global development, education, economic development, concern to help low income nations and women's rights.

Besides the dedicated work of the former secretary of the U.N., other determined groups came to gether in  team work: The World Health Organization (WHO), World Bank and thousands of protesters marching for the cause.  Thanks to Annan the U.N. General Assembly in 1001 signed a Declarlation of Commitment for a Global Fund.  Between 2000 and 2001 President Clinton signed a bill establishing the Global Fund to prevent and cure aids.

Mr. Annan's first name, Kofi, means "a boy born on Friday."  On my visit to Kumasi, Ghana a tour quide told the Urban League and me this fact, which is very special.

This prestigious world leader also opposed genocide and war crime against Iraq that continues to cause severe world problems and polluted lands.  He stood strong against ethnic cleansing and other crimes against humanity.

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and combat soldiers mentally/physically
killed or handicapped as those who commit wars are out of harm's way

Monday, June 2, 2014


May 28, 2014 is a benchmark winning day for the world's largest democracy having over 1 billion people with rich and poor allowed to vote starting at age 18.  This progress is also an excellent example for Earth to follow, with great leaders invited from near and far to come together and witness teamwork influence for all humanity at the formal ceremony for the new prime minister.  Mr. Modi wisely invited the prime minster of Pakistan for his inauguration–for an effective union with India, a good sign for all nations wanting peace from military attempts that always fail.  Willing communication–talk with others–is quintessential for international harmony, what many leaders are afraid do do, often from cowardly motives.

Dear Ones,

May blog has been silent for a short time to get caught up on writing the sequel to my book So Circles the Eagle. The new one is titled Forever After–Jedediah After Smith, American Indian son of Jedediah Strong Smith who discovered more passes in the West than Lewis and Clark.

Getting back to Mr. Modi, his election represents a fresh dynamic spur for positive economic development and open relations with the people after a ten-year stagnant Congress and a former minister not willing to talk to the needy.  Modi has set his goal to listen to the people.  When people are happy they are willing to cooperate and work together for the best of any nation and the world at large, especially in reducing industrial pollution.  Fortunately India does not contaminate Earth, water and air through endless wars, the largest carbon and gas guzzlers in the world.

This does not erase former graft, corruption, massive poverty, rape, industrial pollution and other social problems, what all nations have to some degree.  Fortunately this new prime minister for India also has help through new networks of village awareness during elections to make them honest and trustworthy.  It's interesting that world-wide bribery often doesn't work in India since the voters accept bags of money and vote the way they choose!–perhaps poetic justice.

Modi's cabinet may be small but the administration's aims are powerful for the welfare of global humanity. The newcomers refuse to continue in a crooked path of bloated inefficiency and do not intend to waste time in lethargy.

With the election of Modi comes a new start to help lead the world toward unity, equality and peace, what  everyone needs to embrace instead of brutal military conquest of the most powerful corporate nations and their lethal genetic child-deforming munitions.  Modi is an outstanding statesman.  The difference is that a greedy politician works for his next election, but a good statesman works for the welfare of the next generation. 

I trust Narendra Modi. He has strong vision for India in unbiased education of the people, the most important thing to change  Earth for a better quality of life.  He also has kind eyes that shine forth from the depths of his heart and soul.

Cicero born in B.C.E said, "There are only two things one needs in life–a garden and a library."

Author tweets for international
peace and combat veterans against wars
that kill and cripple international young people for entire lives