Thursday, November 30, 2017


The United Nations or some global institution must stop youth killing, deforming wars. WW I and WWII were supposed to end this evil murder. This quintessential world law has to start with the empowerment nations as good moral ethic examples for the the urgent preservation of Earth an all forms of life, It is inevitable that soon this will happen because wars themselves have become genocidal with youths and deformed generational war babies targeted the most. Futile wars are remnants of the past.  Wars cause the most violence. terrorism and grief with many combat soldiers committing suicide every day.. This global ban on wars us  going to happen anyway with sincere diplomacy, rhetoric and communication.  Why not doesn't the United Nations make the change now. Refugees of wars, one of its saddest aftermaths, are the largest groups of bombed out homeless people/  Lets' face it.  No one wants a bomb or a radioactive  nose cone in their face!  Equality across the game board of war is essential. No nation should be allowed to test, produce, store or threaten with this youth killing backward aggression. No more arms exporting  or proxy civil wars of manipulating weather as was done in Vietnam in the secret war on Cambodia and Laos by salting the clouds to prolong the monsoons on the Ho Chi Ming Trail, that became mud so foe supplies supplies couldn't get through  Weather tampering with nature effects people globally and takes away their human rights.  It is the latest evil of wars. Women are still detonating unexploded bombs after being carpet bombed so badly the results are like nuclear aggression.  These mothers  risk their lives to save their children at play.  U.S. ammo and metal falling from the sky became the major scrap metal of Laos in particular.

Does G, W, Bush and Dick Cheney know how many babies are still being born with gross deformities in Fallujah, Iraq–no arms no legs, as seen on TV today? The women are afraid to get pregnant from that toxic war that also poisons combat soldiers handling ammo–just like in Vietnam from lethal Agent Orange that provoked their babies into being malformed, too.

"This war disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once.  Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable lives-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how conspicuous and ignoble war is. I would rather be torn to pieces than be part of so base an action! . . .  killing under the cloak of war is nothing but the act of murder. . .  Every man [short for human] has a right over his own life and war destroys lives that we were full of promise."

Albert Einstein

World Enlighten News, W.E.N.

Helene C. Smith, award-winning author of countless essays, books, poems and a patchwork quilt showing combat photos of the G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney illegal war when he heard voices saying "God told me to commit it."

Monday, November 27, 2017


For years as a performer on the stage I portrayed Nellie Bly in a monologue as Joe Wiegand does today as he impersonates Theodore Roosevelt.  Many people are not familiar with Nellie Bly, other than a song with her name in the title.  She was not a fictional character.  She was real. This is what I told my audiences about this dare-devil woman, a World traveler:

My real name is Elizabeth Jane Cochrane. I added the "e' for distinction or what ever reason. My life's been so long ago I can't remember for sure. I was born May 5, 1864 right near the end of the American Civil War at Apollo Mills, Pennsylvania, Armstrong County along the Kiskiminetas Trail and its River. It was settled in 1790. Thia bituminous coal mine community is 95 percent Caucasian, thre percent American African and no American Indian, even though it was the Kiskiminetas nation who lived here first. In 1895 G. G. McMurry, an iron and steel industrial magnate and its presiden, ran the town.  When I was young my mother dressed me in pick clothing which gave me the nickname "Pink." My father Judge Michael Cochran forced my mother Mary Jane into a rough difficult divorce, sign of the times. He was an abusive husband. When he left we were left  too–quite destitude.  It was a mad, mad world against females, the distaff side. I attended  Indiana Normal School, later a university. But still to this day "Indiana Normal School" is printed on a brick tower, that spells out a big part of the towns's history. I went to the Normal School for one semester. I couldn't afford any more education to become a teacher. My desperate  mother took my younger brother Charles and me to Pittsburgh 35 miles away. There she opened a boarding house with my help. One day I noticed an article n the town Dispatch,"What Are Girls Good for." I wrote a rebuttal letter to the editor and signed it "Little Orphan Girl." Well I told them what I thought in my article and named it "The Girl Puzzle." But the community criticized my words–of course it was the men while the women remained silent with obedience. The managing editor George Madden of the Dispatch responded with an ad to find out who was the orphan. This was followed by his offered me a part-time job, but only if I wrote under the pen name, "Nellie Bly." When he relegated my column's interest the gardening and clothes design section. I refused and resigned. But editor Madden wouldn't give up on me. He sent me on a travelogue tour to Mexico. My brother then became my mother's partner in running the family boarding house. My articles, instead of describing that nation's beautiful places for sight seeing, scathingly criticized the Mexican government. The response filled up the Dispatch news room. I especially reported President Porfirio Diaz was a "tyrannical czar suppressing the Mexican peope and the press. I was thretened with arrest but managed to leave that country and returned home. My articles were titled, "Six Months in Mexico."  In 1897 after four months of literary rejection, my next move was to New York City where I thought there would be more opportunity for my writing that was beginning to sound like a career in journalism. A working girl has to look out for her self in a man's World ever since Neanderthal days when men lived in caves and pulled their women around by their hair on fire. At least that's how I envisioned it. Someone once said I was too creative. Meanwhile I brazenly found the office of John Crockeran. His secretary said he was at a meeting. I didn't believe her.  I may have been young naive but I had street sense. I conjured up enough nerve to open the door to his office.  My hunch was right. There was no  meeting,  He was alone finishing a bran muffin and coffee.  He a chair and even gave me some of his lunch.  I suddenly realized I hadn't eaten before setting out on my journey. I could at last try to relax as he told me about his boss Joseph Pulitzer and how he demanded perfection among his employees.  I was so excited . My heart was beating more than a marching band.  I hoped he couldn't hear it in this New York World Newspaper office  But what startled me the most were his words.  "I have a lot on my mind right now. We're looking for some man to claim insanity to get into Blackwell Island Insane Asylum. But before I could think and he could react, I blurted out, "Oh, I can do it!  I can do it!"  He practically got down on his knees.  "I can't tell you how much this means.  You can fulfill the month assignment–to investigate and possibly expose this institution for our next big story. We've been hearing horrifying rumors. If we sent some of our staff to look into it, the hospital authoritarians would clean up their act and we'd never witness what really goes on behind closed doors." Yee gods, I gasped to myself, what did I just say? –a purely rhetorical statement right off my worn cuff. I knew this wouldn't be an easy task. Before I knew it I was transported to the hospital there. He told me the hospital would provide me with clothes. Yes. I imagined, a white straight jacket! The editor added, "And whatever you need. the hospital they would give you."  That, too, was questionable. The first thing I learned was. no one asked me to fill out a form saying I wasn't insane.  In those days this was an easy way for a family to get rid of an unwanted member.  They took me into the filthiest building I've ever was in.  It smelled like a zoo.  I soon found out it had rotten food, too. I encountered men, women and children physically and mentally being abuses.  It was so sad, These desperate people were wrapped in white with their arms tied behind them for the convenience of the staff. The doctors and nurses in dingy white uniforms treated inmates roughly and with no respect. I spent the first night talking with a poor woman who had better sense than the employees. She told me her life story of torment, trying to fight off her family that put her there. She told me how she was beaten and man-handled–even raped.  She was so pitiful, as she could hardly speak with tears rolling down her cheeks.  In the mornings she was dead.  After what seemed like a month, began to wonder if I'd ever get out of this rat net with the patents more sane than the workers.  I immediately experienced brutality when a worker told me to remove my clothes and tgeb pushed me into a cold shower and poured a bucket of freezing water over my head,  I spent the nights quickly writing in my journal and managed to sleep during the days, which was fine with the warped establishment since I stayed out of their way. Then in my own desperate mind wondering if I'd ever see daylight again, an agent of the World came for me.  After handing my manuscript, Ten Days in a Mad-House, to editor Madden, the next day the news of this corrupt institution hit the streets of New York City with a tone of bricks. After New Yorkers read the healines,  immediate reform took action about mad-house asylums,  In America these cr;uel hospitals were re-named mental institutions instead. It was a rude awakening.  By 1889 I had earned my stripes as a female journalist.  At  that time Joseph Pulitzer sent we me around the Wold to beat Jules Verne's book Around The World In 80 Days.  Actually I suggested the idea of a trip around Earth. Phileas Fogg was the fictional man who accomplished this feat. Meanwhile after stepping onto the ship Augusta Victoria, with me in my black and white gillie hat and checkered suit, I was on my way among shouts of bon voyage.  Women in those days had to travel with escorts since their bags were too heavy. I only carried two small satchels. Eventually I made my way to  England, Egypt,  Singapore, Hong Kong, Penyang and Japan. In France I met with Jules Verne who said, "I hope you beat my fictional trip in 80 days."  It was a challenge like I never had before.  This was especially difficult since I bought a money in Singapore. By the way when I got home he emptied my cupboards and broke every dish in my house. I returned through San Francisco with a welcome ticker tape greeting. But so much for Joseph Pulitzer's demand for perfection of his employees. His imperfect treatment of me, never paid me for the trip, even though his circulation of the World newspaper increased substancously.  He said the cost of the miraculous journey was my salary for the World foe 72 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes and 13 seconds! In the after math my name appeared on trading cards, board games and Pulitzer even had fun with people betting on how long my trip would take. I wrote a book recording my adventure. For the next three years I wrote articles for the World about corrupt police, the violent Pullman labor strike and I interviewed Susan B. Anthony, suffragette. In 1895 I married Robert Seaman, owner of the Ironclad Manufacturing Industry. After he died in 1904 I faced bankruptcy from poor management and fraud of employees thinking they could take advantage of a woman. And they did.  However in 1914, the time of World War I, I became a war correspondent. I tell these information since if you don't blow your own horn, no one else will. Around that time Arthur Brisbane hired me to write for the Hearst Newspaper, The Evening Journal.  When I died in January 27, 1922, when Pharaoh Tutankhamun's burial site was discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings.  Hearst Newspaper published my obituary headline saying "NELLIE BLY WAS THE BEST REPORTER IN AMERICA.

World Enlightened News,W.E.N.
Helene C. Smith, who portrays Nellie Bly in a monoloque

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Dear Ones,
This essay on my blog urges America to revive quintessential necessity to ban war, that causes endless thousands of refugees.  Everyone fears bombs of terrorism dropping in them.  Everyone who cares about peace and equality must have protestors. Even cartoonist designs takes off on war aggression through humor–not ha ha but funny how everyone wants to end World wars, except for rich weaponry and munition producers. War is often extreme nationalism that borders on fascism. If Jesus of Nazareth in Syria, where he grew up, would return to Earth he would be ostracized for what he said according to the New Testament, "Blessed are the peacemakers (Matthew 5:9) for they shall be called  the children of God."  But in Syria today children have lost their childhood to the trauma  and terrorism of war all done in the name of God-real news, not fake.  Outlaw wars! Selling arms to other nations keeps the wars roaring and blazing.  There never was a great war. Millions of bombs and missiles don't win war and their terrible aftermaths.  Politicians used to talk about peace without conquest as they "praised the Lord and passed the ammunition." During the Vietnam War women marched to stop the war. Where are the women today?  Are they under the spell of aggression as it is in the the G.W. Bush Afghanistan War of 200l and the Iraqi War of 2003.  He prided himself as a war president. War activists defy civilization and murder civilians with collateral damage, a euphemism for drones and other dragons of war making babies and children cry out in horror. Even women in Fallujah, Iraq are still afraid to become pregnant since they have been carpet bombed by toxic, radioactive weapons causing gross malformations. But the media isn't permitted to announced this satanic evil of poisonous emissions, as G.W.Bush wouldn't allow caskets of thousands of soldiers being returned to their loved ones.  Richard Nixon ended the draft. And now only one per cent of today's youths volunteer their lives for sacrifices on battlegrounds and war zones.  And many youths who join to be trained to kill are those from poverty and suffering.  Combat armed forces who have seen the gore of war seldom talk about.combat or have caused corruption such as in Vietnam when some troops disgracefully burned innocent families alive in their straw huts just to torment the non-combatants. Ban nuclear bombs and radioactive missiles since war combatants handling the  dangerous weapons.  Disarm to pay national debt swelling to burst and use funds for education instead.  Cultivate your garden instead of wars.  Turn your bombs into plowshares.  There's no longer a choice in war.  Munitions have become monsters of burn and scorch explosions and death to Earth and all forms of life, as in Vietnam with Agent Orange. Thousands of satellites are documenting the only planet we know that has life on it,  And from outer space we witness bombs being dropped in urban combat zones as children and babies and youths trained to kill one another soak Earth with their blood.

World Enlightened News, (NO DELIGHT) W.E.N.
Author of Songbird Angels For International Peace

Friday, November 24, 2017


During the Catholic Inquisition innocent people were tortured on racks until they obeyed church dogma. There was no choice. Give in or die. What a lovely history. Please excuse the sarcasm. It began from my childhood when a friend's priest claimed "Only Catholics will go to heaven. And we all know the the rest of the story. This is satanic child abuse pegging one friend against another for no reason other than ignorance and lack of knowledge about World history. Muslims who were targeted in the Crusades and were advanced scholars are currently now killing many of their own people. Where are the reformers?  I thank God ever day that I don't have to go to church.

Helene C. Smith, World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Author of Mark Twain and Me and essay "What You Always Wanted to Know About Religion But Were Afraid to Ask"   


Dear Ones,

President John Adams signed this treaty, the highest law of the land, in 1796 and ratified the next year.  This important document states:

"The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion." Colonists were on the run from Europe to escape from the forced clutches of the Church of England. They fled to America for freedom against religion especially during centuries of Catholic popes torturing to death people who didn't adhere to the all-male club dogma of mythology. The asylum in rhe U.S. was welcome relief in the belief of "To each his own."  Ironically English Puritan's escaped from Europe persecution and turned around and persecuted the Quakers. These bigoted newcomers cut the Quakers ears off, forced them to attend church every Sunday, had to pay a church tax and males weren't recognized as free men.  They denied them any employment.  They were pegged as "blasted heretics. Yet at Thanksgiving time in America Puritans are honored at the festive feast  table in grand style.  THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IS QUINTESENTIAL.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N
Helene C. Smith, auhor of  essay What You Often Wondered About Christianity But Were Afraod To Ask


Thursday, November 23, 2017


Dear Ones,

May we be forever grateful that we believe. We have the well-earned right to believe in human rights and what we believe is truth. Joy and happiness to all through precious freedom of choice.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene C. Smith, a believer in the goodness of humanity that trumps those who have lost their way and commit evil acts from ignorance as their lust is power and control

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


After eons of time for the World to be conditioned and programmed in unbalanced rights, the female gender has had to fight for equal rights. No more dragging women by their hair on fire for ritual pyre fuel . However, due to man's endless wars of sacrificing youths through superstition and fear we still have battlefield and urban war war zones, Remember Abraham almost killed his son as an offering to his war god. Did he ask Sarah for permission to burn their son to death?  It's now over time for women to take the lead as they team up with peaceful men.  In general women adamantly oppose sacrificing thier sons and daughters to futile foreign civil war proxy aggression. Besides, all this slaughter that has nothing to do with freedom and democracy. We already have these precious posssions. It's the same old centuries of three related persuasions still trying to kill one another off as they each claim World superiority under what they call their war dog gods.  Meanwhile, back to the present time with the exposure of male sex harassment against the distaff side, this is bad enough.  But what about dangerous threats with power nations maintaining arsenals of stored nuclear bombs and HAARP tampering with nature to make drastic weather and climate change warfare?  Threats in the wrong hands are the epitome of evil. As President Trump said, "Perhaps we should get rid of all nuclear bombs!" And other threats of nuclear missiles that can deform babies with milling arms and legs, too–increasing as corporate industrial warfare depends on aggression for life-long sacrifices of youths. .

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene C. Smith, author of Songbird Angels For International Peace

Monday, November 20, 2017


Such a fact is not rewriting history. It is history! The fake most controversial U.S. president stooped even lower when he illegally attacked, invaded and occupied Iraq in 2003. Ashes from the Twin Towers were still being swept up after 4000 people died with some jumping to their deaths from International Trade Center windows.  For his first eight months as president he was on vacation golfing, fishing and hunting ducks. During this time he ignored threats to "get U.S. bases out of Saudi Arabia or be attacked" while not listening to foreign news alerts that the same nation was training members of Osama bin Laden men to fly planes into U.S. buildings. Most of the actual planes were flown by Saudis as 24 members of that dysfunctional family were with G. W. as quests on the hill who were discussing an oil pipeline in Afghanistan, a two-nation coalition. Although all flights were immediately cancelled, the  imposter  ordered that his business friends, the Saudi family, flee immediately with no one to stop them. The oil-war crimes of "bring em' on' G. W. Bush are real. The irony is he was against helping to stop environmental global warming but Al Gore would have opposed the sky heater HAARP too–together with no attack on Iraq with its after affects and fallout still haunting Earth. What a paradox of evil. And why did his family buy 100.000 acres in a remote region in Paraguay?  It is a perfect hideaway for those committing war crimes, as the Nazis did when they escaped to South America. And what about Grandpa Prescott Bush making the family fortune through Nazi ties?  G.W. Bush is also a sex harasser on the Hill. 

"An American war against Iraq is not justified by any imminent threat to the United States nor does it have the backing of the United Nations Security Council.  An American war against Iraq without explicit authority from the United Nations is flatly illegal."–United States Security Council

"Let it not be said that people in the United States did nothing when the U.S. government declared a war without limit and instituted stark new measures of repression."–from 'Not in our name' statement of conscience against war with Iraq"

World Enlightened News, W. E.N
Author, certified historian of Songbird Angels For Inrernational Peace

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Baby elephants mourn their mothers who die in misery. The poachers are the villains whose greedy eyes see only ivory. Elephants have larger brains than the hunters. Intelligence means more than bullets of greed.

World Enlghtened News, W.E.N.
Author of essay, Songbird Angels for International Peace and poem The Real Elephants in the Living Room

Friday, November 17, 2017


This controversial near Anchorage, Alaska falsely claims to be for study ofta the auora borealis night sky lights but eau contraire!"  HAARP also has a facility in Puerto Rico with the same kind of heating antennas and elsewhere. This is one of the the latest devices for drastic weather and climate change gone berserk. Man found out that atomic and hydrogen bombs are almost impossible to get rid of, especially since they becomes political. Now HAARP, manipulating nature, may not be reversible. It is disruptive to humanity and wildlife such as migratory flocks of birds losing their way from  man changing nature. Such a perilous concept of tampering with nature needs to have years of research before it is ue  But used it it. Already it has been  proven to trigger hurricanes, tornadoes. earthquakes and wild out-of-control electrical storms. Nature's disasters are bad enough, but when man monkeys with such powerful nature it can boomerang and hit us where it matters.  I am speaking out on behalf of my own children, grandchildren and all young people who have chosen to sacrifice their lives to accommodate a man's world of futile aggression versus diplomacy and communication among countless cultures, religiosity and ideologies. As Mark Twin wrote "To hell with wars!" and as ancient Virgil said, "There is no safety in war."

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene C.. Smith author of Songbird Angels For International Peace and poetry about the history of elephants now on the way to being extinct through cruelty, The Real Elephant in the Living Room

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Dear Ones,

But noe of us need man-made climate warfare. What we don't know can kill all forms of life. Responsible people must know the truth kept from us, the secrets of nature being manipulated with warfare fall out making many of us and of  the Vietnam and Iraqi wars, when Agent Orange herbicide and toxic carpet bombing caused a huge increase of birth defects. Now Earth is being bombarded by another type of warfare. It began during the horrid Vietnam War with the secret extension of that aggression into Cambodia and Laos.  Clouds were seeded along the Ho Chi Ming trail to force the natural monsoon season to rain so much it became mud ruts and supplies couldn't get through to the opposing side. The same road was carpet bombed, with Laos ending up with so much scrap metal that it's main industry is war metal–the smallest nation to historically be bombed the most, along with Cambodia. Remember the little Saigon girl running on the road naked when her clothes were burned off of her? There were so many un-exploded bombs on the ground that the women dangerously had to risk their own lives in saving their children even today.  During this secret war crime many of the mothers and children died when.bombs exploded before they could be detonated. A lot of time has passed since this inhumanity and even more new warfare manipulation of Mother Nature has reached military genocide. Whistle blower brave Edward Snowden exposed these war crimes that are documented. He is known as a traitor by some, but in exposing this hidden war crime he has been made a pariah as he alerted Americans to a large scale deception that is causing peril to all forms of life on Earth, the only planet we know of having life on it. This includes a gross increase of wild weather, climate change, earthquakes and floods what we are are witnessing especially in Puerto Rico where man-made electo-magnetic laser radio beam antennas are disrupting nature. Meanwhile the media and public have become complacent to tampering with nature that could also affect wildlife and patterns of bird migration. We already witness great flocks of birds who have fallen to their deaths.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.


Dear Obes

Now it's time for the youngest of the Semitic turn their bombs and missiles into plowshares. ISIS is no longer tolerated. The tired World is sick from the use of weapons of massive devastation and its stored arsenals of toxic chemical radioactive bombs and atomic missiles  ready with a red button to threaten one another and eventually annhilate. This noose of genocide hanging over our heads is killing us all with cancers of all kinds. Our beautiful Earth itself is exploding from earthquakes and drastic climate change.  It is time that women and gays who are more interested in creative arts instead of destructive aggression, to step forward. Wars have brought nothing but misery, especially against youths and babies.  It's time the militant stop picking on young people and open the door for the distaff side to heal Earth, because it cares.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene C. Smith, author of Songbird Angels For International Peace, global song lyrics against bully wars

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Dear Ones,

It's enough of a catastrophe that the mothers of Fallujah, Iraq are still giving birth to gross malformed babies from carpet bombing that caused loss of arms, legs,  two-headed infants and organs hanging out of their little bodies. But another horrid secret is that combat parents that handle toxic chemicals and radioactive bombs and missiles often grieve from their babies born still born, war children with severe maladies that are generational. This truth is seen on TV with many of these youths hobbling along with artificial limbs like miniature wounded soldiers.  However, no one wants to witness the truth. These deformities are hidden from the eyes of the public. In a war economy such dreadful sights must never be see, according to some people.  They are unpatriotic according to the insensitive mind. It was G. W. Bush hearing voices in head "from God," who didn't allow coffins of soldiers coming back to American soil to be seen on TV. This woman harasser illegally invaded, attacked and occupied the sovereign nation of Iraq resulting in countless deaths and dreadful suffering as he got away with war crimes. This non-enlightening time is still ruthlessly going on as many veterans, too, are against wars that often are proxy. They know the truth.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Author of Songbird Angels For International Peace, World-wide musicians' lyrics against wars

Monday, November 13, 2017


Dear Ones,

WW I and WWII were supposed to end World wars. In the meantime, young people are attending church less and less, perhaps except for the home-schooled. Many times youths enjoy the modern songs and melodies in the services since the love of music is universal.  In America they see nation-wide roadside billboards claiming there's  only one way to be saved. They are tired of rival religious fighting about which one is the bully general of the globe. The most aggressive of the related  "Big Three Religions" claim unique absolute dominance like in the Catholic Inquisition of torture of many centuries.  Fortunately this power has been harnessed and Pope Francis is historically bought the most modern progressive in the name of human equality. Of course we have been programmed and conditioned to the religion we were born into. If we were conceived within another religion, that persuasion would be our inheritance. Today astute young people are more into spiritual enlightenment. This is evolutionary and revolutionary. Together with this trend there is only one percent of young people who sign up to sacrifice their minds and bodies for war lords, as G. W. Bush said "God told me to attack Iraq where women today are still afraid to bring deformed babies in the the world resulting from toxic carpet bombing in Fallujah.  Patriotism is leaning for the end of wars. Through ongoing foreign and civil and proxy wars the cost is not worth the grief, even veterans of futile foreign wars have formed Veterans Against Wars.  I love America for its democracy and freedom, but not for the deaths and suffering of youths. Wars cause millions of homeless refugees, too–a global damnation itself.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Author of Cry Out For Peace and Songbird Angels.Angels For International Peace

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Dear Onea,
There's no question about the historical fact that religiosity is the wizard lurking behind sectarian hatred  stemming back to Bible times. The Semitic three faiths related to Abraham have been at each others throats since their very beginning. Each branch seeks World-wide dominance such as seen on billboards across the nation with one persuasion claiming "Jesus is the only God, the only way for life everlasting."  "Christ, Jesus didn't even know the meaning of the word "Christ!"  He like his fellow Jews were looking for a Messiah to save the World. The good shepherd was not a warrior. He blessed the peace-makers of the World. He didn't write anything down for posterity, like Socrates whom Plato recorded his words  It was Pharisee Saul-Paul who took advantage of the good words of prophet Jesus of Nazareth, a city known as the Arab capitol of Israel. It was Paul who wrote and was influenced by others against his own people.  He authored most of the New Testament that falsely condemns Hebrews for killing Jesus, propaganda for the future Holocaust. Traditionalist Jews to this day resent Paul's egotistical action to start his own religion and build his first church in Antioch, former Greek-Roman city in ancient Syria, now in Turkey.  God help us all in a chaotic world where the three big related religions continue to hold the World captive between cross-fire of hatred that leads to wars of violence and terrorism.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene C. Smith, author  of Songbird Angeles For International Peace, lyrics of global musicians for harmony instead of religious wars

Monday, November 6, 2017


Dear Ones,

At that time the Florida governor made sure thousands of African Americans didn't get to vote. Governor Jeb Bush ordered the state police to stop cars of African Americans near the polls to delay their votes, especially in the "Black" and Jew neighborhoods where the majority of votes were going for vice-president . This fraudulent history is pertinent today when Russia is blamed for manipulating the most recent U.S. election.  This sort of interference at the polls was done here at home. If we want to prohibit tampering with foreign presidential elections, how about cleaning up our own back porch. I love America, but consistency of  human rights provides equality in politics across the game of war.

World Enlightened News,W.E.N.
Helene C. Smith, author of Songbird Angels For World Peace, global lyrics of songwriters against futile wars


Dear Ones,

For decades Americans have debated  automatic assault weapons for non military citizens. It's over time for the arguments to end.  Before any more savage gun massacres occur in the United States we must surely realize by now for the safety of us all gun safety must include training especially for those in public places where crowds of people gather.  Gun store owners and gun shows must be held responsible for vicious multiple deaths since they often don't check to see the culprits to-be mental health and bad track record of their background. In the most recent slaughter in Texas it was the Air Force that neglected to do their enforcement regarding gun laws

On the other hand with all church members armed with guns, in a shoot-out, would turn the United States back to the old wild West–regression that only outlaws would want. This might be good for the movies, but not for real life that is violent enough.  

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene C, Smith, author of Songbird Angels For International Peace, lyrics of world-wide musicians singing and playing instruments for global harmony

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Dear Ones,

We live but for a moment in time, Alfie.  Why waste time and money of taxpayers on the graft and crimes of others when we are in the same deceitful sinking boat when we too hack into other nation's campaigns for president.  Love, kindness and equality for all are the only way for international success while being firm on our own rights and others.  Don't do to others what you don't want done to you. Songwriter Burt Bacharach of Alfie understands how our own heinous crimes boomerang back to us in revenge.  The nation that stops this insidious behavior is the winning leader.  I love America, but tricky politicians who pull the United States down by the nickname "ugly." are the culprits. Nations  must not manipulate and interfere with foreign presidential campaigns. America has a long history of political meddling in other nations' presidential campaigns.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene, author of Entire Songbird Angels For International Peace, World-wide lyrics of musicians for harmony given freely on Internet

Friday, November 3, 2017


Dear Ones,

The Chinese with the knowledge of Greek fire, tried to make human beings immortal.  But they invented a mistake instead.  They cane up with gun powder.  Ever since mortality from the beginning of  man,  youth deaths march on as they are sacrificed for political aggression. They are treated as pons in a chess game of war. Their sacrifices are the most numerous and are the weakest in this board game. But in real life the young combatants are the strongest with their administrations weak from failure to negotiate peace. Prior to the horrible American Civil War between the North and the South,  England through Parliament declared slavery illegal–as they avoided a similar war from happening. During the Civil War, 1861-1865, the production of gun powder was made from bat droppings (guano) in caves where this waste material in semi-darkness glistened like diamonds. on the ceilings of caves. Then suddenly a soldier ran inside and shouted "The War's over!  The workers immediately dropped their shovels and ran outside to celebrate. They left their hoppers where they still stand today, unmoved in a West Virginia location that seceded from Virginia in 1863.  This battle site  called Organ Cave now provides an exciting tour to vacationers. The Union was kept completely in the dark as the Confederates made gun powder in this hideaway. As extraordinary large, high entrance to this cave was General Robert E. Lee's secret  headquarters.

Cordite is smokeless gun powder,  But in today's World there is an excess surplus of smoking and non-smoking guns killing the innocents.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene, author of Entire Songbird Angels For Peace, World-wide lyrics of musicians for international harmony

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Dear Ones,

If we lead a good life based on values of kindness, love of human beings, respect for animals, honesty and equality in the rights of man, short for human, the deity within us is great.  Those who kill the innocent can  kiss Paradise goodbye! God is great when the deities in our minds are great.  Damaged youths early in life can become robots following satanic evil by older damaged robotic brains, a circle of chicanery and crime.

"Out of the night that covers me, black as the pit from pole to pole I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquered soul. . . .  It  matters not how strait the gate, nor charged with punishments the srcoll, I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul?'–Invictus, William Ernest Henley  No child is bor in sin.

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene, author of Entire Songbird Angels For Peace, World-wide lyrics of musicians for international harmony versus endless futile wars

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


 Dear Ones,

This is how I began my blog in 2014. Now near the end of my journey I shall address you once more as "dear ones."  After all today the World's leading Semitic religions are still killing one another out of primitive revenge carried over from Biblical times.  But let me be specific.  Come gather around. I'm sorry I don't have chairs for you all. So I too shall sit on Mother Earth, a good contact for every one.  We can sit together as the sun sets under a scarlet swirling sky..  At this time I shall tell you a story that began with Jewish Abraham.  It reminds me of a more modern history of the Hatfields and the McCoys, an annual outdoor musical held for decades in Pipestem State Park in West Virginia at Grandview Cliftside Amphitheater where we watched a dramatized show on a natural stage. Here my husband and I took our five children on a vacation where we saw thrilling entertainment. The story opens on a natural setting with men riding horses over a hill in direct view as we sat under a starlight sky to see the history of this feuding family dramatized.

But getting back to the Abraham story that has a different plot within a different culture.  It took place around 4000 years ago.  Abraham was married to Sarah, but so far they had no children.  Now in a man's world at that time, he took on a concubine named Hagar.  This leader of his people loved Sarah, but he also loved Hagar in a sexual way.  A very old story.  In the course of time she gave birth to Ishmael.  Human nature being what it is, Sarah was angry and jealous at the same time.  She told her husband that no son of Abraham would ever own his property, now land covering what today is Israel and Palestine. It would be traditionally rare that a woman's voice was heard in those archaic days. But even today extremist men would relish the emotion of this ancient woman, with her voice making such a far-reaching audience..

The history of the Semitic Christian New Testament is also interesting. Paul of Tarsus Asia Minor (now in Turk. In reallity this book was forced upon the Jews that didn't believe Jesus was the Messiah. Paul (Jewish name Saul) wrote in his letters that Jews killed Jesus as he peppered much of the New Testament with derogatory remarks about Jews in his published letters to the people at that time.  Some historians link these demeaning remarks as preliminary fuel that targets Jews for the heinous Holocaust. In the meantime the Catholic Christian Inquisition lasted for centuries as innocent people were burnedalive at the stake for nor accepting man-made dogma–these sites are marked with plaques to this day all over Europe.

During all this ancient history the Muslim faith was tired of hearing about Christians and Jews fighting over their own related religion.   So the last branch of the Semitic persuasion, the Muslims, through the descendants of Ishmael, through their leader Muhammad, rose up as the third Semitic branch of this family religion. Today extemist fanatics, as in the Catholic Inquisition, are chopping off heads of their family opposion as their newly formed ISIS and the Taliban. They are  copying bad behavior of their family members in the past. We all need to lighten the load of World-wide religious  violence and terrorism as absolutists preach and push for their own family branch to rule Earth and all its people. 

World Enlighened News, W.E.N.
Helene, author of Entire Songbird Angels For International Peace,