Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The U.S. Army provoked a gun fight against First Americans by firing 500,000 rounds of ammunition into reservation  private family ranch where American Indian Movement (AIM) was located. This was the second Wounded Knee attack at Pine Ridge, South Dakota–in 1975 with Leonard Peltier imprisoned two years later.  First Americans fired back in self-defense at highly empowered SWAT teams and helicopters swarming overhead.  

Dear Ones,

Years of litigation took place over First Americans being attacked unjustly with hero Leonard Peltier going to prison to serve two life terms, where he still is a politial prisoner today, a scapegoat.

Peltier and AIM members through their expose' of "A Trail of Broken Treaties" objected to government that attacked innocent people with vicious force on steroids. The same Federal Government broke over 400 treaties, the highest law of the land.

Years later the same government finally conceded, "We do not know who specifically fired the killing shots of two [aggressive] FBI agents."  This insidious oppression and suppression took place during the unelected Bureau of Indian  Affairs (B.I.A.) reign of terror.

The victim wrote a book in prison that covered his entire case  of corruption–My Life is My Sun Dance–about war, poverty and racism. 

Peltier's words are, "The destruction of our people must stop! We are not statistics. We are people for whom you took this land by force and blood . . . you practice crimes against humanity at the same time you proudly speak to the rest of the world of human rights!  America, when will you live up to your principles?
Peltier has set up scholarships for First Native American children.  He was nominated for as a Nobel Peace Laureate in 2004 and was a candidate for the Peace & Freedom Party.  The story of the shameful FBI riot is recorded in Peter Mathieson's book, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse.

Leonard Peltier is still victimized by the U.S. Federal Government.

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