Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Dear Ones,

What makes you lovely?  What makes you handsome?  It's your smile that lights up your entire face and transforms it.  Smile and the world smiles with you. Frown and you frown alone.  Try this experiment  while walking on a street.  Show a gentile smile to the next person you pass.  You don't want to smile too wildly or they'll think you're a crazy nut.  People usually smile back without either of you saying a thing–not even "hi."  When we make someone else happy, we makes ourselves happy, too.


PS One of my pen names is Erin King, author of historical novel, So Circles the Eagle, all about the life of Jedediah Smith who disovered more passes than Lewis and Clark together.  And he didn't have Sacajawea to lead him. According to Smith's picture, he had a nice smile–especially in the days when people rarely smiled for a portrait or photo. I 'm  now finishing its sequel, The Life of JEDEDIAH AFTER SMITH, a true story of Jedediah's son who fought as a mercinary soldier during the Angle-Boer War in South Africa when he was brought back in chains as a Boer pisoner of war.