Monday, May 5, 2014


International Law (Criminal Court) outlaws lethal chemical/radioactive ammo that genetically causes abortions and birth defects through DNA generation after generation–such as what still happens in Fallujah, Iraq, Afghanistan and to parents of combatants handling these toxic devices worldwide. Women caught in war zones are afraid of pregnancy, as a crippled-for-life world society is obvious.

Dear  Ones,

International Law and International Criminal Court must enforce their justice system laws for the preservation of Earth, what is quintessential for survival of all forms of life.  When  armed forces universally pick on embryos developing in wombs, this satanic warfare must cease and be replaced by diplomacy, serious rhetoric and negotiation through peace departments that bring more safety than war departments.  Fortunately the Obama administration is sincerely striving toward this goal regarding the Ukraine emergency and Russia.
Any nation making, storing, threatening, trading or using illicit weapons of massive devastation must be prosecuted.  Threatening and promising is just as unlawful as bomb attacks that also cause carbon contamination.  All these atrocities erupt in drastic, radical weather–together with secretive climate warfare in Alaska and polar ice melting dangerously a seas are swelling.

Humanity started out with cavemen clubbing one another–a death for a death, according to the law of King Hammurabi of Babylon with his reign ending in 2000 BCE–an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.  Someone once said, it this revenge keeps up all men will be blind and toothless.

Weapons from clubs and slingshots became even more malicious with the passing of time.  A so-called Cold War was fought over use of nuclear weapons including hydrogen bombs.  We are now in a robotic drone and cyber war era that is even more scary.

But what is worse, there is no way to make the world safe from human technology that is detrimental. Today's aggression amounts to  surprise attack in crowded places by suicde bombers.  And there's no way to prevent this action, by its very name.  Surprise!

Proof is in the pudding–September 11, 2001.  If nuclear bombs, the most potent of all, were a deterent against foreign attack, why were Washington, D.C. and New York City blown up with U.S. planes? Following the national tragedy there was no investigation.  And the same administration didn't remove much of it occupying army bases until 2003 and 2009after the horse was stolen from the barn.

The Bush Administration was warned of the threat in writing and a world-wide crawl that went across all TV sets threatening, "If the U.S. doesn't get its foreign military bases out of Saudi Arabia, something drastic will happen to its two main cities."  This was no surprise attack.

At first the military was invited (60,000 personnel and troops) in the Persian Gulf wars but it ended in permanent occupation–not welcome. Yet nothing was done about it. The negligent president said he refused to negotiate or even talk to "enemies." 

Would the U.S. allow such occupational forces, with military bases leaking everything from poisonous child-deforming Agent Orange in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and also dumped in Korea. Nuclear waste dumping is the sign of a run and dump age. In the U.S. the same nuclear waste has polluted First Nation reservations. Hypocritical nations get blow back.  The more powerful the weaponry, the more dangerous are the lives of the citizens.

Former U.S.S.R. top Russian Mikel Gorbachev in his book, A Time For Peace," wrote, "The world must rise above talk about enemies.  Just as the term "developing nations" has replaced the confusing expression "third-world countries." without anyone knowing what is first or second. 

Even Aesop in his ancient Fables proved that friendship is more powerful than foe, with the sun making a traveler walking along a road take his coat off immediately, as the wind blew and blew with the man clutching his coat even tighter.  And of course, the sun won the contest of might.

On September 11, 2012, the Benghazi American diplomat mission was attacked in Libya. This was surprise attack with no time to scramble air forces.  The U.S. Ambassador Christopher Steven and four other lives were lost–a diplomas and security personnel tragedy, with numerous ongoing investigations.

All of Earth–on land, in air and in seas–is over-burdened with chemical/radioactive missile explosive emissions and nuclear submarines discarded in oceans when replaced by now ones. Seas and rivers warm from industrial war residue as well as dropped H-bombs. Nuclear waste threatens wildlife and damage to humans in polluted  water and beaches, such as in Somalia, what triggered pirates to protect themselves from illegal foreign dumping that brings on disease and child-deformities.

In a war economy world, the change over of nations progressing through peace economies would save millions of lives as well as the suffering of untold grieving families.

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