Thursday, April 24, 2014


Dear Ones,

When a pope talks directly to the common man he follows Jesus  of Nazareth regarding love for all. The poets have long said love conquers everything. The down-to-Earth teaching of Pope John Paul II and present Pope Francis is very similar–with their hearts more for the people than man-made dogma.

It's a relief after hearing the daily shooting report that there is good news.  Pope Francis is following the footsteps of Jesus. It was biblical Paul, senior writer of the New Testament, who cursed the Hebrew people in his writing and lectures.  He also put a curse on women that lasts to this day.

This Pharisee who persecuted Jesus did not like women or was afraid of them. Perhaps it was something his mother said or did.  Regardless, he ranted in frequent verses of the N. T. that men should not marry women–unless they "burn."  No doubt he meant "hot" in today's world.  It was Paul who initiated celibacy in his churches–what denied men their natural inherent function and forced those who joined the ranks to not have conjugal rights.  Since this is a church rite that defies nature, some men abuse  boys when natural inherent rights are taken from men.

Paul, as a misogynist who did not like women, wouldn't even talk with them. A good man with the highest position in the R.C. Church talks directly with the people, including women.  Pope Francis is a good man.  Nurturing women in a patriarchal society who have been persecuted and abused for all the centuries of mankind, are more impressed with a man like this pope than the highest rank of men in any child-deforming war.