Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Dear Ones,

We are all chosen peoples because we are here on Earth.



We are human beans, exraordinarily so.
Scientists espouse we are all connected by threads,
String beans united in a universal web.
Where the sky beds down with the sea,
And mountains like gigantic picture puzzles,
Merge with the clouds on high.
Total life–human, animal and plant–
We are linked at the same level,
In a big pot of vegetable stew,
A sacred brew all in one.
Nature and man–short for human–
Beans we are–perhaps a spark of the divine.
Not owning beautiful Earth,
But Earth instead owning us,
As we return to our birth mother,
Her loving arms like swaying branches,
Claiming us for her very own.
Immortality–said Socrates
Is for every soul, so know thyself, thy own destiny.
Not held in reserve for the special few,
Who pay homage to absolutist exclusivity,
But for all human beans,
From under a white blanket of snow,
In the nostalgia of past melting springs,
Produce pale blossoms, fragrant and new,
Palms and soles of our feet, all the same hue
Human beans start over again, a little smarter than before,
To begin an endless cycle all over again.