Thursday, February 20, 2014


Dear good ones,

Conscientious whistle blowers  striving for more honest world integrity and equality risk their lives for knowledge everyone should know, especially about radically changing climate.  Here is my latest essay on this subject.


                                                                                  BRAVE WHISTLE BLOWER HEROES
copyright © Helene Smith 2013
"You cannot know what is right until you know what is wrong."

–Nelson Mandela (1918–November 5, 2013)
who brought an end to South African  apartheid

    Forces railing against knowledge and truth are totalitarian acts of fearful cowards.  Censorship denying human rights, libraries set on fire (such as Pauline Christians did to the ancient Great Alexander Library in Egypt protecting one-of-a-kind scrolls) and protesters confined behind orange mess squelch freedom of expression.  Religio-racist archaic roots continue to entangle as nations vow extermination and genocide against one another. A world gone mad has inherent right to know secrets of any nation hiding illegal, inhumane aggression and militant climate warfare–what are ongoing destroyers of life, liberty and happiness. Conscientious whistle blowers cast spotlights on clandestine corporate governments  leaking facts about leaking radioactive cancerous munitions and their satanic waste, such as depleted radioactive uranium (DU) causing mental deficiencies and gross birth deformities.  Courageous heroes risking their lives in unearthing corrupt dealings are to be commended for their constitutional conscience–nature's ability to confront war catastrophes in the open, what is breaking down inherent morality and justice in human minds.                  
     Ronald Lee Ridenhour, former Vietnam War infantryman turned journalist, exposed the My Lai massacre when 500 Vietnamese villages and their residents were burned to ashes, including babies and their puppies.  Increasing numbers of whistle blower heroes for human rights must be protected, not incarcerated. As a result of Ridenhour's courage, Lt. William Calley and five other warriors were court-marshialed.  One of the combatants fired a round from an M-16 on a war-torn three-year old trying to stop his initial wound from bleeding. Another soldier, one who had not sold his conscience to the devil, shot himself in the foot so he couldn't take part in the primitive slaughter.  Ridenhour passionately wrote, "Some people . . . will do anything someone in authority will tell them to.  Government institutions have a reflective reaction to exposure of internal corruption and wrongdoing.  Their first response is to lie, conceal and cover up." 
                  This Whistle blower is honored by the Ron Ridenhour Foundation through its Prizes that keep alive the memory of his great service–courage in a long letter describing vivid details how civilians inhabitants within boundaries of their homes, coded as "Pinkville," died in streams of blood. Most of these barbaric war atrocities are never smoked out and reported.  Winston Churchill said, "A country without a conscience is a country without a soul, and a country without a soul is a country that will not survive."
                  Daniel Ellsberg who worked for the Department of Defense, originally the War Department, exposed the Pentagon Papers
in 1971. At that time he was pelted with derogatory names, such as traitor and terrorist. In his defense of later whistleblowers, he said succinctly. "If I released the Pentagon Papers today, the same rhetoric what was made about me, would be used against Julian Assange and Bradly Manning.  But they are no more terrorists than I am."
      Cyber expert Aaron Swartze fought against files and journals not freely available to the public–locked up by profit-making corporative power, what's not constitutional and defies freedom of conversation and journalism. Constraining threats targeted against whistle blowers are mounting ever since 2001 when the Patriot Act was passed to stifle and crush free thought through zealot nationalism that is approaching fascism. Federal threat of 35 years imprisonment and a $1 million fine for revealing invaluable information for public access precipitated Swartze's suicide in 2013. His tragic death awakened reality, the need to expose clandestine political chicanery hiding out under malicious espionage called "collateral damage"–people killing.   International Law prohibits rural battlefields from taking place on modern city streets where children play and noncombatants work and shop,  This law and others as well prohibit wars from killing children, especially sanctions against these who are harmed the most.
                  Jeremy Scahill is the author of Blackwater, an international best seller.  He also wrote the Rise of World's Most powerful Mercenary Army, and Dirty Wars: The World on a Battlefield, a New York Times bestseller.  He is twice-time winner of the George Polk Book Award, with the Puffin Foundation and a member of the Fellow Nation Institute.  Scahill has a national security position with The Nation magazine.  He is also a recipient of the Donald Windham-Sandy M. Campbell Literary Prize at Yale University. In Dirty Wars he exposed candid American secret aggression and unmanned drone vehicles, all recorded while Scahill was reporting from Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia and former Yugoslavia. A documentary is applauded by Democracy Now! Free Speech with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales, as well as the Thom Hartmann program.  Scahill produced and was featured in the film since he visited the targeted sites and talked with non-combatant victims terrorized with death and violence, even during a wedding–all very dangerous journeys.
                  Whistle-blower, Julian Assange, is founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeak. He is now under protective asylum. In 2009 he was the recipient of Amnesty International UK Media Award for exposure of extradition assassination in Kenya.  In accepting his award, this Australian publisher and journalist wrote, "It is a refueling of courage and strength of Kenyan civil society that the injustice was documented."  Crowds internationally are now shouting, "Free Assange."
                  Edward Snowden received the Sam Adams Award in 1913 for disclosing secretive mass surveillance by the US National Security Agency (NSA).  He was also honored by Glasgow Scotland's University students–one hundred percent who elected him their rector for three years. This whistle blower who risked his life along with other conscientious people in speaking out with the truth was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Laureate for 2014.  What he contributed is invaluable­–a great effort for a more stable and peaceful Earth, capitalized for respect.  He has forced a new debate over global security and privacy. Snowden's report uncovered the fact that the US spied on the Copenhagen, Denmark summit talks involving 192 nations discussing drastic weather change and its causes.  Although the US has a reputation for debunking climate change as not man-made–despite alarming findings by world scientists on how wars enormously increase carbon above normal measures–it is a known fact that international and civil wars are the largest culprits of gasoline and petroleum products worldwide, with advanced nations now charging huge taxes for the CO2 polluting industrial military boot print. We already know that black gun powder (a mixture of charcoal, saltpeter and sulfur) will cause rain after a battle.  War is the most lethal serial killer and the largest carbon polluter in the world.
      Climate change through warfare has lifted its ugly head when the US caused the monsoon season to last longer during the Vietnam War (1959-1975) on the Ho Chi Minh trail to prevent munitions supplies from getting through lines of battle from the opposition.  The army seeded clouds with chemicals to keep the torrent of rain lasting much longer than usual.  When the US bombarded Laos on the Ho Chi Minh trail running through Laos–the longest bombed nation in world history with millions of cluster bomblets–teams of women are still detonating the duds and continue to lose their lives, along with their curious children picking up the munitions after the war ended.
                  Edward Snowden is concerned over world welfare.  We the people all paid dearly through our national treasury that taxpayers' funds–the exorbitant price of child-deforming munitions–unnecessary, futile and obsolete, with a new-age cold war of high-frequency radio waves and laser beams through man-made manipulated climate change. Today even conventional lethal chemical, radioactive weapons are illegal due to them being weapons of massive devastation. These toadstool clouds of explosions and nuclear supersonic and warhead missiles cause cancerous fallout and emissions that are accumulative–the most explosive poisonous greenhouse gases that are destroying Earth's ecological system and all forms of life. But instead the world is still seething with barbaric slaughter ever since the entrance of man on this planet.  The reckless, subject- to-error military accidentally and on purpose dropped at least seven hydrogen bombs in the ocean and on Spain.  So how can we trust the brass that betray us with lethal climate change warfare?
                  Climate change has now escalated to the 1993 HAARP military program in Alaska–High-Frequency Auroral  Research that alter global weather through Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and involves laser beams that deeply disturbs the Earth with vibrations, maybe even strong enough to affect fault lines and tectonic plates, rock foundations of continents and islands. So whose fault is it?–as global nature gets out of control with freak snowstorms and increased earthquakes?  It was Edward Teller who invented the backyard bomb. If it had been manufactured it would be impossible to transport due to burden of weight from multi-kilotons of man-made plutonium.  But if didn't have to be moved.  His concept was to just light it and the entire Earth would incinerate–friends and foes alike! 
     Peter Seller's mad Dr. Strangelove, referring to Teller, comes to mind.  This inventor of the hydrogen bomb with Stanislaw Ulam, hoodwinked one president after another into "Star War" panic. It's the asteroids we must fight by teaming with other nations for a common shield to protect all of us.  We must research and put our scientists to work in preventing the end of Earth, instead of killing our only sustenance as we are dumped out with the bath water.  Although the "haarpers" deny conspiracy theories, in a real democracy sunshine needs to open debate to discuss what is really going on regarding world militarises tampering with global weather.  We already know that illicit chemical, radioactive nuclear child-deforming munitions can trigger earthquakes that in turn can erupt into flaming volcanoes that lead to tsunamis.
                  Snowden's main support in his exposures of the NSA is Glenn Greenwald who instrumentally got word out about corporate government secrets negatively affecting the unsuspecting world at large.  Greenwald  and other journalists Ewen MacAskill, Laura Poitras and Barton Gellman won the Polk Award for their excellent and  extensive overage of Snowden's case.
                  Army soldier Bradly Manning leaked secret corporate government documents. This whistle blower received the Sam (A) Adams Integrity Prize (SAAII) for intelligence and ethics in 2014.  Manning was awarded for revealing essential information about the toll and cause of civilian casualties in Iraq–human rights abuses by the United States and its allies.
                  It is interesting that all the above whistle-blowers and their prestigious awards revealed important issues about human rights. The fact that whistle blowers expose injustice and inequality in corporate governments, is an indication that leaks are quintessential for Earth's people to know, in particular military bases leaking lethal chemical, radioactive baby deforming and aborting munitions  "in the name of God."                  Any aggressive nation that invades, attacks and occupies a foreign country is a terrorist and youth-murderer under the cloak of war, what President Dwight D. Eisenhower would agree. Nation's powerful militarises putting young people in harm's way through battlefield alters of sacrifices are terrorists as the officials, out of harm's way, puff up in arrogance.  It has been suggested by many people that ugly war leaders who want to confront the world voices of the Earth steadily rising up to end endless wars, should be the ones who fight in wars.  Those who have never experienced the carnage of war have no conception of what military-trained youths have to endure, many who are killed or maimed and often commit suicide from seeing all the damage, even drone operators viewing the same "blood and guts" on cold computer screens.
                  Whistle blowers are the real heroes. Through their own power and strength they risk danger in order to make a better world where the primary law is–"Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do to you.  This is the wisdom of the world's greatest prophets, often viewed as deities, who by the way are all people of dark complexion from their ancestors having lived near the equator for centuries of time and sunshine.