Saturday, April 19, 2014


Any loose nuke can be put back in bottle and corked. All scorpions in that bottle  assure each other of mutual, total destruction–the words of Robert Oppenheimer, director of the nuclear bomb Manhattan Project and chairman of General Advisory Committee of Atomic Energy.

Dear Ones,

Even the very nuclear physicists and mathematicians who invented nuclear bombs were horrified by them and did not advise using them–not even in retaliation.

Matt Taibbi, recent guest on Bill Maher Real Time,  and included in my blog "Angels of Peace," is a journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine and Mens Journal.  He stood out as a brilliant knight in shining armor.  He asked why do we always talk about invading someone?– prompted by the mentality of a Congressional politician on the show who lethally advocated using nuclear bombs for revenge–what the nuclear bomb inventors themselves advised against! We already did that and in shock and awe found out the deadly threat to Earth and all life. When any nation invades another nation it always causes bomb attack, explosions, death and occupation. As, Michael Franti of  Spearhead  musicians said, "You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace."

Edward Teller, co-father of the hydrogen bomb with Stanislaw Ulam, invented a backyard bomb.  It was never produced since it was too heavy to move–the ultimate in megatons.  If such a monster was detonated in place, it would destroy the entire Earth, man's only sustenance. (man is short for human) Warmonger politicians are the greatest threat to the third planet from the sun. Their lust for bigger and more powerful ammo is not only illegal but maddening to sane minds.  A new rule needs to be made–anyone making, storing or threatening with these unlawful, child-deforming monsters are war criminals of genocide. Destroy the bombs before they destroy us all.  All it takes are powerful religio-politicians of madness, "in God's name," to trigger an all-out nuclear war.

The world will always require brave service forces for aiding those from  freakish natural disasters and atrocious atrocities caused from needless aggression and greed.

And remember, you all are my dear ones–even when uninformed,