Saturday, May 10, 2014


Reviewed on Bill Maher's Real Time, it is quintessential to know that the CIA immediately reported to the White House the surprise attack in Libya was provoked against a video that angered Muslims enough to take action, which resulted in terrorism.

Dear Ones,

Meanwhile, my recap of the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States was not a surprise.  I saw the TV crawl that announced the threat against U.S. military bases in  Saudi Arabia.  The Bush administration was forewarned directly that something horrifying was going to happen to the most obvious cities–Washington, D.C. and New York–if these occupational bases were not moved ever since the Persian Gulf wars. when they were planted there–at first welcomed but now deplored.  The president ignored the serious warning saying he didn't talk to "the enemy" as he proclaimed God called him to war.

But September 11. 2012 attack against Benghazi was a surprise attack provoked by Muslims action against a video that ridiculed their religion, not only in Benghazi but in other places as well.

The difference in handling the two assaults was–in 2001  Muslims had warned the U.S. with over 4,000 people killed and no investigations.  But the 2012 attack with no warning killed four people  with endless amounts of investiagtion.

Instead of investigating the tragic deaths of Christopher Stevens and three others over and over again, where are the investigations against over 4,000 people tragically killed after the government was forewarned with a drastic threat that in turned caused two illegal, terrorist wars resulting in millions of deaths on both sides–plus deformed babies from chemical and radioactive munitions?

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