Thursday, April 17, 2014


Dear Ones,

In every century like a phoenix out of  Earth's burnt ashes of war–a brave voice  rises up and has the guts–in the words of Tom Paine–to expose biblical madness triggering hot explosive wars that in turn cause earthquakes, volcanoes to erupt, tsunamies and poisoned environment through military climate control.

And that voice today is that of Bill Maher whose champions are young people, not old fogies whose minds are imprisoned with violent revenge and blind to truth and the marvels of nature now being blown up by child-deforming, illegal munitions–chemical and radioactive causing cancer and other diseases

These are the times that try mens souls, and especially women's, too, when it comes to aggression with youths programmed to kill youths in warm blood.  In the words of Tom Paine. "I abhor war. It holds  contempt and makes beasts of  men.  War is the worst.  There is nothing on Earth I hate more than war."

Besides  human rights, this activist stressed help for the poor, his own condition for decades.  He also, like Voltaire, was persecuted by an absolutist persuasion whose history includes bloody Crusades (meaning cross) with members ironically killing one another "in God's name" under Pope Urban II and Peter the Hermit and the deadly torturous Inquisition run by the church in cahoots with the power of the government.

That adds up to centuries of abuse for the richest institution to have under its belt! These atrocities send an urgent message for church and state to have a walled fortress between them.  The name Crusader missile and bullets inscribed with  bible messages–transparently made under the former born-again administration–reveal the marriage of the military with religion.

Any talk show host claiming to be another Thomas Paine while spreading lies that defy human rights is an insidious fake who clings to dogmatic rites.