Friday, February 14, 2014


Good morning good ones.  And best wishes to you all struggling with the drastic climate change affecting the globe.

Here is the essay I told you about yesterday.   An important revision of the previous Global Warning!


                                                                                      copyright © 2013 Helene Smith
–Illegal, Insecure Lethal Munitions and Climate Warfare  Devastating Earth and Its Babies

"There's no safety in war."
–Virgil (b. 70 BCE)

     Albert Einstein wrote, "If you want total security, go to prison . . . . The only thing lacking is freedom!"
International harmony is the most lasting security for any sane nation.  Ancient Greeks described "pandemic" as a disease affecting "all people."  Rampant world wars are youth-killers, what affects all families caught up in maladies that wars fuel. Damaged genes from toxic munitions passed on to children from combat parents handling caustic, hazardous weaponry cause grief to all­–as well as non-combatants caught in modern war zone cities.  Women especially trapped in crossfire of aggression give birth to deformed and mentally retarded infants, as wars also abort embryos–miscarriages provoked by gun smoke–lock, stalk and barrel. This is only the top of the volcano regarding war spoils and ill-gotten, illegal gains that metaphorically salt and ruin foreign lands through intentional damaged agricultural and ecological economies–not-so subtle subterfuge of drastic, catastrophic climate warfare.  The French have a word for this corruption–butin de guerra –the prize of war representing genetic genocide inside Earth's wombs silenced by futile wars that reflect failure to negotiate and communicate with diplomacy. 
     War has no victory–only in victory gardens even planted in pots on porches since corporate government is also monkeying with our modified food supplies–a real monkey on our backs.  Warrior administrations end up paying for damages done to foreign buildings, euphemized as "nation building," but they rarely attempt to clean up an environment of cancer and other diseases left behind. Surely democracy can be won without willingly sacrificing and gambling lives of children and combat youths on the alters of battlement!­–archaic  fear through burnt offerings as Abraham was willing to offer up his own son Isaac to the gods of thunder and war.  In committing wars everyone involved is a loser.   "Winnings" end up as birth defects in war-torn babies DNA, passed on from one generation to the next in pandemic measures, with mainstream media silent about aggressive atrocities and genocide.
                  Around 5000 worldwide US military bases are polluting Earth–capitalized for respect–with leaking lethal munitions, coal ash dumping, deady gasoline and petroleum run off, big tar sand spills and fractured Earth in drilling through shale to export oil abroad for fueling more wars.  These non-renewable devices poison ground water and aquifers, with no or few funds to remove the intoxicants. The United States would never permit a foreign military base on any of its land.  No political state has the right to violate International Law, even those not wanting to play fair in the game of war, and terrorize worldwide cities with corporate government still controlling traditionalist sovereign First Nation reservations and their stolen trust funds. Situated where Western military bases are deliberately located, these last sacred indigenous lands were marked in red– DANGER ZONES–in atlases from atom bomb testing and now dump and run radioactive nuclear waste–not for benefit of radioactively sick residents but tourists passing through "Indian" lands. The federal  excuse for dumping hazardous waste on what they call "fourth world" nations' land is money in return for lethal nuclear waste where the worst poverty is located in the Americas.  It's easy to bribe people who have no food on the table, so to speak.  These proving grounds prove how the military is still in an extermination mode. A peace department does not deal with chilling death machines. By the way, what does third world mean, and who's in first and second place? If you know, please tell me. It sounds like military euphemisms are made up to secretively hide the morbid truth. Even the lowest radiation is dangerous since it adds to Earth's natural irradiation, all accumulative–as Dr. Thom Hartmann reminds us on Free Speech TV and Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales shares other truths on Democracy Now!   
                  Leave deadly filthy fuels in the ground and fund alternative, renewable energy research and facilities, with the sun powerful enough to fuel any space rocket, as natural rays never running out.  Again, making matters worst, the corporate government doesn't clean up its messes, what makes for "ugly Americans." Aggressive militarism is ruining world inhabitants and Earth, capitalized for respect. Illegal munitions whack inherent human rights through terrorism and violence. Mutant malformations from toxic weapons are grotesque–two headed Cyclops-eyed babies, missing brains, organs formed outside bodies, cleft pallets and elongated heads of genetic progeria syndrome–quickly aging infants. Chemical, radioactive weapons, including depleted Uranium (DU), have a world-wide pandemic brewing in a cauldron of wizard's poisons retarding future generations. Mutated inherent cancerous growth in DNA genes contaminate breast-feeding infants.
                   After inhumane, unmerciful attacks on Afghanistan and especially several in Fallujah, Iraq women are still having babies born with multiple mal-deformities making them afraid of pregnancy. This is also happening among US combatants and all soldiers experiencing savage military action. Bob Dylan's heart-wrenching lyrics, Masters of War, says it as it is,

"You've thrown the worst fear that can ever be hurled, fear to bring children into the world, for threatening my baby unborn and unnamed, you ain't worth the blood that runs in your veins."

Albert Einstein wrote even more incriminating words,

"How vile and despicable war seems to me.  I would rather be hacked to pieces than take part in such an abominable business. . . . Nothing will stop wars unless the people themselves refuse to go to war. "

   In fact, it is insidious to dangle the carrot of recruitment in faces of naive young people to be educated free if they sacrifice their entire lives as armed forces wounded, psychologically damaged, killed or suicide victims while non-combatants politicians out of harms way get off free.  Students don't have to become scapegoats for satanic, partisan wars.  Instead of wasting the national treasury and tax payers' money for obsolete bombs now escalated to climate warfare, all youths could receive non-b-ased education in college, university or tech and trade vocational schools free without any strings of extravagant government loans attache­d, what is holding young people back from getting jobs.  Even with the expense of free education for everyone, a non-warring corporate government would have enough money left over to fund the entire US health program as well as its educational advantage to all people not having to face the problems of poverty, what wars cause, along with drug abuse that opens up another section of  Pandora's Box.  In short, education teaches respect for others and helps everyone in a world not constantly threatened by people going berserk with guns when undisciplined human beings disregard feelings of others.
       War is the grossest serial killer in the world. Toxic munitions, now illegal according to International Law, cause Earth's worst un-prosecuted crimes. Wars, largest gas-guzzler and carbon-boot print of excessive CO2, cause filthiest emissions and dirtiest nuclear waste. Accumulated explosive emissions also provoke earthquakes, floods, draughts and catastrophic volcano eruptions melting glaciers in turn causing tsunamis. During the Vietnam War militant manipulated climate warfare over Laos's Ho Shi Minh Trail was secretly done to prolong the monsoon season so that opposing troops could not get through. The military continues to conduct even more dangerous devices through experimentation with the planet that supplies our only sustenance; Could these electromagnetic "sky heaters" and laser beams not only change weather with climate change, but also be out of control from a secret location in Alaska, as Russia is also doing on its own land?  Could a jet stream coming from Alaska change weather by military becoming even more malicious through vibrating the movement of tectonic plates, the foundations of continents and islands?  The reckless brass play god as they tamper  with worldwide nature that is losing countless numbers of species at a fast rate.  
     Earth's seas have become even hotter when seven or more carelessly handled hydrogen bombs were dropped in them from military error and planes carrying them crashing into one another, along with radioactive submarines abandoned or lost under the name of war.  Subs travel under polar ice with outmoded ones intentionally sunk, along with other military equipment dumped into oceans.  And we wonder why Earth is warming at accelerated rates from centuries of accumulative explosions and deadly emissions contaminating the atmosphere.  
     Revengeful suicide bombers angered by such military assaults on Earth and against non-"white" poor indigenous people often targeted for war, become human bombs. This shock and awe cranks up the boomerang of terrorism. Massive surveillance security cannot stop desperate men from taking their lives in surprise attack catching everyone off guard. Youth-killing, immoral wars are torturous and treacherous, all in the name of "God and false patriotism."   This is the most quintessential global warning!

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies theft from those who hunger . . . and are not fed, those who not clothed.  This world in arms spends the sweat of laborers, the genius of scientists, the hope of its children . . . . Under clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron."

–General-President Dwight D. Eisenhower