Thursday, May 1, 2014


Calling people black or white is physically profiling. Black and white are adjectives not nouns. Identification through nationality was in use with no problem before 1755 when one man used the word "race" in place of nationality. At that moment humanity was enslaved by color-coding in a hierarchy of hate.

Dear Ones,

Do we really want to keep race running competitively by calling human beings slaves ever since bigoted founding fathers first put them in chains.  President John Adams and Tom Paine, the chief  writer of the Constitution, denounced slavery. Do we still want to vilify others while at the same time vilifying ourselves.

Yesterday people lynched American Indians and American Africans. Today the real villains are fined millions–disfranchised for good reason–just to rinse the atrocities out of our social system permanently.

Black and white are the most rival non-colors of the four contrived colors to label people. (white  contains all the colors with black devoid of color). Author Pearl Buck chided Americans for pegging Asians as yellow and the world no longer calls First Nations reds, except for Washington, D.C.'s Red Skin football team, business as usual. 

Racism is ingrained in some Americans who can't get over Cristian German Johann Friedrich Blumenbach who labeled people as race in 1755 for the first time.  Four years later he invented the hierarchy that placed "white" on top of the other three categories he color-coded. This action triggered Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party to carry out their atrocious Holocaust.

If only presidents from now on would not call people black.  It is only natural to use words of the administration,  But according to the University of Chicago Press word guide, "black" is no longer in.  And the Associated Press, that most of the world follows, doesn't always check it.  I called one of their journalists and asked him why certain writers still use the word black.  When  he realized this change in the handbook, he thanked me.

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