Monday, April 21, 2014

THE THEATER OF WAR–Endless War Economy


–Endless War Economy­­­

Draconian, satanic combat fuels international theater of war, as its choking greenhouse emissions smother Earth on land, sea and air.  War departments are dependant on war economies versus peace defense–the sharper the weapon, the more grotesque the blow back. Revenge keeps wars in circles of fire.

Genocidal ammo genetically deadly in the DNA aborts and deforms babies the world over, especially among soldiers handling toxic, irradiated munitions. So let's keep shooting ourselves in the foot as we dance the steps that take us to war!

Dear ones, war that is the world's grossest gas-guzzler and serial killer fuels all the evils in Pondoras's Box. Because combat soldiers and others suffer from mental anguish, traumatic stress and brain damage from explosions, the Pentagon produced a film, The Theater of War, in 2008 during the George W. Bush administration that escalated an illicit war with blanket-bomb slaughter mostly non-combatants, such as the tragedy of Fallujah, Iraq.

If this contrived movie of ancient Greco-Roman warfare was as successful as the military proclaimed, why are war-torn, wounded warriors, physically and mentally scarred for life, as suicides among them increased even more than ever before­­–now number one killer in the U.S.?

Another Pentagon "Patriots" movie also produced under the Bush administration in 2008 at the cost of untold millions of dollars forced on taxpayers was an extravaganza under the roar of war marches.

I witnessed this obscenity in the old Civic Arena in Pittsburgh.

War propaganda was literally flying around with paratroopers in parachutes dropping by ropes from the ceiling among tanks, war machines and helicopters. This machismo propaganda was like the cirque du soleil on steroids and testosterone–all aflame in red, white and blue fireworks–my country right or wrong–might is right versus President Lincoln's right is might. 

This outlandish display of khaki camouflage netting and recruiters tool place outside and inside, with soldiers told to  hand out colored brochures for young people to become combatants.  This farce was produced all over the U.S. with enough flag waving to start a tsunami.

The "entertainment" was staged to support uncivilized Bush wars in the Cradle of Civilization–Mesopotamia.  Combat soldiers have seen the elephant. They know what war is.  It's about being maimed for life and having your best buddies killed.  Veterans come together in camaraderie to overcome the feeling of being alone in suffering from war.

Instead of propaganda from the Pentagon, these astute war soldiers have formed their own anti-war groups who help combat soldiers cope with war distress and trauma.

If a movie portrays war honestly non-combatants will especially wake up without needing an alarm clock. War veterans now have a very affective way to counteract the theater of war that made them victims–veterans against war.  I have talked with many of them while playing a fife in Veterans' Day parades for decades–with many fife and drummers being veterans themselves.

Corporate government funding is quintessential to cover needs for healing mentally and physically through professional medical and psychological consultants as well as employment for the aftermath turmoil of aggression–more important than costly films to put war poverty in a good light.

The real drama in the theater of war is set on a stage of many actors, starting with those calling for war and federal industrial war corporations producing the lethal ammo.

The government in all its branches makes the rules of war with flag-waving patriots in ra-ra rhetoric, as the bully pulpit on every street corner wraps its doors and alters in bunting while its masters of war hear voices saying, "This I do in God's name." 

And above and beyond, there are also those giving perks to keep wars moving onward, a help with recruiting as well.  Nurses, doctors without borders trying to save young people in the throes of war, as well as those in other humane careers helping people aren't treated with the same respect.

There is another drama written about the theater of war, an epic first introduced in 1939, but rarely seen in the United States. This became the most popular anti-war production of its time.  In 1996 this play, Mother Courage and Her Children, was produced again. The playwright, Bertolt Brecht, wrote this drama while in exile from Nazi Germany to portray the devastation and blindness of wars and how people profit from them.

Mother Courage, portrayed by Meryl Streep, takes advantage of naive young soldiers and reveals atrocities of older mercenaries. The plot is drawn from the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) fought over rival religion between the Roman Catholic Church and the protesting Protestants.

Brain manipulating war video games also produced by the war department, its original name, to recruit soldiers and practice skills of shooting, comes with WARNINGS on their labels–"may alter the minds of those playing the games"–as gun violence is subliminally programmed into young minds.

Albert Einstein wrote, "It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but murder."  But in the theater of any war, the characters that are the real killers are not youths slaying others youths–ingrained programming to kill. 

Combat soldiers who used to fight on ancient battlefield alters of sacrifice now fight on urban street war zones where children and non-combatants are killed–illegal violations of International Law.  Service men now must also endure little kids and babies dying, what compounds their suffering, often overlooked in praise of war.

Einstein also wrote, "I'm not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist.  The pioneers of a warless world are the young people who refuse military service." 

But again, in the theater and game of war it's not brave young soldiers sacrificing their lives that are fault.  War committers out of harms way train and condition youths to kill. Military troops are pons of politicians who have never experienced maddening aggression on the checkerboard of war.

The Bush administration also started a widespread system of unmanned drones that kill non-combatants while targeting those for assassination. Now this new branch in military aggression is ingrained.  Once the olive is out of the jar, the rest come out more easily. Any war device is almost impossible  to remove once it is initiated.  When the camel gets its nose into the flap of the tent, it's in like Flynn.

But behind the curtain, off stage, all adults are the offenders funding international theaters of wars.  Without taxpayer money, the word war would be alien to the world.

So, in war's final hour with Earth succumbing from contaminated waterways and polluted air, we are compelled to pull the curtain down, our only way to survive ongoing Earth-destroying aggression in the theater of war, with the price of the ticket Pyrrhic–not worst its cost.