Monday, March 3, 2014


Hello dear ones,

The following essay and poem helps to understand the gender issue.


                  It's not the rump, it's the chest that unobservant masses debate in vexing one another in hate.  Yet all human beings and animals see each day of their lives–their own chests.
                  How odd, how weird being blind to you own breasts.  Not too many generations ago it was the custom for men, too, to hide their chest when swimming or strolling along Earth's seashores (nudist beaches excluded), oblivious of their own chests–often larger than the distaff gender.  Meanwhile men gaze at women's treasures but not aware of their own, in particularly the full-blown ones!  Besides, men as well as women get breast cancer from industrial war contaminants.
                  All people start out in life as females, the way we were all made through nature.  Although the X and Y genes on chromosomes determine gender, hormones and mutagens are also involved, voila–gays and lesbians.  There's no god pulling the strings of our physical make-up, only ones in the figments of our imagination.  Besides, mutations cause changes from lethal munitions and war herbicides that trigger mental retardation and birth deformities, such as dioxin and other deform-causing chemicals in Agent Orange.  These internationally outlawed weapons of  massive devastation even  cause frogs to be born with nine or more legs–good for the food industry only.  World accumulation of munitions causing grotesque abortions also provoke diseases and poor health in general from respiratory ailments from deadly volatile emissions.                 
                  Nature has a way of getting even, not only with chemical and radioactive weapons causing global problems, but in a very significant way as man gives little thought to his consequences–cause and effect. Fallujah, Iraq in 2003 was bombed to "smithereens" in an illegal war–a nuclear age coined word.  Incidentally, women are giving birth to more female babies than male from these unnatural contaminants.  Parents in war-torn nations as well as combatant soldiers in the US, exposed to handling these perilous munitions, are afraid of pregnancy.   In other words, you don't have to be in a country never bombed in foreign wars to suffer th econsequences of genetic munitions passed on from parent to child.
                  What kind of a world is this?  If this warrior fanaticism does not cease, Earth–capitalized for respect–will be taken over by women.  Oops!  But maybe not so bad after all.  Patriarchal men have been in charge from the beginning of mankind (now short for human) and now this planet is dying from all its munitions explosions, chemical oil fracturing for industrial combat and munitions wastes.  With machismo power for competitive wars, it is overtime to give women and feminine-inclined men a chance for making Earth more safe.  After all, women have been clean man-made messes  for years. 
                  Look at Laos, that never did any harm to Americans.  During the Vietnam War the US and allies immorally and satanically bombed the nation to chemical-radioactive ashes with millions of shrapnel bomblettes on the Ho Chi Minh trail running through that nation.  There is so much scrap metal left over that the nation is still recycling the lethal remains.  In the meantime for over 40 years teams of women are mopping up this offensive military atrocity–reusing the spent leftovers and de-detonating the duds.  Not only are numerous women and children killed while doing dangerous labor, their toddlers die too as they come in contact with munitions balls out of curiosity.
                  Heartbreaking truth about foreign and US women is being revealed each day.  In alarming numbers America soldiers are seeing their children handicapped for life from war munitions.  Women are terrified by pregnancy, especially those experiencing manmade abortions, still births and infants born without heads, brains or faces, organs formed outside their little bodies, cleft pallets, elongated heads resembling children suffering from age-disease progeria, scaly thin skin exposing veins  and some infants with two heads. How can any warmonger be proud of such a genocidal war economy that keeps on killing and deforming from one generation to another?  How can any government commits invasion, attack, and occupation keeps on massacring human beings?  Bob Dylan's heart-wrenching lyrics from his song, Masters of War, reflects the world at large:

"You've thrown the worst fear that can ever be hurled, fear to bring children into the world, for threatening my baby unborn and unnamed, you ain't worth the blood that runs in your veins."

                  The Greek drama, Lysistrata, depicts how women dealt with aggression in a unique way centuries ago.  They denied having sex with warrior lovers until they ended the Peloponnesian Wars. Women in Portugal wearied by aggression and grief placed flowers in the business ends of cannons. After the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991, five year later the Ukraine–once third largest nuclear weapons arsenal–became a nuclear weapons free nation. Due to the wisdom of their leaders, these silos and nuclear equipment now make up an expanding historical museum, with future relicts added to war engines.  It includes a cultural and a sports center, as well as a hotel complex. Here radioactive silos are filled with concrete, after Ukraine's nuclear weapons were transferred to Russia. 
                  Today nuclear bombs are outlawed and obsolete since individual suicide bombers have become the newest modus operandi using surprise attack that no military can defend against, seen in the tragic surprise  bombing of our own planes September 11, 2001.  As Albert Einstein said, "If you want absolute security, go to prison.  There you have everything, except freedom. International Law bans radioactive weapons and drones since battlefields are now war zones in cities where children play and women and men shop.  Massacring weapons cannot be used with killing the bombers, too.  As Robert Oppenheimer compared the US cold war with Russia as "Two scorpions in a bottle, assured of mutual death." 
                  Today there is a weapons museum in the Ukraine, just as great men predicted would happen since the military has gone over the edge as it manipulates and toys with globval climate warfare, now out of control. One by one astute nations are beating their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks, taken right from the Hebrew Jewish Bible. In the meantime people from all the world are sending flowers to the Ukraine in sympathy of the residents and protestors being overpowered by Russia.  Maybe seeds from these flowers could be planted on top of the old nuclear silos, if it hasn't already been done.
                  Now that gays and lesbians are permitted to join the rest of the world through equality, there is chance for a better world. The feminine mind is nurturous and focuses on the arts, the fringe benefits of life.  Only war mongers commit war–the worst serial crime  in the world as the military is the grossest waster of gasoline and petroleum and puts more CO2 in the air than any other entity.                    Chemical and nuclaer war explosives and climate warfare set off earthquakes, that ignite volcanoes through heat, and in turn set off violent tsunamies. Japan has now declared a nuclear-free nation.

"There is no safety in war"–Virgil, born in 70 BCE

Be pro-active, not radioactive!

Helene Smith © copyright 2013
Certified historian and investigative journalist


Our hearts were young and gay,
An old movie, you might say.
Like all of us in gay apparel,
Decking halls at a holiday ball.

 Fa la la–la la la–la la la!

Within Earth's womb, a diversified wish,
The human, rabbit, bird and fish,
All resembling one another,
Fast evolution from lover to lover.

Fa la la–la la la–la la la!

As Alice and Alec regard their chests,
In broad mirrors, everyone has breasts.
Kiddies grow up, the rooster and hen
Reflections of both, women and men.

Fa la la–la la la–la la la!

Seminal seeds, XXs and Ys, it's no sin,
Even change in hormones, how we begin.
Mammals as females, all start out,
What makes men and women shout!

Fa la la–la la la–la la la!

If your God made man first of all,
Why'd he put "tits" on his chest like a doll?
Sacred vaults that hold the heart,
Common to us all, as Cupid's dart.

Fa la la–la la la–la la la!

Give us compassion for one another,
Violence and rival bias we must smother.
Remember same-sex produces no unwanted
And praise us all, the wanted–the undaunted.

Fa la la–la la la–la la la!

Double gender brings no abortion.
Deformity comes from emissions of poison,
Chemical, radioactive supersonic bombs.
Lethal munitions are the grossest wrongs.

Fa la la–la la la–la la la!

Malformed babies and birth defect breasts
That's what the whole world detests,
Hatred and revenge make poor bedfellows,
It's love for one another that mellows.

Fa la la–la la la–la la la!

What goes with marriage
Is a horse and carriage.
Those blind to their own human breasts,
Condemn their own treasure chests.

Fa la la–la la la–la la la!
Vivre la teats!