Tuesday, May 13, 2014


When weapons of massive devastation (WMD) and post dramatic distress trauma (PDT) are abbreviated the real impact looses its punch and becomes robotic within our minds. This psychological intention of the military results in made up names that sound innocuous to meserize the global populace against the real trauma of terrorism as the military trains, conditions and programs soldiers–with some even dying during the stressful process.

Dear Ones,

Ever since man concocted wars, combat soldiers have suffered trauma and brain disorders often ending up as suicides as non-combatant brains are dulled by military machismo.  And all this is often treated by drugs that cause addictions, another problem of war mongering. Fortunately for the world of literature Mark Twain had the sense to leave the bloody battlefield because what he was witnessing was the worst violence and terrorism possible.

War disasters cannot be minimalized turning them into acronyms and glorious descriptions that are the complete opposite.  We must take the "L" out of the fake glory of war. War glorification is for the historical naked emperor and his reigns of terror causing soldiers to fear losing body parts and functions.

Combat stress and trauma means losing your best buddy, too.  It is feeling guilt about killing and being killed in warfare. It means signing military papers that you won't talk about your negative feelings and then going to therapy class and being told to share over and over again with others the deep pain both physically and emotionally–all the horrible experiences from the satanic impact of war. Hopefully early therapy will help combat soldiers, but suicides keep increasing because of human emotions that are deep rooted.

Combat soldiers are also called warriors by army personnel to make them sound like Supepman. They in truth are super men, but they go through hell during war and its aftermath as well–why those who have experienced war–those who have seen the elephant–don't want to be reminded of it.  Although therapy helps, it's the nightmares at night after night keep you in a grip.  And no one can control subconscious nightmares from reocurring in one's dreams.

Rape by soldiers own comrades is also common in wars from the very beginning of conquest and combat. Besides the act of men seeing mostly men, for centuries rape was a way to get back at the so-called enemy–sowing their own cultural, inherent seeds into  opposing forces, the old Trojan Horse deceit.

With the military calling soldiers warriors for support keeps wars going, the results of which are  stashed away in Pandora's Box of war horrors.  If wars would end with serious diplomacy and negotiation in talking to those with differing opinions and complaints, trillions of dollars could be instead used for education that trumps war any time.

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peace and peace of mind