Thursday, June 28, 2018


This religious European institution is responsible for invading and occupying American Indian lands and made the original owners slaves.  But this extreme cruelty for free labor went against their lifestyle and caused suicide.   So  the federal government in cahoots with religious persecutors captured Africans starting in the 1600s.  War prisoners were originally killed but soon they were enslaved for free labor. In 1845 New York  reporter John  O'Sullivan coined  the term "Manifest  Destiny" which was biblical Paul's great commission to spread his new religion world wide, beginning with his first church in Antioch, Syria, now in Turkey. A critical injustice occurred at Wounded Knee II, SD's Pine Ridge Reservation when FBI members  in 1973 provoked a deadly fight with multiple Indians killed.  Two government members also died in the government plunder.  Leonard Peltier is still in prison although he is not responsible for the illegal behavior of this politically biased institution against First American racial culture that Congress investigated more than once and found it the most corrupt unelected regulatory agency in the government.  The FBI never apologized to the families of the dead and wounded First Americans.  Why doesn't POTUS pardon Leonard Peltiier? 

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
H. C. Smith, whose friend photographed the 71-day siege of Indians who had formed the American Indian Movement (AIM) to protect themselves against the federal government  (see Peter Matthiessen's book, In The Spirit of Crazy Horse