Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Dear Ones,

We all are fortunate to live on  beautiful Earth–capitalized as all other planets get respect, too–the only heavenly body we know in the entire universe that has life on it.  How lucky can we get!

But it is so sad that man continues to blow up Earth and contaminates our home, our sole sustenance–land, sea and air.  It would be dangerous for any modern-day alien from outer space to land on Earth with our  endless poisonous explosions detectable to unknown eyes.  We are so very conditioned to killing our fellow men that our archaic brains are hard wired to fixating on bigger and more powerful bombs instead of focusing on renewable energy such as the sun, the savior of us all, and peaceable negotiation. What really is urgent is research on how to deflect  asteroids  from  hitting Earth.

International Law and International Criminal Court were founded to prosecute leaders of errant nations, not  entire countries!  And this means all warmongers.  No corrupt leader breaking these laws should get a free break in committing illegal wars using lethal chemical, radioactive munitions. Any law that is not enforced is as worthless as a three dollar bill.  We should shout for joy that our present administration is not chomping at the bit for more war as reckless leaders did in the past.