Sunday, May 4, 2014


Most people have never seen this fascinating insect that resembles a walking tree branch.
If you ever are fortunate to discover a live walking stick and it's in harm's way–such as human traffic–pick it up gently and place it under a tree.

Dear Ones,

Sometimes these sticks are green, but most of the one's I've seen are brown.  Nature, a most wonderful part of Earth, protects these tiny creatures with camouflage colors. Observation in life is very important.

Years ago I wrote a children's story called Walking Stick.  It's unique since it's written for adults to read to young people.  Although a child can not read it, a parent or teacher can read it to children–with all enjoying the experience. The pictures of Walking Stick turns the book into one that can be flipped to see the main character of the story walk.  This is fun for  kids of all ages.

There is special significance about this book, not only because it is one of a kind–the first children's book that children cannot read–but because an adult reading it out loud also gets the benefit of the contents.

This rarity brings a good relationship between youths and adults.  It also gives a refreshing break from constant watching of the TV–what also is good  relief for the eyes of everyone so used to bright flashing lights, especially during ads to keep one's attention.

Walking Stick  also concerns another insect, much tinier than a walking stick.  It's all about small, big and mighty mites.  They all live in a shag rug in the home of humans who never know they are there.  The creatures are herb mites that are harmless and like plants.

The setting of the story starts out on a rainy night when one of the members of the household opens the door to get in.  At that time walking stick makes his entrance, too.  But no one notices.

The plot involves walking stick discovering the village where the miles live within the shag rug.  In the process of meeting several of them, he finds out through conversation that there's going to be a great battle between two fighting factions within the town.  The adventure eventually turns into a battleground experience that no one wants to miss.

On last thing, "War is not healthy for children and other living things."  This was quoted by a woman artist and peace advocate in my essay blog titled Angels for Peace–Zillions of Voices.

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